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  1. Amandaba's Quest for Half Dome Part 2 Photo of a part of Half Dome (not my photo) My last challenge I did well in remembering to bring my water bottle to work, brought lunch about half the time. Started off well with cardio but had a few set backs the last couple of weeks and only got a few strength training sessions in, so I'm going to try again with most of my goals. My goals are centered mostly around getting healthier so I can complete the Half Dome hike at Yosemite National Park next summer. My previous challenge goes into my injury history but long story short I've had back, knee, and ankle injuries in the past (all on my left side) that can make going up a steep incline difficult (not to mention my cardiac fitness not being up to snuff to tackle that hike) Incline trainer or hike twice per week. Now that the leaves have come in snakes won't be so common sunning themselves on the trails, so I can start hiking again. I know they really aren't a danger as long as I pay attention where I'm stepping. I cannot help that my monkey brain gets freaked out when I see a snake, so I tend to avoid the trail until mid-late June. However, since July can get hot and humid (and air quality has been an issue lately) I have the option to use the incline trainer at my gym. Strength Training twice per week. I am continuing on with the My Peak Challenge Ignite program. If I am not finished with the beginner month by the time this challenge starts I should be really close. Then I'll be starting the actual month one of the Ignite program. Bring lunch to work twice per week. In an effort to not only eat healthier but to save money for hiking trips I want to continue to work on bringing my lunch to work at least half the time. Use face treatment twice per week. -I've recently started an IPL treatment for my face. In order for it to be effective I need to use it twice per week consistently for at least 6 weeks. I was recently notified I won the parking lottery at work so I get parking from July-September so that should help with the exercise goals the ramp I will be parking in is the same ramp I use to park at the gym, so I will be walking past the gym to get to my car instead of taking the bus to my car then driving back downtown to go to the gym or walking in the opposite direction to a pay to park ramp to then drive out of my way to go to the gym. I might even try out my strength training at the gym so I don't have to rely on my being able to workout at home after driving 40 minutes. We'll see if it works out ok. The program I am following has videos to workout alongside-which is a big perk for me vs just going off a worksheet. I'm not sure if I'll be able to find an area, I would have everything I need in one spot either and the workouts thus far are timed rounds without much break between sets and pausing to move elsewhere each time also doesn't seem like I'd enjoy either. BUT I think I am going to try at least one at the gym to just get my workout done on my way to the car. Previous challenge: Amandaba's quest for Half Dome - Previous Challenge: 5/7/2023 to 6/10/2023 - Nerd Fitness Rebellion
  2. Walk to Mordor and Back Again (2021) Whether you have been trekking to Mordor for years or just looking to get started, you are welcome to join us at anytime. All miles/kilometers count. You decide how you want to accumulate distance. This is your adventure! (Frodo's journey included canoeing, horseback, and eagle-back, so anything is fair game!) Sign Up Here: SPREADSHEET Open the spreadsheet, click on the 'Sign Up' tab at the bottom of the page, fill in all fields labeled in yellow, and begin tracking and logging your distance in the appropriate monthly tab. “It's a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don't keep your feet, there's no knowing where you might be swept off to.” - Bilbo Baggins
  3. So for the next 2 weeks(9/11 - 9/25) I will be leaving sunny wonderful Florida to spend time at my cabins in Wisconsin. Highs in the 60s and lows in the 40s. It is going to be quite the change. Goals for the challenge Workout of some sort daily 10k steps daily Eat whole foods(mostly paleo with limited dairy and maybe one whole grain serving daily). Two travel days are cheatish days(morning food and some beer). Also some freeze dried camping food reviews for content. I may choose to have whiskey once while up at the cabins but other than that strict. Daily hobby 50XP of Duolingo daily Read 10ish pages Post a picture of dinner Examples of WODs Ruck Run Circuit training Weight lifting Hobbies Minis Content creation(youtube videos and launch channel) Fishing Model rockets Building things(fish tank stand) Board games Currently also running a PvP warm up for Rucktober. I need to market Rucktober and get some sign ups. The PvP for the warm up is here if anyone is interested.
