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Found 9 results

  1. I had a good run and still am feeling mentally and physically well. But there's things I want to build up better again: get back into running after 6 months of injury. have a 12 week running plan I want to follow. Its pretty daring to start in October when the wheather gets real shitty, but it would be nice for my mental and physical health as well as the dog-childs happiness. Have looked at lots of plans and will only run twice a week plus a third day with a short bodyweight program. my budget has been so small that I asked friends for help often. its slightly better now with my project friendship point income but still!! I want to learn to live within my budget even if that means I cant eat keto! Last month I spent 40Euro on vitamins alone and even if I felt awesome thats just not acceptable. Either I can dial down my keto costs or I have to try other forms of healthy eating after all. experiments are needed. This time I will try the 4 envelope strategy of putting my weekly money in 4 envelopes and only using the money that is in there. maybe I can set apart a "fun fund" of 50 euro to do spontaneous stuff. also my goal is to save 30 euros in October to build a emergency fund. prep food on weekends. I dont feel like cooking healthy meals every day. next possibility to prep is on Tuesday when I get paid. do sober October. I have had drinks again and am fine with that but would love to try a whole month sober. If thats too hard I will aim for maximal dry days. I started a great online meditation course and didnt have time to follow it really. ist a 21 day course Want to use the next 3 weeks to build in meditation and the audio listening into my morning routine. seems like a tall order for me to get this done. Its 3 weeks only and I can try out what sticks. There will be no self punishing! Only honest effort and self love! I missed you! ❤️
  2. It is a big adventure, indeed, this one I have in my hands. If everything goes well, little Wolverine (I do need to find a nick for her - suggestions are welcome) will be born end june, and I want to do my best to prepare for the day and to enjoy the way. After a couple of tough months, I'm feeling much better now, and I'm slowly trying to get more active and get back to some of my previous healthy habits. What I'm going to do might not seem impressive, but right now every little thing feels like a feat to me. So I'm going to give myself a pat on the back for every small action I accomplish. Goal #1 Nausea really messed up my body. After 2 months of being unable to eat most foods, I feel weak both physically and mentally. Sugar cravings have raised to the top, and while I'm trying to eat as healthy as I can (my body still rejects all fish and most types of meat), meals are still a tricky thing, and bread and sweetened foods are hanging around. I'm going to try to slowly get back to my usual nourishing diet. This will include taking my vits, and adding foodstuff that helps me, such as coconut oil, garlic, and gelatin. Goal #2 Feeling weak and tired all the time doesn't help to be an active person, and I've let all of my good movement habits slack. I'll try to get back to healthier patterns regarding this. Any type of movement counts, but I'm focusing mainly on doing yoga every morning after waking up, and on walking for at least 1/2 hour everyday (I usually walk for longer, but this is my minimum for this challenge). I'm also trying to keep an eye on my posture, because I've seen that as my belly grows it has began to push me forward, and I guess many backaches could come from it. My back doesn't ache by now, so I'll try to keep it that way by standing with my spine upright, using well my abs when walking, and avoiding sitting in chairs as much as I can (I spend a lot of my sitting time on the floor, so many other ways of sitting, including squatting, are available). Goal #3 Things for fun. Reading, drawing, learning. One of them once a day. No pressure because it is for fun, but it helps a lot to feel my life is still in my hands. Points --------- I've been testing these goals since february started and it seems they're realistic. I hope I can even grow up from here. Let's go!
