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Found 3 results

  1. I'm Back!!!!!! Oooookay, sooooo.....things happened........some bad, some good, some totally INSANE and I had absolutely no focus past week 1 of the last challenge. So I decided to just put my attention on what was going on and lurk NF. Because I never want to completely leave here, you guys are too important. And it was so awesome that you guys kept an eye out for me. Now hopefully......things are settling down, weather is getting nicer, and I can start making sense of the resulting chaos. Time for a new challenge! Harley's 1st Mission Mace work continues. I smashed my 416 rep goal and ended my streak at 428 before the flu incident. Last week I picked my mace back up regularly doing the original 140 rep start. This was to get things warmed up again since I had been away from it a couple of weeks. Starting this week I am back to my 428 count. My goal originally was to upgrade my mace to 10 lb, but I haven't been able to do that just yet. So, my goal here will be to put together a new routine starting with week two and start with half the current rep count and work up to the 428 until I hopefully can do the mace upgrade.My current plan is to purchase a 10lb mace in the next couple of weeks and restart my rep count from 140 with a revamped routine. Harley's 2nd Mission Again this mission includes two elements, c25k and GMB's Focused Flexibility Program. Though I have continued with the GMB sporadically both have suffered between the winter weather and my recent bout of the flu. So, my goal is to get both of these going regularly again. Weeek 1 I will pick the FF back up for three days out of the week alternately with the mace work. Then Week 2 I want to add in one C25k run in addition to the GMB , week 3 two runs, and week 4 three runs. Harley's 3rd Mission Food Tracking. In order to stop the mayhem being instigated in my eating my goal this round is to keep a daily journal tracking everything. This can either be through MFP (which I am terrible about) or most lIkely in my trusty spiral bound notebook. If I'm feeling particularly organized I will track it in the notebook AND then add it to MFP. Harley's Life Mission Adulting This will probably be an ongoing Life Goal for a few challenges as there is always a ton to do, and with a lot of recent life changes new routines need to be formed. My goal is a hefty one because I am intent on going through every square inch of my house and eliminating the clutter while getting those routines in order. I just do not function well in clutter and it seems there is a never ending supply to get caught up on. The price of living with seven other people. Bonus Goal To continue with reading/ listening through the Dresden Files. I'm currently midway through book 3 which I want to finish (and preferably be midway into book 4) by the end of this challenge. Grading again is going to be real simple here, each day is a pass or fail on each goal. I either got it or I didn't. At the end of the week if there are more passes than fails, I'm good and Harley has succeeded. If on the other hand, I have more fails than passes then some reevaluation needs to occur. And there you have it!Onwards and Upwards guys!
  2. And sometimes life gets all life-y............ So, new challenge. Wasn't sure where I wanted to be this round. I thought of returning to my battle log since I felt like there wasn't much new to bring into this challenge, then I decided that some currently stressful mojo might try to use that to lure me into some complacency. And that's the last thing I want so new challenge it is. Then I debated whether my goals still match up with the new description for the Adventurers and considered moving to the Rangers......but, right now I don't think I'm ready for any major chnages. This challenge will be to get me back on my feet (after falling on short on the last challenge) and get the ball rolling again. Then maybe next challenge reconsider what I'll be doing and where I'll be doing it. Okay, as for goals I'll be pretty much picking up from last challenge and going with it....... Harley Mission 1: Mace Work I smashed my 416 rep goal and actually ended last challenge with a rep count of 428! (YAY!!) My current plan is to purchase a 10lb mace in the next couple of weeks and restart my rep count from 140 with a revamped routine. Until then I will follow my current routine and possibly continue raising the rep count. Harley Mission 2: Again this mission includes two elements, c25k and GMB Focused Flexibility. Though I failed to post it at the end of my last challenge I did