  4. Walk to Mordor and Back Again (2020) Whether you have been trekking to Mordor for years or just looking to get started, you are welcome to join us at anytime. All miles/kilometers count. You decide how you want to accumulate distance. This is your adventure! (ex. my journey has included walking/steps, hiking, running, biking (distance/3), and swimming (distance*3)) Begin Your Journey Now! SPREADSHEET Open the spreadsheet, click on the 'Sign Up' tab at the bottom of the page, fill in all fields labeled in yellow, and begin tracking and logging your distance in the appropriate monthly tab. “It's a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don't keep your feet, there's no knowing where you might be swept off to.” - Bilbo Baggins
  5. Barking up a different tree... I'm taking a leaf from how I'm feeding our dogs and cat (balanced raw), because macro-counting and I don't mesh. My main aim for this challenge is to check how much I eat. Too much, too little, just right? I think I'm getting the balance of macros mostly right, most of the time. I want to eat what I feel like, without guilt of following some or other 'diet' with no subconscious guilt talks about why I should swap my batter-covered fish for plain fish... I still like a bit higher protein and fat to carbs though. But back to the dogs... When you work out how much to feed dogs and cats, you go on a formula of 3-3.5% for working dogs (1-2hrs serious work+30min. play per day). [2.7kg food - way too much for me] 2.5% for some exercise (30min.-1hr per day) [2.25kg food - still too much], and 2% for a sedentary lifestyle (<30min. exercise per day) [1.8kg food - little bit too much for me still], 1.5% for this human's experiment [1.35kg food - just right?] Dogs/cats are NOT fed this low, ever! I added this for myself as I found 2% a tad too much still. Now I'm not a dog, I'm built differently, my body works differently, and the amount of exercise I do with my not so compact and sleek body, is very little compared to what they pull off with their bodies. Think of a sausage dog jumping onto a bed 3x his height! No way can I jump 3x my height/length. I just like the uncomplicated way of measuring balanced food eaten. So I'm starting off on LESS THAN SEDENTARY amounts. Thus aiming for: 90kg body weight at 1.5% I should be eating less than 1.35kg of food per day. This does not include water, black coffee or tea. I'm literally plopping my plate of food on the scale, weigh it, and let my little spreadsheet do the calculations for me. Thus far I had one day with 1.41kg of food (I felt it was a bit too much) and another day with 1.18kg of food (weight of plate not included ). In the meantime I'm trying to make peace with the fact that I'm a woman with some big muscles, and a good, strong and able body. This is not a scientifically formulated experiment. Do not try this at home! Now on to the other topics of the day... Those who checked in last time, may remember that we've started our boys on an exercise routine 3 mornings a week (Mon/Wed/Fri). Between hubby and myself we try to help them w.r.t. form and encouragement, while doing our own routines. Youngest (Rocco) has taken to it like a dog to a bone, while Oldest (Adam) wasn't as enthusiastic at first. But it seems both are now keen enough, and both are excited about our upcoming hike (10-12Nov It will be their first, and our first as a family - if the weather permits) and some future Waterra obs.course races (family fun, not big league). Anyway, on to this challenge's goals for myself: Bible study (5x/week); Exercise (BW - Mon and Thurs)(Walking Tue, Wed, Fri afternoons); Dry fire practice (Wed); Food (as explained above)(7x/week); Water (1-2bottles of 750ml every day, min.); Sleep (<21h30 every night). See, nothing new. I'm just struggling to get my exercise in on a Monday morning if I do bible study first, because I tend to leave my own routine to help the boys, and obviously don't get my exercise in then. And space is a problem if we all train at the same time. If I can fit in a big chunk of my routine before Rocco gets up (5h30), it should work. The boys need to exercise before they are allowed on the computers that day. Exercises: BW - Mondays and Thursdays Joint Circles (warm up) Jumping Jacks (Star Jumps) 20x Push ups (try for full - improving every week) 4x5 Abs Roll Out 3x10 (left, straight, right) Goblet Squats 2x10@10kg X Lunges 2x10 Inclined Pull Ups 2x10 Sit-Twist Stretch Shoulder and Chest Stretches Touch Toes Stretches (Yeah! I can touch my toes again!) Walking - Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays Tuesdays: walk during lunch time (12h00-14h00) with hubby in the plantations behind his office block. It's normally around 5km serious hill work. Wednesdays: walk during boys' Lego course (13h00-14h00) on flat farm road, mainly in the sun. Work on speed, maybe a slow jog *gasp*. Fridays: walk with boys and dogs (new) (14h00+) in the field close to our house. Not sure of distance as I've never walked here before. Hubby and the boys have and they tell me there are sometimes farm goats and some cattle grazing there, which we have to be careful of, but otherwise it should be safe enough. The rest of my days are still the same: home school - mornings, finances - afternoon or evening, household chores - during the day, boys' extra murals - afternoons... I've had my say... Your turn!