  3. Duty - Responsibility - Adventure - Freedom We can do the impossible - And that makes us mighty A little poetic license taken to Captain Mal Reynold's words This challenge the Super-family takes it to space! We got ourselves a Firefly class "ship", called Serenity and we are going to spread our wings! In order to win against the Alliance, Reavers, and everyday happenings, we need to pull our socks up and work together. For everything we do, we earn points. Those points will see us through each week's battle(s). (Each week will be based on a different episode of Firefly.) Points are earned through the following: HEALTH: Water (1 bottle/day = 1point) - Elize: 10p/week min. Tea (1 mug = 1point; 2 mugs/day) - Elize: 14p/week. Breakfast (healthy b.fast = 1point each; 4 b.fasts/week) - Adam/Rocco: 2x 4p = 8p/week. Lunch (healthy lunch = 1point each; 7 days/week) - Elize/Adam/Rocco: 3x 7p = 21p/week. Milk (1portion = 1point; 4 portions/week) - Adam: 4p/week. Milk (max 4portions/day; 1point/day/week) - Rocco: 7p/week. Sleep (go to bed in time every night = 1p/night) - Elize/Adam/Rocco: 3x 7p = 21p/week. 85 points minimum per week WORK OUT: Weeding 1x/week each - Elize/Adam/Rocco: 3x 10p = 30p/week. Mowing/Wheelbarrow push 1x/week each - Elize/Adam/Rocco: 3x 10p = 30p/week. Strength 1x/week - Elize: 1x 10p = 10p/week. Dry Fire Drills 2x/week - Elize: 2x 5p = 10p/week. 80 points minimum per week EXTRAS: Kinect/FreePlay/Sport/Walk - Elize/Adam/Rocco: 5p each/day. LIFE/ADMIN: Bible Study: Every day = 1 point - Elize: 7x 1p = 7p/week. Finances: Nov/Dec/Jan/Feb (5p each completed) - Elize: 1x 5p = 5p/week. Proof Reading: Read a section (30min-1h) each week (5p each sitting/day) - Elize: 1x 5p = 5p/week. 17 points minimum per week - ALL done + 3Bonus points! EXTRAS: Contract: Thoko - Elize: 5points once off. Serenity: Paperwork finalised - Elize: 20points once off. Serenity: Checks / COR / Drive around to buy parts, etc. anything that takes time - Elize: 5p each instance. AVG POINTS/WEEK: 185 Food: 2x variances allowed for the boys every week. 1x variance allowed for me every week. Must reach at least 175p every week. For every point under 175, I must do a burpee! Each week starts at 0 points. The boys earn money for activity/exercise and going to bed on time: Weeding: R10/each Dump cut grass (wheelbarrow push): R10/each Kinect/Free Play / Walk / Playball: R5/each Go to bed on Time: R2/each
  4. 2016 was a GOOD year New activities, new places, taking risks... I want more of that. But, as these last 2 months have been a bit of a downer, with all those headaches and almost no exercise, I'm taking it easy. I have a whole year to develop and grow, I don't need to do everything on the very first month. So It's about baby steps As always, the main point is, as stated in my last challenge, to live a meaningful life, so a big amount of energy and focus will be spent on not letting anxiety, bad feelings, procrastination or laziness drive me to another kind of life. This is the most important goal and every other one is subject to it; it's the final purpose of everything I'll be doing. So, my first steps for this year will be (10 different areas): Freedom of movement. Check FF update. DONE! Neck stretching long series at least once a day. Weeks 1 & 2: nope. Week 3: 4 times plus one visit to the new physio. Week 4: 3 times. From january 9, add 1 hips and 1 shoulder stretch. Weeks 1, 2 & 3: nope. Week 4: twice. Being stronger. Self-defence: from january 9, twice a week. Weeks 1, 2 & 3: nope, only once each week. Week 4: DONE! Outdoors. 1 short or long walk a week, outside the city. Weeks 1, 2 & 3: nope. Week 4: DONE! Eating healthier. Fixing broken thermomix. Tracking what I actually eat. WEEK 1: DONE! WEEK 2: DONE! WEEK 3: DONE! Week 4: DONE! Owning more clothes. Make a list of what is most needed. Go clothes shopping at least twice this month. DONE! Clean and decluttered house. I have daily, weekly, monthly and season tasks lists. Follow them and keep track of what is done. WEEK 1: DONE! WEEK 2: DONE! Weeks 3&4: nope Growing savings. First step is to regain the money that will be spent in the trip to London and put it on my savings account. It can take up to 2 months to do this. DONE! Began to save for the next trip. Reading. Won't be buying ANY books until I finish reading all of those in my pile (this is going to be tough). Read for at least 20 minutes each week. WEEK 1: DONE! WEEK 2: DONE! WEEK 3: DONE! Week 4: DONE! Icelandic. 1 page from íslenska fyrir alla 3 per week. WEEK 1: DONE! WEEK 2: DONE! Weeks 3&4: nope Music practice. On standby until I get BigGuy advice. PLANNING DONE! WEEK 1: DONE! WEEK 2: DONE! WEEK 3: DONE! Week 4: DONE! That's it. Not too overwhelming, but enough to gather momentum. Points: FF: 0.5 DEX Self-defence: 1 STA, 1 DEX, 0.5 STR Walking: 0.5 STA; 1 STA if walks are cross country and long. Food: 0.5 CON Clothes: 1 CHA House: 2 CHA Savings: 1 WIS Reading: 0.5 WIS Icelandic: 0.5 WIS Music practice: 1 DEX Let's begin!
