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Found 5 results

  1. New Challenge, more update will come as normal ill start with a monday, since well it makes more sense for me 1: Hang for your life Hang, brachiate, play or anything else, relating to hang above the ground 2: Hand downs Daily movement on my hands, locomotion, handstand, headstand, inversions or anything else related 3: Clear your mind: Meditation: Do a daily meditation, can be 5 minutes or an hour depending on the time and what else the day is (this is including savanna at yoga practice) 1: Balance your life: Train juggling, contact and cascade juggling 20 minutes pr day.
  2. I am SO DETERMINED to get both a pull up someday AND to get a solid straight legged straddle inversion in aerial so all my goals on this round are aimed specifically towards that. (I will still be squatting and push up ing and other strength training of course!) I also have a Spartan in December so running and working on jumping higher are also going to be important (that damn 9 foot wall plus my ridiculous shortness!) GOALAS (I accidentally typed it that way and I like it! Hahaha. Also I think I just accidentally found a challenge theme haha) GOALA 1 - Just Hangin: Dead hang and bent arm hang from pull up bar at least 30 seconds per day COMBINED (changed this to 30 seconds combined when I remembered bent arm hangs are kind of hard sometimes!) Does not have to be in a row/ can be in sets, and on rest days I will likely do it as sets to avoid too much fatigue! I started doing this more often last challenge and HEY I was able to bent arm hang in a spin for at least 20 seconds in class the other day and really surprised myself. I want to keep up with the gains in this area and increase my aerial endurance! GOALA 2 - Pull up and core work: Do pull up and core focused strength training 2 times per week (this is in addition to aerial class 1x per week) GOALA 3 - Running!: Run 2x per week. This is pretty self-explanatory Life Goala 1 - Eyeshadow: Wear eyeshadow 2 times per week. This means getting up at 6 and not 6:30 and thus why I NEVER WEAR my hoards of eyeshadow. But I really really want to! So this means I have to get up early. Plan is to have tentative idea of what I plan to wear the next day so I can plot out color scheme for that the night before and not when I am half asleep at 6am. Also, a sub goal of this is DO NOT DARE BUY MORE because I don't even wear what I do have. I have a definite issue with collecting all the pretty colors. Woops. Life Goala 2 - Adulting!: Clean at least 30 min per week and GET YOUR DAMN AC SET UP DAMMIT by the end of this challenge (so close! Floor is so clearer than ever before! Final push final push!)
  3. more text will soon come I have been sick since the 31st of last year so I will start my challenge next week instead. my life goal will be to get the habit back, so I will make 4 small fitness goals instead goal 1: Hang for at least 7 minutes a day goal 2: play in squat for at least 30 minutes pr day goal 3: daily head2toe stretch goal4: daily inversions. get the habit back of at least once a day being inverted
  4. Hi! I'm Kakomani, at 187cm and 75kg. I used to practice full contact karate from 2004-2011, and have been climbing and bouldering on and off ever since. As I'm developing and getting to know my body, I realize that I really just love movement in general! I still climb when friends invite me, it's just not a focus anymore. What else? Oh yeah, I use gymnastics rings for strength training. So this is technically not my first challenge - I started one back in early 2013, but forgot all about NF due to a family crisis. I've kept training though! My main quest is to keep becoming a better mover, as simple and complex as that! It is a lifelong quest, and hard to keep track of in the short term, but fuck it, that's what it is. Challenge goals! 1. Get straight leg head to toe - This is no trivial feat. I am now on day 2 of a brutal program of ballistic stretching to get it done. I will do this every day, allowing for 1 rest day per week. I don't know when the head to toe will happen, but I'm guessing near the end of the challenge. If it comes sooner, I'll keep to the protocol to see how much further I can go. If not, I'll keep working it after the challenge. Goal: consistency (6 days a week) Measurement: A = 36 days and got head to toe, B = 36 days, C = 30-35 days, anything less = fail Grading: Well, seeing as the first challenge gives 1 point per goal after the starting stats, if I don't fail, it goes to DEX 2. Get the scap and grip up and running again - I had tendinitis in my elbow, so I've slowly built up some pulling strength since October. Continuing that work, I am hanging every day for 7 minutes total, again allowing for 1 day off, not because of rest, but because life can get in the way sometimes. Also, I'm on a SSC with my front lever training, so that'll remain static at 4x16s adv tuck throughout the challenge. Goal: consistency (6 days a week) Measurement: A = 36-42 days, B = 30-35 days, anything less = fail Grading: if no fail, +1 CON 3. Open up my handstand - The only way I can hold a freestanding handstand for more than 5 seconds is if I planche it significantly, and then it's usually around 15 seconds. Working with my lovely wall, I'll get more time in the open shoulder handstand. Goal: 10s open shoulder HS. Measurement: A = 10+ s freestanding straight HS, B = 6-9 s freestanding straight HS, less = fail Grading: if no fail, +1 DEX Life goal: get into the groove of life I'm moving to a new city for uni, after having done a year of national service and then travelling for 6 months. Needless to say, It's been a while since normality! If I have a habit of doing the basic stuff, i.e. keeping a clean apartment and performing well, it'll be easier to do everything else as well. Goal: build the habit Measurement: A = clean kitchen, clean bathroom, tidy living room and good performance at all times, B = a few (1-5) hiccups in the previously mentioned points, C = several (6-10) breaches of habit, more = fail Grading: if no fail, +1 WIS Notice the lack of strength goals. This is because the first 2 weeks of uni will have a lot of socializing (drinking) which will probably slow down progress on that arena. Priorities, eh? Being realistic, I made this challenge about consistency and habits On Monday, I'll post a pic of the current state of things for goals 1 and 3, for later comparison. Did I forget something? Edit: I did indeed! Attributes and grades! Also added some info in the introduction. -Erik
  5. INTRODUCTION: Oh look, it's my first challenge as an assassin . YAY me!! In my last challenge, I focused on building some healthy habits around eating well, building strength and improving flexibility. I want to build on the flexibility work so I will be continuing that and starting balancing training by way of crow pose. MAIN QUEST: Decrease body fat to 20-24% and learn to use my body effectively by improving strength, flexibility and whatever else I find lacking. Really its all about building solid habits while having fun . QUEST 1: DO OR DO NOT. THERE IS NO TRY. (DEX & WIS & STA) I want to improve my balance and eventually work up to handstands. I need to start with somewhere. Practice crow pose 5 minutes a day 6 days a week. A - 6 days complete, B - 5 days, C - 4 daysQUEST 2: TRAIN YOURSELF TO LET GO (DEX & STA) Flexibility and mobility require letting go. Complete 5 minutes each of static hangs and lower body stretching 6 days a week. A - 6 days complete, B - 5 days, C - 4 daysQUEST 3: FEEL THE FORCE (STR & STA) I want to be strong and able to easily move my body. Continue strength training with YAYOG 4-5 days a week depending on where I'm at in the program. Weekly pass/failLIFE QUEST: ALWAYS IN MOTION THE FUTURE IS (CHA & WIS) My current job is as a contractor and the contract ends in March. There is potential for the job to turn into a permanent position but I won't know until early next year. I need to be prepared to make the right choice of either staying with the job or finding something new. I need to review my finances so I know what type of offer I can accept. Work weekly to improve my understanding of what I enjoy doing with an eyes towards making money. Money - pass/failPassion - A - 6 weeks, B - 5 weeks, C - 4 weeksREWARDS: TBD BEFORE PICS: BEFORE MEASUREMENTS: Weight - 174.8Waist - 30.75Belly - 33.0Hips - 40.0
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