  6. WHO I AM I am Vonayen. This is my first time trying this out. I am an adult in the middle working years of my career in the environmental field. WHY I JOINED I joined NF because when I discovered this form, I knew I could fit in here. I hope to find an accountability buddy who may get my crazy way---I build stories to my quests- you will see this. My demon is sugar....very evil. ABOUT ME: I have no evil spawn (children) nor do I intend to spawn any (yes my husband and I are D.I.N.K.s). I am dyslexic ....for real ... it sucks. Due to a recent early onset osteoarthritis diagnosis (genetic -thanks mom), I have had to step back a bit but and re-grow a new body ....otherwise my fitness portfolio looks like this: · 2016- 100 km ultra trail race finisher; love trails and running...but not active in running right now; · Current brown belt in Goju karate and green belt in weapons at my local dojo. · I was a level green in kick boxing, but had to stop that due to the arthritis, but I still like to hit things. · I also started to train in Krav maga and self defence (but that is all on-line training). · I practice Tai Chi 2x / week and have been working with spirit energy and mediation · I also practice yoga when my body needs it I am guessing I will fit best with the Rangers maybe when I move past this first challenge?? But I may move around a bit depending on my journey. MAIN QUEST: For this 4 week Challenge – I am going to focus on powering up my training for a 25 km fast pack/power walking race in May. Sadly not running yet My Quest is to: permanently remove 5 to 8lbs by week 4. My Battle Strategy: get in some (but less than normal) cardio to keep up my inner game (heart health- bad stuff runs in the family), gain some muscle (this is new to me) and endurance (I can do this in my sleep). Minor Quest 1 Fitness Battle Plan) 1) Endurance –Every Sunday - Time on my feet – Long walks...(these will vary from 8-16 km as I follow a training plan I have for race prep). Monday will always be an active rest day 2) Cardio – 2x/week cutting back to 30 min form 60 - Time in the saddle – (Spin bike) for leg speed, cardio, leg and core strength, I may switch it up once in awhile for rowing we will see how my story goes. 3) Gain some muscle- I suck at this part– 3x/week Lift heavy things and 2x/week HILLS walk on an incline on the treadmill to power up leg muscle ( since my knees can’t handle proper full squats let alone with added weight I do this to modify) Minor Quest 2- Nutrition Battle Plan) – for this challenge I will keep this simple for my sanity 1) Meal Plan – Carry water (aka health potion) with me always; plan my meals each week 2) Meal Prep – set time aside to prepare, for example make lunch the night before (wash salad greens etc.), cook on Sunday for frozen lunches for the week and this way I follow through with my plan... 3) Nutrition Tracking – track to stay accountable for my planning and prep Minor Quest 3- Life Power UP Battle Plan) 1) Clean and Tidy – I am not. I will improve and vow to spend 10 min per day minimum to work at tidying the main living space
  7. Strength and Stamina These are the the simple goals that I have for 2018. I have a few others but these are my two big physical goals. And the path to eternal glory is paved with habits. So creating the habits that lead me to increased strength and stamina are key to my success. But first, who am I??? I am strong. I have stamina to do all that I want. I hike and ruck. I know French. I have a clean and de-cluttered house. I am proactive. I eat paleo. I learn (re-learn) new things. I am grateful. I love life. I will not rely on the scale for anything more that a single data point. As an engineer (who should have had a stastitics minor or two) I know that there is not enough information in a single data point to make any conclusions. So I will use other forms of measurement to assess my progress. I will take the dreaded photos and take measurements too. I may not share them at this time but it will be my starting point! I will be focused on habit building for a core set of activities that just need to be part of me. I exercise regularly! BJJ --> 3-4 days a week Simple and Sinister KB workouts -->twice a week Hike and Ruck with the dogs on the weekend I will eat paleo most of the time. - I'm going to do a quasi whole 30 in January. There are a few sources of sugar that I don't worry about that just don't fit into the whole 30 rules. So I am going to do it my way. Year long goals for 2018 include: Re-learn French with my kids Declutter our messy home Procrastinate less Be grateful Re-learn to shoot a bow I'm not going to focus on the 2018 goals in January too much. I want to focus on the food and exercise habits first. Anything more than that is a bonus! I have a workout schedule in my planner for the month already. And once I get home I will create a meal plan and pick out some new recipes to try this month. This month is about habit building, cooking new yummy foods and taking care of me and mine!