  5. Guys. I think I found my groove. After over a year of doing NF challenges... a year of waxing and waning success... I've finally simplified my goals enough that my silly goldfish-brain can keep up. I have pared it down to just one goal: do one healthy thing per day. Make one healthy choice, do one workout, or do one thing to make me better than I was yesterday. Last challenge I started going to the gym every morning, so most of the time that ended up being my One Thing Per Day. And it worked like a charm! I did something healthy nearly every day, even when I didn't make it to the gym. This time, I really want to start getting my diet in line. But I think it's too soon to make it a specific goal. So what I have decided on is this: Do one healthy thing per day, and make it food related if possible. If it's not food related, that's ok too. I don't want to rush into something new when I only just found something I think I can work with. So if there are some days that I can't/don't feel like making my One Thing about food, I can use something else, just as long as I keep making healthy choices - that is the bottom line. Story behind my challenge title: Well, you may have noticed that my past couple challenges have been variations on "hatchling" Shadri. This is because, loving dragons as I do, my character/alter-ego is a dragon, and the first challenge of 2016 was her hatching. I've decided that my dragon alter-ego is a fledgling now, finally gaining some traction in the world and growing her first feathers. (I am of the firm opinion that dragons have feathers.) I really wish I had the time to write a story about this charming dragon's journey post-hatching. Nonetheless, her journey growing up runs parallel to my journey "growing up" in fitness, and is my inspiration and my reminder that it's a life-long journey, not something that can be accomplished in a day or a week or a month or even a year.
  6. Alright, to start with, I didn't realize the new challenge started today (or that it was February 1st). Opps. Still getting used to this new format! With that said, I'll start tomorrow with my clean eating plan, using today as one of my freebee days (see below). Onto the goals! These are designed with the goal of making progress towards my weight loss goal in mind so that I can start running again! Goal 1: Follow a clean eating plan at least 20 days of the challenge. So, as a step to start cutting processed food out of my diet and working towards being able to do a Whole30 in the near future, I'm following a Clean Eating plan this challenge. Because I didn't realize today was the start of the challenge and I have a couple special events this month (mainly, two different birthday parties in the same weekend), I'm giving myself 6 freebee days. These days aren't an excuse to eat everything in sight, but more of not worrying about every morsel that goes into my mouth so that I can enjoy the moment of the special events. I went on a grocery shopping trip last week and stocked up my fridge to start off on the right food. I'll also be doing a lot of meal planning and packed lunches to make this happen. Goal 2: Walk a 5k at least once a week. So, I've now gotten used to moving more and walking about a mile in the morning. Now, I'm going to start adding more distance into my walks in small steps. So, for this challenge, I'll go for a 5k walk at least once a week, probably on the weekend when I have off. Goal 3: Do at home strengthening exercises 3x a week. One thing seriously lacking from my routine right now is any kind of strength exercises. Sometimes I get bored and do some sit-ups, but that's about it. So, 3 times a week, I'll be doing some sort of strength exercises, picking at least 3 options from the following list each time: -50 sit-ups on an exercise ball -25 incline push-ups -1 minute of planks (broken up as needed) -25 front and side leg lifts, each leg -2 sets of the shoulder strengthening exercises I got from a therapist in the spring -50 squats Life Goal: Floss my teeth at least 2 times a week. I need to floss more. Enough said.
