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  1. Book: Water Also known as the Tale of Tzippi and the Too Many Tags I am returning to the Rebellion after a long battle with a demon of depression. The dark spirit swept in as I was weakened by becoming a mother. I am doing better now, and am just beginning to practice Tai Chi, which (along with the fine spring weather) is inspiring me to respawn here, as a monk. One goal under each bending style is a constant habit, one-two one-time goals under are straight up success if done. Thanks for the help refining my foals, @sarakingdom Goal One: Plantbending ☆ Eat 2 fruits and veg per day. (If this gets too easy, up it to 3). ☆ Research and plan an indoor greens growing system. ☆ Shop for weeStockings sized garden tools, pit on wish list. Goal Two: Waterbending ☆ Exercise every day to support Tai chi. On class days, go to class. Other days, Hammer, walk, yoga . . . ☆ Sweep back deck for morning practice. Goal Three: Cloudbending ☆ Harness the breath like an Airbender by Meditating 5 minutes daily. ☆ DONE. Get reusable travel mug again. A nice ceramic one with a silicone lid. ☆ For week with April 1st, make a new Gratitude BuJo spread. ☆ With first paycheck, sign up for Calm premium subscription.
  2. I wasn't particularly looking forward to this challenge until I realized I could start now and roll the 2 week break into a proper 6 week challenge. 6 week challenge activate! Power I'll be starting Cycle II of 5/3/1. Spreadsheet is here. I'll be lifting approximately twice a week with 2 big lifts each day plus some accessory work, usually determined on the fly. Grace I'll be continuing with Jeff Galloway's running principles. The theory is every 2 weeks I test my 1 mile pace and use that to determine the training walk/run pace. Each week consists of 2 short runs and 1 'long' run. Every 2 weeks that long run will include a retest of the 1 mile pace. As part of Galloway's program, there are also 3 walk or cross train days. 2 of those cross train days will be my lifting days, the 3rd will be a hammer day. That leaves 1 rest day per week. I just completed my 1 mile test run this past weekend so I'll do that again in 2 weeks, 4 weeks, and then on the last weekend. I am hoping for improvement each time. The hammer workout will be some combination of Shovelglove, tire swings, or a short hammer run but the hammer will be neglected no more. Here is the tentative workout schedule for the challenge: Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday off run 15-20min lift run 15-20 min lift Hammer 1.5 mile off run 15-20min lift run 15-20 min lift Hammer 1.5 mile* off run 20-25 min lift run 20-25 min lift Hammer 2 miles off run 20-25 min lift run 20-25 min lift Hammer 2 miles* off run 25-30 min lift run 25-30 min lift Hammer 2.5 miles off run 25-30 min lift run 25-30 min lift Hammer 2.5 miles* Wisdom My current goal is to be somewhere between logging food on MFP and intuitive eating. I have been logging food, with a 'goal' in mind but I'm not that concerned about the goal as long as I am making decent choices and eating when I am hungry. I usually go most of the day eating primal, paleo + dairy, and then add some grains to dinner. I'd like to have grains a bit less with dinner, either by having it less often, choosing better grain choices, or just smaller portions. Restricting them altogether isn't ideal. I tried tracking variances last challenge but the line between a variance and making a choice was getting blurry so I'm abandoning that. I do have some guidelines to follow: Plan the week's menu ahead and batch cook. Meal planning must include some veggies with dinner Eat all the freggies! Ideally no more than 1 meal without freggies a day but overall just keep track and aim for at least 3-5 freggies a day Edit for SMART goal: Get at least 4 servings of freggies a day. limit sweets. A little ice cream is OK some nights, maybe some chocolate, but stay in control and just don't go overboard. Edit for SMART goal: No more than 1 sweet treat a day. Focus on how food choices will make me feel. Will it satisfy my hunger? Will it make me feel bloated and full? I don't know why I make goals like this. I never stop and think about this when I am deciding on foods. My intention was to integrate some intuitive eating so I am not relying as heavily on the rules but it's not working. Wonder Does anyone else feel suffocated by time? It just keeps moving and there is no stopping it, whether you have something to hold onto or not. The summer is quickly coming to an end. This challenge ends a week and a half before the kids start school again and during that time is our family vacation. So the 6 weeks of this challenge mark what's left of my summer. I just don't want to squander it. I have a lot of crochet projects to work on for an online auction fundraiser I am planning but I also need to be present for others and take some time to relax. I've started a list in my bujo of some summer projects and to-dos. I'd like to look back the summer and have something to show for it and have experiences we can remember. EDITED: This goal isn't very SMART either. Now that I am consumed by crocheting for this fundraiser, I am not making much time for anything else, fun or adulting. I need to get back to filling in my bujo and making plans. Goal: Cross 3 things off my list each week. Do at least 1 fun activity per week with family - with the exception for the 1 week I am on my own.
