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  1. Over the break I've realised that I lost my balance and focused too much on work the last few months of the year. It's been to the detriment of my health so the first quarter of this year will be a re-focus on the things that are important to me. I'll be re-establishing routines (a highly underrated tool) and putting myself first. Every January I stop drinking for a month and this year is no exception. It might seem a hardship but it's actually a relief to not have to make the decision, it's no thanks for the next 28 days. I have a massive 5 week holiday lined up in July/August, at the moment I'm looking at getting one of those weeks away on a luxury live-abord surf boat in Portugal. I want to be in unbelievable shape for that and will be using it as my motivation over the next 6 months. But 6 months will be done one day at a time starting with this 4 week challenge.... Goals: 1. No alcohol 2. No processed food 3. 1 hour a day of 'exercise' Bonus: Every minute of exercise buys 2 minutes of video game time. Finding an hour a day to do some sort of physical activity will be harder than it sounds but I'll be training twice a week with my coach over the next 4 weeks and have committed to walking the dog at least 4 days a week, that'll be a good start. I'm also hoping to get back to squash but we'll see, I still have a whiplash injury hanging around. Inspiration: What are you waiting for? Are you boring?
  2. Main Quest:Under 200 Lbs by 30th birthday (December) Mini Quests: Never tell me the odds [sTR +3]Do 3,720 reps of Squats/Push-Ups/Lunges/Row (about 88 reps per day, aim for 2-3 BBWW per week)++Bonus: Full Sets of Dumbbell Row Push-Ups (3x10 w/ 5lb weights) Try twice per week. Kessel Run in under 12 parsecs [DEX +2] [sTA +3]Run 12K per week++Bonus: Run before work 3+ times per week Laugh it up, Fuzzball! [sTA +2] [sTR +3]Handstand practice for 5 mins per day++Bonus: 1 Handstand Push-Up Life Quest: [CHA +2] Do something creative every day- Paint Warhammer Models - Stone troll Avatar - Old One Eye Tyranid Hive Fleet Leviathan - Space Wolves - An unpainted Bloodthirster, that I've had for a over decade.- Build my Coffee table- Read "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain"- Draw something Starting Stats (From 2/14/14): 228.2 lbs @ 27.5% body fat Waist 43.5" Hips 43.5" Chest 41" Legs 24.75" ( L ) & 24.75" ( R ) Biceps 15.25" (L) & 15.25" ( R ) Calfs 16.25" (L) & 16.5" ( R ) Points System: Never Tell Me The Odds+1 point for every 300 reps (15 pts max)++Bonus: Dumbbell Row Push-Ups +1 point for a full 3x10 set (12 pts max) Kessel Run In Under 12 Parsecs+2 points per week for > 12K (12 pts max)++Bonus: AM Running (before work) +1 point per day, max 3 times per week (18 pts max) Laugh It Up, Fuzzball!+1/2 point per day of 5+ mins practice (21 pts max)++Bonus: +1 points for 1 handstand push-up in 6 weeks (1 pt max) Life QuestCreativity +1/2 point per day (21 pts max) Grading:A+ =97-100 pointsA =93-97 pointsA- =90-92 pointsB+ =87-90 pointsB =83-87 pointsB- =80-82 points
  3. In Episode IV: A New Hope, Obi-Wan Kenobi is training Luke Skywalker in the fundamentals of the Force and Jedi. Aboard the Millenium Falcon, during a lightsaber training exercise, Luke is able to use the Force to deflect laser bolts while blinded. Han Solo is unimpressed calling it luck. Kenobi responds, "In my experience, there's no such thing as luck." His experience is that of a Jedi Master, listening to the "Will of the Force" and being able to predict or anticipate future events. Using instinct, intuition, observation, and knowledge, one can predict and anticipate future events like a Jedi. Maybe not deflecting blaster bolts, but predicting the motives or actions of another person can be fairly helpful in many situations. I don't rely on luck unless I'm playing a friendly game. It is better to create your own luck by understanding the circumstances and generating favorable odds through use of instinct, intuition, observation, and knowledge. My main quest with attribute points is below: FITNESS: Build STA +2 and DEX +1 by Running, Hiking, Biking, Rowing, or Training (HIIT) for 20 minutes or more, three times a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday).FITNESS: Build STR +2 and DEX +1 by completing 400 minutes of Sports Training* in 10 sessions and meeting at least 85 % of my fitness side quest goals.DIET: Build CON +3 by eating "Healthy Meals"** 20 times or more, drinking 300 fl oz of Dr Pepper or less, taking care of my skin and lips by applying moisturizer 80 times or more (twice daily), brushing my teeth 80 times or more (twice daily), and flossing 40 times or more (once daily).LIFE: Build WIS +3 and CHA +3 by completing one Toastmaster Speech for the Spring Contest Season (practice on 2/25 and contest on 3/8), completing two Successful Club or Better Speaker Series Speeches to earn my Advance Communicator Silver in Toastmasters, and completing three lessons from the IJRS Personal 101 and Spirituality 101 Manuals in Jedi Training.* - Training or playing Basketball, Soccer, Rugby, Football, Hockey, Swimming, or Racquet Ball ** - "Healthy Meals" means no grease, minimal fat and calories, mostly veggies, meat, and fruit, while avoiding starches. Breakfast is not included in count. SIDE CHALLENGE GOALS FITNESSBarbellsDeadlift = 190 lbs, 60 repsBack Squat = 210 lbs, 60 repsBench Press = 195 lbs, 60 repsOverhead Press = 100 lbs, 60 repsStanding Curl = 70 lbs, 30 repsDumbellsBench Press = 50 lbs, 60 repsFly = 50 lbs, 60 repsRow = 55 lbs, 60 repsSide Raise = 35 lbs, 60 repsHammer Curl = lbs, 30 repsHammer Ext = lbs, 30 repsGoblet Squat = 85 lbs, 60 repsTricep Ext = 70 lbs, 60 repsBodyweight ExercisesLeg Press = 1150 lbs, 60 repsLeg Ext = 160 lbs, 30 repsBurpee = lbs, 100 repsMount Climbers = lbs, 200 repsHS PU = lbs, 60 repsPull Up = lbs, 60 repsChin Up = lbs, 60 repsHammer Pull Up = lbs, 60 repsDip = lbs, 100 repsDive Bomber = 0 lbs, 60 repsPush Up = 0 lbs, 300 repsAbdominal ExercisesCrunch = 0 lbs, 800 repsBicycle Crunch = 0 lbs, 800 repsLeg Lift = 0 lbs, 200 repsSide Leg Lift = 0 lbs, 300 repsOblique Twist = 0 lbs, 600 repsSide Bend = 0 lbs, 600 repsSide Raise = 0 lbs, 400 repsRollout Wheel = 0 lbs, 300 repsCardioHIIT = min, 5 repsSports Training = 300 min, 6 DIETDietSkin and Lip Care = 40 qty Dr Pepper = 300 fl ozHealthy Meals = 20 qty Floss = 40 qty Brush Teeth = 80 qty LIFEFamilyNF CommunityChallenge Thread = 6 qtyBattle Log = 40 qtyEpic Quest = 3 qtyToastmastersManual Lessons = 1 qtyOfficer Duties = 600 minModule Series = 2 qtyMeeting Roles = 4 qtyTable Topics = 4 qtyJediIJRS Personal 101 = 1 qtyIJRS Spirituality 101 = 2 qtyJedi Reading = 500 minGeocaching
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