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Found 1 result

  1. Ic abiede thu gegretan! I bid you greetings to my Epic Quest Thread. Here I will blend my faith [Heathenry] with my desire to be healthy and any research that I have done regarding fitness for a forty year old male. Like most of my threads this will be peppered with Old English [OE], some Old Norse [ON] and other languages that relate to my ancestors whom worshipped the Gods generally known as the Aesir and Vanir. Now my in thread title, Thom Asolcen translates as Thom the sluggish, idle, indifferent, dissolute. Basically Thom the Slacker, [by the way OE for slack is 'sleac']. This covers many areas of my life not just my health. I have depression, and struggle to keep active, productive and worthwhile. Which leads to the second part of my title. Thom Cene translates to Thom the keen [literally], bold, brave, powerful, warlike, wise, learned, clever. Again this applies to more than just my health, but rather my whole life. In the word Cene I am able to encapsulate the positive traits that I wish to further develop. The concepts of Cene are also in the following Rune Poem: Cén (torch) is to all of the quick (i.e., "living") ·known by its fire Shining and bright · burns it oftest Where the nobles · rest inside. Here we have the torch fire representing knowledge, wisdom and the 'noble'. Remember the nobility in the first millenium BC/AD is vastly different to what we see as the nobility today.The Nobility had to lead by example, they were priests, generals, lawmakers, judges, warriors and poets all rolled into one. So too do I seek to become 'noble' an Atheling. Not by blood or birth, but by deed. Heathenry is all about the Deeds that make a person what they are. You are your deeds, you are the sum of all of your actions in life, the good, bad and ugly. In a way this thread will encapsulate all of this, but it will focus primarily upon the fitness and wellbeing part. The powerful warrior, which I have called Thom Ulfhedinn. Now I am not a warrior by a long shot, nor am I a military man. I will not insult such men by claiming that I am something that I am not. I can however become as fit as a warrior of my age can be. This is how I am viewing my health/fitness goals now. Over the next few days I will set up my long term fitness goals and my current ability here. Then at the end of every second or so challenge I will test myself over the various exercises and update my current ability. I do suspect that many of these may take a few years to achieve, but I am happy with this. However I hope to achieve all of them within five years. After that I will be happy to maintain my fitness level, rather than expand further. One key to wisdom is to know when you have succeeded and when to be content with what you have rather than strive for more in misery.
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