  3. A little background first. Was formerly here as Doc Viking, I opted to come back with a new name since I've moved and am changing up some of my training. I am formerly an Army Medic who left the military and stopped training due to turmoil/death in my family and general laziness coupled with drinking too much beer and steadily moved up to 345-350lbs, now down to 330lbs. Last couple challenges I've done were mostly lifting via Strong lifts, and some rucking. Since April I have been hitting the gym 4x/week and making good progress with Wendler 5/3/1, but now that I'm finally in my new residence I'm going to start adding some new training to keep things fresh. I obtained a massive tire and a sledgehammer, rescued a furry Ranger companion, have space for my heavy bag and broke my bicycle out of storage. I may have been a little overenthusiastic about my choice of tire as it's nearly as tall as I am and maybe 2 feet wide, it certainly outweighs me and even though I have built my lifts up quite a bit recently I'm not certain I can flip it too many times without risking injuring myself, hence the sledgehammer. Goals for this challenge are simple Continue to lift 4x/week use my tire (i.e. hammer swings, jump/step ups, and eventually set up a rig to drag/pull it) ride my bike or take my furry companion for walks 5x/week and hopefully build up to short jogs with him. I have a coworker that lives near me that is trying to lose some weight to help manage some health issues and to improve his job as a volunteer firefighter, While I haven't pushed him to joining me at the gym he has expressed interest in joining me for my second and third goal and has been waiting patiently these last 3 months while my house was being repaired from a flood to move to town. Also my younger sister lives close and has been bugging me hurry up and get moved so she can join me on bike rides. I welcome suggestions for other uses with my sledgehammer beyond the usual two-handed diagonal swings, overhead swings, and one-handed swings.
  4. Ic abiede thu gegretan! I bid you greetings to my Epic Quest Thread. Here I will blend my faith [Heathenry] with my desire to be healthy and any research that I have done regarding fitness for a forty year old male. Like most of my threads this will be peppered with Old English [OE], some Old Norse [ON] and other languages that relate to my ancestors whom worshipped the Gods generally known as the Aesir and Vanir. Now my in thread title, Thom Asolcen translates as Thom the sluggish, idle, indifferent, dissolute. Basically Thom the Slacker, [by the way OE for slack is 'sleac']. This covers many areas of my life not just my health. I have depression, and struggle to keep active, productive and worthwhile. Which leads to the second part of my title. Thom Cene translates to Thom the keen [literally], bold, brave, powerful, warlike, wise, learned, clever. Again this applies to more than just my health, but rather my whole life. In the word Cene I am able to encapsulate the positive traits that I wish to further develop. The concepts of Cene are also in the following Rune Poem: Cén (torch) is to all of the quick (i.e., "living") ·known by its fire Shining and bright · burns it oftest Where the nobles · rest inside. Here we have the torch fire representing knowledge, wisdom and the 'noble'. Remember the nobility in the first millenium BC/AD is vastly different to what we see as the nobility today.The Nobility had to lead by example, they were priests, generals, lawmakers, judges, warriors and poets all rolled into one. So too do I seek to become 'noble' an Atheling. Not by blood or birth, but by deed. Heathenry is all about the Deeds that make a person what they are. You are your deeds, you are the sum of all of your actions in life, the good, bad and ugly. In a way this thread will encapsulate all of this, but it will focus primarily upon the fitness and wellbeing part. The powerful warrior, which I have called Thom Ulfhedinn. Now I am not a warrior by a long shot, nor am I a military man. I will not insult such men by claiming that I am something that I am not. I can however become as fit as a warrior of my age can be. This is how I am viewing my health/fitness goals now. Over the next few days I will set up my long term fitness goals and my current ability here. Then at the end of every second or so challenge I will test myself over the various exercises and update my current ability. I do suspect that many of these may take a few years to achieve, but I am happy with this. However I hope to achieve all of them within five years. After that I will be happy to maintain my fitness level, rather than expand further. One key to wisdom is to know when you have succeeded and when to be content with what you have rather than strive for more in misery.
