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  1. So last challenge, I worked on pull-ups, core strength, and finally achieved a 10-second handstand... and also created a compilation video of all my handstand progress in the last 5 months: I intended to work on Spanish, but failed thereI intended to sleep early most days, but only half-completed that.I intended to be more fearless, but that was a bit too vague. So what next? Challenge #1: new movements! I've found that recently I've been focusing on an increasingly narrower set of skills and exercises... to to change this, I'm going to get my body to do something new nearly every day These will be things like:try movement X on my left-hand sideattempt a new gymnastics skillattempt a gymnastics skill a completely different wayuse a new exercise in my strength work-outI'll be listing below here the things I try. To make things practical, the days are flexible +/- 1 day... grade A: 37 days (+2 DEX, +2 WIS) grade B: 34 days grade C: 28 days grade D: 19 days Jul 28 - clapping pull-ups Jul 29 / arch hold Jul 30 / power cleans Jul 31 - assisted 1-and-a-bit-handed pull-ups Aug 01 - () Aug 02 - blind 1-leg balance for ankle stabilityAug 03 - handstand kick-up on opposite side (left foot on floor, right foot kicking up)Aug 04 - scapular shrugsAug 05 / glide kip (solid attempts)Aug 06 - hula hoopAug 07 - clapping push-upsAug 08 \ weighted dipsAug 09 - 5k runAug 10 - ()Aug 11 - ()Aug 12 / bar pull-downs (gymnastics)Aug 13 - assisted backward walkovers from heightAug 14 - ()Aug 15 - ()Aug 16 - ()Aug 17 - inverted pressAug 18 - 20 pull-ups as quickly as possibleAug 19 - Y-handstandAug 20 - ()Aug 21 - ()Aug 22 - rotating handstandAug 23 - deliberate handstand walkingAug 24 - pull-up jumping around apparatusAug 25 - bridge walkingAug 26 / bouldering *with climbing shoes*Aug 27 / no-handed kip-upAug 28 - one-handed lat pull-down machineAug 29 - ()Aug 30 - ()Aug 31 / gymnastics at Huntingdon gymSep 01 - flips into foam pitSep 02 \ handstand rollsSep 03 - ()Sep 04 - rowing machineSep 05 - pole climbingSep 06 / Spartan RaceSep 07 - swimming in trainers 31/42: grade C Challenge #2: whole-body strength training: I want to regularly do three sets of exercise for each of the following muscle groups:legs - including plyometricsupper body pushing musclesupper body pulling musclescoreEach day I get 2 points for doing one of these, 3 points for two, 4 points for three and 5 points for all four. grade A: 84 points (+2 STR, +2 STA, +1 CON) grade B: 78 points grade C: 66 points grade D: 48 points Jul 28: 3 2 2 4 2 _ 2 (15) Aug 04: 4 _ 3 4 _ 2 _ (13) Aug 11: 2 _ 2 5 _ _ _ (9) Aug 18: 3 2 _ _ 4 3 _ (12) Aug 25: 5 _ 2 4 _ _ 2 (13) Sep 01: 3 3 3 3 2 _ 4 (18) 80 points: grade B Challenge #3: habit optimization: you know how most of the things you do each day are done without thinking? Well this is a good thing, and means that our minds are free to think about important stuff rather than obsess over minutiae. However, I thought it would be interesting to find some of my automatic habits that could be replaced by better ones and change them. They should be easy to change, as they'll mainly be very minor things... I'll keep a list below, and strike them out once I'm happy that the habit has been implemented. grade A: 37 changes (+1 WIS, +3 CHA) grade B: 34 changes grade C: 28 changes grade D: 19 changes write notes with left hand to learn to be ambidextrous (except when in a rush)keep some frozen peas in the freezer as another option for a healthy snackhave larger portions of "meal-quality" food so I don't need to make up the calories later with less healthy fooddon't eat a huge meal late at night but make up the calories next breakfastavoid caffeine after 2pmavoid alcohol when tireddon't automatically get unhealthy food from train stations etc.neglected: grade F Challenge #4: sleep before 00:30: this is a re-run of part of the last challenge, but two things will be different:If I'm late to bed one day because I'm doing something interesting then I can score 0.5 points for that day as long as I sleep reasonably earlyI'll consider 00:20 to be a signal to get ready for bed... rather than staring at my laptop until 00:30 and beyondgrade A: 37 nights (+2 CON) grade B: 35 nights grade C: 31 nights grade D: 25 nights Jul 28: +++__+= (4.5) Aug 04: _+++___ (3) Aug 11: ++++=+= (6) Aug 18: +++_+_= (4.5) Aug 25: ++++_++ (6) Sep 01: +++++_+ (6) [note: each entry refers to the bedtime the night before] 30/42: grade D Let's go!
  2. To achieve Level 9 I will be focussing on myself, mostly on my mindset and motivation. My main quest is to fit comfortably into size 14 trousers by losing body fat. To move towards this achievement, I have set the following quests for this challenge: 1. Handstands! STR+2 DEX+3 As a much younger hooman, summer lunchtimes were spent out on the fields doing cartwheels and handstands. Now I wish to revisit those carefree days. Using Chris Salvato's method as a guide, I will spend 5 minutes per day on handstand practice (continued from previous challenge). A = 28+ days of handstand practice B = 25-27 days C = 22-24 days F = 21 days or fewer of handstand practice. 2. Floor! CON+2 CHA+ 2 STA+1 I can fit my exercise mat on the floor (just) but in order to really make use of the space in front of my mirrored wardrobe doors, I need to have a clearout, to tidy up and to keep it that way (continued from previous challenge). A = Plenty of space to workout on my mat B = Satisfactory space but clutter is starting to creep back C = Mat barely fits and I trashed everywhere else F = No space for a mat to fit. 3. Mindset! WIS+3 CHA+1 CON+1 Inspired by Neghar Fonooni's email article recommending spending 15 minutes per day dedicated to personal time, I have decided to set aside 15 minutes of my day for personal reflection. This time will include my participation in the JillFit "Mindset Makeover" email course and also could include things like meditation, journalling, walking, reading or whatever at the time gives me energy and renewed motivation. A = 28+ days of reflection B = 25-27 days C = 22-24 days F = 21 days or fewer of reflection. During this challenge, not only will I have a birthday, it will also mark a year since I started lifting free weights
  3. My overall goal is to get faster and stronger. Continue with these things: Handstands: Every day for 5 minutes. I want to get to 15seconds freestanding. Maybe I'll get there this challenge. Strength Training 3 times a week: Mon Wed and Fri I do a fairly simple bodyweight workout. Push, Pull, Legs, Core I really want to get to 3x8 Diamond Pushups with my feet on a chair. I'm at 887 with feet on a stool about 25cm high. I also plan to increase max pullups to 15. (Currently 10) again not sure if I'll get there this challenge. Legs: Currently working towards good form pistol squats. After reading "the Naked Warrior" I have learned a bunch about this great exercise. Add these: Sprints: Once per week. Start off with 5x100m in five minutes, add one interval per week. I love having done these but never seem to make myself. I'm telling you guys so I can get Sleep: Get enough of it. Record Bed and Waking times. Drawing: One page every day. Start that blog I've been talking about. I got back into drawing earlier this year and love it.
