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Found 15 results

  1. I tried a free consultation at LA Fitness, but the woman suggested I needed to eat only 920 cal to stay at my current weight...I'm suddenly very confused about all the prior knowledge I had about nutrition! Here's a bit about me and my goals: I'm about 105 lbs, 5'3, about 20-21% body fat (lean body mass about 83 lbs), 17 y/o female. I try and work out near everyday, 6-7 times a week. I do a push pull leg split and do HIIT cardio some days as well. I split my weights and cardio days. I'm admittedly a bit scared of lifting heavy because I work out by myself and have a back injury. I really want to see more visible muscle, I feel I still have to lose some weight in addition to building muscle so I can a)get rid of some body fat b)see/have muscles. My goal is to look slim and lean. Right now I'm eating about 1400 cal per day which the LA Fitness woman said was good for building muscle, but I'm unsure with her advice. Is that too much or too little? What should my macro's look like? How should I approach weight lifting sessions, and around how long should they be (maybe a better question is how many exercises should I aim to do within one session)? I'm sorry if this is too specific but if I just had this information I feel I could see better results and have better energy levels. I'm so frustrated with feeling tired everyday and hating how I look. Any/all advice is appreciated, as I'm unsure if I'm approaching my fitness in the healthiest way. Thank you for reading!
  2. Hi guys! I am starting my boy scout summer camp in a few days, which is awesome. What isn't awesome is the menu. When we go, we are catered by the camp for all our meals. When buying food for 500+ scouts, the camp tries cutting costs, and the quality of our meals goes down. I am trying to eat a diet free from refined sugars and flour. This diet has worked wonders for my energy and has allowed me to lose 40+ pounds since December. I would hate to derail myself by the sheer amount of sugar in most of our meals. I was wondering if anyone could suggest healthy snacks that would last a week at camp. Also, ideas on what to avoid in camp food (besides the sugar wafers we get for dessert) Would be really appretiated!
  3. Dingbats are visual word puzzles from which a well known phrase or saying has to be identified. For example "mil1ion" = one in a million. I was given a copy of a dingbats puzzle sheet by my bf's mum to try and solve but I'm pretty rubbish at this kind of thing so after being stuck for a couple of weeks I thought I'd share them on here and see if all you brainy folk can find the answers. The number in brackets shows how many words are in the phrase. One rule: use the spoiler tags for your answers so as not to give anything away to anyone else that wants to try it. 1. RAZOR# (2) 2. CHEDDAR> (2) 3. =PREMIER= (3) 4. NUR 4th (4) 5. INILT (3) 6. 6T4000$? (3) 7. BATS (4) 8. TEAR BURST TEAR (3) 9. K9£ (2) 10. ERALG (3) 11. O O (2) 12. ISOCKT (5) 13. TNORF (3) 14. TI IT (4) 15. SIOUTDE (2) 16. EVENT BY BY (6) 17. CUOHG (2) 18. DOOG DOOG (5) 19. FORE! (4) 20. WIN EEE (3) 21. NIPS (2) 22. WELL, WELL, WELL, AND GOOD (4) 23. TRKEEPIM (3) 24. H2OLY (2) 25. of EHT (4) I have posted them all, including the ones we have already solved and I'll post the answers we've come up with though we may well have got a few wrong!
  4. Hi Everyone! A bit of advice, por favor. I am a little chubby and in need of stamina. I wouldn't mind some coordination and balance too! I am a hobbit sized nurse by real life trade, so my class would be firmly 'healer'. Now you'd think nurses don't need to be able to fight..well..you've never worked Dementia have you? One twisted arm (and a splint), and one butterknife between my shoulder blades were it not for a coworker later, and I'm thinking yes, yes I do need to be able to keep myself and my students and coworkers safe. So, in town I have the following options, in terms of martial arts/gym: Kenpo Karate, Kickboxing and Taekwondo. I know very little about any of these. I am some 30lb overweight, having lost 84 in the last 18 months (mainly by diet combined with work walking & archery - walking up and down a 30 or 40 yard range some 75 times in an evening adds up!) with the odd bout of skiing or other random activities thrown in. I am not afraid to try all sorts of things, but whereas the mind is willing the body is..well..uncoordinated. I am a clutz. Like, the walls and ceiling regularly attack me. I am out of shape. (I can run up about 3-4 flights of stairs no problem but hiking recently with a friend who I swear is part mountain goat? .... my stamina failed me) I plan on trying each of these classes out before making any final decisions but any words of wisdom you lovely ladies and gentlemen may have, I would appreciate. Thank you!
