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Found 3 results

  1. It’s time to have a some fun! In case you are on your phone and cant see my signature kinks Er..links, here is my epic quest. I was thinking about my Big Why and I realize it has changed a lot. I’ve changed a lot. I want to travel more, I want new experiences, and I want to be healthy and fit so I can really enjoy it without feeling weighed down by the Cupcakes of Days Past. In the past, I’ve struggled with making everything into Hard Work. Eating healthy is Hard, working out is Hard, and its not that it needs to be easy, but it grows in my head until it becomes this impossible monster, a titan of terror. So I want to remember the reality of the situation: each day is an opportunity to live, not just exist. My goals this challenge: Follow my workout schedule. cook more meals. I’m aiming for seven dinners this challenge. Write my morning gratitudes Go to my favorite park and hit the trails once a week. Okay! Lets have fun!
  2. So excited to be starting the second challenge of 2018! I crushed 2/4 of my goals for the last challenge, and am raring to up my game this time. From the last challenge I learned that one main goal works best, and then a couple little goals to round it out. Main goal: Eat more food!! Aiming for 1700-2000 calories/day. Goal is to weigh a steady 95 lbs at the end of this challenge. Gulp! Starting weight: 93.5lbs. I need to pre-plan my food and make sure I eat throughout the day. 6/7 small meals or snacks. I think a good idea would be to plan out my meals/snacks and prep them in the morning after I do the kids lunches, since I'm in the kitchen anyway :-) As a SAHM, I'm in and out all day- so, I'm going to put alarms on my phone to remind me to eat. 2ND Goal: Continue BBWW, but up it to 2 circuits. Also add in one more posture exercise. 3RD Goal: Oil pull with coconut oil every morning for dental health. 4th Goal: Sew an Edwardian walking skirt. This year I have no excuses to not sew fun things to wear. The only person stopping me, is me. So- every challenge from now on will have a sewing aspect. I was soooo pleased with my 1795 dress from the last challenge, I had the epiphany that I can actually do this and not suck! Lol! Reward: If I complete this challenge satisfactorily, I will reward myself with a brand new Harry Potter workout tank. I really want one that says ' My Hogwarts obsession is Ridikulus!' Good luck everyone!!
  3. Main Quest: Body weight squatSanity Mini main quest: Be a quadzilla Background: Have made nice progress on both goals. Suffered major squat set back when I fractured my foot. Recently got my boot off so I'm rebuilding the ol' squat. Maintained a good level of over all strength where possible, but lost a lot of mobility and strength in some key places. Fixing that is priority numero uno. Goals: 1. Mobility - Always. Ankle, calf, and hip. Unjunk what the boot junked. 2. Accessorize - Front squats (squat!), hip dominant movements, single leg work. Anything that helps me get my body moving right again. Hips and various glute areas are not so much on board with proper squat movement yet. 3. Squat - Just squat. A lot. Still using the basic set up I had before, but adding front squats back in. 100+ is the goal. 4. Punch the clock - Just do it. Get in the gym. Put in the work. Remain consistent. Trust the process. /cliches **** My birthday is the first official day of the challenge and I will be out of town doing super fun things in celebration. Feel free to spam the hell out of my thread with silliness and happiness in the mean time. It IS my birthday, after all.
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