  4. ROSHAN BOSS LEVEL The next month or so is going to be pretty hellish and intense due to deadline after deadline. I can already feel the paralysing stress creeping into my brain, and I don't like it. I'm going to do the best I can for my work, but I won't be able to function like a reasonably sane nerd if I am focussed on work every second of the day. But I don't want to waste my free time staring blankly at Buzzfeed and the like. Hence, BOSS LEVEL! I don't just want to survive this challenge, I want to come out the other side even better than before. So I'm going to try a couple of new fitness goals (that hopefully won’t be too time consuming) and maintain my current level of Spanish. *Putting on my warpaint* STRENGTH Daily handstand practice Possible challenge reward: +3 DEX & +3 STR Inspired by Elastigirl's work, I'm going to give it a shot. 5 minutes a day isn't very much, and I'm curious to see where it can take me. AGILITY Run my first 5K and be quick about it Possible challenge reward: +4 STA Going to get me some endurance points if I can succeed in running 2 or 3 times per week. I have never really liked running before, but I'm on a roll with these challenges and I want to find out what I'm capable of. Plus I'm excited to keep track of all the numbers! INTELLIGENCE Read 100 pages of Harry Potter y la Camara secreta Possible challenge reward: +3 WIS I'm going to be very focused on work, but it is important to me that I don't lose all the Spanish wisdom that I gained in the previous challenges. *** Captain's log: Week zero : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1cff21H66DzBNwdAgoh2gfq-qEeO2MBAIvJ449hkkL4A/edit?usp=sharing Week one : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1cff21H66DzBNwdAgoh2gfq-qEeO2MBAIvJ449hkkL4A/edit#gid=2134899523 Week two : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1cff21H66DzBNwdAgoh2gfq-qEeO2MBAIvJ449hkkL4A/edit#gid=2034992269 Week three : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1cff21H66DzBNwdAgoh2gfq-qEeO2MBAIvJ449hkkL4A/edit#gid=953446945 Week four : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1cff21H66DzBNwdAgoh2gfq-qEeO2MBAIvJ449hkkL4A/edit#gid=1831483484 Week five : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1cff21H66DzBNwdAgoh2gfq-qEeO2MBAIvJ449hkkL4A/edit#gid=2092761640 Week six : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1cff21H66DzBNwdAgoh2gfq-qEeO2MBAIvJ449hkkL4A/edit#gid=1543963910
  5. Just a heads up: this challenge will probably contain spoilers for Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., because I've got Marvel on the brain, and figured I may as well put it to good use! After the recent events in D.C. involving the metal-armed assassins, falling helicarriers, and the resurrection of HYDRA, it seemed the mysterious organization known as S.H.I.E.L.D. was finished. I certainly thought so, having been reading everything I could find about them (not much—these guys keep their secrets well) since I watched the news reports of costumed super humans fighting aliens in New York. Everything I found said that they had fallen apart, until a guy in a suit showed up at my apartment, flashed a badge, and asked if I was interested in helping to rebuild a disgraced organization—and maybe save the world a few times in the process. How could I say no to that? Cue a whirlwind of tests, interviews, and evaluations, and then a long silence. I figured I’d washed out, until this little message showed up: Congratulations candidate, your application has made it past the first round of eliminations for S.H.I.E.L.D. recruits, but you haven’t been accepted yet. The next six weeks will be your chance to prove that you have the commitment and self-discipline required to become one of our agents. Succeed and you’ll become a Level 1 trainee. Fail and you’ll join the 90% who didn’t make it this far. Your tasks are listed below. Complete each with a minimum 80% success rate to be eligible to continue. Main Quest: Become an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. Goal 1: Strength – An agent needs to be physically strong, no matter what department they end up in. You never know what this job will require you to do. [+3 STR/+2 STA] Body weight training at least 3x/week (20 times total for challenge) Angry Birds at least once a week for progress measurement, the other workouts can be switched up a bit to keep things interesting. Goal 2: Flexibility – Being flexible can be invaluable for getting in to—and out of—a wide range of situations. [+2 DEX] Keep up with sun salutations every morning, and longer yoga practices 2-3x/week (15 total for challenge). Focus on inversions and working up to a handstand. Goal 3: Coordination – Strength and flexibility aren’t worth much if you trip over your own feet. A degree of poise and dexterity can come in handy, whether in a fight or undercover at a high-class soiree. [+2 DEX/+1 CHA] Dance workouts 2-3x/week. Video-based routines that require me to learn steps and choreography, with the hope that by the end of 6 weeks I might have traded my two left feet in for one of each. Side Quest: Eat Well – Good agents know that what you put into your body greatly affects what you can get out of it. Eat accordingly. [+3 CON] Week 1: 40% Paleo. Food focus: soda and candy Week 2: 50% Paleo. Food focus: processed snacks Week 3: 60% Paleo. Food focus: other sugary drinks Week 4: 70% Paleo. Food focus: grains Week 5: 75% Paleo. Food focus: TBD Week 6: 80% Paleo. Food focus: TBD Life Quest: Get Ready – shortly after completing these six weeks, you’ll be headed out for some R&R followed by a relocation to your next base of operations. Make sure your affairs are in order, and don’t forget to pack light. Assignment: Do something each week to prepare for upcoming trip/move. [+1 WIS/+1 CHA] - Get rid of/give away/sell stuff - Finish up UK trip plan/bookings - Sort out money transfers - Stay in touch with people I will be meeting up with - Finalize budget - Plan/make/buy parting gifts for teachers & students - Keep up with other to-dos as they pop up Looks like I have my work cut out for me for the next six weeks—and hopefully a lot longer! I’m off to gather supplies and work a bit more on my game plan. The fun begins on Monday!
