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Found 3 results

  1. How it Should Have Ended is a great series on Youtube. In it, they point out plot holes and places where characters from Nerd Movies act like idiots. Here's an Example: I thought it a fitting theme because I'm at a turning point. Last challenge at the beginning I was diagnosed with High Blood Pressure. At the end I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes. I can either make changes to prevent diabetes, or I can do nothing and get sick. As a hospital Chaplain in a town with a diabetes problem, I see the results of un-managed diabetes all the time: patients on dialysis because their kidneys got damaged, patients with neuropathy, patients going blind (I don't encounter that as often), patients loosing toes, feet, even legs to un healed wounds, poor circulation, or both (see that all the time). I always told myself if I ever get pre-diabetes I would deal with it before it got to full diabetes, to avoid the complications of full blown type II diabetes. That way the movie of my life doesn't have a diabetes-problems sub-plot. Goals: Kettlebells: Keep swinging them. The goal is 3 times a week do the NF Beginner Kettlebell workout with a 20# bell in the first round and a 15# bell for the next two rounds. Yoga: Stretch 2-3 times a week. Walks: Take them. Nutrition: I'm going to eat as though I have diabetes. The focus is on unrefined carbs, plenty of veggies, some fruit, and good protein. I'm American, I'm gonna get fat in my diet . To get there I'm gonna make baby steps. The Baby step for this challenge is the nutrition goal I had when I came back to NF in 2015: no more than three restaurant meals (in house, take out or delivery all count) a week. Some bonus goals here: Try overnight oats as a breakfast option. If I do frozen breakfast, do carb-free versions. Realize that sugary treats exist, and I'm not saying I'll never have them, just acknowledge they won't help me treat pre-diabetes with nutrition (the intuitive eating book does say if you eliminate foods because of allergy or whatever sugar is to diabetes it's not the same as restricting it for dieting) find convenient healthy snacks, especially for work (I'm going to stop protein drinks and bars for a while because too much protein can be hard on kidneys) Good things I'm already going I want to stick with and or strengthen Keep using Emeals "Healthy 30 minute meals" plan. They have a diabetes plan but it looks boring. Keep focusing on the intuitive eating ideas of listening to hunger and fullness signals (especially fullness signals) and honor both make decisions about what to eat in the grocery store rather than the pantry Those are some good goals for now.
  2. Main Quests: Workout to improve overall health Document and improve PR's Improve running: 5k [26:30-ish on 19 November 2014] 10k [57:12 on 31 December 2014] Ruck 20 miles in full battle weight Become proficient with weapons: Bow, Handgun, Longarms [rifle, shotgun, etc.] Learn a martial art; Learn a sword style Learn a second language; Learn a third Language Earn a Master's Degree Dive Florida Keys; Australia/Great Barrier Reef; Japan Previous 6 week quest Results Completed strength workouts and aerobic workouts and improved PR's successfully. Finances have also improved and I have eliminated my credit card debt while making double payments on my student loan and minimum on all my other loans. I am partially prepared to take the GRE, but I am not registered for the test just yet and I would like to take a couple of practice tests first. Background: During the down week, I found out that I may have blood pressure issues. I have already purchased a blood pressure monitor and I plan to check my pressure throughout this challenge. 6 Week Challenge Goals: Fitness: Strength Workout 3x/week [Cross-fit Gym sessions; Body weight workout if I do not make a session] [sTR +3] Aerobic workouts 2x/week [minimum of 1.5 miles running/10 minutes or some equivalent exercise with minimum of 10 minutes] [DEX +2 STA +2] Life: Pay off as much debt as possible [Credit Card > Student Loan > Car Loan > Personal Loan] [WIS +2] Prepare for and take GRE to apply to graduate school [WIS +2] Monitor and record Blood Pressure at least 1x/day; If higher than 120/80 for more than one week discuss with doctor. [WIS +1 CON +3] May evolve into a diet goal to track diet risk factors. The only other causal risk I believe I have is genetics/family history of high blood pressure.
  3. I've been overweight almost all my life, being a game and a software engineer has been a blessing and a curse. A blessing since I love what I do, absolutely love it but a curse since I'm always in front of the TV or my computer. I'm also diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder which means I had anxiety attacks every other day. But I have managed to overcome that anxiety by taking a stance and being a true warrior. I was diagnosed with High Blood Pressure, Apnea and I was obese actually I was size 44" XL. I decided to change all of that a year ago and managed to lose 70 pounds. I tracked all my meals, worked out and I'm at my last curve where I need to lose 30 more pounds. Now I don't have Apnea, I have normal Blood Pressure but my weight its 215 and Im 5' 11" So here are my goals. Diet & Fitness 1. Go Paleo for 6 Weeks, No cheating, No soda, No Candies. 2. Run 2 Miles without stopping. 3. Do Weight Training 4 times a week. Level Up 1. Finish up my iPhone/Android App (I'll post the submitted app at the end of the 6 weeks) so you can download. Anyhow here's a recent picture of me during the holiday weekend at Disney Blizzard Beach. I'm on Instagram as "mikegetinfit" where I post all my foods, goals, etc...
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