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  1. WELCOME, friends, to my 4th (whoa~) challenge! For 2015 I’m theming each of my challenges around something that’s influenced my nerd-life in a big way, be it video game, movie, book, etc. My last challenge was Final Fantasy themed! *victory theme* This month, I’m getting magical. For this challenge I’m guild-hopping from Ranger to Druid, and I’m REALLY excited to be here! I love everything the Druid encompasses (it may also be my favorite world of warcraft class ever), and while I’m already a pretty mindful and spiritual person, there are some pretty big things I need to work on. So, here we go~ Quest 1: In The Name of Flexibility! (+4 DEX) Yup, that’s Rei laughing at how poor my leg mobility is. My hamstrings are SAD, yo. They’ve always been fairly pitiful but I’ve been a desk jockey for the past 3~ years, and the further I take my workouts, the more I’m finding that my mobility is just junk-ola. To remedy this, I’m going to incorporate some hamstring stretches to my routine. EVERY DAY. No excuses. These aren’t super time consuming, or tedious, and I can do a lot of them practically anywhere so there really is no excuse. I’m going to base my stretching off of these two videos: A: Stretching every. Dang. Day. B: Stretching 6 or more days a week. F: 5 or less days a week. Total fail, because, come on now. Quest 2: Senshi Battle Ready! (+2 DEX, +2STR) Fighting the Dark Kingdom takes a lot of flexibility! You can’t just stand there like a brick and shout at people. (Well, I think Usagi tried this right off the bat, but it didn’t work very well...) As much as I enjoy my strength training I’m realizing I need to start getting more flexible again. I used to do a lot of yoga and it’s so great for both mind AND body that I feel myself being pulled towards needing more of that right now. I’m really looking forward to working it into my current fitness regime! (And besides, being in a better headspace will help me power through the rest of these winter days...) I do barre/pilates twice a week as well, and I still want to leave wiggle room for other endeavors (running! lifting! etc!) so my grading will be as follows: A: Yoga 3 times a week. B: Yoga 2 times a week. F: Yoga only once a week. Quest 3: Too Many Buns... (+2CON, +3WIS) I’m actually pulling a repeat of my last challenge, where I had a quest each to limit my consumption of beer and cheat meals. I’m happily on track with less beer in my life, but I feel my cheat meals could still use a closer eye for one more go around, especially as it continues to be frigid outside and I think about pizza more often than I should. A: One cheat meal per week. B: Two cheat meals per week. F: Three+ cheat meals per week. (Barf.) Life Quest: Silver Millenium Stories (+2 CHA) I really love writing and being creative, but I just don’t have the time for large endeavors (as I discovered during NaNoWriMo). My life quest will be to choose a theme each week (using this list) and write a semi-drabble -- 100 to 200 words -- with a pair of characters I’ve been tooling around with for a while. (And will introduce later.) A: Write once every week. B: Write once for at least 5 weeks. F: Write once for 4 or less weeks. OF COURSE it wouldn't be a Proper Shaarawy Challenge without a bonus challenge (because since when is anything easy??) - I'll be traveling for AT LEAST two of the weekends during this challenge (actually, the more I think of it, possibly THREE) so I'm going to have to get real clever with my time management and proper food intake (read: avoiding bad meals)... All of the places I'm going are for different reasons but totally wonderful (Charleston SC, for a soccer tournament; Orlando FL, for a military retirement, and Asheville NC, for a limited beer release!) but of course travel always throws a wrench in any routine or plans... But... I GOT THIS! I've decided that if I manage to pull out all the stops and get all A's on this challenge, I'm going to reward myself with some new fitness gear! I REALLY need some new shorts and better workout shirts that aren't ActivateApparel tanks (heheh~), and (hopefully) spring will be here soon.... right? I know I can make this happen! GO TEAM!!!
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