  6. My last challenge was centered around an irresponsibly enthusiastic list of feats of skill and strength that I wanted to achieve. I did actually make good progress, but it hardly scratched the surface of what I intended. Now I've learnt to set more realistic targets, my next challenge is going to be more process-based than success-based. Challenge #1: PRIORITISE SLEEP I demand quite a lot from my body and myself - so the least I can do is to keep it the healthiest state possible at all times. At the moment, the weakest link is sleep. I feel so much better when consistently getting 8+ hours than when I'm getting 7 or 7.5 hours. Therefore, for the next 6 weeks I will go to bed at 00:30 at the latest, giving me at least 8 hours and 20 minutes to rest before my morning alarm. A: 36 times in 42 days (+2 CON) B: 34 times in 42 days C: 30 times in 42 days D: 24 times in 42 days 09-JUN: ++++++_ (6) 16-JUN: ++_++_+ (5) 23-JUN: +++__++ (5) 30-JUN: +++_+_+ (5) 07-JUL: ++++_+_ (5) 14-JUL: ++++___ (4) (grade C) [Note: entry for each day refers to the sleep from the previous night] Challenge #2: TRAINING Two things that have been noticeably beneficial already this year are consistently doing core exercises, and consistently doing pull-up/muscle-up exercises. Other parts of my fitness are currently not limiting factors for anything I'm working on, so I'll concentrate on these for a while and see how that goes. What counts as core exercises? - 3 sets to failure of V-sit sit-ups or leg raises of some description - a gymnastics session involving lots of flipping What counts as muscle-up exercises? - a climbing/bouldering session - 3 sets to failure of appropriate dips - 3 sets to failure of an advanced pull-up variation - 3 sets to failure of pull-down machine I want to be doing one of these 5-6 times per week, so I'll have a slightly silly scoring system for this: - 1 point for doing some mixture of core and muscle-up exercises - 2 points for doing one or the other - 3 points for doing a full amount for core and full amount for muscle-ups A: 70 points in 42 days (+2 STR, +2 STA) B: 66 points in 42 days C: 58 points in 42 days D: 46 points in 42 days 09-JUN: 3 2 2 2 _ _ _ (9) 16-JUN: 3 2 _ 2 _ 3 2 (12) 23-JUN: 2 2 3 2 2 _ _ (11) 30-JUN: _ _ 3 3 3 3 _ (12) 07-JUL: _ _ 3 3 3 2 2 (13) 14-JUL: 3 _ 3 3 _ 3 2 (14) (grade A) Challenge #3: HANDSTAND EVOLUTION VIDEO I've been working on my handstands quite a bit this year, and at the moment my best handbalances are 5-6 seconds and look super unstable. I've been recording some handstand examples when I'm practising, for feedback so that I can learn. My intention is to compile a selection of these examples into an "evolution" video, annotated with training notes. For example, things I'm trying differently and other training I've done, and whether these are helping me balance. Hopefully it will be useful to some people learning handstands, but also it will just be cool to see the evolution. However I need to actually finish getting good at the handbalances first! +1 DEX for staying on my hands for 10 seconds +1 DEX for improving my form irrespective of how long I can hold the handstand +2 CHA for posting a useful video including footage of me doing good handstands (grade A) - see video here Challenge #4: SPANISH I've been learning Spanish on-and-off recently, and it's time now to restart, after a 9-week break. Previously, I was practising 4 times per week (process-based goal) so now I'm going to mix things up and aim to be able to understand spoken Spanish (currently my weak point). I'll assess how much of general conversation I can listen to and grade based on that. A: understand 85% (+3 WIS) B: understand 75% C: understand 65% D: understand 55% (grade F - totally ignored this!) Challenge #5: FEARLESS One major thing that I find is holding me back - especially in gymnastics - is being too risk-shy. For example, freaking out of trying scary moves even when its exactly what I need to be working on. Plus in general life I sometimes find myself avoiding opportunities that are obviously worthwhile risks. So I have an entirely subjective challenge, to be graded subjectively, to break past as many fear barriers as is sensible (Don't worry, I'm not planning to do anything ridiculous). +1 DEX, +1 CHA is the maximum score (for an 'A' grade) (grade C) As usual, I'll update reasonably regularly whenever I have news
  7. GENERAL THREAD WARNING: I am queer, genderqueer, polyamorous, and kinky. This is my thread, I don't censor myself much, and I will put NSFW warnings on anything that might get you in trouble for clicking on at work. Last time, on the adventures of Twilight ... I have gone from starting something without really expecting much, to seeing that I can actually change my life. There's no more room for "good enough" and I cannot allow myself to fall back into my sedentary ways. My motivations: To gain strength and flexibility to be a better rope bottom and self-rigger.To gain strength and dexterity to be able to wrestle guys and legitimately win.To be able to do pull-ups and handstands because that would be amazingly cool.January to May progress photo (UNDERWEAR WARNING!) For this challenge I have gamified everything. Table below. My goals: To earn 400 points throughout the challenge. This will be done generally by:Walking 3.5km every weekdayABWW every other day (with days off as required)Swimming two or three times per week (with the side-quest of participating in the Toronto Island Lake Swim)To make every day awesomeTo keep losing body fat so that my body better shows all of my hard workI'm ready to kick some ass.
  8. Main Quest: Lighten the Load Any hobbit that has gone on a long adventure knows that extra pounds from extra food are just added weight. I’m planning to hike the presidential traverse this fall, and I do not need any extra weight to carry! I could buy fancy gear, or I could get my body to a lower weight. Losing weight is 80% related to food, which remains a struggle for me. True to my hobbit nature, I LOVE food and LOVE to have multiple delicious meals. Second breakfast has become normal again. And yet, it is possible for me to have a healthy relationship with food when I am proactive – planning ahead and remaining mindful. Reclaiming this healthy relationship with food is the crux of my challenge. 1) I plan my meals. [+3 WIS] Each week, I will have a meal plan for all meals in a day. Hopefully I will expand this to include shopping and cooking plans that are realistic and back up plans for crazy work days. (Grading {NB – all < read “less than or equal toâ€} - <1 missed week – A, <2 – B, <3 – C) 2) I don’t snack. [+4 CON] Pretty simple. No snacks. No deviations from the plan! (<6 snacks – A, <12 – B, <18 – C) 3) I enjoy company without copying their eating habits. [+2 CHA] Social and stress eating are two of my biggest challenges, especially because large social situations stress me out. Double wammy of extra food... no more! I do not need to eat like a dwarf just because I'm surrounded by them! (<1 missed meal per week – A, <2 – B, <3 – C) Side Quest – I love Handstands!! [+2 DEX, +1 STR] This is super fun and doable all the time. I will do at least 5 minutes per day. Some times I'll do two sets of practice. Goals are continuing to improve my wallstand and work on kicking up into a outward facing wall stand. (<6 missed days – A, <12 – B, <18 – C) Life Quest – I Will Apply to Fellowship!!! [+3 CHA] I need to apply to fellowship (the next step in my training) now. No more delays. I work 25 minutes per day for at least 5 days per week. (<6 missed days – A, <12 – B, <18 – C)
