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  1. I heaved a sigh and glared at the thick, foul mixture eating through the bottom of my cauldron, aware that the other students were noisily packing up but mostly ignoring them. I was so sure I had followed the directions for Snot Sealing Potion exactly, but whatever mess had burbled up in my cauldron looked more like snot than the clear, refreshing lilac in the book. "Perhaps if you had paid attention to your homework, Elvenword," Professor Snape said languidly behind my head, making me jump and start cramming my books into my bag. "Yes sir, Professor," I stammered, and
  2. And I am back. Life has been a whirlwind but when is it not? So much change. So much growth. I went to Japan, loved it, fell in love, had a blast and came back to the reality of my routine but haven't quite picked up my good habits back yet. This is why I'm creating this battle log. The fight within myself to heal is not over and I am back in the arena. So let's start today, shall we? ♡ WEEK 1 OF THE CLEANSE: ♡ X One Coffee a Day [ ] X Processed Carbs Once a Day [ ] X Fried Foods Once a Week [ ] X Meditation Daily [ ]
  3. Okay, a big part of the reason I've not been around for a couple of challenges is because it's been filling me with quite a bit of stress and anxiety to explain everything that is going on with me right now. Things have progressed to a point that is no longer the case but quite a lot has happened so I'm going to just dump it all out there. Don't be afraid to ask questions! Physical Ups and downs happening in the physical department. I've gotten really frickin strong! My bench press has gone over 200lbs (92kg) and my deadlift PR currently sits at 190kg (approx 419lbs). Kind of
  4. 2019 was to be a year of crushing all the things. Unfortunately, I need to heal up my ribs before I can do more. So, this challenge is going to be about trying to keep exercising whilst not overdoing it so I can heal. Additionally, I will need to play closer attention to diet and stress relief as I won't have my usual crutch as it were of HIIT and running for a while. Bah! Tis no fun! So, here's the plan for the first challenge of 2019: Walk on a regular basis. Without the running and HIIT, I need some amount of exercise. The dog will be my friend with these. At least 5 walk
  5. Yesterday, I had surgery to repair my torn PCL in my right knee. I want to document my recovery journey here since the NF community is so supportive, and I'm excited to get moving toward a better, faster, stronger leg! Going in to the procedure - I was told that aside from a total knee replacement, PCL surgeries are the most painful that you can have. The procedure was arthroscopic, so my knee wasn't opened up - just a couple incisions for the cameras and tools. They did drill a hole through my tibia to be able to insert the ligament graft. Everything went well - the whole procedure last
  6. It's been a full year since I uprooted my cozy little life in Iowa and moved to Oklahoma. While it's been full of new and exciting things as well as some unexpected difficulties the one thing I really regret about the move is how much I've struggled to stay fit--especially in the last few months of battling pain I've lost a great deal of strength and gained a good bit of scale weight. Today I'm getting back in the game (again) and turning the momentum around. The last challenge started strong but fizzled early, so I'm determined to start "next year" a month early. To that end, I'm going to
  7. I've gone through a lot of aliases here on NerdFitness; roseofmay, kelliestrasza, etc. I've gone through a few challenges as well. Some have been very successful while others have not. I've been taking the time to look back on the successful ones. These were challenges where I was logging into the boards at least once a day, keeping track of what I was eating/doing, and sharing when I felt like I was beginning to falter. The ones that were not as successful were ones where I neglected myself. I wasn't sharing the times when I felt like I was failing, or having a less than stellar day. These sm
  8. Terinatum steps forward into the present and onward to small future moments. Goal #1 : drink water - ultimate goal is drink up to 9 cups per day The present day goal is to keep ahead of my Dr Pepper intake. I want to drink 20 oz of water for every 8 oz of soda. My goal is to drink no more than 2 - 8 oz cans of Dr Pepper each day. I will list my daily intakes of both here at least three times per week. Grade: A=80% of goal reached (on average per week) STAT bonus = +2 CON Goal #2 : Relaxation - stress reduction "Gots ta chill, babygirl." I
  9. Hopefully this won't be the longest intro ever long story short 5 kids, a couple of difficult pregnancies and pretty bad OCD threw me in a downward spiral. Been working out consistently for 8 weeks now and taking care of myself. I feel so much better and my energy is way up. This is my battle log to remind myself of how far I have come! That wasn't too long at all. Posting day one below.
