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  1. Darkfoxx 8: Moving Through 2014 With A Slew of Kicked Asses In Her Wake Darkfoxx 8: Leaving No Ass Unkicked Darkfoxx 8: Kicking All The Ass In 2014 Darkfoxx 8: Never Leave An Unkicked Ass Behind Ok, so I went off on a little tangent when trying to come up with the theme of this challenge cycle. My Die Hard references evaporated months ago, and I’m too lazy to look for awesome nerdy .gifs. So, tangent time. Like my girl and NF partner in crime Fonzico, this is my one-year nerdaversary as well. W00t W00t. <<< hey, lookee there, it’s a gif. Boom, bitchez. I can’t freakin believe I’ve stuck with this Nerd Fitness business for a year - a whole. freakin. year. And I’m not even ‘over it’ yet. This is pretty much unprecedented, and I have my merry band of constant friends to thank for it. Thanks guys for the support, the harassment, the ass kickings, the internet parties, the woots, and the loves — I totally wouldn’t still be on this journey if I had to go it alone. *ahem* Tough it up, there, Darkfoxx - enough of the mushy stuff and on with the show. Main Quest My overarching mega goal still hasn’t changed - I’m still pumped about doing Mudderella in May. This has been my goal to work toward for 3 challenges now, and I’d like to think that everything I have done in that time gets me a little closer to my goal of finishing all 5-7 miles without dying. I’m still nervous and excited about Mudderella - and I only have 5 months to go! Goal 1 Fitness. I’ll fully admit I’ve been a complete and utter slackass the last week of 2013/this first week of 2014. I finished last cycle (barely) - and then family came to town. Sure, we walked a bunch (I clocked 9 miles one day, with 3-something as my lowest day), but that’s all I did. And I ate like there was no tomorrow. Carbs akimbo. This week I’ve done exactly zero of the things. I nursed a cold and watched Twilight Zone. Twilight Zone isn’t going to help me get to Mudderella. Working out will. So, I’m going back to my old favorite - HasFit. I’ll be starting up the crazy intense Hero 90 program at the start of this challenge, and it will run me all through this cycle and the next. After this craziness, I’d *better* be able to Mudderella - it looks intense (in a good way). I’ve missed Coach K and it will be good to have him egging me on again. Goal 2 Metrics and Moar metrics. My diet has gotten away from me at the end of this year - hellooooo white potatoes - and I need to button that shit back up. Goals are the usual 100 grams or under of carbs, 70 grams or over of protein and 1500 or so calories. I’m still doing My Fitness Pal - and I’m adding my new buddy - the FitBit Flex to the mix. Not only will I be tracking my food this go round, I’ll also be tracking water (again - I slipped on my water intake during our weeks off), sleep patterns, steps, and fitness minutes. Goal 3 Keep this ‘moving rapidly through space’ thing up a little. This can’t be a hard and fast goal. I know HasFit is going to completely kick my ass. I know it’s the middle of winter. But … I found myself actually enjoying going out and doing my Zombies, Run 5k trainer — even at 30 (or even 20) degrees. And I have the gear for it, so I’d like to keep it up. I will consider even one extra time out a success here. Week 3 has a prescribed 60 minutes of cardio (+ 6 minutes of abs) day - and I’ll definitely go out for that - the plan is to do 2 regular Zombies, Run missions for that workout. But I want a little more. I’m not sure when I’m going to pull this off - should it be on the day I do a 30-minute HIIT workout? after 20 minutes of MMA training? give up one of my coveted days off? It might kill me, but I’d like to do it once. And if I never feel like I can manage it? Well, that will be a shame, but I won't let it ruin my jam. Life Side Quest Address the DVD mess. I’ve been waaaaayyy too lazy to keep up with the semi-broken DVD storage solution I have (all DVDs stored in paper sleeves in an apothecary drawer chest in alphabetical order). I have tons of DVDs that need sleeving - and things need to be gone through to ensure everything is in order. Ideally, I need to come up with a new system that will actually allow me to figure out what all I have - but I’m not holding my breath for that one until I make the jump to all-digital storage. For now, I’d be happy with all my DVDs being safe and orderly. Fitness Side Quest The handstand craze from a couple of months ago sounds like fun. I think I’d like to work on that. No big pressure to perform here, I’d just like to give it a go during this challenge cycle. Starting Measurements (taken 01.02.14) Neck at narrowest: 12" (up 3/4" from last cycle start) Bust under breast: 31" (static) Waist at narrowest: 27.5" (up 1/2" from last cycle start) Hip at widest: 40" (static) Thigh at thickest: 20.5" (up 1/2" from last cycle start) Arm at widest: 10.5" (up 1/2" from last cycle start) Weight at wakeup: 123.9 lbs. (down 3 lbs. from last cycle start) Height: 5 ft. 2 3/4 inches (5’2†for measuring purposes) According to the FitBit scale, my BMI is: 22.67 (28.2% fat) - dead mid normal range According to calipers, my BMI is: 23.4 - mid-low ideal range
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