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Found 5 results

  1. I cant believe I've not done a doctor who challenge yet! Going back to a point system. Worked well in previous ones. I'l figure out what my goal for a week is during the first few days of 0 week. Quest 0 Drink (uninfected) water! Water: Ideally I will be around 85 oz a day, but minimum 64 The easiest quest I ever do, and yet when it's not one I just don't get the water intake needed. it's why its quest 0 instead of actually being one of my 3. More here for accountability, not for Quest 1: Food stuff. This is st
  2. It took me a couple tries to figure out how I was going to share this image with you but this is my NF Challenge for myself. It's imperfect because that's just how life is sometimes. I'm The Most Loathed and I've done a few challenges and been keeping a battle log lately. I've decided to jump into a challenge because it's been a while since I've done one and because I've dealt with a lot of change in recent weeks and am working on trying to settle into habits one again. First, the big ass photo above. These are my quests for the challenge. They come in the categor
  3. I feel like I've been drifting for quite awhile now. Keeping it simple to 2 things, so I can focus on them. Everything else I know I should be doing not going to take up challenge space for it right now. so taking inspiration from some of my new favorite shows over the next few challenges. This challenge- Lian Yu. Train 30 mins daily- this can take many forms. Stretching, core work, strength work, cardio, , practicing forms. Have quite time/meditation at least 5 mins at least 3 days a week
  4. Main Quest. My main quest is to develop my confidence and physical health/fitness to the point where my low self esteem no longer holds me back from living life the way I'd like to. This challenge I'll be keeping things pretty simple by taking better care of my body, teaching it to move better, and doing a crap load of pushups. Quest 1 - Movement Training. +3 DEX Mobility/stretching every day Practice parkour rolls 3 times a week Quest 2 - Increase Pushups. +2 STR, +1 STA Continuing my quest to reach 100 pushups in 5 sets, this challenge the goal is 75. That means an improvement of 6 reps
  5. Let it be known that 2016 is the year of asskickery. Yes, that's a word. Shut up. Main Quest. My main quest is to develop my confidence and physical health/fitness to the point where my low self esteem no longer holds me back from living life the way I'd like to. Main Objective for this 4WC. Make a start on working towards my fitness goals for this year - check the spoiler section in my sig for details. Quest 1 - Bringin' flexy back. +4 DEX Inspired by reading this article on NF, and the fact that my flexibility is pretty disproportionate to the rest of my overall health. I will do at
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