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Found 5 results

  1. so havnt been here for a while I figured im so bad to update things like this so now we try again. So the goal this time is about pancakes - because who doesn't love pancakes? Lifestyle goal: Check nerdfitness at least 4/7 days pr week. Fitness Goals: 1: Do 3 ring sessions pr week at least (following coaching+rings 1 (GMB)) 2: At least 5 minute handstandwork every day 3: At least 5 minute Pancake stretch or progressions each day 4: Head2Toe protocol 6days pr week at least
  2. so again I will (hopefully) update the challenge text before we start on monday This challenge is all about sticking to things, and the things I will be covering is Daily handstands - at least 1 freestanding, 1chest2wall and 1 back2wall pr day is required, more is of cause wellcome Daily Head2toe protocol, the session throughout the day +2x foam roll sessions are required, morning routines are a bonus. at least 3 ring sessions pr week in the following challenge, (12 in total) daily study for my upcoming human physiology and for my training & rehabilit
  3. more text will soon come I have been sick since the 31st of last year so I will start my challenge next week instead. my life goal will be to get the habit back, so I will make 4 small fitness goals instead goal 1: Hang for at least 7 minutes a day goal 2: play in squat for at least 30 minutes pr day goal 3: daily head2toe stretch goal4: daily inversions. get the habit back of at least once a day being inverted
  4. so the last challenges haven't been so good, I kept making excuses and virsa versa. So its time to make some small changes. Lifestyle goal: Write a daily post on this topic (can use the time i have in the train in the morning. Fitness goal. 1: Make a small movement session in the morning before school or lunch break at school: I arrive around 35 min before the class start every morning at the university, so I want to use the time better. the last two days I have used in the small gym before classes and I tend to keep that one going. 2: Daily Head to toe stretch I just need to do it
  5. Lifestyle goals Hide in plain sight First time back in school for a long time. In the 6 weeks of the challenge I can’t miss a day of university!A = 0 lessens missedB = 1-2 Lesson missedC = 3-4 Lesson missedF = 5+ fitness: 1 Head2toe Complete 3*72 reps of the head to toe stretch EVERY dayA = EverydayF = 1 fail 2 HandstandDaily Handstand/Headstand at least 5 holds 3 CrawlCrawl 3 times pr week . on stairs or on ground doesn't really matter. Will update this more later
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