  5. Okay so my last challenge got derailed with my kids getting sick. I hung in there however and scraped by with a few points. This challenge will be a continuation from the previous one with some slight variations. Goal One: Gardening - Stamina I still need to maintain and grow my garden. Late spring means lots of mowing, I also want to ramp up my vegie garden so it can produce more food for my family. I hope to get at least an hour per day in the garden. Excluding watering. I have roses flowering in the rose garden that we can't see because of the weeds. I need to clean that up. The lawn is getting out of hand and in some places is well over a foot in height. Scoring: HIT: 5-7+ hours/week +3pts BLOCK: 2-5 hours/week +2pts DODGE: 1-2 hours/week +1pt MISS: 0-1 hours/week 0pts Goal Two: Morning stretches - Dexterity One of the parts that I struggled with in setting up my routines in the last challenge was doing my stretches in the morning. this will be the key focus of this challenge. I want to focus on stretches as i am suffering from stiff and sore muscles and joints. If I don't get on top of my stretching I will be in real trouble. Scoring: HIT: 5-7 sessions/week +3pts BLOCK: 3-5 sessions/week +2pts DODGE: 1-2 sessions/week +1pt MISS: 0-1 sessions/week 0pts Goal Three: Strength training - Strength With the realisation that I hate walking up and back I have decided to refocus on my strength training which has lagged somewhat. I want to rebuild my strength up to what it was a year ago. Then exceed it. I will allow a bit of flexibility here, with three workouts that will challenge and build my strength. First the trusty NF Basic BodyWeight Workout [bBWW], this has been a mainstay of my time at NF and has always helped me and it works. Second a combo sledgehammer kettlebell workout, because they are cool and I love swinging both around. Third a Hiit Burpee routine, because burpees. The important thing here is to get three strength training sessions in per week, any combination of the three options I have listed. Scoring: HIT: 3 sessions/week +3pts BLOCK: 2 sessions/week +2pts DODGE: 1 sessions/week +1pt MISS: 0 sessions/week 0pts Goal Four: Getting on top of stuff - Stamina, Charisma, Wisdom Our home has sort of fallen apart because of illnesses and stuff happening. Time to start getting things back in order. For me that means my shed. In Australia a man in not a man without his shed. How he sets it up and what he does in it is not so important, it is his domain, retreat, den, cave, and right now mine looks like a rubbish dump. Considering I have a small altar out there makes things even worse. How can i Honour my Gods, Ancestors and the Land Spirits in a dump? Fecking disgusting and an embarrassment. Also general housework, Bec does by far the lion's share in keeping the house clean, I want to step up my game here and do some more around the house. Like gardening this will be a time spent doing stuff goal. Exclusions are cooking and laundry as I already do the majority of the work here. Scoring: HIT: 5-7+ hours/week +3pts BLOCK: 2-5 hours/week +2pts DODGE: 1-2 hours/week +1pt MISS: 0-1 hours/week 0pts I will award the points for each goal with my weekly wrap up, then divide the total by 6 to reach my score for the entire challenge. I have three leftover points which I will give myself for various bits and pieces during the challenge. At the end of this challenge I will have been with NF for two years. I actually joined up midway through the november challenge in 2013. I think I will need to do a review for my time with NF, the highs and lows and the wobbly bits inbetween. Something to ponder over.
