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  1. I heaved a sigh and glared at the thick, foul mixture eating through the bottom of my cauldron, aware that the other students were noisily packing up but mostly ignoring them. I was so sure I had followed the directions for Snot Sealing Potion exactly, but whatever mess had burbled up in my cauldron looked more like snot than the clear, refreshing lilac in the book. "Perhaps if you had paid attention to your homework, Elvenword," Professor Snape said languidly behind my head, making me jump and start cramming my books into my bag. "Yes sir, Professor," I stammered, and
  2. I'm Ann of Vries, aged 39; a diarist, a fiction writer, a fiber artist, a LARPer (also TTRPG, board games), a traveler, a hiker, and mother of a young toddler. I’m madly in love with my partner, Mr of Vries and my son, Rowan of Vries. I live in London, after having emigrated from Seattle three years ago. I love it here, although I’m still trying to find my tribe (outside of the House of Vries, of course). I long to live in the English countryside, in a stone house with a large garden that grows most of our herbs, vegetables, and fruit. But that time is out in the future—for
  3. The Prologue So, I had originally envisioned a LotR-themed challenge in which I engaged in beauty and running around the woods (or at least local parks) and singing to the trees. But it rang hollow, and I realised something important: I'm no elf princess. * I’ve also been pondering a Harry Potter-themed challenge, but nothing ever came together. Until it did. Forget beauty and serenity. WEIRD and WONDERFUL is who I am. Somewhere along the way, I forgot that. I need to re-embrace my inner Luna. Okay, Let's Back Up
  4. The Harry Potter Themed House Cup PvP is open to all guilds and will be running from 19 March to 15 April 2018. <PvP Entry closed for this challenge, check back to see who wins the cup and join us next challenge> The goal is to get some inter-guild banter underway, have some fun and improve your health at the same time! Each of the 4 houses from Harry Potter will be made up of a max 5 players of mixed ability and hopefully balanced if the sorting hat does it's job! The sorting hat: To join the PvP enter your name in the sheet
  5. I'm continuing my studies at Hogwarts, with many of the same themes. Hopefully, this time I don't pull a 3rd year Hermione and bite off more than I can chew. New Classes: Herbology: Goal is one new cooking recipe each week. Also, evening snack must include a veggie. I'm hoping to reduce and make my snacking healthier, and add a little bit more excitement to my diet. Arithmancy: Goal: Complete the entire 3rd problem set 8 problems selected from the 3rd problem set on cryptopals.com or from projecteuler.net (difficulty rating must be 40% or hig
  6. My hype meter has been at an all time low, and it's time to fix that. I also have been trapped in that cycle where I'm sitting at a computer too much, mindlessly eating and drinking like an asshole while there, and moving a whole lot less (in part from minor but recurring injuries). As a result, I've put on 10 lbs (and not the good kind ) over the last year. I've also been in a huge Harry Potter groove, since the family just returned from a trip to Harry Potter land in Orlando (which was awesome!!!), and we're currently introducing the kids to D&D with a Hogwarts setting.
  7. Lilmissbri joins Dumbledore's Army Make a Polyjuice Potion As we all know, this potion of transformation takes about a month to make, lots of ingredients, and patience. Goal: 6 hour work day (Tu-Fri) towards my career as a VO artist. (6 points) Prepare for the Triwizard Tournament All the events aren't just foolish wand waving, you have to have smarts, flexibility, and physicality. Goal: Workout MWF and stretch M-F (5 points each) Eat Mandrake Stew Eating the stew makes you non-petrified and ready for the coming events! Goa
  8. I thought this might be of interest to some running Rebels and some Rebels who are thinking about starting running: Hogwarts Running Club I'm not a big runner (getting honked at is not fun) but I do enjoy a good event, a cool medal and raising money for good causes! The sign up fees go to charity and they run it through an honour system. You pay to sign up for an event and can complete the distance whenever you like before the expiry date, even splitting it across multiple stints or covering it in someone else's event. You even get a personalised Hogwarts bib which is kinda neat. Plus
  9. For the next few challenges, I am going to attend Hogwarts!!! Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Life Challenge Here's the basic plan: I've 'mapped' the Hogwarts school subjects to categories of life goals. For each challenge, I will choose at least three of these to work on; one has to be related to fitness, one to food/diet, and one to other life goals. As I progress in these challenges, I will then have a chance to earn OWLs and NEWTs in each subject, by completing a major milestone. (To see how I've mapped the subjects
  10. welcome Scouts ! I'm all out of fancy gifs for we're going simple. The Houses of Hogarts are Gryffindor - values the virtues of courage, bravery and determination Hufflepuff - values hard work, patience, justice, and loyalty Ravenclaw - values intelligence, creativity, learning, and wit Slytherin - values ambition, cunning, leadership, and resourcefulness I'll post what each house's mini on Monday/Tuesday of that week, and you pick which house you want to participate in ... its 4 weeks of challenge so you can go through all 4 house
  11. Hi everyone! I've been here before, but now I'm here as kind of a last ditch effort. I'm here because I've had a hard time with some disordered eating habits that have hit me again more recently. I'm weak, unfit, and my mind is suffering. My goal in coming here is to feed my body and inner nerd. I'm really really hoping to meet some people here. I have a really strong support system when it comes to my disordered eating and I am hoping to break all ties and fill the void with something healthier. I'm excited to be in a place that loves the nerdy. I'm less of an RPG nerd and more o