  5. Hello. i wanted to see if anyone might be able to help me with an issue I'm having. I decided to change my unhealthy habits. It's been a little over a month since I changed my diet. I am eating a paleo diet. I am also working out 6 days a week. This past week I'm just exhausted. I mean, nothing left in the tank, no energy exhausted. And I'm not losing any weight. A little history. I had done crossfit and paleo previously, with great success. Lost 35lbs. Unfortunately, the expense of crossfit and work got in the way. And a few years before that, I had lost over 100lbs eating low fat, low calorie diet and exercising like crazy. Which you can imagine ended up being disastrous. I got so sick I ended up in the emergency room. And I'm pretty sure it destroyed my metabolism. So I'm looking for some guidance. What am I doing wrong here? How can I get my energy levels up?? And start losing weight?
  6. So...I'd like to add some MRT into my Stronglifts rotation to pick up the cutting/fat loss pace. Problem is, I don't know what I can do without impairing recovery on my off days or going too far on my lifting days. Thoughts? Probably best to do any MRT on my lifting days, but since Stronglifts is whole body...you see where I'm going with this?
  7. I have recently noticed that I am not the only one feeding but I am the gatekeeper of my mouth. I confess I am, like a lot of us, can’t have just one biscuit. I have been sneaking them past myself by instead of sitting with one packet. I will eat biscuit one from packet one put it back.. Then eat biscuit 2 from packet 2... And so on. I have realised this, will be stopping this and counting every calorie. I NEED ADVICE though, I have just started a no cakes in the office rule at work. I'm not pushing it on anyone else. It's just me doing it. (The only chance of cake at a weekend is from my BF mum, it’s not very often and they are homemade beautifully and a good portion size of generally healthier cakes as she likes to cut out sugars) Day 1 of no cakes, my friend comes up and says she has bought in cakes. I said thanks but no, she responded with "o it's only a little one, it won’t hurt" I reaffirmed my no and she went away, I thought that would be the end of it. Half hour later she comes back and pops a suspicious sized thing wrapped in tissue on my desk. I complained to her about it as she walked away grinning. It is far away from me on my desk still and am currently not looking at it. I’m not feeling tempted by it either right now (which I’m happy about). I have also been told, "If you don’t pay for it, it's free calories" " close your eyes! If you can't see it, you can’t count it." .... all the normal ones I need advice on how to tell my work "mates" to take a long walk off a short pier and to take their ruddy cakes with them. My will power has been low lately but I can feel it getting stronger again as I haven’t eaten the cake and I can’t find a way to get rid or bin it without her knowing. Other than screaming at her or saying I can't be around you because you are the cake devil!! I don't know what to do, I have tried explaining what I’m trying to do and still more cake! Help!
