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Found 7 results

  1. This should probably be a Warriors challenge, but after seeing only one four week challenge last go-round I figured I'd stay home or this one. I'm doing some highland games training since my weight room is under construction at the Y. I think I'll be looking for a games to compete in in June/July so this will be a great way to get familiar with the ways of the Highlander. 1 – Learn the ways of the Highlander. I need to learn the heavy athletic throws. This means I need to work on the weight for distance, the weight for height, the hammer throw, the stone put, the sheaf tos
  2. Ok, so I have a terrible idea: I'm going to do my lifting workouts in January outside. I live in a small apartment with neighbors that sleep late and I don't want to be lifting in the house at 5 am moving furniture and otherwise making a rukus. I don't mind being outside in the winter and last January didn't prevent me from getting my runs done outside. To make matters worse my gym is under construction so the weight room is smaller than usual and everyone is using the boys' locker room which is half the size of the men's. That's going to suck with the new years resolutioners st
  3. Ok so it has been quite a long time since I did abchallenge,. But I figure giving it another try can't hurt. At the end of August, I will be competing in the Highland games at Green Hill (Roanoke, VA). I did surprisingly well at my first comp this year, setting 4 PRs after not training or really lifting at art this pat winter. Now that I am back in the gym I am hoping I can do even better! (Edit) Here are the basics for my goals 1: Lift using the Stronglifts app 2 or 3 days a week. (On 2 day weeks I'll take the spinning class at the gym)
  4. It had been 30 days. How I have survived is something to behold in and of itself, but luck alone cannot last forever and I fear my days are numbered somewhere in the negatives- perhaps I'm already dead and cursed to peruse this boundless arid Hell. The celestial fire beast in the sky keeps an ever vigilant watch over me. It saps my moisture and my will with its gaze. Its breath is burning, yet I'm chilled to the bone, which can be seen right through my emaciated flesh. Judge me now and cast your sentence on an innocent man. I lie down and imagine the sand is a pillow of down with she
  5. Ever go looking through a stack of your video games and find a dusty one? When you pop it in the console and it opens up to your last save you slowly start to remember how the game works and eventually get settled back in, right? So that's where I am at. I stopped posting in here a while back and kinda sorta did some training (but mostly just looked at my weights at home). Tried to get out to the field and throw once a week (sometimes made it twice!). All that being said I stopped, both lifting and training, all winter. Then earlier this year went out and did a coup
  6. Hey all my warrior buddies! I am excited about this new 4 week business. In the long term, I am training for several strength sports now. I am excited about competing in a large Strongman competition in June at the Naturally Fit games. I am training to do an olympic weightlifting meet in April, and I am planning to do at least a few Highland Games for fun this year as well. Like any good earthbender worth her salt, I need to focus on building strength, lots of nutritious food, and maintaining a focused mind. Earthbenders are most powerful when they are literally well grounded. 1. MUSCLE
  7. Highland Games I go to this every year and often can be found studying the form of the people doing the caber toss. Next year I'd like to compete in the toss, so I'm very attentive to this! The rest of the time is hanging out and having a good time. Anyone else up for attending? I'll be at the Ceilidh (fun bit of a party) on the 1st and the games on the 2nd. The whiskey tasting is also always fun.... The full event schedule is on the website linked above. Friday, August 1, 2014 Ceilidh Greenmead Historical Park, Livonia, MI 5:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. Saturday, August 2, 2014 165th An
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