  12. A month ago, I was planning on hitting the parkour training really hard. Instead, while working on rail walking pivots, I took a hard fall and dislocated my elbow. Thankfully, rehab is going really well, and I should be cleared for everything quite soon. Since this challenge will be a whirlwind of working on schooling related stuff with the kids, rehabbing my elbow, taking a 1.5 week vacation, and otherwise trying to stay in shape, I'm incorporating all of that into this challenge. Goal 1: Charms, Transfiguration, Potions, and other schoolwork - I've now
  13. Asa clambered up the stairs in response to the severe looking witch's call of "Pond, Asa!". Sitting heavily on the rickety stool facing the Great Hall, she had an idea of what was to come next thanks to the stories her siblings had told her when she was young. It didn't help her nerves much though. Being in the P's, Asa had the opportunity to watch several other students get sorted into their houses before her and she was desperately hoping she wasn't one of the ones that took too long. "Hmmm..." She jumped as the old, ratty hat murmured in her ear. "Ratty old hat am I?" It chortl
  14. I've been on a little bit of a Harry Potter kick lately. And by a little, I mean a LOT. Seriously. I have more pride for my house than I do for my actual real-life school. As some of you may know, I am a (very very very) proud Hufflepuff! I've done a Hufflepuff-themed challenge in the past, but I wanted to revisit it. I feel like maybe I didn't do it enough justice last time. Hufflepuffs generally have a special knack for Herbology. I, unfortunately, do not. So this challenge, I'm going to spend some extra time in the Herbology greenhouses. AKA: I'm gonna t
  15. This is my first 4 week Challenge and I'm excited to see how it goes. I have recently started referring to nearly everything I do in terms of Harry Potter. One because I'm listening to the books on my drive to work (1+ hour each way) and two I find that saying Scourgify! to clean the sink doesn't work, but it makes it more fun to get it empty and clean (I have no dishwasher)! That being said I have been tracking a lot of little tasks in my life that I would like to improve. I would like to focus on 4 for the purpose of this challenge. 1. Triwizard Training - running 10
  16. Character Name: Half-Blood Princess Race (if not human): Muggle-born Werewolf Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw Wand description: Mahogany with Mermaid-Scale core Patronus: Grey She-Wolf Mini-Challenge Lessons: Herbology: Make at least one slow-cooker meal. Bonus points if I make three. (#3) History of Magic: Study Spanish and make a list of words/phrases that may be useful in Mexico. Transfiguration: Focus on increasing flexibility and work towards touching my toes (#2) Defense Against The Dark Arts: Complete at least 2 Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter novels (to further research wereanimals of
  17. Hi ya'll, So, I'm new to NF! I am not sure which Guild I'll want to join yet (Assassins, maybe?), but I'm super excited. I've been stalking the forum for a couple of weeks, but I finally signed up today. About Me I am currently a BMI of 45, weight of 360. This is completely unacceptable. I'm very tall for a woman, and I've been told I "carry my weight well", but that's just not okay anymore. Goals: By 12/1, I want to be a BMI of 40, weight of 320. Of course, the world doesn't always work that way. So instead of focusing on that, I will have 3 behavior goals to help me achieve that! 1:
  18. So I was happily going about my business. Getting evil plans laid out and planning the founding of my little business empire when my Mum appears from nowhere with a pop and exclaims... "James! You've got a letter! You're going to a boarding school for magic! You'd better get ready!" "What?! But I'm a 28 year old man!" "No you're not!" ***POOF*** "WHAT THE $%^&?!" "Language young man! Now get ready, the train leaves in an hour!" So yeah.... by the next day my 11 year old butt had been sorted into Slytherin. The next few months went by quickly and I'd started to pick up all thi
  19. I wish I'd gotten a letter like this the year I turned eleven. I did get something special that year - my glasses - but I can only fantasize about studying at Hogwarts. I can, however, also use the wizarding world as a great source of inspiration! Whether you've followed my previous challenges or not, jump aboard the Hogwarts express and know you're very welcome! This time I won't follow the "standard" challenge format. I believe it can work very well for many out there, but during the last challenges I've noticed that the feeling of failing comes across much stronger than any wins I migh
  20. What better analogy for going to grad school after being out of college for several years than a school that is simultaneously wonderful, confounding, and possibly deadly? I’ve recently accepted a new main quest: Make it through my master’s degree without taking on debt. I started off thinking about all of the things I don’t want to do to get to that end point: I don’t want to lose all my progress in health and fitness. I don’t want to become a shut in. I don’t want to feel deprived and angry. But I decided that a better way to look at it is what I do want out of this time.
  21. Looks like we have some second years and hopefully a few freshly sorted people here as well. As the portrait of the Fat Lady swings forward (this challenges password is "pudding") we welcome you all to House Gryffindor. In honor of tradition I'll do a little summary of our members once people have introduced themselves.
  22. So I've been around NF for a while but never joined the forums and never got on board with the challenges. I lift very regularly but I need to railroad tie this stuff into submission and get my snacking under control. I'm not sure what I'm really supposed to put on here.... I'm 28, 205lbs, 5'8". Bodyfat around 28 (ish ??? I don't really know). 1RM lifts: Squat 415 Deads: 455 Bench: 255 Snatch: 165 Clean: 235 OHP: 225 Goals: 1. Hit the garage 4x per week. I love to lift but at the end of a long day I'm more than often very willing to not go into my garage. I work out at home so it can
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