  10. 1. Decluttering My MIT (Most Important Thing) at present is to create space so that I have time and energy to spend on the things that matter most to me. So this month I aim to: a - advance the decluttering in the spare bedroom, b - organise all my cupboards downstairs, this includes: food cupboards (kitchen), under-sink cupboard (kitchen), non-food storage cupboards (kitchen), bathroom cupboards, bathroom-stuff drawers (lounge), understairs cupboard c - organise all my paperwork: file away required paperwork, remove unnecessary paperwork d - get my ema
  11. Hiya… I’m a little late, but since I have a new goal it’s time for another challenge :). For those who don’t know me, I’m a grad student and powerlifter. I haven’t been around the past few challenges since I’ve been struggling with some chronic health issues that flared up in September. For the most part I’ve maintained my NF-inspired habits, but there are a few things I want to focus on for the next 22 days. Goal 1: 10,000+ steps, as measured by my Fitbit, each day. This is the new goal and, as evidenced by my title, the focus for this challenge. I’m holding on to a bunch o
  12. I'm going to continue to post my workouts in my BATTLE LOG but might x-post here. I might also post gymnastics fun here, because who doesn’t want to learn about cool shit that I’m doing in gymnastics. 1) HEAL / Do less I have an owie somewhere in the general region of my left hip flexor. It’s been bothering me, I have some stretches and things to do. My friend is massage therapist who is going to try to help me diagnose it. If not, I’m going to see a doctor. To prevent other injuries from happening and to help this one heal, I’m going to · Do my prescri
  13. Brutal Bears Needs Some Shaman Healing Introduction: For some reason every time I get hurt a Warcraft challenge seems to be the cure, and man I am hurt this time. I am not one to complain, which is part of the problem-I tend to get hurt ignore push harder, and then get burnt. I am going to pay attention to by body this challenge and get myself back to fighting condition. Currently I am in a pickle with a few issues, first I am hurt, all over. I messed up my balls, yes my balls, lifting and they are in pain, I pulled a tendon in my right wrist/fore arm...lifting, hurt my back, a
  14. Surakha

    Noor: Reground

    Hello Druids! My name is Noor and I am a halfling assassin who was cursed into the form of a stone giant by fae magic. If you take a look at past challenges, there are many bits and pieces of story there cataloging my quest to regain control of my body and mind from this curse, which is a metaphor for mental illness, hormonal imbalance, and the stresses and struggles of being a fat pansexual genderqueer professional in modern America. I come to the druids because I am seeking balance and centering after months of rapid change and high stress. I am in the process of completing my doctorate
  15. For this challenge I'm going to take on something that I find very difficult: Being gentle but disciplined, rather than swinging madly between extremes of bravada and exhaustion. I have a nasty tendency to push too hard, particularly physically, then go *splat* for a few days and feel guilty for not doing anything. It's obviously not the best way to do things, so I'm going to try something different. Main quest: Get into the habit of doing simple, low-stress and knees-safe fitness with yoga, Pilates, isometric exercise and whatever else is appropriate, with particular emphasis on building
  16. Hi there! I think exercise can be incredible for both emotional and physical health. There is a great group of inspiring, people on Nerd Fitness and I am excited to become a part of this... A little bit about me, I first started with Nerd Fitness with my uncle and cousin a while back, I was only able to skim the waters and I was taken out of the game...I stopped being able to do basic exercise because of injuries. I tore my left rotator cuff injury and I also sustained soft tissue damage in left knee. It took a LOT of physical therapy and endurance to overcome my knee injury. I want to g
  17. Brutal Bears Needs Some Druid Healing Introduction Quest log: Feral Form -Average 20 miles walked a week-let's get one step closer to Mordor! Week 1: 32.2 miles Week 2: 41.3 miles Week 3: 28.9 miles Week 4: 21.9 miles Week 5: 24.2 miles Week 6: 25.5 miles Restoration -Do at least two 30 minute yoga sessions a week Total Done: 3 -Meditate at least 3 times a week Total done: 10 Moonkin -Get all my school work done each week Weeks Complete: 6 -Finish at least one book Breaking the Worgen Curse -It's time to quit smoking. I am using my e-cig to try an
