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  1. I have had a couple of weak challenges in a row, and I was unsure if I was even going to participate this challenge. I decided that at least part of my lack of motivation was not having something to train towards. So, I have signed up for a Half Marathon on 20 September in addition to a Warrior Dash on 4 October. I have done my best when I had a clear, inspirational mission. But I met my weight loss goal in February (and since then have gained it all back, but that is a different story), and had to cancel my earlier half marathon race plans because of scheduling conflicts, and have since then simply slipped into a state of dreary *bleck*. I am taking up some new hobbies, but that hasn't yet managed to motivate me to stay active throughout the week. So, new mission: Half Marathon on 20 September. "Finish or Die Trying" (preferably the former). Current goals: Fitness: 1. Train according to my plan based on this PDF. Three runs per week. 2. Walk or run a total of 21 miles per week, trying to get in at least 3 miles per day. Track with the pedometer on my phone. I have done this before and tracked a walk from Bag End to Rivendell to the Lonely Mountain. It helped to get me moving throughout the day. 3. No less than twice per week, crosstrain using bodyweight routines like these by Neila Ray. I will check in at least a few times per week. I have a two week trip to visit family out of state in the middle, with lots of driving, but I will try to keep up. I like to post on other people's threads, especially if I think that I can help with motivation, but I get anxious in crowds so if there are already fifteen people posting comments then I might just "stalk" there instead.
  2. Well the world needs to be saved (again) from all the evil things that crawl out of the Hellmouth, so how do we defeat the baddies? We sharpen our stakes and get after the damn thing. DIET GOALS Restrict carbs to 50 - 100g per day - I want to lose some weight this challenge. I think I've been maintaining weight for a little while now. So I need to get my ass in gear, less sweet 'tatoes and more giant salads. No cave-Buffy no beer this challenge. No alcohol or fun of any kind. I am installing an exception of my birthday, which happens to be this week. That gives me two days (I know a birthday is just a day but Jenn and I are taking a 3-day weekend because we share a birthday) of carby-sugary hooliganism. ​ Intermittent fasting 1 day per week - Got to keep my metabolism on it's toes, so I'm going to build in one intermittent fasting 24hrs into every week. It will probably be between Sunday lunch to Monday lunch, but I'll try to mix it up and see how this works. Track food - I'm so terrible at this, but if I am going to track macros I obviously have to make this a habit. I'm going to use My Fitness Pal and adjust the carbs to 100g per day and up my protein to around 150g per day. Not this time! Starting with today... so far I've eaten nothing because I'm on a fast. HAHA! PAY ATTENTION! FITNESS GOALS I had some sort of clarity after last challenge and learned how to wake up early to work out, so I'm going to roll that momentum into this challenge. Wake and Stake - 430am HIIT every weekday morning I actually think my wake up time is going to be 4am. I've come to the realization that it takes me a good 15 minutes of upright momentum to really do anything substantial. Sometimes the water doesn't start at a full on boil, so 4-415am wake up time to get up and be up with the possibility of cleaning (cleaning requires zero alertness). 430am starts HIIT time. This way I'm awake and not half-assing my workout. No Buffy it is not, but it sure looks that way doesn't it? Random Workout - bodyweight or otherwise 3 times per week. Slayers gotta slay. **bonus - walking the dog** Weredog needs working out too, but I don't always have the time to take her out on the trail. So I'm giving myself bonus points for getting out there and being a good dog Mom. LIFE GOALS 1 Project per week - I had this goal a couple of challenges ago and it really worked, so here it is again. I'd like to focus more on web design, so these are probably going to be website mock-ups. I need some to help diversify my portfolio. Going to try to stay away from logos as much as I like doing them. Also I need to post these things to my blog, Behance, Dribbble, and other social medias. Blog 3 times per week - Whether it be project progress, a sketch, an article I find interesting, I need to maintain an active blog so that onlookers know that I'm continually working and so on and so forth. Reading 15 minutes a Night - self explanatory.
  3. Last challenge I focused on getting stronger. I bulked my way to 250lbs at the midpoint of the challenge. It was at that point that I thought, "what's the point in having powerful muscles if you can barely see them?" I want to be able to show off my hard work. I switched to a cut and was about 233lbs at last Sunday's weigh-in. My mission is to accomplish the 20lb Challenge PvP that I started at a bare minimum. The closer I can get to 200lbs (219 being the 20lb mark), the better. I want to maintain the strength gains from the previous challenge, so to that end, I deloaded and will work back up to them. If I can make gains after that, great, but if not, I'm not going to sweat it. I have plenty of time to worry about becoming beastly again once I've cut the fat. Profile Sex: Male Age: 26 Height: 5'10 Weight: 232.8lbs Goal 1: StrongLifts 5x5 - Focus on Form I deloaded 10% and will continue the program from there. I will take this time to focus on form, particularly on my incredibly awkward deadlift. I will not add weight unless my form is sound. I will get some recordings of my lifts ASAP, whether I have to drag my wife to the gym or ask a random. I have also added EZ Bar Curls to the "A" days, because SL5x5 hasn't been adding enough firepower to my gun rack. Potential Stat Gain: +5 STR Goal 2: HIIT the Ground Running I found a HIIT Program on Bodybuilding.com that I like and can fit into this week and the challenge. This will supplement my dieting, but more importantly give me some much needed stamina. My cardio machine of choice will be the elliptical trainer, as I already have one at home and won't have to go to the gym if I don't want to. I will do this 3x/week. Potential Stat Gain: +5 STA Goal 3: IIFYM Cutting With SL5x5 and HIIT, I will now be working out 6x/week. This results in the following calorie/macro goals for this week: Calories: 2309kcal Protein: 233g Fat: 93g Carbs: 135g Hurray for more carbs. I will adjust these values weekly, following my Sunday weigh-ins. Potential Stat Growth: +2 CON, +3 CHA Life Goal: Sleep I was originally going to do something related to work/career/finance, but I'll either save that for next time or work on it as a side goal on my battle log. For the challenge, I'm going to make sure that I get enough sleep to recover from lots of working out. I will be aiming to get a minimum of 8 hours of sleep per night. This generally means being asleep by 11:00 PM on weekdays. I'll need to stay away from my phone and start getting ready for bed at 10:00 to make this happen. I could see my wife being a problem here, as she plays on her iPad in bed past 11:00. I'll let her know what I'm doing and to respect my wishes. She can play with the sound off or go out into the living room. I will experiment with meditation and other methods of lulling myself to sleep quickly. To track this, I will create a sleep log in my challenge spreadsheet, where I will not only record the hours slept, but also what I did before bed, how I felt when I woke up, if I dreamed, if I woke up in the middle of the night etc. Potential Stat Growth: +3 WIS This didn't work out and will be attempted again during the next bulking challenge. I'm looking forward to becoming a much leaner version of myself.