  9. To achieve Level 8, I will be continuing working towards a more balanced self. I have some loose ends to tie up before I holiday in Amsterdam with my SO and BFF and a crowd of other dolly people. My Amsterdam trip will happen during the last 2 weeks of this challenge. My main quest is to fit comfortably into size 14 trousers by losing body fat. To move towards this achievement, I have set the following quests for this challenge: 1. Handstands! STR+1 DEX+2 As a much younger hooman, summer lunchtimes were spent out on the fields doing cartwheels and handstands. Now I have all but overcome my shoulder injury, the time has come to revisit those carefree days. Using Chris Salvato's method as a guide, I will spend 5 minutes per day on handstand practice (continued from previous challenge). A = 28+ days of handstand practice B = 25-27 days C = 22-24 days F = 21 days or fewer of handstand practice. 2. New Moves! STR+1 DEX+2 WIS+2 After being introduced to kettlebells last round by the Rangers mini-challenge, I found I enjoy learning new things and incorporating them into my circuits. So using sources such as Girls Gone Strong and Lift Weights Faster, I plan to learn new exercises I can put into practice. A = 15 new moves or more B = 12-14 new moves C = 9-11 new moves F = 8 new moves or fewer 3. Spreadsheets! WIS+3 CON+1 My employers have provided me with an advanced course in Excel, all paid for, but I need to find a few hours a week to learn it, practice it and take an exam. I want to take the exam before August. A = Learned, practiced and exam date agreed B = Still practicing but nearly there C = Still learning; will sit exam but not sure if I will pass F = Nowhere near ready, have to defer the exam 4. Floor! CON+2 CHA+1 Now my wardrobe is tidy, I want to make use of the mirrored doors and the space in front of the doors. I need to make a space on my floor for my exercise mat to fit. In order to see that bit of floor, I need to put things away and keep them away. A = Plenty of space for my mat B = Mat fits but clutter is creeping back C = Mat just fits but I trashed everywhere else F = No space for a mat to fit
  10. My first challenge was, less than an unmitigated success. Two weeks knocked out of the game courtesy of some virus. Thus, my first goal... 1. Stay on target for all 6 weeks. I also noticed that working out 4x a week meant I didn't recovery very well. 2. Body weight calisthenics 3x a week. Mon-Wen-Fri like clockwork. Pushups, pullups, squats, and handstand journeys of discovery. Walking and jogging was good, but wasn't moving me towards a goal in as direct a manner as I would care. 3. Make the 3.2 mile loop in my area in 45 minutes. There is quite a bit of up and down, and varied terrain on that route. All the merrier. Doing the loop 3x a week will contribute to getting faster at it. As I look at my eating patterns, if it comes from a bag, a drive through window, or a soda/beer bottle, I'm on it like, well, bacon. This is not good for my health, my fitness, and my bank account. 4. Home cooked meals. Healthier and cheaper than the alternatives. I am a bachelor, and I can follow checklists that make a VCR manual look like child's play (and fun). Cooking is pretty damn simple compared to that. See a step, do a step, eat a banana - good checklist/cook book monkey. Goal five is self explanatory... 5. Wear more black - mindset - I'm on a quest to be awesome. Okay, Typhon is better than straight black, Kryptek has the best patterns. Side Quest: General class HAM license Side Quest: Complete my VHF/UHF backpack setup. EPIC LEVEL QUEST: hit the 20 lb weight loss PvP challenge. All of the above contribute to this - I have the 20lbs of fluff to lose, so I might as well get to it. It is nice playing a game that you can actually win, instead of just denying your opposition their victory condition. My victory condition is to achieve the above 80% of the time. Not rocket science, just do the right thing most of the time. Game on come Monday! - Murphy's Roommate
  11. Nyxy squints full of disbelief at the ancient armadillo, Best Healer of the Low Shores. The wrinkly sage holds a small bag that reeks of poison in her paw. High quality poison, at that. "Have I crossed the Horsemen's Plains for this? A child knows not to offer poison to an assassin!" "And even a small child on the Plains knows how to cure a Curse of Werewolf!" the shriveled armadillo gniffles. "But you, werewolf! You come to me with a Curse of Human! Been a while since I've seen one of those, I almost regret curing it. But Reverse Curse gets Reverse Cure. Take the poison." "How long?" "Always. Now go be a werewolf elsewhere. It's time for my nap." Out of the healer's hide-hut, Nyxy investigates her "cure". Inside of the bag, a glowing yellow-green powder. On the outside of the bag, a yellow fish is drawn. it's unclear why. "this better works." Nyxy closes her eyes as she swallows the tiniest bit of poison. Her hair rises and her muscles tense. High quality poison indeed.
  12. Hello everyone, For this challenge I'd like to throw my lot in with the assassins; I always used to play as the thief in Quest for Glory (was there any other way?!?!!!!) and the Thief was my favorite book ever as child (hence my namesake ), so I think this is definitely the place for me. I think after years of lackluster exercise this is finally my time to become inspired; I'm bored of being just okay at a bunch of things like running or cycling or soccer, and I'd like to become awesome at something, so I've decided I would like to eventually work up to doing Parkour, but for now I'm just starting with trying to get stronger and leaner and faster. Right now I'm starting out with being able to do 2 chinups and no pullups; I'd like to change that to 5 chinups and 2 pullups. Also, right now I can do a handstand wall walkup and hold it for about 15 seconds; I'd like to get that up to 60 seconds by July 20th, and also overcome my fear of my arms clasping beneath me and figure out how to kick up to do a real handstand. What else? I'd like to cut my body fat percentage by a few points; I'm not sure how much is possible in 6 weeks, but my goal is to eventually cut 5% by eating healthy, riding my bike or running everyday, and building muscle. Anyway I'm looking forward to getting started!
