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  1. Hey again nerds! I wouldn't be me if I weren't neatly squeaking in under the wire to start this challenge on time. Our Cast of Characters: Merrin: Me! 31 years old, foodie, recovering junk food addict, soda free for 1.5 years, lover of avocados and bacon, novice teacher, journeyman seamstress, bubbly introvert, depressive, baker of cookies. Rebecca: The name for my Depression; the Monster I frequently try to kiss on the nose. Ifrit: Boyfriend! Main supportive force, disliker of avocados, expert bacon cook, incredibly weird, incredibly intelligent, introvert, archery master, stealer of snuggles. Part-Time Spare Spoons Puppy: only the best and sweetest and smartest dog ever, tolerant of hugs, fetcher of rope, murderer of sticks, giver of snuggles. Backstory: I went to camp in September (CAAAAAAMP) and continue to involve the lessons and challenges from there into every day life. That means being vulnerable when it's hardest, letting myself be abundant when I want to do anything but, stuffing healthy food into my face, drinking lots of tea, trying to move this wonderful instrument on a daily basis, lifting up and looking out for others, and finding what my best effort looks like as often as I can. It's the one-year anniversary of the divorce filing, and this time last year, I was researching legal documents and copying receipts and putting things into sad little folders. There are still unusual bursts of emotion around this, but I've been doing well for quite some time. Part of this challenge will remain undefined/nebulous, due to Rising Heroes! Rising Heroes, Week 1: Daily Mile Specialization Bootcamp Go the F*(% to Sleep +3 STA The break-in left my sleep schedule rattled for the last month. I'm finally getting better and feeling way less tense in the mornings. Since I've been staying up til almost mid-day, my sleep feels way off for my work days. I've got to fix that, and give myself a set, limited schedule. This also includes no screens 1 hour before bedtime. I might try to work in more stitch time on this as well. A Rating = in bed by 9. B Rating = in bed by 10. Mountains of Books! Cascades of Books! +3 WIS I used to do the '50 Books a Year' goal and while I haven't met that in some time, it did keep me on track for reading something. I'm hoping to get in at least one hour per work night. If I don't/can't (ie sometimes our elevators break and will buzz every couple of minutes and I can't concentrate too well) I'll complete it the following afternoon. A Rating = 2 books completed B Rating = 1 book completed Slaying the Sugar Dragon +3 CON My snacking habits have gotten really terrible, and I've made myself sick too many times recently on too much sugar. I need to track any and all snacks, sweets, and liquid calories. A Rating = <160g goal met 21/28 days. B Rating = <160g goal met 14/28 days. Mirror Mirror +3 CHA My skin hates stress above all else. I can eat healthy, but stress will still cause break-outs. Alternating routines as needed, bonus materials on off days. A Rating = Daily routine 21/28 days. B Rating = Daily routine 14/28 days. Bees? +3 DEX/STR These seem to challenge my bendy abilities or my bodyweight limits the most. I'll use their points system and attribute the split allotment. Bronze (15 pts) = .375 to stats. Silver (30 pts) = .75 to stats.
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