  8. Good Afternoon Rebels! I need some suggestions for Music for a play list. I just downloaded the App “Zombie Run” so that I can have another thing to motivate me run, hike, etc. It is also a little themely with Halloween right around the corner. Music I am looking for is some Zombie Apocalypse butt kicking music. Let me know what you got?
  9. This challenge is going to be about getting back into good fitness/life habits and also focusing on more environmentally-friendly habits in honour of Earth Day, which falls on the 22nd of the month. As such, my quests are... Quest 1. Get outside! This goal exists because in March I barely went outside except to go places (e.g. the store). I would like to make sure I get some quality time (at least 30 minutes) outside each day. This goal includes going out for a run, but also walking/hiking in a park or even just wandering around the city in principle. As long as I don't have a super specific goal and I use my feet to send me on my way, it counts. Grading: A = 22+ days, B = 17-21 days, C = 11-16 days Statistics: +2 DEX, +2 CON Quest 2. Yoga! Yes, back to yoga. I lapsed on it while I was sick and have failed to resume it as a consistent habit. I will aim for five yoga sessions a week. I'm not going to be measuring the amount of time or anything, but I will be aiming for quality time with my yoga mat. Grading: A = 16+ yoga sessions, B = 12-15 yoga sessions, C = 8-11 yoga sessions Statistics = +2 STR, +2 CON Quest 3: Return of the poi! As there is more daylight out, I feel like this is something I should do now. My new place doesn't quite have the space for it (all the lights hang from the ceiling, which suggests it's a terrible idea), so it will have to happen outside, which makes it somewhat weather dependent, but I can spin in the drizzle so it's probably fine. I'll aim for 30 minutes a week of poi. Grading: A = 96+ minutes of poi, B = 72-95 minutes of poi, C = 48-71 minutes of poi Statistics: +1 DEX, +3 CHA Life Quest A: Waste not... Produce no unnecessary food waste. This means that what gets bought gets eaten, with the exception of the bits and pieces that normally aren't edible. So basically, I'm aiming to avoid letting things go bad. Grading: Pass = no unnecessary food waste produced; Fail = I throw something out that just went bad Statistics: +1 WIS Life Quest B: ...want not. Buy nothing (other than food/drink/non-material things) that's both new and unnecessary. If it's just something I would like to have, but don't need I'll buy it used if I buy it at all. Obviously the definitions of want and need are somewhat subjective, but if some emergency comes up (e.g. my washing machine eats my sports bra; I get a job that requires me to dress all fancy every day; if my laptop dies etc) and I actually need to buy something that's difficult to find used, then I need to be able to do so, but I'm not going to buy something that's new which I really don't need. Grading: Pass = no unnecessary new purchases; Fail = unnecessary new purchases Statistics: +2 WIS
  10. Greetings Rangers! At the end of May/beginning of June I will be attempting a ski summit of Mt. Rainier! Quest #1: Vertically Challenged A summit of Mt. Rainier demands over 9,000 vertical feet of ascent! Um, excuse me? Oh, I can do it in 2 days? Ok that could be doable. 