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Found 5 results

  1. New Challenge, more update will come as normal ill start with a monday, since well it makes more sense for me 1: Hang for your life Hang, brachiate, play or anything else, relating to hang above the ground 2: Hand downs Daily movement on my hands, locomotion, handstand, headstand, inversions or anything else related 3: Clear your mind: Meditation: Do a daily meditation, can be 5 minutes or an hour depending on the time and what else the day is (this is including savanna at yoga practice) 1: Balance your life:
  2. I am SO DETERMINED to get both a pull up someday AND to get a solid straight legged straddle inversion in aerial so all my goals on this round are aimed specifically towards that. (I will still be squatting and push up ing and other strength training of course!) I also have a Spartan in December so running and working on jumping higher are also going to be important (that damn 9 foot wall plus my ridiculous shortness!) GOALAS (I accidentally typed it that way and I like it! Hahaha. Also I think I just accidentally found a challenge theme haha) GOALA 1
  3. more text will soon come I have been sick since the 31st of last year so I will start my challenge next week instead. my life goal will be to get the habit back, so I will make 4 small fitness goals instead goal 1: Hang for at least 7 minutes a day goal 2: play in squat for at least 30 minutes pr day goal 3: daily head2toe stretch goal4: daily inversions. get the habit back of at least once a day being inverted
  4. Hi! I'm Kakomani, at 187cm and 75kg. I used to practice full contact karate from 2004-2011, and have been climbing and bouldering on and off ever since. As I'm developing and getting to know my body, I realize that I really just love movement in general! I still climb when friends invite me, it's just not a focus anymore. What else? Oh yeah, I use gymnastics rings for strength training. So this is technically not my first challenge - I started one back in early 2013, but forgot all about NF due to a family crisis. I've kept training though! My main quest is to keep becoming a better mover, a
  5. INTRODUCTION: Oh look, it's my first challenge as an assassin . YAY me!! In my last challenge, I focused on building some healthy habits around eating well, building strength and improving flexibility. I want to build on the flexibility work so I will be continuing that and starting balancing training by way of crow pose. MAIN QUEST: Decrease body fat to 20-24% and learn to use my body effectively by improving strength, flexibility and whatever else I find lacking. Really its all about building solid habits while having fun . QUEST 1: DO OR DO NOT. THERE IS NO TRY. (DEX & WIS & S
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