  8. “You are never strong enough that you don't need help.†A number of months ago, I came across this: I held it back because I didn't want people to know that I was struggling, online or in real life. I am always willing to help others, it should be the benchmark of humanity. However, I need to be willing to ask for and accept help from others. It's with that spirit that I take this next challenge. Keep the Mojo mojoing: 0/3 0/18 Do some sort of workout that keeps my body moving. BBWW, the 7-minute workout, running, jumping, etc... 3X per week. Wait! You noticed that I put the body weight and the running together? How astute. Well done. The reason for this is because: All that heavy isn't going to lift itself: 0/3 0/18 I'm going to lift 3X per week. I've not lifted in a long time, and I really want to get back into it. I want to earn that Thor Shirt. What Thor shirt? This Thor shirt: or this one: Which will be my reward for finishing this challenge with at least a B. Now, there should be 3 things, and as a Druid, I'm going to add this: Peace can only come from within: 0/5 0/30 Meditate 5X per week. A focused mind can accomplish more and right now, I'm not accomplishing a damn thing. I will slow down, and notice the quiet and that things simply are. By now, in my head at least, you're all wondering what calling Rush has to do with all of this. Glad you asked. Mega Man would not be able to defeat Dr. Wily by himself. Dr. Light, Roll, and Eddie (Flip Top) all help along the way, but it is Rush, Mega Man's trusty dog, that is always there for him (at least since Mega Man 3, which is my favorite). Rush is that extra boost when Mega Man can't quite jump that high. Rush is the way across when the pit is too wide. Rush is the all encompassing friend that we all need. So, how does this all tie in? My grades for my challenge will all be dependent on whether or not I ask for help. My plan is to seek help from other people with all of my activities in some way. I may (and I really should) take The Most Loathed up on his offer of joining him at his new garage gym (and get tips, this guy knows his stuff). I may take Kat or CeaseFire up on the offer of a running mate. I may ask my wife to join me on my workout days at home. The only one that I can't figure out is the meditation. I am not sure how to have someone help me with a solo act. I'm open to suggestions on that one. My grades will suffer one letter if I don't ask for help at least once a week. 0/6 We begin on the 15th, it's going to be a great challenge.
  9. Alright -- I'm going to lay my heart out for you. I'm scared. I'm scared that I won't be able to do a proper squat. I'm scared that I'll never be able to hike that strenous trail in the Shenandoah. I'm scared that I am going to get into my own way, only half-assing my health because I'm too lazy and ignorant to do otherwise. But, I'm getting my 20 seconds of courage, revamping my whole outlook on this health thing. I've been on the rebellion boards for several years, but never seem to connect with anyone due to inactivity. I have failed my accountability buddies, promising to keep in touch, but never really do. Why have I suddenly changed? Well, I haven't. I've been lurking in the background, wishing I was like that person. I need to be honest with myself. I'm not THAT person, I'm me. I have medical problems that cause me to fail challenges that are based on weight. I need to stop thinking like that. I need to reach out for support from my fellow nerds. Motivation: I don't want to be like the rest of my family, living a sedentary life like a good hobbit. I'm an adventurer who dreams of that long quest to save the world from evil. I want to be able to fit into traditional hiking clothes instead of hiking in yoga pants. I want to backpack the Appalachian trail. I want to safely SCUBA dive the great barrier reef. I want to be able to explore places where few people have gone and I don't want my health to get into the way. I want to be comfortable in my skin enough to go cosplaying without caring about how other people me because I'm feeling awesome. I want to strut down the beach and only wear a t-shirt because I burn WAY too easily instead of trying to hide that part of me I'm embarassed about that day. This doesn't mean I need to look like a super model; instead, I'm working on trying to fix my mental perception of myself, my self-image. I have been known to make my goals a little hard to obtain. I easily forgave myself for failing challenges after challenges. Half-assing exercises so that I hurt myself. I'm going to start with yoga to loosen up my joints and my muscles, clear my mind of negativity, and teach myself to BREATHE! I will continue with my walking as I thoroughly enjoy the hikes I take, but until yoga becomes a habit, I won't pressure myself to do daily walks. After a while, when yoga is more a habit than a chore and my body is able to move more fluidly, I'll add strength training to the mix. Fitness challenge for the month: -- Hard-hat challenge (yoga 5x a week) -- Walk at least 6 miles 2x a week Nutrition: -- Cook 4x a week -- Drink at least 5 cups of water a day Life: -- Work on debt snowball to get rid of car loan and one student loan -- Become more active in the community with at a daily battle log update and speak up on other's 3x a week. This will be hard! I'm not used to it, but I hope that I'll make habits.
  10. So: when doing dips, my ROM (range of motion) has always sucked. It’s been this way all throughout my training in dips: I’ve done them both on P-bars and on rings, and I’ve always had this problem. When I test my shoulder hyperextension (arms behind my back), it’s not great. I stretch after my workouts, but not daily. I know that in order to get more ROM out of my dips, any extra flexibility needs to be a useful ROM for my muscles – that is, I need to be able to apply force in that ROM. I think that means I need both stretching and some light exercises. However, I don’t know what exercises to do. Does anyone have a method that helped them with a similar shoulder problem?
