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Found 13 results

  1. Dear Nerd Fitness, I've gotten out of the habit of making daily 6-Week Challenge (6WC) updates. For several challenges - most of 2015 really - I haven't updated as regularly as I'd like to. I learned almost from my beginning on NF, from my own challenges and from reading pretty much everyone else's challenges, that people who update daily (or at least, almost daily) have a greater rate of success in achieving their goals. I used to be really, really good and consistent with it. It's past time I rebuild that habit. One of the reasons I think I've gotten out of the habit is that with my
  2. - You opened it anyway?? I guess I'll write stuff then. My main goal right now is getting thin. Like, really thin. Like, the kind of thin I haven't been in .... ...... .............. 19? years. Not that thin Christian Bale! Anyway, that goal, and how I'm progressing, has been in my forum signature for several weeks now. I know not everyone can see signatures -- because some lucky ducks have super-phones to surf the 'Net on, but without the full functionality of most browsers -- so, I'm pasting my current signature here for reference: Date
  3. HAZARD Episode IX That Elbow Thing & Stuff Assigned the task of making regular intel deliveries between Rebel cell groups, spec ops agent Hazard finds that battle damage sustained from fighting Imperial patrols 2-3 times per week has made his freighter somewhat less reliable. Without addressing the mounting battle damage, agent Hazard's ability to continue fighting and make the deliveries could become compromised. To that end, agent Hazard.. Wait, what? We're mixing movies? Is that allowed? Okay. So, to that end, agent Hazard is grudgingly ac
  4. Three Rings for the Elven kings under the sky, Seven for the Dwarf lords in halls of stone, Nine for mortal Men doomed to die, One for the Dark Lord whom Gollum dethroned, Two for the Oncoming Storm to arise, This challenge Hazard will totally pwn. The Quest: Begin my journey of mastering the Rings of Power I'll be doing a modified PLP program, Performing the pushups & pullups on rings. (And subbing out the lunges for box-pistols) p.s. - I'll also be participating in the Game of Thrones PVP
  5. Previously: During the last challenge, my family experienced a life-threatening emergency in the middle of the night. (click spoiler for a review) This CHALLENGE Main Quest: Emergency Preparedness Supporting Objectives 1) Medic Training: CPR I’ll register for a class to renew my certification. 2) Weapon Training: Pistol I’ll find a local gun range, and put a few hundred rounds of quality practice in. 3) Body Readiness: PPSC I’ll do daily grease-the-groov
  6. EPIC QUEST Turn into (when I arrived on NF) (some day) MOTIVATION To be happy, healthy, sexy, and inspire awe. QUESTS for this CHALLENGE Main Objective: Waist below 36 inches (91.5 cm) when family sees me at Christmas Challenge Starting Waist: 38.4 inches (97.5 cm) Supporting Objective: Don't Neglect Training! Cutting fat means eating less. Eating less sucks. My energy will be lower. My willpower will be taxed. I won't feel like working out sometimes. But I need to keep doing it anywa
  7. Assassination Contract: Dracula Complicated castle? Filled with spikey traps? And horrifying underlings? Yeah. No. Assassin's don't use the front door. I'm going straight up to the throne room. Then Drac's going down. There's just one teenie tiny problem. I'm not strong enough to climb walls!!! Quest Scale the walls of Dracula's castle to assassinate him by Halloween Objective #1: (Keep Energy Bar Up) - track weight & calories daily Objective #2: (Gain Climbing Strength) - train strength
  8. EPIC QUEST Turn into At end of previous challenge MOTIVATION To be happy, healthy, sexy, and inspire awe. QUESTS for this CHALLENGE Objective #1: Hunter/Gatherer Weighing out food & counting calories works. I've proven that time and again. But it's not something I want to do forever. This challenge I'll be continuing my quest to further trim down my gut by following Mark Rippetoe's diet advice. It essentially boils down to this: Meat & Freggies. This time data will be simple. My starting pic above compared to my progress pic at the end. And my s
  9. EPIC QUEST Turn into At end of previous challenge More details on my Epic Quest, and my regular lifting workouts, are in my battle log. MOTIVATION To be happy, healthy, sexy, and inspire awe. QUESTS for this CHALLENGE Objective #1: Drop 6 lbs of Fat Fat = (-0.082 x weight [lbs]) + (4.15 x waist [inches]) – 94.42 Taking starting measurement in the morning Objective #2: Raise the Dragon (Flag) This; lower, better, more . . . Objective #3: Fly the Dragon (aka. develop a back lever) Turn this .
  10. <Incoming Transmission. . . .> To: Hazard Fr: Rebel Intelligence Regional HQ Re: Division Attachement Agent Hazard, review of your performance on your field test has been completed. Congratulations on your commission with Rebel Intelligence Special Operations. As you were informed, all active SpecOps agents are attached as support personnel with Alliance divisions operating in their theater. Your request to be attached to the division colloquially called the Assassins has been approved. All of your personal effects were forwarded to the Assassin division's training center in antic
  11. <Incoming Transmission. . . .> To: Hazard Fr: Rebel Intelligence Liaison Re: SpecOps Agent Test Finish up practicing on the proving grounds, candidate Hazard. Your Rebel Intelligence Special Operations Agent field test will begin in five days on 2/24. You will be going live with the skills that you have been practicing, tracking the movements of three High Priority targets for six weeks: Weight, Calories, Protein. Futhermore, MedCorp has determined that excess fat may hinder your ability to maneuver in the field. While this does not disqualify you from your test mission, your advancem
  12. <Incoming Transmission. . . .> To: ***************** Fr: Rebel Intelligence Liaison Re: Proving Grounds Welcome to Rebel Intelligence Special Operations, candidate. You are assigned the codename Hazard until further notice. Your willingness to volunteer for SpecOps in the fight against the Empire is commendable, and consideration of you as a SpecOps Agent is a mark of the Rebellion's belief in you. Never doubt what you can achieve, or the Empire wins. In less than two weeks you will be offered the chance to gain full agent status by completing your first field assignment. Until th
  13. Name: classified Code Name: Hazard Occupation: Hero - in training Height: 5'9" (174 cm) Weight: 185 (84 kg) Level 50 Bodyfat: 12% Deadlift: 405 lbs x5 reps (183 kg) Squat: 325 lbs x5 reps (147 kg) Bench: 240 lbs x5 reps (108 kg) Press: 145 lbs x5 reps (65 kg) Chin: +55 lbs x5 reps (+25 kg) Level 0 Bodyfat: 22% Deadlift: 200 lbs x5 reps (90 kg) Squat: 115 lbs x5 reps (52 kg) Bench: 120 lbs x5 reps (54 kg) Press: 50 lbs x5 reps (22 kg) Chin: BW x3 r
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