  18. It's challenge time, and that means you all get to hear about my grass hut dream again. I hope you missed me. Now before you go thinking, “what?†allow me to explain. My boyfriend (that happened) has an uncle whose life quest was to marry a nice girl, have a great family, and retire to the beaches of Hawaii where he would live in a bungalow (grass hut) and surf all day. The grass hut isn’t the prize in itself, it's just the place we happen to keep the things important to us, but it's still the symbol in our minds of a whole life. It's been awhile since my last challenge, and stuff has
  19. I am doing these items this challenge: foot and hip PT, guitar and piano practice, cooking and eating mindfully, household chores, bedtime routing, NF and D&D. I am experimenting with two hour blocks of time during the day. I have 6 of them that I can assign to anything I want of the above items, or a few others like drawing and socializing. Quest: Take Control of My Days Implement a strategy for daily tasks and follow through with it for 6 weeks. Get at least 80% on each goal for full points. Goal 1 TRACK AND ANALYZE PT exercises - will analyze once per week. PT exercises are for e
  20. Dantilla kept her eyes low as the caretaker walked past, pretending to study the pattern on the mosaic table in front of her. Once he had passed, she resumed her actual task--sharpening a blade she had swiped from the kitchen. She frowned at her makeshift whetstone and at the inferior weapon. In her previous line of work, she had become accustomed to much better. But, what was an assassin without her blade? A voice from behind her startled her, and she hurried to hide her items, but knew it was too late. It never ceased to amaze her how silent her caretakers could be. "Oh Young One, do not
  21. I think this challenge is going to be a little different for me. Last challenge I sprained my ankle, and although it's feeling better, I'm not sure when i'm going to be getting back to working out. I want to... well no I need to start working out again, but I'm going to have to take a look each week and possibly make some changes on my workouts depending on how my ankle is feeling. During this time I'll have some challenges, Going to 2 FIRST Robotics competitions (next week is the first one). Food choices can be tricky, but we're staying somewhere with a fridge and I'm hoping this week is
  22. Hello, everyone. I'm not sure if this is the appropriate place to post this, but I am curious to each response. I suffer from IBS-C (irritable bowel with constipation), with occasional bouts of diarrhea. I've been diagnosed with IBS by a doctor, taken labs, enzymes, probiotics, food elimination/FODMAPS. While I've made great strides in improving my condition, the constipation and bloating are still a pain. Sometimes, sporadically, I get loose, and really just cannot pin down what in the world is going on. Much of my condition is psychogenetic, but even on the days when I am otherwise calm
  23. My primary quest for this challenge is simple: Exercise daily for 6 weeks without injuring myself. I have a tendency to get carried away with goal-setting, refusing to back down once I've declared a target, so this time I'm not going to set any quantitative objective other than "do something towards the quest every day." The exercise could be yoga, t'ai chi, Pilates, aerobics, or low-intensity weight training, as long as it can be done without causing undue distress to joints and muscles. (+WIS, +STA, +CON, perhaps +STR depending on what exercises I opt for) Sub-quest #1: Sign up for beg
  24. I suffered a difficult setback last challenge after being rushed to the hospital for an Emergency Appendectomy. I'm still recovering. I'm still not happy about it. Unfortunately, it triggered other discontentment that I had been holding at bay. I did very good last challenge with one specific de-cluttering goal, and this time I'm going to up it to two. I also need to make myself work on a side venture I am starting, and giving myself some goals in that area should help. I am officially on a really crappy plateau, so I need to figure out something to do about that. Either ride it out, or find a
  25. I almost didn't post a challenge thread this go 'round. Some other folks have created battle logs instead of the challenges while others have gone to lurking as that's what they have time for. Honestly the battle log probably makes the most sense for me. But, I opted for a challenge thread simply because it has a definite end point to use as a convenient comparison/evaluation marker. See, last challenge went well but I ran into a few overuse injuries (forearm, knee, ankle) and the week between has been a good healing time. I used that time to come up with a plan and move forward. I've tried
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