  11. Hi all. Last year, around this time, I started on the path to improving my physical fitness as a means to improving my mental health. I made dietary changes (particularly, cutting out Energy Drinks) and did some basic bodyweight exercises (based around the Angry Birds plan) I was/am literally at the peak of fitness in my life - more so than when I wrestled, or when I played American Football. So I reached a point I was happy with and then... Stopped. For one, while I enjoy the results, I find working out itself ultimately leaves me feeling empty. At first I could burn through the exercises relatively quickly, but later on I was having to set aside 40 minutes to an hour which was difficult to work in to my routine and access. Also, the activities, while strenuous, were boring and left me feeling breathless but unfulfilled. On top of that, and to my annoyance, I don't find any kind of sports or exercise interesting (to watch or take part in) and have very limited access - I can sometimes eke out an 8' by 2' space to exercise in, during the daytime, when I'm not working. The nearest gym is roughly an hour away, and while the area I live in is not terrible, I don't feel comfortable leaving the house without a reason. So, fellow nerds - am I a lost cause?
  12. So I'm trying to eat PaleoISH for my first challenge, but I REALLY like sweets. Do you guys have any good recipes for those sweet cravings? I've tried some that are pretty bland. I know bananas have a ton of sugar in them, but a banana alone just doesn't scream dessert to me. Also, on a different note but still Paleo related, are white potatoes Paleo? I know sweet potatoes are, but I'm not a fan of those. . .
  13. So I've been lurking in the shadows on this site for a few months now - watching over it all but not joining in (creepy I know!), but today's the day I take the plunge! Although now I'm here I don't quite know what to say! Well....I'm basically a 28 year old hobbit (only 5 foot, but there's still chance I'll grow right? Right?!) and after years of suffering massive self esteem issues I looked in the mirror one day and realised something needed to be done. I'd been trying to make too many changes (with everything - job, home life, health, relationships, etc) which meant nothing was changing at all. I wasn't massively overweight but I just didn't like myself very much (or at all really). Fast forward 12 months and I'm 18lbs lighter, feeling much more comfortable and have become one of those people who actually enjoy exercise! (Who knew I'd actually come to quite like the feel of achy muscles instead of dreading it!) I started a weights class, made exercise more of a priority and hey, I even hiked up a mountain this year! (Not quite Mount Doom but still, a mountain!! An actual mountain!!) Sounds great right?! The only trouble is, I'm doing this alone and it's a struggle some times. My family and friends have no interest in health/fitness and what I really need (and I'm hoping you guys can help) is some inspiration. According to my Wii fit (not the most accurate of things I'll admit!) my ideal weight is 8 stone but I'm ignoring that! I've got no desire to be 8 stone (I'd look more like a child than I already do!) and no desire to drop any more dress sizes. You'd think that by reaching a size where I'm comfortable everything would be fine but I had a bit of a freak out recently. It's the damn mirror's fault again! I looked in the mirror and realised I no longer looked like myself. My chubby cheeks had gone (I have cheekbones! Who knew?!!) and I realised.....well, I realised my bum had disappeared. (I know, I know, I can't believe I'm complaining about that either but I was weirdly quite happy with a bit of junk in the trunk!!) Of all the things that could have thrown me off course I never thought it would be the fact that I've lost my bum! But now, not only have I lost my bum, but I've lost my willpower. I'm still exercising but not very regularly and my diet (the one thing I've always been fairly good with) is suffering and I need help!! So while I'm still figuring out who this new person is I see in the mirror, any hints and tips on how to keep going are much appreciated!
  14. Hey guys! I've been doing the Angry Bird workout, and in the one arm rows I've been slowly upping weight until I think I feel comfortable doing inverted rows (right now I'm at 20lbs, started at 10!). The thing I'm having trouble with is that it seems my biceps are being worked harder than my triceps are, and I think the rows are supposed to work the triceps and back, right? Is there anything I can do to improve my form, or any errors you guys think I may be doing? Any advice?
  15. Soo I was an idiot today and will be spazzing about this until I fix it and my usual oh shit sources aren`t helping me much. I saved a file then accidentally reopened an older version of said file and now the updated file has disappeared.... App: Kingsoft on Android Device: Samsung Note 8 My strength is in rping not tablets...
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