  4. What once seemed like an endless trek through an inescapable umbral realm has ended. Dawn has broken. Rays of warming and reassuring light creep over the horizon, unfurling out onto the landscape and slowly engulf our protagonist. Twilight wanes, but he sits guarded in the shadow of the cavernous maw from which he has just escaped. Now what? The night lands of the Underdark may have been Hellish, but they were familiar to him now. Daybreak seemed threatening in its alien appearance. The illuminated countryside sprawled out before him in distances immeasurable by his senses. When shadows conceal one’s vision of paths beyond and imprisoning walls define one’s boundaries, one can become acclimatized to such comforting routine no matter how detestable. Here, on the outside, there were no paths. Yet, no direction was blocked. He could go anywhere, but without a defined path he'll go nowhere. *** In my first challenge I sought to break the habits I adopted while spending over a year working overnight shifts. I slipped into a disturbing routine. It felt like a half-life. Never sleeping well, waking every hour on the hour, never doing anything, drifting away from people, from trying. In some respects I succeeded, and in other respects I fell short. Meditation and yoga have been introduced into my life, and I have reintroduced running back into my routine. However, I wouldn’t call them habitual, at least not yet. Now I am focusing on really small details in my life, making small changes to my environment and routines to generate larger life changes. The week following my first challenge, and after having read The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg, I have had much better success. Now that I feel like I am slowly starting to get my life back, I must decide what I want to do with my life; and THAT seems far more daunting! The EPIC QUEST will be a five year goal. I am still working on this, with years three and four being very fuzzy. So far, here is what I have: Step 1 (3 months) – Make small changes to environment and routines to create a foundation for better systems for living. (e.g. environment changes, become aware of habit loops)Step 2 (6 months) – Develop and implement systems for better living. (e.g. learning to live with less)Step 3 (1 year) – Achieve 50% debt elimination and complete at least one “impossible taskâ€.Step 4 (2 years) – Visit Thailand.Step 5 (3 years) –???Step 6 (4 years) –???Step 7 (5 years) – Profit! Oh, and go hiking in the Himalayas. Maybe climb a mountain, but not Everest. Have the option to quit my job, or already be working somewhere else. So challenge two, this challenge, is about discovering and cultivating those keystone habits that I will need to develop my systems for better living. If challenge one was about discovering yoga and meditation, challenge two will be about putting them to proper use. My Quest – Chapter 1: Purpose & Direction As someone who self-identifies himself as having both nihilistic and narcissistic tendencies, and as a recovering misanthropist, I truly feel I don’t have a purpose in life. Or at least I sure as Hell don’t know what it is. I need to find my purpose. I want to add a little mysticism into my life. I need to be mindful. I have been reading, writing, and doing introspective exercises to help discover what my purpose might be, what might make me happy in life. Right now, life is “meh.†To me, everything is just... “meh.†It’s not bad, I am not sad or feeling depressed, but I definitely feel life should be something to get excited about and I am just not excited. I need to find a way to make my life great. As to what my purpose may be, I don’t know. I do feel like I have something inside me that I need to tell, but I don’t know what it is or to whom I need to tell it, or even how to tell it. I need to explore self-expression. I need to get to know me. Mind: Meditation, mindfulness, and self-expression I will deepen my meditation. I will aim to meditate every morning for at least 15 minutes and include at least one longer session per week. (That'd be an A grade.) Bonus points for pre-bed meditation. I will make a meditation space in my home. I will try to meditate outside in a variety of places such as forests, fields, and beaches. I will aspire to take one photograph a day, trying my best to avoid iPhone photos and instead focus on taking a quality photograph. (I will likely post these.) I will spend at least 30 minutes a day writing, even if I cannot think of anything, I will put pen to paper. I already journal on a regular basis but this writing will be with an audience in mind. (I’ll post snippets from time to time.) I will practice mindful eating. No more reading, writing, texting, email reading, web browsing, TV watching, game playing, or anything else while eating. When I eat, I eat and only eat. I will eat at the dining room table or outside. AP : +3 Wis, +1 Con, +1 Cha Body: Running, HIIT, and Swimming OK, my real goal here is to go at least one sprints run per week but will try for twice (that'd be an A). I will try to extend my running distance on a weekly average, as opposed to focusing on set run lengths. I like to swim but I don’t swim very much. Part of it is I dislike pools and chlorine. I like to swim in natural bodies of water and the Canadian winter precludes this for half the year. The primary reason I don’t swim is due to body issues. Somewhere along the line I got the idea in my head that since I am overweight I should not be allowed to go to the beach. I just don’t belong. So even though I am not attaching any of this goal’s success to swimming, I do want to go swimming more this year. AP: +1 Dex, +3 Sta (HIIT), +1 Cha (swimming) Soul: Yoga, Shinrin-yoku, and maybe T’ai Chi I want to deepen my yoga practice. I want to show up to the mat consistently and to begin embracing it as something more than just a series of stretches. (An A grade would constitute five yoga work outs a week with one of them being 30+ minutes.) I want to experiment with tai chi as well, maybe qi gong. We’ll see. I want to connect to something bigger. Being an atheist, this will be hard. I don’t know how I will be able to grade myself on this objectively. I think if, for now, I focus on deepening my yoga, experimenting with Taoist internal martial arts, and synergizing this with my Mind goals of meditation I should be able to begin to illuminate the edges of the path that’ll one day lead me to finding peace with the universe. I am not talking about enlightenment; I am talking about simply easing my existential anxiety. It’ll be a long hard road, I know. Shinrin-yoku, or forest bathing, is something I want to do more off. I spend a lot of time outdoors, but how mindful of the experience am I? AP: +2 Dex, +1 Con, +1 Sta, +1 Cha Life Goal: Spending Fast For my life goal, I want to diminish my consumerism and be happier with less. For the six weeks of the challenge I will buy nothing new*. I will also not spend any money on wants and indulgences, such as coffee shop coffees, eating out, and going to the movies and such. *OK, some caveats. Some stuff I may have to purchase. Now these may not be needs in the strictest sense, such as survival, but things like unexpected car maintenance would be one example. If I need a new tire or break pads or an oil filter, well, I need my car to get to work. It is, after all, a 250+km commute. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Challenge Resources: 50 Ways to get a Job - Finding Your Purpose HE's article on Kit Anderson's 100 Possessions Joshua Becker's Helpful Guide to Living an Intentional Life Steve Pavlina's article Spirituality vs. Intelligence Five things you need to know today - Zenpresence.com
  5. Hello and welcome to Ogreland. A magical place that......well not magical exactly....anyway..... So, I have been thinking a lot about what the goals would be for this next challenge. The fact is that I am living in a temporary set up and that has been taking it's toll. So I need to change a few things. Where I am starting from: Currently I am working full time, standing call two weeks a month, and recently getting more and more overtime. I am attending an accelerated Bachelors Degree program through November. I am living in a house that was purchased for $13K and is now livable but needs finished up so that the woman and her cats can move in with me and the dogs. Mostly needed are wall plaster patches finished and painted, minor electrical work (running another outlet in the basement and attic type thing), general cleaning. Meanwhile, I need to cut grass at both houses and after getting into the new house, have to fix up the old house to sell. The truth is, that through November I am overextended. I am running at my limit and have to let something slide from time to time. I simply do not have enough time nor energy to keep it all at 100% all the time. This was hard to accept. So I am regrouping. 1. Flexible workout plan. Three workouts per week minimum. The requirement is at least 1 HIIT workout per week, and at least 1 lifting workout per week. So typically it will be 2 HIIT OR 2 Lifting depending on schedule variations in summer schedule needs. 2. Sleep. Get at least 8 hours in bed resting or sleeping 5 nights a week. This may be a challenge on Tuesdays because I have school and nights I work excessive Over Time...but I should be able to manage 5 nights per week. 3. Food. Prepare meals and freeze for the week. Each weekend I need to take the time to make a lot of food and freeze lunches and emergency dinners. 4. House. Clean up and organize. Tools and equipment tend to spread out around the house. This will happen once a week minimum. It should help make the time I work more effective by not needing to look for tools or play Chinese puzzle with things in the house. This will be started on June 9, 2014.