4,600 feet from Paradise to Muir (overnight camp) and then 4,400 from Muir to the summit. This presents 2 challenges to me. Much more vert than I've done in a day all winter.Back to back big vert days.A general guideline for build up that fitness is below. This can either be on skis or hiking dirt (as it is spring here, both are an option) Week 1 - April 13 A - 2,000 ft + at least 2 days in a row B - 1,000 ft + 2 days in a row C - 1,000 ft or 2 days in a row Week 2 - April 20 A - 4,000 ft + at least 2 days in a row B - 2,000 ft + 2 days in a row C - 2,000 ft or 2 days in a row Week 3 - April 27 A - 4,000 ft + at least 2 days in a row with pack weight B - 2,000 ft + 2 days in a row with pack weight C - 2,000 ft + 2 days in a row with pack weight Week 4 - May 4 A - 6,000 ft + at least 2 days in a row with pack weight B - 4,000 ft + 2 days in a row with pack weight C - 4,000 ft + 2 days in a row with pack weight Week 5 - May 11 A - 8,000 ft + at least 2 days in a row with pack weight B - 6,000 ft + 2 days in a row with pack weight C - 4,000 ft + 2 days in a row with pack weight Week 6 - May 18 A - 10,000 ft + at least 2 days in a row with pack weight B - 8,000 ft + 2 days in a row with pack weight C - 5,000 ft + 2 days in a row with pack weight Excellent! A plan to make it to the summit! Quest #2: The Sherpa But there's a catch. Not only do I have to drag my ass up the mountain, I get to drag all of my gear on my back as well! This means 40-50 lbs of extra pack weight to carry. I have integrated part of this above, but carrying a heavy pack for extended periods requires core and leg strength. To realize this goal I will be lifting with a focus on squats, deadlifts, cleans and other ab/core exercises. A - lift 3x per week B - lift 3x per week C - lift 1x per week Quest #3: Fuel Shortage Fuel is always a struggle for me. Preparing meals and planning always seems to fall by the wayside first. For this challenge, I'm starting small. A - All lunches from home but 1 per week. B - Only 2 cafeteria lunches per week. C - 3 cafeteria lunches per week. Bonus point: Healthy choice from cafeteria. Possibly a salad over a burger and tots.
  11. I’ve followed NF off and on for almost a year but this is my first challenge commitment! So here it goes for 2015! Background: I am a 30 year old mom of 2, struggling to figure myself out enough to grow in a “healthy†way. I used to consider myself a “country/farm†girl but now that I have a decent job/career established, I find myself behind a desk for what seems like the majority of my time. When I am not working behind the desk it seems as though I’m frantically trying to figure out how to provide nutritious meals to the husband and little people (one (the 4 year old child, has extensive medical demands including a high salt, high calorie diet! ugh!) and keep everyone happy. With extra help in 2014 I was able to successfully get my weight down to a healthier range, while also getting the 4 year old to maintain a good weight with HEALTHY food and keeping the other 2 family members relatively content. Now it’s time to keep building on that. Long Term Lifestyle Goal: I would still like to eventually loss another 20-30 lbs assuming that’s what it would take to get rid of some more of my belly bulge and have more engery and feel “STRONG†but want to be smart about it and will be focusing more on non-scale victories/activies along the way so I’m not putting an immediate deadline on this goal as long as I’m not noticing additional flab to squeeze into the clothes and I’m maintaining overall happiness. I would also like to figure out some physically challenging activities that I can enjoy and grow old doing. Fall 2015 goal: I’ve committed to a 30 miles in 1 day rugged Hike in efforts to raise money to support medical research that could greatly benefit my family down the road. This hike is in September 2015 and scares me ALOT! But I think I can do and am starting to train NOW! So now we have arrived at my 3 measurable goals for this 6 week challenge, that will get me closer to the goals above… 1) Focus on Strength training three times a week. I have never really focused on “strength†before so will start with the body weight program for this challenge. 2) Continue to progress through the Coach to 5k Program I started before Christmas. (Strength training and C25K work will be on alternating days) By the end of this challenge, I should be able to jog for a continuous 30 minutes and should have a good foundation established to start working on time and/or mileage goals by the next challenge. 3) Eat clean, consistently. I will do this by committing to plan meals WEEKLY so they are ready to go, easier on me and the family and more likely to be excuse proof. If I know what’s on the “menu†ahead of time I’ll have better luck avoiding the temptations at the office, grandmas, etc. that are around me ALL THE TIME! That’s the plan, here we go! *I will try to report in with weekly progress updates but will be significantly limiting my “technology usage†in hopes of better time management and focusing on goals. oh and a note to self: be nice to ME...