  6. Well I fell down over the past coupld of months, so now I have to get back up and start pretty much all over again. That is what this challenge will be about for me. Getting up getting back on track and getting consistent and getting my weight off. Steve’s article on being strong nerds with the link to the Henry Rollins ‘Iron and the Soul’ really touched a nerve for me. I need to do this so I can feel like Henry did in his article. I need to do this so I can say look at my success over my body, my laziness, my self. I need to do this so I can be the example my six kids need me to be. I need to do this for my Rebbecca, so she has the best me as her partner. I need to get back up off the dirt and start again, because I AM NOT A LOSER. Losers lay in the dirt whining, winners get up and fight again. I AM GETTING UP. First Goal: Get up and Walk I have stopped walking consistently. I am not even making my 10,000 steps per day. I have a perfectly good driveway walk, 1.5km [just under a mile] in length. Hel I used to walk 5km per day. Last year I had even started running. I need to get this back. This goal will be in two parts. The first is the number of walks up my driveway. The second is the average number of steps per day [calculated over a week]. At the moment my weekly step count daily average is a measely 6500. That has to go up. I am also struggling to get any walks in at all. There are four points up for grabs for me here, two for Constitution and two for Stamina. Critical Hit: 4 points 6-7 walks/week 10,000+ average daily steps Hit: 3 points 4-5 walks/week 9,000+ average daily steps Dodge: 2 points 2-3 walks/week 8,000+ average daily steps Block: 1 point 1 walk/week 7,000+ average daily steps Miss: 0 points No walks Less than 7,000 average daily steps Second Goal: Get up and Workout I have to get up and rebuild all of my strength. I am getting to fat for my 92/36 jeans. I am too fat for my xl/2xl t-shirts. This is due to me not working out regularly anymore. I need to get up and workout. I have recently started doing a morning body weight routine, this consists of 20 incline push ups, 10 lunges and 20 squats. I want to extend this into the a full BBWW, with rows and a plank. I want to keep this going as a daily routine. I do need to add extra to my weekly routine. I love burpees; they have to be the ultimate bodyweight total body exercise around. I plan to use them as a Hiit workout. Over the past couple of weeks I have been doing just this, with 4 sets of 30 seconds [which works out to 4 burpees per set] once per week. I want to do this three times per week. I also need to do a strength workout. I want to do this twice a week. I love using the kettlebell and my hammer. So I have created a simple routine to use both of these tools. This routine will consist of Hammer Wielding Maniacs as a warm up followed by; Hammer Kisses, Grave Diggers, Wood Chops, Goblet Squats, Kettlebell Swings and Turkish Get Ups. This also has four points available. Two for strength and two for stamina. Critical Hit: 4 points 4-5 total workouts any combination per week Hit: 3 points 3 workouts any combination per week Dodge: 2 points 2 workouts any combination per week Block: 1 point 1 workout any combination per week Miss: 0 points No workouts. Third Goal: Get up and be creative I have started getting back into going to the markets and selling my crafts again. But I need more stock. That means taking time out to make stuff. Which means time engraving glass, wood burning and shaping faux bone pendants. Not to mention putting the pendants on necklaces. This is a time-orientated goal. Time spent doing my crafts rather than selling or researching. I will also post pictures of items made each week. There will be three points available here. All going towards wisdom, as using my time well is an act of wisdom. Critical Hit: 3 points 3+ hours per week Hit: 2 points 2-3 hours per week Dodge: 1 points 1-2 hours per week Miss: 0 points Less than 1 hour per week Life Goal: Get up and start building garden beds. The next six weeks is the right time [in my area] to start getting garden beds ready for planting winter crops. I want to build and set up one garden bed per fortnight. That is three beds made for this challenge. I don’t need to explain the importance of home grown veggies to everyone here on Nerd Fitness. I do need to post pictures of each garden bed made as proof of completion. H’mm where to allocate points here? Dexterity could work for the ability to make the beds, as could Stamina. Charisma for the benefits of doing something for my family would also count [my Bec would be very happy]. Constitution for the benefits of home grown food, wisdom for the application of knowledge of the importance growing food. Strength for the lifting and carrying of beds and fertilizer and so forth.. Bugger it. I am going with one point for dexterity, one point for wisdom and one point for stamina. Critical Hit: 3 points Three beds made Hit: 2 points Two beds made Dodge: 1 points One bed made Miss: 0 points No beds made. Which will leave me with one point to attribute to whichever attribute I wish based upon the completion of the challenge.