  6. Life has been quite a mess the past few months. Its time to clean shit up! Here's a quick recap: Earlier this year I started having problems with depression which derailed my entire life from home to work to the gym. I got some good help (therapy and meds), and now I'm getting back on track. I was able to complete the last challenge and get back into several of my old habits. I've also started on the 20 lbs. PvP weight loss challenge. Main Goal: Maintain and refine the habits gained from the last challenge and lose body fat. This challenge I'll be focussed on cutting and fat loss, maintaining strength, and fixing areas of life that are broken to add more support to my efforts. Yesterday, I read three articles on Lyle MacDonald's blog (one, two, and three) that I found very helpful, and that are guiding my efforts this challenge. These are guiding all three of my goals in one way or another. Grading: Rather than counting points and doing letter grades, I'm going to go Pass/Fail with a penalty system. If I screw up, I do "X" additional minutes of HIIT to compensate. If I have any penalties remaining at the end from a goal, I fail that goal. Also, I'll be gone at a conference for a week, June 19-26. Plans will be modified appropriately. Goal 1: Clean Eating To lose weight without losing too much muscle and strength, I need to follow a good clean, ketogenic diet. I started eating keto last challenge. The only difference is now I'll be tracking, and to keep calories lower for cutting, I'll be removing the skin from several of my chicken quarters. Daily ketogenic macro goals: eat at least 165g PRO, but no more than 50g in a single meal eat less than 58g CHO stay under 2500 cals daily eat around 161g Fat No alcoholic beverages -- also helps goal 3 I will: Eat for hunger only. Eat one piece of meat at each meal. Eat a moderate to small amount of fat with each meal If feelin' hangry... snack on lean meat/protein Eat a serving or two of non-starchy veggies (broccoli, leafy greens, and the like) at each meal Avoid Fruit, Grains, legumes, and starchy veggies (potatoes, other tubers, etc.) And of course avoid sugars, and alcohol. I will write down what I eat. I will record when I notice the signs of being in ketosis. I will weigh myself once a week. I will adjust intakes (more v. less) based on progress. Penalty: For each day I exceed 2500 cal or 58g CHO per day, or 50g protein/meal, or for each alcoholic beverage consumed, Note: If I'm short on protein, I have to make it up, which may cause me to exceed calories for the day so the penalty applies indirectly. Anytime I break one of these rules I owe the Universe 3 additional minutes of HIIT added to my workouts. Goal 2: Clean and Press I'm going to change up my workout routine based on the weightlifting for fat loss articles linked to above. Also, I want to learn the clean and press, and in the future incorporate more Oly lifts in my workouts from time to time. I've been doing a hybrid of Stronglifts 3x5 and IceCream 5x5. Now I'll be alternating heavy days (SL)IceCream 3x5, with lighter weight days of Clean and Press training, plus lightweight accessory lifts and HIIT to burn more calories. For accessory training, I'm shooting for the 8-12 rep range and I'll be supersetting and circuiting to reduce rest times. I'm going to alternate between upper body and lower accessory work. Also, my heavy workouts will replace front squats with low bar back squats and increase the number of deadlifts I do. I increase my lifts when I get 3 full sets of 5, and in every workout, I try 5 sets to get this before giving up. Deadlifts will advance for 1x5, and I will do 3 sets of 5 or less. I will be working out 4 times a week as such: Monday: Tuesday: Wednesday: Thursday: Friday: 3x5: Clean and Press HIIT 3x5: Clean and Press Low Bar Back Squat Upper Accessory Lifts Stretching Front Squat Lower Accessory Lifts Bench Press Press Pendlay Row Deadlift I want to reforge the habit of going to the gym every morning M-F. Wednesday will just be a kind of, show up, do some stuff and leave. I'll do a dedicated session of HIIT then. I'll only do HIIT on other workout days if I need to make up for penalties. Penalty: If I miss a workout I owe the Universe 10 minutes of HIIT. Goal 3: Clean Mind I want to incorporate some things to help deal with my anxiety/depression, maintain better focus and remove stress. Get up early - no snooze Meditate daily 1 Lakeside morning commutes/walks per week If I get up early I can easily get the first three. Penalty: 1 min. of HIIT for each missed clean mind goal, or 1 yoga class removes all penalty points. Life Goal: Clean Priorities Sub-Goal 1: Make a to-do list. -- I need to manage my time better both in work and life, stop procrastinating, and just get things done. So I'm making a to do list. I'll just add things to it as I go, and cross them off as I finish them. I'm gonna aim to get three things off the list per day. Here's the to-do list if you want to check my progress. Reward: Every time I cross something off, I get some internetz time. I can read one article/page, or spend 10 min. on NF, FB, etc. If I cross off five things, or reach the end of my list, I can take all the time I want. I'm not doing a penalty here just because there may be some things that wind up on the list that may take more time than anticipated. I just wanted to make some effort to spend less work and home time screwing around on the internet. Sub-Goal 2: Clean Apartment While depressed this winter, I didn't clean anything. And still I come home to a mess and haven't yet found the motivation to tackle the accumulated clutter and mess. Don't get me wrong, I've kept things (mostly) sanitary, but everything is cluttered and disorganized and messy. So I want to really get things cleaned up and start making a habit of keeping up with cleaning. Spend 10 min a day tidying up -- penalty = 1 min HIIT Clean the kitchen or bathroom each weekend -- penalty = 5 min HIIT Motivation: My motivation is all about getting back in control of my life. Between grad school and depression, I've felt like I've let my own priorities get set by other people or past events or even a warped view of what is and what should be important to me. I want to have a better work/life balance, to be healthy, strong, and have a functioning brain.
  7. Mission: Get in the right physical shape to handle at least weekly practices in heavy armored combat with my local group of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA). That means I will not fit in the stereotypical monk mold that I have seen here at NF. Less this. More this. During the last half of my previous challenge I floundered pretty badly, because I did not have a clear motivational mission, and also (probably mostly) because I had a really bad time at work, that bled into my personal and fitness life. I think I have my life a little more balanced now, and I will be going back to something that has worked for me in the past: daily tasks. 1. Every day, at least twenty minutes of exercise. Examples: body-weight circuit training, sledgehammer HIIT, or running, with hiking no more than once per week. I plan to specifically get my shoulders strengthened to handle holding up my shield and sword for long bouts. 2. Every day, only eat foods that are intentional (that is, planned) rather than impulsive (that is, driven by emotion or temporary craving). So a treat is all right, if it is something that I planned at least a day in advance and preferably have with other people. 3. Every day, carve out some personal time for meditation/prayer/scripture study. I did this in an earlier challenge and I miss the clarity. I have an application on my phone to help track, and I plan to post here near-daily. Thanks for reading.
