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Found 5 results

  1. For those new to the ongoing fight against chaos: Now with that out of the way. Last challenge actually didn’t stink for me. I was starting to really feel like I was finding a groove, mojo, a way through all this chaos. Even with a pandemic and working from home (then going back to the office) and the fact our schedule was never the same more than about 2 weeks a time. But I really felt like I was handling okay. Even with the near constant negativity I am getting from some people, I am starting to feel like I am making progress. If I really am is yet to be determined. This challenge, I am adding one more fight to the battle of Chaos, replace the tile floor that is through almost the entire main floor including the kitchen and bathroom. The actual tiling of the floor will be 4th of July weekend, but we are starting demo this week, after the new windows are finally delivered. Mostly because tearing out the tile and fixing the unleveled spot could take much longer than we have in those 5 days to lay the tile, so time to get to work. So I have added a few things to my boxes, including a daily “Floor project” which some days could be demo, some days could be painting or staining, and some days, it may just be something as small as make sure we have adhesive for the tile. Also I am going to work on cleaning out the garden binder that is just basically a place where so many drawings and garden info went to die. I also managed to anger my bad foot. The foot that once took 9 months in a boot and a mess of work to fix. So part of this challenge I need to stretch that foot out and strengthen my knee based on what the dr said last month. Both will help my “I am old” body which sounds much older than I really am. Also the garden is in here, but due to a (for lack of better word) mandate from my mother to redo all the landscaping at her house, I will be spending at least most of one day a week over there ripping out beds and putting in new ones. At the end of the challenge, Eldest Agent is having 4 wisdom teeth removed, so I need to have most of the floor stuff wrapped up before we head into that. And I need to find a job. I am not doing as much there as I should, but hopefully that will pick up soon. The funniest thing in all this, this is still a light challenge for me. All told, I will want all 7 boxes daily, with a total of 60 pts per day broken down as shown below. Wish me luck. Goal Value Description Strength 1 Calf raises 1 Squats 14 1 Wall Sit (sec) 1 Side kicks Do 7 1 Leg lifts 7 1 Reverse sit ups 1 sit ups 1 Knee to Elbows 1 Push ups 1 Knee exercises from dr 1 Backward Leg Raises 1 Step ups 1 Side lunges 1 Desk push ups Flexibility 1 Wrist Extension Stretch 1 Wrist Flexion Stretch 17 1 Upward dog/Child pose 1 Meditating Groot 1 Lord of the dance Yoga (ankle above head) 1 Lower back stretch (One leg across body) 1 Chair Pose 1 Butterfly 1 Bridge Do 9 1 Ballet/toe Touch 9.00 1 Sitting Fix/Shoulder stretch 1 Warrior 1 1 Ankle Circles 1 Warrior 3 (Eagle bird thing) 1 Quad stretch 1 Side stretch 1 Forward bend Life and Family 1 Play with Cats 1 NF status update 1 NF reply one other thread 1 Water Garden 1 Walk Garden twice a day 1 Water Hanging basket 1 Use lotion on legs daily 22 1 Spend time with Agents 1 Work on a project 1 Text/Talk to one family member a day (Chosen or Blood) 1 Water an inside plant 1 Do something for me (Stardew, read a book, date night, ect) 1 Soak up the sun 1 Plan 1 Be in bed by 11:00 1 Floss in morning 1 Floss after work Do 14 1 Floss before bed 1 Check Dad's email 14 1 One good thing 1 Give Agent K9 5 minutes playtime 1 Pull weeds for 5 minutes Fight Chaos 1 Pennisula/Island Clean all these daily 1 Table / Half wall 12 1 Desk 1 Bathroom up 1 Clean off file cabinet Do 7 1 Bathroom down 7 1 Clean off door to basement 1 Clean off Stairs and landing 1 Clean off tall dresser 1 Clean off nightstands 1 Clean off Dresser 1 Counter over dishwasher At least 5 minutes per room (at least one) 1 Floor Project 1 Dust one surface 1 Computer room 12 1 Basement 1 Clean 1 thing in file cabinet 1 Pick up one furtumbleweed a day 1 Clean garden binder 1 Garage Do 7 1 Bathroom down 7 1 Clean 2 papers out of paper organizer 1 File 1 thing a day 1 Purge 1 thing a day Walking 1 Walk 9000 steps 6 1 Walk 15 minutes a day 1 Walk 5 minutes at lunch 1 Talk Agent K9 for a walk 4 1 7 hours with 250 steps do 4 1 Walk to Mordor Fuel 1 No eating after dinner 15 1 No stupid sugar 1 Track breakfast 1 Track Second breakfast do 12 1 Track Elevensies 1 Track lunch 1 Track Dinner 1 Track Supper 1 Take Probiotic 12 1 < 3 bottles of tea 1 Eat Bananas Daily 1 Eat dried Apricots 1 Eat Breakfast 1 Eat Lunch 1 120 oz of water 98 Did I complete 5 minutes in room Total points for day 60.00
  2. It’s been long enough. Now it’s time for all-out war! Same old same old, but different. Still need to think about the “howâ€, though.
  3. so challenge much late very continue wow I shall leave the spamming with Doge pics to those who are better at it than I am.
  4. Hello again - I joined this site several months ago, then kinda fell off. National Respawn Day is appropriate because that is what I need to do! I am back again, and continuing my journey, determined more than ever to finish! I will introduce myself again, because it's been so long. My name is Suzi, and I am 38 with just under 100 lbs to lose. I haven't fallen completely off the wagon since I joined but i definitely need a kick in the butt! I am giving myself that kick today, and hopefully I can start over my first quest, which I started on here, then wasn't able to complete. I am looking to lose fat and build muscle. I did start working wtih a personal trainer (who will also kick my butt) but lingering illness (gone now thank goodness) kept me from building any kind of regular routine. I am back and ready!
  5. See the full challenge description for details. This is the abridged version. I feel like I've been going in circles for these past challenges. Nothing sticks for longer than a challenge or two. That's not a good reason to give up. And there are good reasons to continue. But it's a good reason to re-examine my strategy. But that is not a good reason to take a break. So I'm doing a "normal" challenge of sorts, but the actual task is to spend this time thinking about how to not go wrong again. Goals (as a homage to The Legend of Zelda, because Triforce, and I approve of trying force): Power: do Convict Conditioning exercises daily. Includes low-intensity, "off-day" exercises. Details to be posted later. Wisdom: rest enough, at the right time. Because sleep is an important part of health. Courage: apply for a job (as a Ph.D. student). Because selling oneself is scary. But necessary. Yes, if you read any of my previous challenges, then you've seen this before, in one way or another. That's the point. This isn't supposed to be novel, this is supposed to build a foundation. One that outlasts more than just a couple of challenges. Comments requested. Thanks for visiting.
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