  7. Okay so my fourth challenge didn't go as planned. My life has become pretty messed up. I am slowly getting myself back under control. I have lost a lot of my condition over the past two months, hence the starting again. I plan to use the workouts from my last challenge as a basis for this challenge still. The scoring will have more to do with building [or more accurately re-building] consistency. I am a big fan of being consistent when it comes to lifestyle changes, Without being consistent the changes can not occur. So with a copy, paste and a bit of editing here is my latest challenge. Goal One: Couch to Five Kilometres [C25K] I still want to take up running. I still think that a C25K programme is a great way for me to start running regularly. So here I am. Scoring: 3 runs/week is a Critical Hit 2 runs/week is a Hit 1 run/week is a Block 0 runs/week is a miss 6+ runs for the challenge will earn me one point 9+ runs for the challenge will earn me two points 12+ runs for the challenge will earn me three points 15+runs for the challenge will earn me four points 18 runs for the challenge is a perfect score and will earn me five points This is about endurance and determination here. So that translates to stamina, and constitution. Sta +3 Con +2 Goal Two: Strength I like my strength programme that I have set up. It covers all the areas that I want to work on. However I will count one set of each exercise as acceptable for scoring, I need my consistency back. The Warm Up is as follows: Max second Plank 5 x Burpees 15 x Bodyweight Squats 5 x Push Ups 10 x Lunges 15 x One Arm Row 20 x Jumping Jacks As before the above workout will be my minimum needed to score a point. My full strength workout will be based on the Pre Armstrong programme with one kettlebell, one hammer exercise and burpees added to the mix. MONDAY Push Ups Grip Hangs Pyramid Negative Pull Ups Kettlebell Goblet Squats Wood Chops Burpees WEDNESDAY Push Ups Grip Hangs Negative Pull Ups Kettlebell Swings Hammer Kisses Burpees FRIDAY Push Ups Negative Pull Ups Grip Hangs Turkish Get Ups Barbarian Squats Burpees Scoring: 3 full workouts/week Critical Hit 2 full workouts/week Hit 1 full workout/week Block 3 Warm Ups/week [no workout] Dodge 0 Warm/workout per week Miss 6+ Warm Up Routines for the Challenge one point 12+ Warm Up Routines for the Challenge two points 18 Warm Up Routines for the Challenge three points 6+ Full Workouts for the Challenge four points 12+ Full Workouts for the Challenge five points 18 Full Workouts for the Challenge six points Strength and Constitution will be boosted here. Con+3, Str+3 Side Quest: Minis As before 3 points will be awarded randomly for completing the RPG Fanatics minis. The Ranger's Minis giving me the points as per usual. Random+3 I have one point left over from this layout which I will use for any improvement I have made over the entire challenge. This will be similar to the one point I gave myself to Wisdom last challenge.
  8. So here we are getting ready for our next challenge. I am no different, plans are in place, now to set some goals, attribute points, and get my awesome on! Goal One: C25K My main goal for this challenge is running. No I am not becoming a scout, rangers need to run down their prey, and not just run [away ]. Towards the end of my last challenge I had started doing some running, and found that I liked it. I want to run more. This is also one of my Epic Quest fitness goals. So I am going to do a c25k and learn to run, even if only at a pace of a turtle in a walking frame. Scoring: 3 runs/week is a Critical Hit 2 runs/week is a Hit 1 run/week is a Block 0 runs/week is a miss This is about endurance and determination here. So that translates to stamina, and constitution. Sta +3 Con +1 Goal Two: Strength I think I got over excited about doing lots of strength stuff last challenge. I struggled to do my programme effectively, so time to rethink my strength building in terms of my current abilities with an eye for future skills. I did find out something last challenge. I love burpees. Yes I am that sort of crazy. They really work the whole body in a very short period. I have adapted the BBWW to be a warm up for further exercise. The Warm Up is as follows: Max second Plank 5 x Burpees 15 x Bodyweight Squats 5 x Push Ups 10 x Lunges 15 x One Arm Row 20 x Jumping Jacks If work, family, depression, illness or study are getting on top of me then this will be my minimum acceptable strengthe workout. Done Three times per week. My full strength workout will be based on the Pre Armstrong programme with one kettlebell and one hammer exercise added to the mix. This way I get the benefits of the three different workouts in one routine. Scoring: 3 full workouts/week Critical Hit 2 full workouts/week Hit 1 full workout/week Block 3 Warm Ups/week [no workout] Dodge 0 Warm/workout per week Miss Strength and Constitution will be boosted here. The warm ups will give me the +1 Con, with the workouts giving me a max of +3 Str. Con+1 Str+3 Goal Three: Shrink that Body This goal is all about my body getting smaller. Dropping bodyfat percentage, kilos, centimetres. All