  13. When I was younger, there was a phrase I heard once. I don't remember where I heard it or why and for most of my life I ignored it. The phrase was in the form of the acronym "K.I.S.S." and stood for "Keep It Simple Stupid". Indeed for most of my life I tried to make things more complex than they should be and so I've seen failure because of it. Indeed, I feel that this complexity is the reason for my failure in the past challenges that I started but didn't really finish. This time, I'm going to keep it simple. My posts will be boring without in depth story or video game references. I've even cut out my level and class from my signature due to its distracting nature. I may not have a particularly interesting challenge but hopefully I'll have a simple and productive one. Now, in my summer between semesters, I'm going to go back to a simpler time for me, when things weren't so complex. I'm going to be a kid again. 1: The Playground Workout Every other day, I will walk up to the playground around the corner and perform this workout starting at the lowest level and staying there for a full week before advancing at all. The link to the workout (as posted on NF): http://www.nerdfitness.com/blog/2012/04/12/playground-workout/ 2: Trampolining Despite reducing my complexity, I'm still an assassin and so I'm going to practice all of my sick (not all that sick) flips and tricks on a trampoline in my backyard for 30 minutes (at least) on the days I don't go to the playground. 3: Drink Water During the summers when it gets really hot (particularly here in Florida), my mom would always remind me to drink lots of water while I'm playing outside so that I don't get dehydrated. Indeed, I find that I don't drink enough water and instead quench my thirst with sugary drinks like sweet tea or soda. I figure if I keep a bottle of water nearby at all times and regularly drink from it, then I will reduce my desire for the sugary drinks. It's not the most complex dieting plan but that's the point and I hope it works. 4: Summer Reading Every year, when school ended, we would leave for the summer with no homework. Well almost no homework. We would always have that dreaded summer reading we would have to do that we would end up being tested on as soon as we got back. I don't actually have summer reading but I do have reading that I plan on doing this summer. I will spend an hour every day reading from my large inventory of books I want to go through. So yeah, that's my challenge. Really my goal is just to complete this challenge and hopefully lose some weight along the way as it is harder to jump along buildings when you're carrying extra weight. I plan on posting at least something every single day to keep up accountability even if it's just the sentence "I did what I was supposed to." I look forward to this challenge and hopefully having my fellow Guild Members keep be accountable and motivated.
  14. Hi knowledgeable Rebels - I've read heaps of good advice on these forums so I thought I'd throw my first try at making a bodyweight calisthenics program in here and see what you awesome people have to say! As background, my goals for the next challenge are in my shiny new Battle Log (link in my sig below), and I've tried to make a workable program based on those goals. My background before finding NF was in weight lifting, though I did gymnastics as a young kid and do Pilates when I have the chance. I understand the progressions for BW and especially strength-building calisthenics/gymnastics are quite different to lifting progressions, so any suggestions or comments are most welcome! My goals themselves aren't for any specific reason except to try and build an overall strong, flexible and resilient body using little to no equipment, plus pistol squats and handstands are cool party tricks I pulled most of the flexibility work from the Assassin's guide for working on Pistol squats, plus splits development I learnt at Pilates. The rest is my best guess from several hours of internet trawling. Aaaaaaand....go! Daily: Handstand work (start with stomach to wall) for 5min; SMR; 2min mini workouts every 20mins (dynamic movement training such as traverse lunges, sit throughs, supermans); walk 10,000 steps Week 1 and 2 plansWorkout 1 (Push, Abs, LB, Flex)Warm Up: Hip mobility (incl leg swings and squats), shoulder mobility, skipping Push up progression: 3 sets 8 reps - knees, flat, one-leg Teaser progression (Pilates): plank, side planks, V-Hold, roll ups, 1-3 reps full Teaser no hold at top Flexibility & LB: bottom squat/pistol squat holds, forward bend, seated forward bend, pancakes, standing leg raise, splits work Workout 2 (Balancing, Flex)Warm Up: Hip and shoulder mobility Foot Balancing: Tree pose, Warrior III, Standing Leg Raise (hold 5-20sec at top) Hand Balancing: 5min freestanding handstand work Flexibility: forward bend, seated forward bend, pancakes, back bends, splits work Workout 3 (Pull, MetCon, Flex)Warm Up: Skipping or light jog, hip mobility, shoulder mobility Sprints: 20 sec run, 10 sec rest, 6 rounds (3min total) Inverted Rows: 3 sets 10 reps Negative Pull Ups: 3 sets 10 reps (OR max reps if too hard) Pull Ups: max reps for 2 sets (OR dead hang 30 sec if too hard) Flexibility: Forward bends, pancakes, leg raise, quad stretch, calf stretch, shoulder/arm stretches Workout 2 (Balancing, Flex) Workout 4 (Push, LB, Abs, Flex) Warm Up: Hip mobility (incl leg swings and squats), shoulder mobility, Bear Crawls, frog hops Crow Pose progression: work up to max hold on flat hands, or fingertips if able Horizontal Jump: work up to maximum Full Teaser progression: plank, side planks, V-Hold, roll ups, 1-3 reps full Teaser 5 sec hold at top Flexibility & LB: bottom squat/pistol squat holds, forward bend, seated forward bend, pancakes, standing leg raise, splits work Workout 2 (Balancing, Flex) Rest Day+ Assassin's Guild mini challenges if they suit Week 3 and 4 plansWorkout 1 (Push, Abs, LB, Flex) Warm Up: Hip mobility (incl leg swings and squats), shoulder mobility, skipping Push up progression: 3 sets 8 reps (or maximum) flat, one-leg, spiderman Full Teaser progression: plank, side planks, V-Hold, roll ups, 1-3 reps full Teaser 10 sec hold at top Squats, Weighted Step Ups, Assisted Pistol Squats Flexibility: bottom squat/pistol squat holds, forward bend, seated forward bend, pancakes, standing leg raise, splits work Workout 2 (Balancing, Flex)Warm Up: Hip and shoulder mobility Foot Balancing: Tree pose, Warrior III, Standing Leg Raise (hold 5-20sec at top) Hand Balancing: 5min freestanding handstand work Flexibility: forward bend, seated forward bend, pancakes, back bends, splits work Workout 3 (Pull, MetCon, Flex) Warm Up: Skipping or light jog, hip mobility, shoulder mobility Sprints: 20 run 10 rest for 8 rounds, 4min total Negative Pull Ups: 3 sets 10 reps (OR max reps if too hard) Pull Ups: max reps for 3 sets (OR dead hang 60 sec if too hard) Flexibility: Forward bends, pancakes, leg raise, quad stretch, calf stretch, shoulder/arm stretches Workout 2 (Balancing, Flex) Workout 4 (Push, LB, Abs, Flex) Warm Up: Hip mobility (incl leg swings and squats), shoulder mobility, Bear Crawls, frog hops Crow Pose progression: work up to max hold on flat hands, or fingertips if able Explosive Jump Squats Horizontal Jump: work up to maximum Full Teaser progression: plank, side planks, V-Hold, roll ups, 1-3 reps full Teaser 10 sec hold at top Flexibility & LB: bottom squat/pistol squat holds, forward bend, seated forward bend, pancakes, standing leg raise, splits work Workout 2 (Balancing, Flex) Rest+ Assassin's Guild mini challenges if they suit