indeed do 3 days of the FF program last week.......holy crimeny, I had DOMS in places I didn't even think it was possible, lol. I do however realize I have a long way to go with this. I've got a lot of tightness in my spine and left side and inner thigh muscles. So, as much as this is enjoyable in some ways. It's equally painful and slow in others. But, hopefully as I progress this will aid tremendously in a lot of things and maybe even my return to lifting in a future challenge. Plus, I might eventually learn to like yoga. Also need to pick back up on the C25k, the weather is getting warmer here and I have not made it very far into this program and I'd like to. Harley's Mission 3: Eat and drink with purpose..... And this is something I failed on the last two weeks of the last challenge. Withbeing sick and the additional stress I just didn't get back into really keeping a tight reign on it. I was eating with purpose, just the wrong one. Time to clean that up. I plan to continue my water goal (currently 3-4 of my 20 oz water bottles a day), and cutting the sugar and snacks 6/7 days a week. Now............ Mission 4: Life Goal Adulting ​ As much as Harley can be reckless and have her fun there is work to do. A part of the stress lately is feeling like I'm falling behind trying to keep up with everything that needs doing in a 24 hour period. And when I get stressed and overwhelmed it can cause an almost paralysis in getting anything done. So, my goal here is to spend a minimum of 30 min. on a project that needs doing and get it done. I currently need to get rid of some clutter, revamp my pantry, and sell some junk for starters. And I need to fit this in with the current adulting demands that take priority. So, this goal will also include sitting down each evening and spending 15 min. at least focusing my Harley brain on what I need to get accomplished the next day. Preferably in the form of a written list to keep me on track. I am also throwing in a Bonus Goal to continue with reading/ listening through the Dresden Files. Book 2 was indeed finished for last challenge! (Woot!) This challenge will include getting through at least book 3. Now....grading is going to be real simple here, each day is a pass or fail on each goal. I either got it or I didn't. At the end of the week if there are more passes than fails, I'm good and Harley has succeeded. If on the other hand, I have more fails than passes then some reevaluation needs to occur. And there we have it. Onwards and upwards guys.
  3. Hello friends and Adventurer brethren! I am back for my second challenge since going MIA for a bit. I did my last one in the Ranger guild, but I have decided that my goals this round are more suited to the Adventurers. And I have decided, for the first time to really vibe my inner nerd and go for a theme. That theme is Harley Quinn because I think she is a bad ass, and can take down her opponents with a smile on her face. She is also my main fighter on Injustice. Goals: 1) Hammer Training / Lifting workouts: I am taking up my mace (aka Harley's Mallet) for this challenge and learning something new SHOVELGLOVE! This will be first and in addition to my lifting. Mace/ Lifting three times a week (Mon, Wed, Fri), gotta be in my best fighting form. Grades: A- 3 mace/lifting workouts per week B- 2 mace/lifting workouts per week F- Otherwise 2) c25k: In order to outrun the cops. Continuing with my C25k running app. Three times a week (Tue, Thur, Sat) Grades A- 3 runs in per week B- 2 runs in per week F- Otherwise 3) Sleep Schedule ('Aint no Rest for the Wicked' song) - Need to rest up enough to plot how to beat the batman. With all this working out even Harley needs a break. Start planning ahead on a daily basis for a SET bedtime. (Ahem......which means no 3 am posting......cough.......) Grades A- 5 nights planned bedtime B- 3 nights planned bedtime F- Otherwise Life Goal: Mistah J likes to play tricks on me so I need to watch what I'm going to eat around him. My life goal this round is to get control of my sugar intake. There is an influx of it that comes into this house on a daily basis and it is so freaking easy to eat it without thinking. I'm an out of sight out of mind kinda person, and good with one treat a week. So, treat day on Sunday unless otherwise specified in advance that there will be a trade day. This means cutting any and all excess sugar or sweets.......and this means you devious French Vanilla coffee creamer! Grades A- 6 Sugar Free Days B- 4 Sugar Free days F- Otherwise and there ya have it. Have a ROCKING challenge everyone!
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