  8. WARNING: LARGE PUDDLE OF BRAIN VOMIT AHEAD (feel free to skip ahead to the actual missions) Last challenge went pretty poorly for me and I got a little lost. There was a lot of eating bad stuff, some emotional issues to deal with, and a lot of general wallowing in my own sadness, and by the end of the 6th week I had completely stopped tracking and basically given up on the challenge all together. In fact, I've more or less bailed on all of my challenges at some point since I started this. I was feeling pretty beat up. Then I started getting some little daily mini goals in, and eating better in this week between challenges. The difference it has made on my mood and energy is astounding. And now I'm ready to kick some serious challenge butt! I still have a long way to go to get back to where I was almost 2 months ago, and am still feeling a little lost as to how exactly I am going to get back there. My overall life goal is still to be able to do a back walkover, but for this challenge that specific focus is going on hiatus so I can find my way. No looking back on the past few months, no regrets... just moving forward. I have decided I need to up the intensity of my focus on my challenge this time around. I want to turn to exercise and healthy eating to make me feel better, not run away from it when I'm feeling crappy which only makes me feel crappier. I also want to quit making excuses that it's "OK" to have a cheat day because I was out with friends. Well yes, it is OK to not eat as wonderfully as I would with a home cooked meal... but I can totally still find healthy options where ever I am! I also need to cut back on my social life in general anyway, and focus on myself. (The only exceptions to this are when it involves my family. They come first no matter what.) I really just need to take better care of myself is what I'm getting at. I also need to rely on myself more. Living with my boyfriend has made it difficult for me to reach my fitness goals. He's not as interested in them as I am, so sometimes he wants to eat badly and not work out and I just kind of do too. I need to lead by example, and do my own thing. If he's watching TV eating popcorn, I can still be working out. I love him, but I don't need him for this. Hopefully he will come into the fold soon enough on his own once he sees me kicking mega butt. So with that in mind, I'm making this challenge involve a lot of work outs. This is for two reasons: (1) I want to up the intensity of my mental focus on my body to give me more of an outlet and (2) If I miss a workout there's always another one coming real soon. Before when I only had 2 a week if I missed one I'd just be like oh well... guess I'll just do 1 this week. Anyway, I decided to make this challenge Lost Girl themed because it has so many strong female characters who stick together and love their friends/family but still are independent and kick mega ass on their own. And I'm feeling a little lost lately, so the name fits. Also, the show is my newest guilty pleasure and finding gifs for it brings me great joy. /BRAINVOMIT Thanks for bearing through that, if you did. If not, thanks for being here anyway! Here are my challenge details: Mission 1: Work Out More --Strength Train 3x/Week --HIIT 2x/Week --Run or Hike 2x/Week This is all flexible. I can incorporate HIIT into the strength workout, or the running, or have it be its own thing. I just want to start doing it. Mission 2: Relax & Destress Because I needs it. --Yoga 2x/Week --Foam Roll 3x/Week The yoga will be of the stretchy/mediatey kind. Not intense sweaty yoga. Mission 3: Sleep. I've been seriously slacking on this as of late. Stress = not sleeping = stress. It's a vicious cycle. So I want to get to bed by 9:30 every "school night", and have an average of 8 hours or more per night by the end of the week, but never less than 6 hours any night or the average doesn't matter no matter how much I make up for it later. Food Goal: Eat Good, Feel Good Get as many meals as I possibly can that are: --Home cooked --Gluten Free --Dairy Free --Soy Free I'm going to give myself points in each of these categories, so that when I go out I am still encouraged to eat as healthy as possible. (i.e. - if there's no dairy free options, maybe I can still get gluten free, etc.) Life Goal: Get to the Damn Doctor Soooo I've been putting off going to basically every doctor I should be going to for check ups for a little over 2 years now, others haven't been so long but I'm still due for a visit and I'm great at putting this kind of stuff off. I really need to take care of myself and get this done. Points for each of the following I make appointments with by the end of the challenge: --General Practitioner (physical/bloodwork/etc) --Dentist --The Lady Doctor --The Eye Doctor (I've been out of contacts and wearing the wrong perscription glasses for far too long) --Dermatologist Grading As per usual with me, points earned are based on the percentage completed rounded to the nearest 0.25. Everything but the sleep is a potential point, each sleep goal is 0.5 points. Grading is: >87% = A >62% = B >37% = C > 12% = D <12% = F I picked these numbers simply because those are the cutoffs Excel uses to round to the nearest 0.25. & here's my excel tracker: And that's it! Time to channel my inner potential and get going
  9. Main Quest : Get leaner while improving my energy levels. I need to be (more) strict with myself. Hence the screws I think I'm doing a lot of the right things. I just need to do them a little better.. Sub-quest 1 Get on the plate The current regime is 3-4 meals a day. The fourth meal is optional and depends on how hungry I am when I get in after work. I know I've got back into some old mindless habits again so I'll be sitting down at the kitchen table, focussing on what goes in to my gub, staying off bread, beer (except a little Belgian at the weekend) and processed sugar. There needs to be a little less (i.e. no ) chowing down on uncounted nuts while wandering about the house after work, decompressing. I'm also working on the quantity. A portion of protein, portion of veg,, portion of smart carbs, portion of fat at each meal. I don't like leaving food on my plate so I'll be working on being more careful about what goes on the plate in the first place. Scoring : A: Portions observed serving food each 7 days ; B 6 days ; C, 5 days ; D, 4 days Sub quest 2 Get serious about HIIT. My programme at the moment is three days of weight training and two days of HIIT. I haven't been taking the HIIT seriously : too much time on the elliptic and a bad habit of watching trash on youtube at the same time has made it a 'bleh' activity of limited benefit. So my goal is to make it more interesting and more focused. The two sessions need to be different from one another, they both need my full focus for the session and I need to treat them like proper exercise including mobility work and stretching afterwards. Scoring : A, two different HIIT sessions, given full focus. B, two HIIT sessions, given full focus. Anything else, FAIL Sub quest 3 Get mental. I've been playing with meditation but not really adopting it consistently . So I plan to do two 5 minute sessions a day. One at lunchtime. One when I get in from work before I open a kitchen cupboard. Can you see the thought process here? Scoring : A: 10 – 14 five-minute meditations per week B. 5- 9 five- minute meditations per week. C 1- 4 five-minute meditations. LIFE Quest Stop bloody buying ebooks on Amazon 1 - Click. The madness has to stop. Plus I have a big back-catalogue to read. Scoring A: No books bought. F: Shall I state the obvious?