  7. A new year guys! And a shiny new Nerd Fitness! I love you guys so much, and I love how Steve has a book now (I want to get it somehow) and just squeeee! Everything will be amazing! You guys know how last challenge I conquered the Parisian life superhero style. This challenge is going to be even more epic, in fact, it is going to be the ultimate epic. The reason I joined NF was to lose weight. I found I had other goals too, that were at that time more important to pursue. See, I succeeded to lose weight before coming here, and then took it too far, and then got too hungry and started binge eating. Eating is a finnicky, tricky thing for me. So I got fat again. And then it was more important to impose some sort of normal on my nutrition again. I could not diet or count calories, it would be so easy to become too obsessive again! Now I feel confident that it is time to take another step. A new chapter. The chapter in which I WILL lose weight. In fact, being in Paris already made me lose ~2kg so far. So I’m already going in the right direction! But this is going to be the first challenge in a while where I will have a food goal! I DEFINITELY need some mental support for this, so I picked my spirit animal. GOAT THEME FTW! So goals! * Note for food: I go with the idea that lunch is 'free'. So I can make all the unhealthy choices I want. It's because we eat out for lunch at the lab so I have little control, and it keeps me sane too. Also, with social control I would never binge or do anything weird. The lunch is also free of the hunger scale, because we eat when we eat, again not much control. 1) Follow GMB Paralettes 1. Grade will be percentage of compliance to the schedule, so missing workouts will decrease my grade. Will pass at a minimum grade of 60%. 2) Food: Hunger Scale. 1. Empty. Feeling faint or sick because you are so hungry, as if you haven’t eaten for days. You will eat anything. 2. Starving, your stomach is growling. You are easily irritated and edgy. Ravenous. You can’t ignore your hunger and everything looks good and sounds good to eat. 3. You are hungry, you feel a little low on energy and are slightly uncomfortable. Your stomach is growling and you have hunger pangs. 4. You feel slightly hungry but signs and symptoms are manageable. 5. You feel neutral, neither hungry nor full. 6. You are satisfied but could easily eat more. 7.You are feeling full. Stop eating or don’t start eating yet. You won’t be hungry for hours. 8. Feeling too full, a few too many bites. You don’t want anything else to eat. 9. Uncomfortably full, bloated, stuffed and uncomfortable. 10. Overstuffed, painfully full and may even feel sick. You never want to look at food again. If I manage to stay in the green range I get 10 points per day. If I go in orange I will lose 1 point per time I reach orange. If I reach red I lose 5 points per time I reach red. Clarification on lunch is free: I mean that I have no control over when I have lunch. So I might dip into 'too hungry' before I go. This will not be counted against me. However, I will still strive to comply to the hunger scale when eating lunch, so no overeating! In the weekends, the hunger scale IS used for the lunch, but the food choices are still free. 3) Healthy food choices. This is subjective, but I think it will still work. I will grade myself 1-10 on my food choices. (again: lunch is free) and I will average into weekly grades. Then for the final grade I will average all the weekly grades and it should be at least a 7 to pass.
  8. Hello fellow Assassins! I realize I'm more than a little late... But life cannot always meet six-weeks deadlines. Life has been crappy recently and I've let myself fall in the trap of emotional eating, not exercising, not sleeping and just generally letting go of anything resembling a healthy habit, from eating vegetables to valuing my own strength. But no more! Jumun is getting back in the saddle! This will be a half challenge, but I hope I'll be able to get back some good habits and build on them for next challenge. 3 key goals this time around: - Healthy eating: which means balanced diet, without excessive cutting or calorie counting, but a mix of carbs, fats, proteins and fruits and vegetables. Also no shaming if I fall off the wagon and eat candies / cookies. Just acceptance and moving on. I'll use Weight Watchers to count, as it is easier to evaluate and gives me some leeway. - Daily exercising: as I was down in the dust I stopped exercising, and my knees, my back and in general my body did NOT approve. So I'm starting slowly again to gain strength, by continuing dance class, but also cardio every morning. I chose to start easy and will measure on cardio, then reintroduce strength training slowly. My knees have been acting up, so I don't want to put too much pressure on them. Measuring will be done 1 for exercise and 0 if not, with comp allowed the same week. - Going to bed before 11pm: as I have to wake up early I Have to get back into the habit of going to bed earlier. Exception for days when I can sleep later the next morning, i.e. Friday and Saturday nights. There will be no official targets or rewards for these three weeks, but just a positive momentum if I can build it and maintain it. Let's go!
  9. Hi guys, my name's Sal, I'm an almost 32-year-old gal living in Germany. I've gained 10 kgs thanks to stress eating and not working out over the past 4 years. Unfortunately, I love fast food and am probably addicted to sugar... I'm also on antidepressants which make me crave food (and gain weight) even moren. Well, these are my goals: 1) Take 2 classes/week at my local gym. Take 1-2 extra classes whenever possible. 2) Cut down on sugar/eat less candy and fast food. 3) Walk 5-10 extra minutes with the dog each day. 4) Be a better homemaker. Starting weight: 62 kgs Goal weight for this challenge: 60 kgs Ultimate goal weight: 55 kgs Height: 163 cm
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