three count. For this I will measure myself at the end of the challenge in addition to my regular monthly measurements. I will continue my macros tracking from last challenge. With the following modifications, Carbs 35%, Fats 35%, Protein 30%. Ideally I am aiming for full thirds, but MFP only counts by 5 percentile points. This will be a weekly average, as usual a leeway of 5% either way is acceptable. Starting measurements: Body Fat% - 31.06% Weight - 113.7kg Waist - 115cm Scoring will be a bit different here. My Macros tracking will give me one point to wisdom, For each of the three target areas I shrink in I will gain one point for Constitution. Con+3 Wis+1 Side Quest: Minis As before 3 points will be awarded randomly for completing the RPG Fanatics minis. The Ranger's Minis giving me the points as per usual. Random+3
  9. Rightio then, Challenge number 2. My first with the Awesome Rangers. I am changing things somewhat here, partly to release my geekiness more, partly to express my faith more, and mainly to increase my health. Firstly a couple of definitions are in order, oferfaett is Old English for obese, [literally, over fat]. Medically I am obese pure and simple. It was a practice in Anglo-Saxon Britain to give nicknames to people based on physical features. Surnames were rarely used during this time period [they were brought in by the Normans]. So I have named myself Anglian style. Next we have Ulfhednar, this is Old Norse for Wolf headed, basically the wolf version of a beserker. Using the wolf as a totem instead of the Bear. The Old English Wulfesheafod is not as badass in my opinion so I chose the Old Norse. It is close enough to my race type to work for me. Lycans, werewolf [werwulf in OE] may well have been inspired by these real life warriors. With NF I am changing from Thom the fat to Thom the Lycan. My first challenged focussed primarily on creating routines and getting moving, I had some great wins [4cm of my waist, and 66 bodyweight squats] I also had some hard times, depression does that. Still I didn't quit, and I am here now planning this challenge. Oh and I walked 240 miles in 6 weeks to get to Weathertop and held my own against a Nazgul. My long term goal is still to drop to 17% body fat. I have lost 2.36% since I joined in at the end of November last year. From 36.44% on the 01/12/13 to 34.08% on the 04/02/14. I use the tape measure method for this, It may not be entirely accurate but it is relative. I do my main measurements on the first weekend of each month, so we will find out how I am progressing in a couple of weeks. By my calculations I will drop from 118.7kg to around 90-95kg. As I only lost a grand total of 800grams for the entire last challenge I am not as worried about the weight loss if I am losing body fat. Goal One for this challenge is to track my calorie intake. Or kilojoules as I am working in metric. After much mucking about with various calculators I have worked out my BMR to be on average 9500kj [2285Cal] and my TDEE to be on average 13511kj [3277Cal]. Now to me that seems a hel of a lot of calories. Over the past two weeks I have started tracking my intake on MyfitnessPal with the target of 10,000kj [2388Cal]. I am struggling to eat that many calories. I am generally coming in well under. With the few exceptions of when I eat crap. So I will continue to track my food intake learn about my Macros, and limit/eliminate my gluten based carbs. As this is more a track and learn goal I will put +2 towards wisdom and +2 to my constitution for the successful completion of this goal. Goal Two is to continue my 3 days per week workouts. In my first challenge I used the BBWW to set up my routine. It has been a great help, and has increased my fitness. I am looking at adding a bit more variety to my routines so have decided to change it to the following: Mondays: Hammer workout, using a 10lb, 4.53kg sledge hammer. Monday I worked out a routine for this. Yep this really hit me. Wednesdays: Kettlebell workout, using a 5kg kettlebell and the Simple and Sinister routine. After trying this today [Wed 19/02] I suspect much of this will be learning to perfect the exercises, particularly the Get Up. Fridays: I will continue doing the BBWW. It is a good routine and I enjoy it. I will look at progressing to harder exercises as I go along with this. This is still a strength goal, although the hammer work adds a bit of dexterity as well, So +3 to Strength, +2 to Stamina and +1 to Dexterity. Goal Three is going to focus upon my spirituality. I have let my personal devotionals slip over the past year or so. I need to get things back into gear. I aim to do a weekly devotional to my Gods, Ancestors and Landwights. This is a inner peace and power goal so +1 to Wisdom, and a +1 to Charisma. My Side Quest is to study and do well at my Uni subject that I have enrolled in. The course starts in the beginning of March so until then I will share my artistic endeavours in the form of products that I sell. These are knowledge and creativity goals, so I will be giving +2 to wisdom and +1 to Charisma.
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