  10. Today, is a day of Choosing. Well, all days allow for choices. You could chose to eat candy. You could chose to eat salad. You could chose to watch TV. You could chose to read. You could even chose to sleep away your days, to waste your life, if that’s what you’d like. For a long time, my choice was to serve others. I chose to spend all my time helping friends. Family. Complete strangers. Myself? I didn’t care much about myself. Everything I did, was for others. As a teenager, you could describe me in one word - volunteer. I helped everyone. All the time. I spent many late nights at the hospital. I had many early mornings searching for lost hikers. Once I had kids, my life revolved around them - I existed for them. I spent all day in service - to my family. When friends asked me for help, I’d drop everything else. My own interests, my own body, my own mind - they were not a priority. Today, though, is a very important day for me, because I’m making a choice that will change my life, forever. I am choosing to become Dauntless. To be brave. To be tough. To be free. Sub-Quest 1: Workout 5 days a week, alternating between HIIT/Stroller Strides and body weight exercises. +2 STR +1 DEX +2 STA I want to have a good, comprehensive workout routine for this challenge. The three body weight workouts will be lower body, upper body, and total body. HIIT will be on off days. Once I get a jogging stroller (shopping now), HIIT will be replaced with Stroller Strides. These workouts will be in the afternoon or evening, before dinner. Sub-Quest 2: Do a stretching, flexibility, or yoga session daily. +2 CON +1 DEX I am inflexible and stiff all the time. I will change this. I want to be able to move, and move quickly, without having to worry about my knees or back. This is my focus this challenge - to be fighting fit, I must be flexible. Sub-Quest 3: Eat Paleo 6 days a week. +2 CON +1 CHA Once again, I have a Paleo goal for this challenge. After taking the last challenge off, I’ve let my diet become worse and worse, to the point of being absolutely terrible for both my physical and mental state. So, for this challenge, I will eat strict Paleo on average 6 days a week. The remaining day, I will allow myself anything I would like - however, I’m saving these days for special occasions - during this challenge, there is Easter, Father’s Day, my anniversary, and my daughter’s birthday, so that’ll take up most of them, with a few ‘oops’ days thrown in for good measure. Life Quest: Captivate others and get them to buy anything by studying COPYWRITING. +2 WIS +1 CHA I have been studying copywriting for a while, but it’s time to focus on this some more. I am doing the Gary Halbert Challenge, which is supposed to be a 30 day challenge. It has taking me 30 days just to read the first two books. I would like to finish the challenge during this challenge, but if that doesn’t happen, I’m okay with that. I just have to keep trucking along and do a little more every day. Fitness/Diet Side Quest: Practice escaping by practicing Parkour for at least 5 minutes a day. +1 DEX I used to do Parkour, and I used to be good at it. So, I’m going to be working at getting my skills back. I will begin with the basics - rolls, precision jumps, and vaults. I will move to more advanced techniques as I progress. Schedule: MONDAY: Stroller Strides/HIIT AM Flexibility/Stretching/Yoga PM TUESDAY: Flexibility/Stretching/Yoga AM Convict Conditioning PM WEDNESDAY: Stroller Strides/HIIT AM Flexibility/Stretching/Yoga PM THURSDAY: Flexibility/Stretching/Yoga AM Convict Conditioning PM FRIDAY: Stroller Strides/HIIT AM Flexibility/Stretching/Yoga PM SATURDAY: Flexibility/Stretching/Yoga AM Convict Conditioning PM SUNDAY: Flexibility/Stretching/Yoga AM
  11. Hello, I am new to NF and thought this challenge would be perfect for me! Current situation: I am 22 years old and chasing my dreams of becoming a Firefighter. I have completed a degree in Fire Science and a 12 week Firefighter 1&2 Academy. Once I was done with school and completed the Fire Academy, I sort of lost sight of my goals and haven't been putting in as much work in the gym as I should be. Well that is going to change! There is nothing I want more right now than to get my dream job. I believe this challenge will help me get back into “Firefighter shapeâ€. Main Quest: To get back into a training routine and reach a high level of fitness. Missions: Lift weights at least 3 times per week Stretch every morning to prevent injury High-Intensity Interval Training at least 2 times per week Life Quest: Attend church more often
  12. Vengefulpear Eats Senzu Beans in the Medi-Chamber! Welcome back to another awesome challenge my Assassin friends Some of you may know that my shoulder is all messed up right now (well not that badly, but it's still on the mend) so this time around my challenge is going to be based around recovery, the final stages of slimming down and life goals! This year was supposed to be the Year of the Dragon, so I went with a Dragon Ball Z theme for this! Rather than just kicking some dragon bottom... Damn you shoulder! My main quest for this challenge (hopefully it wont last any longer than this challenge) is to fully recover and slowly build myself back up so I don't do myself further harm. Anyway! Onto the goals! Goal 1: Eat Senzu Beans (Like a good Assassin) Lose 6lbs +2 CON +1 DEX Starting Weight: 152lbs Last time I had the same goal and managed to smash it! Yay! So this time I figure I'll do the same, as 6lbs is a good amount to lose in 6 weeks. I am getting close to where I'd like to be I think, I'm certainly nearing where my lean body mass used to be. I know that I will have lost muscle whilst not being able to workout as much as I want because of the stupid efficient body. Damn you shoulder! *shakes fist* Now that I have successfully eaten a certain amount for a challenge, I'm going to add on to that to eat right. That's right, upping it to Hard difficulty! So here's what my dietary goals to achieve my 6lb weight loss are this time: Eat 1850-1950 calories per day average (see calorie PVP)Eat 80% paleo (Minimum 5 days per week)Bonus Objective: Eat 100g protein per dayThe bonus objective is there to hopefully minimize any more muscle loss that might occur. Hopefully with paleo that will happen anyway but we shall see! As per usual, I'm going to throw out the calorie PVP for anyone who wants to track their calories The rules are simple, track your calories and see if you meet your target as an average for the week, whoever does or is the closest is declared the winner. And the overall awesome-person/winner is whoever had the most weekly wins! So I'd be honoured if anyone wants to join me https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AmtRMwoMwJORdG9zYkU1TVAtSkduTXhMUHZkaFdZYXc&usp=sharing Goal 2: Run Snake Way +2 STA +1 DEX +1 CON Run 650,000 miles, kidding! Actually; Run 2-3 times per week and do interval/sprint training 1-2 times per week Again this will be building on the success of my running goal from last challenge, although I do realise that some of that was down to be not being able to do strength training on its own so I just went running instead. I went running 3-4 times per week last challenge, mainly going for 5km runs and then some longer ones at the weekends. Now I want to add in speed training to help my stamina, fat loss and speed. To make sure I don't feel like I have to go out all the time and just run, I'm lowering the goal of normal slower runs to 2-3 instead of 3-4 and then adding in the interval training at 1-2 times per week. If I keep up with what I was doing in the last challenge then I should be able to achieve that no problemo. Goal 3: Stretchy Stretchy Stretch or practice yoga every day +3 DEX +1 STR This goal is subject to change. But I will stretch and/or start yoga to try and keep myself limber and help along the recovery of my shoulder. Also if my shoulder keeps giving my grief after a couple of weeks of the challenge then I will be off to the doctor so this goal may change to reflect what they say. I'm pretty new to yoga and things so any suggestions on this front would be appreciated Goal 4: Study like Gohan Work on life goals at least 1 hour per day +2 CHA +2 WIS Maybe not just like Gohan, but the boy did study hard! I want to add in this because I do want to kick my writing up a notch this year and we've all got loads of things we want to be able to do but never seem to get around to (right... Right?!). So I want to do them rather than just diddling time away on my computer of an evening not doing a lot. Life goals include but are not limited to: Writing, learning a language, researching for writing, studying on writing, practicing my guitar, meditation And to be clear for my own benefit, practicing Smite does not count as a life goal. Bonus points for hitting 50,000 words written towards the book (I'm on about 8,500 now so that might be a stretch but if I actually sit down and write instead of just splooping paragraphs out every now and again I should be able to do it) That's my challenge, then! I wish everyone the best of luck, I'm sure we can support each other and make sure that everyone achieves the very best they can I look forward to it
