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  1. #RETURNZ #HALFORCASSASSIN #KLAYMATES #challenge #epicwins #omglolwutdis #hashtag #llw #zombieapocalypse #survivelikebeyonce #bestmeever #stromf #bodyweightbrigade #thighsofsteel Complete 15 bwb workouts PLUS daily handstand work and fasted cardio (+5 STR)-----Week One: Bodyweight Brigade (Lvl 1 Weeks 3-4 A B A)-----Week Two: Bodyweight Brigade (Lvl 1 Weeks 3-4 B A -----Week Three: Bodyweight Brigade (Lvl 1 Weeks 5-6 A B A)-----Week Four: Bodyweight Brigade (Lvl 1 Weeks 5-6 B A -----Week Five: Bodyweight Brigade (Lvl 2 Weeks 1-2 A B A)-----Week Six: Bodyweight Brigade (Lvl 2 Weeks 1-2 B A #badasspoints: Complete 18 workouts (150 points!) #supplelikeacow #backrehab #foamrollerdungeon Begin Diesel back rehab protocol (+3 DEX +1 CON)-----Week One: Pt A, 4 sets of :30-----Week Two: Pt A, 4 sets of :45-----Week Three: Pt A 4 sets of :60, Pt B 4 sets of 10-----Week Four: Pt A 4 sets of :75, Pt B 4 sets of 15-----Week Five: Pt A 4 sets of :90, Pt B 4 sets of 20, Pt C 4 sets of 10 -----Week Six: Pt A 4 sets of :120, Pt B 4 sets of 25, Pt C 4 sets of 15#badasspoints: Complete Diesel back rehab protocol (50 points!) #nomorecravings #dinnerandone #dontdodat Clean up diet and be fucking awesome* (+1 WIS +2 CHA)-----Week One: No eating after dinner-----Week Two: No gluten-----Week Three: No refined sugars-----Week Four: No dairy-----Week Five: No legumes (scratch-made lentils and frozen green peas allowed as protein options 1x/week)-----Week Six: Whole7 to close out the challenge on a high note#badasspoints: Close 42/42 days without eating after dinner (100 points!) #journalthatshit #writedemfeels #lifequestin Write daily (+1 CON +1 WIS +1 CHA)-----Journal to track mental wellness-----Must write 10 minutes for day to count#badasspoints: Journal every day (100 points!) #waittheresmore #sidequest #consistencyrules Take meds at regularly scheduled time 42/42 days -----Seroquel XR between 1700 and 1800 Uhr-----Seroquel 25mg between 2100 and 2200 Uhr #whogotyobackson #accountabilibuddies #rewards NFA accountability team PLUS StarGazer, Hammi, WickedPixie = my Jedi council (oh hai guys, you're my Jedi council nao)Hashtag partner Littlewings!Daily Check ListB or higher grade nets me a new top of my choosing #metricsobsession #infosheetz #knowledgeispower MyFitnessPall food logWorkout spreadsheetHandstand PVP threadBodychanges spreadsheetProgress pics album (pw teamgirlcrush) #dailychecklist #creaturereport #geterdone Y / N Did I complete today's fasted cardio? Y / N Did I complete today's handstand work? Y / N Did I write for at least 10 minutes today? Y / N Did I hit my diet goal for today? Y / N If it's MWF, did I complete my BWB for today? Y / N If it's TThS, did I complete my back rehab for today? Y / N Did I take all my medications on time today? Y / N If it's TTh, did I run with StarGazer?** from my "Orc Look Like A Lady" challenge....yep it still exists!! *food exceptions for Thanksgiving 28 Nov (if we even do anything for it) and my birthday 15 Dec **unofficial challenge goal: run 4-6k on Tuesday and Thursday mornings for spiritrun with StarGazer
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