  15. I know I am a late to the challenge, but three weeks out of six is better than none! This challenge will be a short sprint, culminating in a rock climbing trip in the rocky mountains at the end of July. Goal One I recently got a new job working in town. This means a lot of change to my routine. I need to get my eating back on track and prep myself for doing the Whole30 in August. I will track myself packing healthy meals and snacks for work so I dont always end up running out for food. So to sum up. Pack enough rations to survive the journey Goal Two Continue progressing on my body weight skills. I am now able to flip up into a wall assisted handstand and do handstand pushups. But I want to work on free standing handstands. Success will be measured by actually working on it. Also perhaps learning how to bail properly Goal Three Progress on my climbing skills in time for the trip at the end of July. I want to go climbing at least once a week until then to continue building grip strength and my technique
  16. That's right. The game, my friends, is on! We've finally got a case again! The last several weeks have been so quiet... peaceful... Wasn't it just hateful? Fitness Goals Goal 1- "I Said FOCUS!" All fitness goals this challenge are smaller since they are being added on top of my current work out routines. So, on we go! My mind is generally going multiple directions at once. Last challenge I found that practicing handstands has a fantastic effect on the chatter in my brain because I have to completely focus on doing them. I also just discovered that I can do bridges/wheel pose. These have the same effect. SO... Goal 1- Practice handstands and bridges at least 32 days out of the 42 day challenge. If I do more, great. This goal is all about building strength and focus mentally and physically. STR- 3 Goal 2- Legwork... We all know how much Mycroft hates legwork... So this challenge, I have to do it for him. Goal 2- Walk at least 32 days out of the 42 day challenge. It has to be over 1.5 miles to count as a walk. I'll be keeping track of my distances to see how long my total distance is at the end. (No real reason, just for giggles.) The actual reason behind this is to give my body gentle exercise between my rounds of lifting and to give myself a little more mental clarity. STA- 2 Goal 3- Always the Addict You can't have a Sherlock without having some kind of addiction... And that I have. To hooping. It's been a secret passion for years. Thanks to some of the people in this lovely guild, I'm finally going to be letting it out in the open more. It's time to UP THE STAKES. Goal 3- I have to learn and perfect at LEAST 6 new moves. A move a week should be doable. Ecstatic? Manic? I am. (Do I actually dream about hooping? At least one night a week!) Links with the moves that I will be learning will be coming in the next post. There will also possibly be videos of yours truly appearing here and there! DEX- 3 Life Goals Life Goal 1- "The Police Don't Consult Amateurs." We all know that the professionals only go to the best. My skills need polishing! It's time to leave the amateur title behind! Life Goal 1- Write or practice some aspect of it for at least 84 hours throughout the challenge. I am already trying to work 2 hours of daily writing into my life, so this one shouldn't be too hard to stick to. On top of that, I have to write for two of my internships, so I spend time doing that for them already. WIS- 4 Life Goal 2- Urban Camouflage! I am moving from an agricultural science career into an urban environment. I must have camouflage to blend in with the natives... This goal is different and something I've never tried before. However, I KNOW it's going to have hilarious results. The field I was previously working in required me to spend all day in greenhouses or outside and involved at least 8 hours of manual labor per shift. I'm not in that particular field anymore but now I'm facing the fact that the one I'm entering actually requires me to look... *gasp* put together. (Meaning I can't go to work in men's work jeans, steel-toed boots and ancient t-shirts.) My hair can't be shoved up under a hat. I will actually be judged by how I present myself. Soooo... Life goal 2- Learn at least 6 new hair and makeup styles in 6 weeks. At the end of the challenge I should, ideally, have 6 new hairstyles and 6 new makeup styles that I can do with some level of... non-panic. (Non-panic may take longer to develop. However, having some vague idea of what I'm doing would help.) CHA- 3 Those of you that followed my last challenge, I've got a new battle this round. I'll be telling you more about it soon. However, this whole challenge was crafted to help! There will be more info coming your way soon! Here's my spread sheet/sock index for this challenge! The game, my lovelies, is on!
  17. It's my THIRD guild challenge!! Haha who knew I would be sticking around for a third one? This website is awesome, why wouldn't I? I'm actually super excited to do this challenge because I'm essentially working on the same thing that the mini challenge is covering, which is... HANDSTANDS I've been wanting to try it out for awhile and since I've already started on the 28-day handstand challenge, I'll use this challenge to perfect it along with my other bodyweight/ running training. I've also decided to make this a hard hat challenge because I actually like marking off a day on my calendar and the red sharpie I'm using makes it stand out a lot. So here is the breakdown: Main Quest: To learn how to do Parkour (of course) How to achieve goal: Body weight Training Handstand TrainingRunning Still working out on the sets and reps for each exercise, but i'm hoping tonight I'll be able to figure out what I'm comfortable with doing. I'm leaning towards increasing the sets more than reps right now. I'm also gonna continue to work on running since I still have horrible endurance and I want to increase that. Life Quest I just read the new article that was posted today about doing something you suck at and I've decided to do it for my challenge as part of my life quest because a) it's summer and I wanna do something productive that makes me happy. so these are the two things I'm gonna work on this challenge: work on my drawing skillspractice playing the ukulele It's been awhile since I've done either of them so what better way to begin again than in here. Motivation: To have better upper body strength? I think it's more of finding ways to have fun while exercising and I think learning how to do handstands will add a nice flavor. to be honest I just wanna learn so one day I can do a handstand kiss. Super corny I know but hey it'll be a really cool trick to impress someone who I really like currently xD If it doesn't happen, then I can still say that I can do a handstand. Also as always, I'm still trying to trim the fat around my stomach. It's seriously the hardest thing to lose so hopefully if I focus on that, everything else will just fit into place. Grading Scale: A- Complete the Hard Hat challenge in it's entirety with the mini challenges. B- miss one day of challenge C- Miss two days in a row D- Miss three days in a row F- Miss four days/ nothing done at all. Schedule-ish thing: Body weight / handstand training / mini challenge Running / handstand training / mini challenge handstand training / mini challenge repeat Closing notes: I know it looks overwhelming but it's actually not. I'm happy it's summer because I only have to work now and I don't need to worry about anything else. Pretty confident I'll be able to do this and get an A. I can't wait!! Also, signing up for a buddy is really intimidating / stressful. Oh also does running count as agility training? I don't think so, but i'm a giant noob so I could be wrong.