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  14. Main Quest: ​Going for the Spartan Trifecta. Complete Spartan Super Race (level 2) before next summer and Beast (level 3) by 9/29/14. ​Did my first Spartan Sprint (level 1) on 9/29/13 at Sun Peaks. After the experience, I have a good idea on what needs work. Three Goals:1. Do exercises needed to build back and arm muscles to complete a pull up. There is a course of exercise levels to complete on the NF site http://www.nerdfitne...5/do-a-pull-up/ I am not sure at what rate you advance through these but I will start with Level 1 and work on it 3 days a week until I am strong enough to get to Level 2, 3, etc. I am currently doing assisted dips and pull ups on a machine at the gym with 1/2 my body weight of assist, but I am not doing them right as I am using more biceps so back to square one. (3 STR) (A for 3 days​, B for 2, Fail for 1 or less) 2. ​Do HIIT exercise class at gym 3 days a week. I have worked with the class instructor before and she is an OCR fanatic so her classes are great training for Spartan (3 ​END, 3 STR) (A for 3 days​, B for 2, Fail for 1 or less)3. ​100% paleo meals​ 5 of 7 days a week. (3 CON) (A for ​5 days, B for 4 days , C for ​3 days, F for anything less) Side (Life) Quest:4. ​Three days of 16+ hour of fasting a week (3 WIS) (A for 3 days, B for 2 days, C for ​1, F for ​less)
  15. I have invited myself to the party My name is rogaecia and this is my 4th challenge. For the last 3 challenges I have played with the adventurers and I think it is now time to spice up my life/challenges and getting to know another guild. Hello everyone MAIN QUEST: HULK SMASH For this challenge (and beyond) I would like to focus on getting stronger, better and faster. Motivation: SIDE QUEST 1: FOOD! I plan on being whole 30 compliant with the exception of 15 meals/snacks throughout the challenge. That will give me some breathing room especially during Thanksgiving. Success Scale (Entire Challenge): Successssss: 12-15 cheat meals/snacks Successss: 16-18 cheat meals/snacks Success: 19-more cheat meals/snacks SIDE QUEST 2: HIIT! I recently decided that I wanted to do more HIIT training with running and body weight work outs. I have downloaded a couple of work outs I want to do and will be working on that during this challenge. Success Scale (Entire Challenge): Successssss: 30+ work outs Successss: 20-29 work outs Success: 19 or less work outs LIFE QUEST: 7 SCENES I'm currently working on a series of paintings based on the 7 deadly sins. During this challenge I would like to have a rough draft for one painting. This is pass or fail. [glad to be here]
  16. anyone who is familiar with the Terminator franchise has probably realized that Sarah Connor changed quite a lot from the first to the second movies. [if you haven't seen The Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgement Day, shame on you! go watch them right now. i'll wait here.] so, Sarah's transformation. she pretty much goes from confused and constantly crying noob to total badass. from this to this right now, i'm probably closer to being the Sarah we find at the end of the first movie: getting smarter and stronger every day, starting to be cool and not so scared all the time, etc. however, i'd like to kick as much ass as Sarah 2.0. and so i am dubbing this challenge "from Sarah to Sarah" FROM SARAH TO SARAH main goal: 21% bodyfat right now i'm somewhere around 27%. and ultimately, i think i'd like to be around 19%, but i want to make my goals more attainable, so i'm aiming for 21 for now. this has been my goal ever since i joined NF back in July, but for some reason i didn't realize that it was ok to admit that that's what i've been working towards, which resulted in a lack of focus. but now, with two challenges under my belt, i understand myself more than before and i know how to get to where i want to be. i'm ready to put in the work to get what i want. let's do this! 1. prep for judgement day - parkour training M/W/F, HIIT T/TH, 1 jog/week previously, i had a certain routine that i would do every single M/W/F of the entire 6 weeks. i ended up getting bored and discouraged. to combat this, i am allowing myself more freedom in what my training will look like. it might be the bodyweight routine i've been working on already, it might be a different but similar bodyweight routine, it might be a cross-fit kind of thing, whatever. i realize that it's more important to be having fun and staying active than to torture yourself with a routine that has grown stale and predictable. same goes for HIIT. i had just been doing sprints, but it got so boring! i'm opening myself up to the possibility of replacing the sprints with mountain climbers, burpees, going up and down the stairs, anything i feel like, as long as it gets my heart pumpin'. 2. weapons cleaning and maintenance - greasing the groove this goal covers a lot of ground. i'm kind of worried about how much i'm giving myself to do, but again, in this challenge i'd rather overwhelm myself than let myself get bored again. so, i'm going to be greasing the groove with A LOT of things: handstands, pushups, pullups, splits, and playing my violin. i'm sick and tired of not doing these things because i feel like there isn't time for it. there IS time! if i spend 5 minutes max doing each of these, that takes up less than a half an hour. there is absolutely no excuse for letting these skills go untended. 3. contribute to the humanness of humanity - write 2 books committing to writing 2 books in 6 weeks sounds a lot more insane than it actually is. i'm only talking about writing a few 60,000 - 80,000 word stories. i'm not aiming for the next great American novel, i just want to make a few dollars on the side with writing. this will be the mega-fluffy chick-lit and romance stuff you see in airports, but even that calibre is a bit lofty. my boyfriend [who, i proclaim, will henceforth be known as Skinny Legs for the purposes of this thread] makes almost enough to live off of from the romance books that he writes. i know i can do it too, and i want to, but it's just hard to get going. i have solid ideas for 3 stories, but i only want to have to focus on writing 2 of them up. this is one of those rare things that i'd rather ease myself into than start too quickly and get burned out on after 3 books. and as far as the whole "contributing to humanity" bit goes... haha that's a bit of a stretch. if they were going to be 2 fine specimens of literature, or art, or great music, fine. but as it is, i don't think chick-lit counts as "meaningful" to the human experience... life quest - write down everything i eat that isn't paleo simple enough. now i just have to do it... i'm hoping the act of writing it down and seeing on paper how much or little i've gotten off track with my diet will encourage me and push me towards being better. i also want to track my caloric intake for at least the first week to see if i'm anywhere close to my target. grading goal 1: A - 5 days of workout/week, B - 4/3 days/week, C - 2 days/week, D - 1 day/week goal 2: A - 5 out of 5 for 5 days/week, B - 3-4 out of 5 for 3-4 days/week, C - 2 out of 5 for 2 days/week, D - 1 out of 5 for 1 day/week goal 3: A - 2 books published, B - 1 book published, 1 being edited, C - 1 book being edited, 1 being written, D - 1 book being written, 1 not even started i'm so ready to rock this challenge! i know my goals, however big and seemingly daunting, can be achieved. and i know that there's no fate but what we make for ourselves.
