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Found 2 results

  1. So I've been lurking here like a lurking lurker. Thought it was about time. Background: Medical & health research by way of bio anthropology, chem, & emergency medicine. I have long since given up on trying to measure my health & fitness by my weight. My standards have become: endurance, in/cm, definition, clothing fit, general feeling of physical wellness. BMI is absolute bullshit for individuals. I am well aware that only a very small percent of a percent can lose- and keep- weight off. 'Health' is subjective. My goals: Clothes that do not bunch or rub the crotch out a week after I get them, to be able to run (ok, trot..) a mile with a 40lb pack, to lift myself and pack over a ledge of some kind, to not be out of breath after I walk up a flight of stairs. To do a complete thru-hike. To cosplay a strong and sexy character. To feel flexible and healthy. To be able to fit in an airline seat. Hx: My bloodwork is fine (ya, no thyroid condition, no diabeeetus), BP is great, no heart or other supposedly weight-related issues. I was fit and quite active until I got pregnant 16 years ago and somehow gained over 100lbs that just won't go away. I have never been a fad dieter or into supplements. Started trying to get fit (again..) after almost a year of not going to the gym (FT classes, FT work). I work 12+hr shifts on my feet doing around 3-6mi of walking each shift depending on how busy. I have L3-4 spinal lesions w bulging discs since I was 18, had nerve ablation about 1.5years ago...it's betterish (I still have to ice/heat/acetaminophen/ibuprofen every day, and a sleep aid often). I've gone through several fitne$$ trainers- they seem to have no fucking idea what to do with actual fat body mechanics, or how to modify. They stand there telling me what exercise to do while looking glazed-eyed and saying, 'just do what you can'. Ugh. Diet: Water, tea, wine- no pop, no coffee, no caffeine. Mostly unprocessed, homemade food. e.g. last night was steamed artichokes, steak, salad, wine. I tend to eat throughout the day, mostly steamed veggies, snacks are things like hummus & cucumbers, bean pate & water crackers, yogurt. I do have a fondness for savory things vs sweet. What I'm doing: I am alone in this. I've been trying to do the sprint-walk thing for the last 3 weeks- 1mi on treadmill and elliptical every other day. I have not noticed that I am gaining any time- it still takes me 22min to do a mile even if I extend my sprint times a little and shorten my walk times the same amount. I hate running, and I won't even attempt it until my knees and ankles can bear the strain. I do not hate pushups or planks etc, but again- I am unwilling to put too much strain on my joints until I've strengthened the supporting tissue. Current: 275lbs. I've lost no weight, no inches, none of it feels easier, my clothes are still way too tight. So here's the thing. It's full-on winter in northern WI, and all I have is a small Snap fitness center- no pool or group classes. I live in a small cabin- no room for a machine or workouts via video. I love being outdoors, I love the snow. I hate doing this alone. Online support only goes so far.
  2. Hi there! Any meetups or outliers way up in the northwoods looking for a workout partner? I am near Hayward, but I can get down to Rice Lake or up to Ashland regularly. I'm looking for fitness classes- especially pilates or krav maga! somewhere nearby enough for me to get to regularly.
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