  18. Main Quest - Do my homework! I have about 10 hours of aerial, contortion and acrobatics classes scheduled per week during this challenge so I think it’s fair to say I’m doing ok on the exercise front. But as fun as it is, in all honesty I’m studying too many subjects and I’m probably not necessarily progressing as well as I could. Especially since while I love attending the lectures, I’m a huge slacker when it comes to homework... This challenge I’m going to focus on simple things I can do to improve my work in the classroom. There will be a lot of homework, and I will have to make do without a time turner, but it’s the final spurt before school breaks for summer so I need to buckle down and get to work. For each completed homework I score house points for Gryffindor. For each day or week that I miss Slytherin will get the house points instead. Subject: Contortion (+2 DEX, +2 STR) Homework #1: Daily mobility work - This can include foam rolling, easy long hold stretches, hate stretches that I always avoid, extra work for my right (post-strained) hamstring and just playing with different movements. 0.5 HP/day Homework #2: Back strength - 2 additional back workouts per week. My back is bendy but very floppy. And if I’m not strong enough I’ll never be allowed to work on chest stands for example. 1.5 HP/session Bonus shiny goal: Right front split 5 HP ​ Subject: Aerial hoop and pole (+2 STR) Homework #1: Strength - Pull-ups and inverts is the assigned homework. I already do a lot in class, but one extra practice session will only do me good. 3.5 HP/completed session. Bonus shiny goal: Pull-ups 5 HP ​ Subject: Acrobatics and tumbling (+2 CON, +2 DEX) Homework #1: Daily wrist conditioning - I have a niggly wrist and need to make sure it can keep up. Conditioning can be any combination of juggling, stretches and dumbbell exercises, but it should be done daily. 0.5 HP/day Homework #2: Handstands - I’ve regressed a lot in my handstand work lately. I need to get that back on track. 6 days a week of handstand practice. If my wrist gets worse I can work my headstands or forearm stands instead. 0.5 HP/day Bonus shiny goal: 10s elbow stand 5 HP Side Quest - Prepare for OWLs (Ordinary Workout Levels) (+3 WIS) I much prefer training with a teacher and classmates, but soon the summer holidays begin and I will have to train on my own. Before then I’ll need to absorb as much knowledge as I can cross train and practice skills effectively. I will collect all exercises, warmups, stretches, progressions, thoughts and pointers in a separate battle log so I will be well prepared when time comes. Bonus side quest: Make a training montage Life Quest #1 - Plan summer holiday (+2 CHA) I have 9 weeks holiday this year and no clue what to do with it. I know, I know, woe is me. But really, I do need to figure out what to do, where and when and not leave it to the last minute and find I can get the boss’s approval or something silly like that. Bonus life quest: Harry Potter themed food porn. Boom! Challenge!
  19. MY BIG GOALS: To gain strength and flexibility to be a better rope bottom.To gain strength and dexterity to be able to wrestle guys and legitimately win.To be able to do pull-ups and handstands!For this challenge I will: Continue on with the advanced bodyweight workout from the NF blog, working towards doing all of the movements without assistance. I don't expect to completely achieve that during this challenge, but I will be satisfied as long as I can see that I'm needing less and less help to get things done. (STR)Swim 1.5km on alternate days with the aim of participating in the Toronto Island Lake Swim again this August. (STA)Keep up with yoga for stretching after my workouts to keep gaining flexibility, working towards getting my feet touching the top of my head in Full Camel and King Pigeon. I don't expect to completely achieve that during this challenge, but I will be satisfied as long as I keep at it and see progress. (DEX)Keep working on my core and on balancing in Crow/Crane and handstands. I would like to be able to balance in Crow/Crane for several seconds, and I would like to be able to start holding a handstand without having to rely on a door/wall by the end of this challenge. (STR+DEX)Schedule: Alternate workout days with swimming days, with no more than two days break if needed (for illness, tiredness, or other extenuating circumstances).Yoga at least after workouts, with bonus points for yoga on off days.Balance practice two or three times per week (Crow/Crane, Tree, handstands + hollow body holds).Optional: Squat for 30 minutes every day for the squat challenge. (DEX+STA)Do the hand exercise video twice a day. (DEX)Life quest: Get a new job (so, work on my resume and start getting in touch with my contacts). (WIS)Extra secret bonus quest!! Practice my ukulele once per week. (CHA)And on top of all this I walk about 3km every weekday just as a part of my regular routine. When the summer rolls around, I'll add in a goal about keeping up with that, but until then, it's safe to assume I'm walking five days per week. Here are my progress pics from January to April 12th. WARNING! UNDERWEAR!
  20. I've been over at the women's academy since it opened in October, and I'm getting my guts up to check out these very big, very intimidating boards. YIKES THERE ARE A LOT OF YOU. YIKES YOU ARE ALL TOTALLY NERDY AND WONDERFUL. YIKES. BACKSTORY: * I'm turning 37! tomorrow! yay! * I am an environmental engineer who cleans up hazardous waste for a living by writing lots and lots and lots of reports about it. * I love motorcycling. * I also knit a lot, and would like to have more time for sewing. * I love tae kwon do. I'm studying for my next black belt test. * I have a long commute (about 2 hours a day round trip) * I live with my husband, wacky cat, and two stepsons (half time) * I like being super strong. I also like running. I would like to run faster. MAIN QUEST: I am preparing for my third degree black belt. I want to be the best most powerful most staminaed person that I can be. I need to focus on ENDURANCE, STRENGTH, and SKILL. * ENDURANCE: Run faster - ideally, I want to improve my 5K time to below 30min. * STRENGTH: Improve my upper body strength so I can do a REAL push-up and a REAL pull-up. (this isn't just upper body strength, there's also lots of core strength there that needs improvement). * SKILL: I am at a new school after having taken a long break from the martial arts. I'm lucky in that they let me keep my current ranking. The school is the exact style of tae kwon do that I practiced (chung do kwan) before - which I think is remarkable! but they do MORE than my last school did. This year I've been really struggling to catch up. I had to learn 5 new forms and advanced basics and 6-steps. I'm still working on it. I'm stressed, but my test is scheduled, so I need to do my best. HOW WILL I DO MY BEST? my MISSION: * Endurance - I'm planning to do the hal higdon 10K novice training program. I completed this in November 2013 when I was training for a turkey trot, and it was pretty great. TL:DR this means running 3x a week. * Strength - I'm currently doing the academy bodyweight brigade level 2. I want to keep it up and maybe do it again. It's got pushups and pull-ups and I need to continue to challenge myself to do the very best form I can do. ALSO i want to start to do handstand practice. TL:DR this means bodyweights 3x a week, and handstands during the day at work. * Skill - tkd is tuesday and thursday nights and sat. mornings. go to all the classes. Practice the forms at home. do my best. In order to meet this mission I need to go to bed by 930 every night (she says as she types at 1120pm). I need to drink more water. I need to eat more vegetables and get good clean protein sources. right now I really need to ratchet down, get more rest, and focus on fitness. I hope this challenge will help me do that. so, hi there, peoples. nice to meet you. wish me luck!
  21. Hello All-- This is my first challenge here! I am very excited to get going on this... Briefly, I am a 38 year old HS teacher, and father of three, and former long distance runner looking to get back into shape mentally and physically. I( have been running and doing body weight workouts sporadically for about 6 months, and need to get more consistent with it, as well as level up a few things about my life...) Running, especially on trails, used to be a HUGE part of my life and identity, and when I stopped about 7 years ago, I lost a lot of confidence and sense of myself. I also want to build some strength in my upper body so I though handstands would be a good place to start. SO-- My main quest is to do Return to Running, and make running a part of my life again. My smaller goals are: 1. To run at least 3 days a week in the mornings before work 2. To bike to work at least 2 days a week 3. To work on my handstands 5 min every day. And for my Life Quest-- I want to get my student paper-grading turnaround time down to a maximum of three days. Thanks for reading!