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  18. When he reached the top of the mountain, the rainbow shimmered and made it seem like he was standing in an ocean of light. The road to Asgard stood before him, close enough to touch. But there was no way through. The mountain path had made him tougher and leaner but there was little skill in climbing a mountain, determination carried him this far but it could carry him no further. He fell to his knees in frustration and slowly made his way back down the mountain. But the assassin was not ready to admit defeat. There are not many things that can stop an assassin who's put his mind to something, and this assassin's mind was definitely set to stealing Mjolnir. He had heard tales of a demi-god in a distant forest who's grueling training regime sent many would-be heroes scuttling for safety. This was his destination. He would train under the demi-god and become skilled and powerful enough to penetrate the Rainbow Road and make his secretive way to Asgard. It took him several days by boat to reach the heavy forest the demi-god Adonis had taken as his home, feasting with generous merchants and sailors along the way. And then several more to find the marble temple at the its heart, where he would find the demi-god. The temple was beautiful, but barren, there was no one waiting for him. There was no mystic mythological figure awaiting him to turn dramatically. But this was what the assassin had been expecting. He left an offering on the temple altar and elected to come back the following day, to see if he and his offering had been accepted. He did not need to wait that long; as he was setting up camp a figure burst from the trees and began attacking the assassin. In a desperate fight the assassin parried, leapt and lunged against his assailant. After a few minutes of brutal intensity the figure jumped backwards an astonishing distance, nodded to the assassin and walked in the direction of the temple. It looked like Adonis had started his training. Hello fellow Rebels! I hope you don't mind my fairly long story intro! So this challenge I want to focus on high intensity exercise both with resistance training and sprints, and skill work. But I don't want to say just one kind of skill work, I think I would like to try out various poses and balancing work. My overall quest is to be able to do a one armed, hand-stand push up (modeled here by Vegeta) and a 90 degree push up. But I know both of these are extremely far away, so for now I'm going to focus on fat-loss (less to move) and some skill work. I've called this challenge the Belt of Adonis because I'd really like to be able to see mine (and of course abs!) and I hope that if I meet my fat-loss goal for this challenge I will be able to. Anyway! Enough of this levity, let's talk goals! Goal 1: To Be Carved From Marble (Fat Loss) +2 DEX +2 CON Lose 3% Bodyfat I want to be stricter with this goal than I was last time, I will be allowed to up my carb intake on workout days whilst trying my hardest to be paleo (but still under 100g). I might have a 3 or 4 cheat days spread across the whole challenge but I'm not sure about this yet. So we'll see! I will put some stats for myself down so I can gauge progress but (a bit cheekily!) I'm going to give myself till Wednesday to let my body calm down from my holiday last week and hopefully not be ballooned with beer! But the way I intend to lose the bodyfat is to do high intensity exercise, so lots of sprints and resistance circuits! And of course eat at a calorie deficit! The details of which I shall post up with my other stats when I do them. I'm looking into planning and preparing my meals over the weekends as well, if I can get a fair amount of meat from a butchers/supermarket for relatively cheap then that should be fine! Goal 2: To Fight the Black Bear (Strength) +4 STR Do 3 Strength Workouts per week With the upcoming release of the new Thor movie, I want to try and couple some strength training with the bodyfat goal to make myself look as Thor like as possible by the time the movie comes out! For the last couple of weeks of the last challenge I was doing weights at the gym splitting 2 days into essentially Chest & Back/Legs & Shoulders split and trying to throw in some bodyweight circuits too. So I'll keep doing this with Legs at the beginning of the week and Chest on Thursday (I can't NOT workout on Thorsday!) Taking inspiration from TiberiusNightrise I'll be tracking my workouts on here so I can see better where I'm improving/need to work on. And also carrying on from last time I'll be using the Bear/Cat infographics to playfully see how heavy I can lift! If I'm lucky I'll be able to Bench Press a Black Bear! What Cat Can You Lift?: http://i.imgur.com/rpo7B6Y.jpg What Bear Can You Lift? http://i.imgur.com/HYFCNQf.jpg To Black Bear and beyond! Goal 3: The Tricks of Immortals (Skill) +3 DEX +1 STR Do 2 Skill Workouts a week One of the reasons I love the Assassins guild is for all the crazy skills that we have going for us, so it's about time I started learning to do them too! Last time I planned to do skill workouts purely to focus on handstands/headstands, but this time I want to open it up a bit more, I'm looking into getting some gymnastics rings to put on my pull up bar so that should really open up the skills (and make it a lot easier to get the motivation!) But I'm not 100% sure what to do (I'm a total beginner skills wise) so any suggestions are welcome Goal 4: For the Assassin Records (Writing) +3 WIS Write at least 1 blog post a week Bonus points if I can schedule the posts rather than frantically write them during my lunch hour. I've also let slip for the past couple of weeks so I really want to get back into it as it will not only help me but should also help me for jobs. I have been toying with the idea of starting a fitness blog, with the theme for saturday morning/90s TV and other general geekery (I really like classics and mythology so I'd try and chuck that in too). So if I do start that then it has to be one blog post for BOTH each week, I can't use that as an excuse to do one or the other. I think that's more than enough for now! But I'll be on and about to post up any more coherent plans and my stats once I've done them. Best of luck to you fellow Rebels (and especially Assassins ) I look forward to doing another awesome challenge with you all
  19. I was sitting around this weekend thinking about the cut I'm currently in, and got curious as to how others approach their cutting periods when it comes to training. I've heard some people switch over to an "intensity mode" replacing their standard strength training with HIIT type workouts. There is also the group that keeps their workouts exactly the same during the length of the cut. At this point, I've fallen into the the latter group; however, I have added more cardio than usual (walks during lunch and a weekly 3mi run w/ sprints for the hell of it). I know diet is the key factor during a cut along with keeping protein intake at optimum levels so I guess my question is rather simple. Is it critical to switch to an interval training style during a cut or can the same results be achieved doing standard rep/sets for strength?
  20. Build Good Habits 3 Specific Goals: First two weeks I will focus on eating between 150-200g of protein per day and do 15-20 minute HIIT workouts every workday to get me back in the habit. For the second two weeks I will continue to focus on eating my protein as well as limiting my diet to 3 or less servings of non paleo foods per day while adding one 1000 rep workout to my fitness routine. For the final two weeks of the challenge I will continue to snowball my successes and now limit my diet to 2 or less servings of non paleo foods per day and continue with my fitness routine I will know I have met my goals if at the end of the challenge if waking up early to workout, eating protein and mostly paleo is a habit. Life Side Quest: My life side quest is too research beginner weight lifting programs and to source and purchase a bench and set of weights to prepare me for the next leg of my journey which will be my first “bulk†Declare Your Motivation: I will build good habits that I will use as the foundation to my fitness and health.
  21. Hi all! This will be my first official quest. I joined the Level 1 Rebels in the last week of the previous challenge, and am looking forward to being able to level up this time around. My quest is the same as last time, although with my previous week of experience I am far more knowledgeable about what works for me with regards to exercise, and what will keep me motivated and on track. So here is my mission: Krunchy's Main Quest: to lose fat and gain muscle. Ideally at a fat loss of 2 lbs a week. My Three Dragons: 1. No flour and no glucose, every day. Note that I didn't say 'no sugar'. This will allow me to enjoy my homemade preserves, but avoid any of the processed crap in the store. I will lose a grade for every day that I do not accomplish this goal. Exceptions to this rule: planned Girls Night out this Saturday and my sons 2nd birthday in October. 2. Work up to drinking 10 glasses of water a day, at least 5 days a week. I will keep track on my calendar to ensure that I am meeting this goal. Week one I will drink 5 glasses/day, and for each week after that I will add another glass/day. For every week that I do not accomplish this goal I will lose a grade. 3. Get moving, every day. Strength training one day with cardio the next does not work for me. I lose motivation. I like variety. So 'Get moving' can mean many different things to me. It means any combination of the following, 30-60 minutes a day: working with free weights, HIIT training, running on the treadmill, biking with my family, interval training outside, playing and working out at the playground with my kids, hiking, basically anything that gets my heart rate up and my muscles moving. I will lose a grade for every day that I do not accomplish this goal. The grading system may seem a little harsh, but I have been on this path since the beginning of August, so I have no excuses. I should be able to do the above realistically. The thought of losing a grade WILL keep me on track. Life Quest: Continue to read Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman My Motivation: To be able to do a chin-up. To be a healthy and active role model to my sons. To be good to my body so I can live a long and healthy life. To make up for all the damage I've done to my body up until now. To do a Warrior Dash next year and not have my ass handed to me. To be an inspiration to others so that they can live long and healthy lives too. To vote with my pocketbook so that the current food system is forced to make changes that benefit our society as a whole.
  22. Even the summer winds are chilly this far north. The lone figure trudging up the mountain path gave a brief shiver and pulled his cloak tighter about himself. The slow crunch of his feet on the path and the sigh of his breath was the only sound, the birds had all gone. He continued his way towards the base of the mountain, the great hulking shadow sending a cold chill down his spine. It wasn't until later that day that he reached the true foot of the mountain. He could tell because the pathway suddenly veered upwards, almost into a vertical climb. The figure paused as his eyes followed the slanting path, searching up for his destination. And there it was. The top of the mountain shimmered and almost seemed to shine, ignoring the closing darkness as the sun made its way below the horizon. The light from the mountain gave everything a mystical sheen, as though he had just stepped into a fairy tale. And the figure squinted as he looked up, trying to see the top of the mountain clearly. After a few moments he saw past the enchantment and with a sigh of relief saw what he was looking for. The top of the mountain wasn't the normal colour of rocks and mud, or even the pure white of untouched snow. The mountain peak shimmered like a multicoloured wave, and the rainbow that enveloped the peak shot off into the sky. His quest could finally begin in earnest. He had found it. The road to Asgard. This challenge I shall be performing a slight experiment, I'm going to try and have my next few challenges (at the moment I'm tentatively saying 5) shall be part of a larger story with each fitness challenge becoming more difficult as I reach the end of the larger quest. You might have guessed that this quest is going to be stealing Mjolnir, the hammer of Thor! I know thievery isn't strictly Assassin territory But I might push further with it and use Mjolnir to assassinate someone else. We shall see! But anyway, that's getting ahead of myself! On to this challenge! Main Quest My main quest is very faraway from completion but I want to finally start working towards it. Well there are a few so I'll just say a couple Basically it's a handstand. Ultimately I want to be able to do a one-armed handstand push up (DBZ reference for bonus points) and a 90 degree push up. So for now what I'm going to focus on is working towards a freestanding handstand that I can control my motion up/down. And by that I mean I don't have to kick to get up to a handstand and I don't just fall down on my way down. At the moment I'm still at wall headstand stage, hopefully I will be able to do some form of handstand (probably against a wall) by the end of the challenge. Fitness Goals 1: The Skillful Ascent Do at least 2 skill workouts per week (+3 DEX +1 STR) To do my best to try and get to a controlled handstand I am going to do 2 skill workouts a week doing about 20-30 minutes of practice with things like crow stands, headstands. I have some idea of what I'm going to work on but am by no means an expert! So any help on that front would be appreciated! At least 2 skill workouts a week to work on: Headstands Crow Stands L sits Grading: A = 2+ Skill Workouts every week B = 5 weeks with 2 Skill Workouts C = 4 Weeks with 2 Skill workouts D = 3 weeks with 2 skill workouts E = 2 weeks with 2 skill workouts F =1 week with 2 skill workouts, or complete failure 2: Strength To Match the Gods Do at least 2 Strength Circuits per week (+4 STR) For this goal I will do circuit training at least twice a week, to try and give me extra strength to help with the free handstands. At the moment it's a fairly standard circuit: push ups, dips, one legged squats, bicep curls, dumbbell shoulder press, and then pull ups/negatives to failure. Mini Goals: Make it to 10 pull ups Do a proper one legged squat (all the way down and back up again) Grading: A = 2+ Skill Workouts every week B = 5 weeks with 2 Skill Workouts C = 4 Weeks with 2 Skill workouts D = 3 weeks with 2 skill workouts E = 2 weeks with 2 skill workouts F =1 week with 2 skill workouts, or complete failure 3: The Build of the Aesir Lost 3% Bodyfat (+2 CON +2 STR) Current bodyfat: 18% Weight: 159lbs (Lean Bodymass: 130lbs) Plan: Sprint twice a week Eat at a deficit (2000 calories should mean lose 1lb a week) Eat as paleo as possible going for about 80/20 With this plan I hope to lose 2% of my bodyfat. I hope that's achievable but I somehow manage to confuse myself whenever I figure out how much bodyfat I will have lost for 6lbs of fat I'm pretty sure it would be around 3%, but not 100% sure but we'll go with it anyway! The plan is to keep up with weight training, eat clean and at about a 600 calorie deficit (which should still mean I retain muscle) and make sure I eat about 140 grams of protein per day. And just to really embassy/motivate myself a few pictures to mark the beginning of the challenge and hopefully there'll be a slight different by the end! So here are the pictures with all the appropriate stupid faces: Front, Front, Side Life Goal 4: Record Your Quest Write 1000 words a day. +3 WIS Based off the last challenge I'm also going to add in that if I write more than 1000 words that day I can take that off my total for the next day. So if I'm feeling particularly verbose I don't need to stop and if I have writer's block another day, I won't feel so bad. And this is also so that I can try and write up some blog posts before they're due and schedule their publication. Grading will be percentage based, depending on how well I achieve this goal, so a percentage of how many days I achieved this. A = 100% B = 80% C = 60% D = 40% E = 20% F = Total failure Side Quest Bonus Points for this one: Get a fitness blog up and running I've had the idea for a bit now to start a health and fitness blog, to help me along with my own progress in between the NF challenges and also see if I can help other people. I'm kicking around the idea of calling it "Saturday Morning Fitness" because I'll probably be using 80s/90s saturday morning cartoons as my main inspiration! (power rangers, teenage mutant ninja turtles, dragonball z etc) But if you have any name suggests I would love to hear them! That's it for now! Sorry for the wall of text! And I'll probably come along and edit/add in a couple of bits later! Good luck assassins!
  23. So yesterday I tried a new HIIT workout called X's. It's where I go down to my local soccer field and do the following: X’s On the infield of a football, track, or soccer field, sprint across the diagonal of the field, jog along the end, and sprint back along the other diagonal, and jog back to your starting point. Do 2-3 sets of 3 of these with 6 minutes rest between sets and 4 minutes rest between reps. This workout kicked my butt! Give it a shot and let me know what you guys think.
  24. Today I feel like a sad panda. I just turned in my contract termination to my Crossfit Gym. I know that Crossfit doesn't own high intensity interval training, sweat angels, or Olympic lifts. I believe that I can train smart on my own and obtain the results that I want without paying $140 monthly. Yet, I am going to miss the community. Is anyone else doing Crossfit/Cross training at home? Is there a Nerd Fitness Crossfit Cooperative?
  25. Main Quest: To lose weight (7 lbs for now), and fit loosely in my size 10 shorts. Long term I want to get down to a size 8 and look lean / fit (so I won't really care about the weight at that point, but it's a decent measurement to take for progress). 3 Goals: - Track activity and food on Myfitnesspal.com (daily) - Do HIIT for cardio 2x week - Add 2 new paleo recipes to my "staples" Life quest: Take a photography or art class. I've been meaning to do this on my time off, but never get around to it. This kind of stuff relaxes me, and I tend to have a stressful job, so definitely would be a good healthy passtime. Motivation: I've been working on being healthy for a while now - started at 218 lbs and now down to 173 (78.5 kilos). It's been tough, slow process that has taken about 5 years, so far, and I know will be a lifelong thing. BUT...I am engaged, and we will be taking pictures in October...so yeah, definitely want to look fabulous for those pictures, but I'm not about to starve myself. This is going to be done the right, healthy way! oh, btw, did I mention I pretty much fly around the world for work every month? until next time.......
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