  22. <Incoming Transmission. . . .> To: Hazard Fr: Rebel Intelligence Regional HQ Re: Division Attachement Agent Hazard, review of your performance on your field test has been completed. Congratulations on your commission with Rebel Intelligence Special Operations. As you were informed, all active SpecOps agents are attached as support personnel with Alliance divisions operating in their theater. Your request to be attached to the division colloquially called the Assassins has been approved. All of your personal effects were forwarded to the Assassin division's training center in anticipation of your arrival. While here, you will train to develop the specific skills that will make you most useful to this division. Remember, however, that you are an active agent and you may be called upon from time to time to complete assignments beyond the confines of your training regimen. <End Transmission> EPIC QUEST Turn into At end of previous challenge More details on my Epic Quest, and my regular lifting workouts, are in my battle log. MOTIVATION To be healthy, sexy, and inspire awe. QUESTS for this CHALLENGE 1) Bulk. This will involve tracking: weight calories protein waist size * Maximum bulking threshold is 33.5" (85 cm) waist. If reached, switch from bulk to cut. 2) Strengthen Core. This will involve exercises such as: hollow holds & hollow rocks arch ups & arch rocks dragon flag progressions hanging knee/leg raises 3) Increase Flexibility. This will involve stretches such as: german hang progressions center split progressions front split progressions 4) Develop Balance. This will involve skills such as: parallette crows handstands (pistol squat progressions, via guild mini-challenge) 5) Side Quest: Play on Camera I shared videos of me doing assassiny things last challenge. People liked it. I liked it. It was fun. I'll be doing it more.
  23. It occurred to me that the land of the prophecy is across a big puddle so I'll build a bridge to the other side. This challenge's new target is working on my bridge. I want to be awesome at them. My current stats: Bridge: I can get into one but can't hold it for more than a couple seconds. Running: Usually takes about 25:30 - 26:00 minutes for 5k. My best recent 5k was 5.02km in 25:17 at an average pace of 5:02 min/km. Handstands: Usually last about 1-3 seconds, best is 6 seconds. Handstand Pushups: I can do up to 6 box pike presses or I can do a handstand pushup if I only lower about 5 inches (based on feel, not measured.) This is almost halfway as my arms are pretty long so my head should be around a foot off the ground. Goal 1: Be able to hold a bridge for 1 minute. Bonus: Perform Stand to Stand Bridge. I'll make a point of working on my bridges in some way at least 3 times a week. Goal 2: Get my 5k time to 23:00 or less. I'll be running 3 times per week to meet this goal. Goal 3: Be able to do one handstand pushup. For this I will workout 3 times a week. Goal 4: Have my Pathfinder campaign ready for play by the end of the 6 weeks. I'll spend at least 4 hours every week working on this campaign. Bonus Dailies: Work on holding handstands for 5-20 minutes every day; target is 10 seconds. Do pushups every day adding 1 a day; tomorrow I'll be doing 34. Stretch every day. Still working on the 30/30 squat challenge so I have to do 30 total minutes of squatting every day; my goal here is to be able to hold a squat in a resting position with my feet on flat ground, right now I can't hold it without my heels elevated about 2 inches. Another old habit that needs to be maintained is eating a decent dinner (includes protein and at least 2 fruits and vegetables) at least 3 night a week.
  24. Hi everyone! Thanks for all the support for my last challenge. This challenge is going to be story free because I'm doing some experiments with what works and what doesn't work with my challenges. My goal is to keep up the energy throughout. Hopefully I can continue the story at a later time. The gist of the story, though, is that after all that work against the Blerch, I needed to go into seclusion for a while. I needed to get some things figured out. Since kender are hardly the type to go off to a monastery, I decided to join the circus instead. Here's what this challenge entails. Ultimate Goal: Learn the arts of the Circus 1. Take circus classes: (STR +1 DEX +5) Twice a week I will join the Cirque La Vie as they train me up on the acrobatic skills of those who are in the circus. Lots O' Fun. 2. Handstands: (DEX +2, STR +1) I'm going to get as far as I can with these. I am going from not even being able to kick up to a handstand. My goal is that I'll be able to do a free handstand by the end, but I am giving myself full credit as long as I try my hardest every day. 3. Pull Up: (STR +3, DEX +1) Ah, the elusive pull up. Same as the handstand, I'm starting from nothing, but hope to get one complete pull up by the end. Full points for full effort regardless of outcome. Side Goal: 4. Performance (WIS +1, CHA +1): You heard of "Fake it to Make it" That's what I'm doing. Instead of doing Whole30, I'm experimenting with being the person who doesn't need a program because I'm the kind of person who can deal with moderation. I'm also going to boost my ego a bit by calling myself an entrepreneur and a writer. I'm not a person who is trying to do things, I am a person who can totally do those things. I'll post how that works out for me. I'm excited about this. I'm going to let Veronica express how I feel:
  25. My third challenge - it's almost like this is becoming a habit now This time I'm doing something that wouldn't normally be something I would try - I'm adding goals that are way outside my comfort zone. This time I want to add a meditation habit for every day after work. I need the meditation to help mitigate the large amount of stress I'm under. I'll also be working on handstand progression - it really scares me, and it will help me feel confident that I'm getting better at something, there's a lot in my life that feels stagnant right now. I will still be working on my hooping, but this time it will be because I want to, not because I feel obligated to. I just re-taped my LED hoop and it is SUPER PRETTY now. I'll have to post some photos. That in itself makes me want to play with it more, it's a super yummy yellow/orange/white/red color changing opaque tape. Best $5 I've spent in a long time. Epic Main Quest is: Become a performance LED/Fire hula hooper (long term goal) Goals: Work on Handstand Progression. 3x a week. 5 minutes at a time. Meditate every day after work. 5x a week. 5 minutes a day. Keto on. <50g of carbs 6/7 days a week. Points for tracking all of my calories in MFP every day. Side Quests: Record daily miles walked into "Walking to Mordor" spreadsheet. Life Quest: Work on decluttering my tiny house. Throw away or donate at least one thing a day. By the end of the challenge, have costume clothing out of my main closet and in my costume chests. Motivation: "It's never too late to become what you might have been." Grading: I will give myself a total each week, based on how well I do. I will then assign my total grade at the end based on how many points I earned. Week 1: 15/15 Week 2: 14/15 Week 3: 16/15 Week 4: 14/15 Week 5: 16/15 Week 6: 14/15 TOTAL: 89/90 or an A
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