  12. Lilith the Chubby Kitten - Climbing to the top! Chubby kitten hmmmm yes, that’s still what I am…. Sometimes. Lilith turned around, to claw at the falling fall leaves. She just loved fall. With the colours, the rich smells… And the winds of change. But Lilith started to realise something that has been happening to her for a while now. She was not just a chubby kitten anymore, and sometimes, she wasn’t one at all. She had grown up in mind and body. Feeling stronger, and therefore being stronger. Whenever she felt her fiercest she could feel a strange energy getting hold of her. It was hard to describe it as anything but power. She had been a circus cat briefly, now a kitten again. But she could feel something inside her fighting to get out. Along with the surge of power came an urge to climb. Trees, bigger trees, yet somehow they never reached high enough. I have to climb as high as the earth goes! Perhaps she would turn into a fierce mountain lion…. If only she would release that part of her. Challenge goals: Become a better climber and train for the Fjallraven Classic (I need to be ready next summer!) I’m going to work with a point system! Every week I need to get 10 points for a successful week. I can earn points by doing the activities mentioned below! Bouldering (2 points) Toprope climbing (2 points) Finger strength training with clay (1 point) Yoga for Climbers by Judy Tsuei (2 points) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fb8Aa-Db6vc Yoga for Rock Climbers by Kassandra (1 point) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jWX6m6SMQYE DoYouYoga (1 point) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J0ejZxy7Doc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ifZGhTMQJ40 Climbing workout (2 points) 2 rounds - 20 double leg lifts - 10 pushups - 20 single leg deadlift 2 rounds - 20 reverse rows - 20 sumo squats - 20 bulgarian split squats 2 rounds - ball plank - 20 donkey kick - 20 fire hydrant - 20 glute bridge Practice for the Fjallraven Classic (2 points) Pilates Abs (1 point) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q_S1hkhuDt0#t=700 Pilates Lower Abs (1 point) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mMHgxyX_f7U#t=533 Point counter: Week 1: 11 Week 2: 9 Week 3:10 Week 4:11 Week 5: Week 6: TOTAL: Green = good week Red = bad week
  13. Background: I took last challenge off due to a lack of motivation but I did use some of this time to start a Daily Battle Log (well a kinda regular Habit Log). I will be keeping this up as a motivation to do the little easy things without them forming part of my actual challenge. I was sick of always feeling like I was having a back to basics element in my challenges. The motivation: I had a big adventure this time last year and now I feel that I have lost all the extra fitness and weight loss gained while preparing for this. I have another big adventure at the end of the year so I should have all the motivation I need. What I need though is to have my own internal motivation and not rely on booking a big adventure and then trying not to embarrass myself or feel let down by my lack of preparation. The Theme: Self-reliance - I need to work on internal motivation and have the self-worth to guide my actions. I need to focus on mindfulness to keep caring about my goals and not give myself permission to eat crap and sit around doing nothing. THE MAIN QUEST: To work a number of Great Walks - the first being Milford Track in New Zealand. I have actually booked this now and I'm working on an even more challenging end to the trip (details to follow) so I am committed. Goal One: Mindful Eating Self-reliance - plan my food - this makes me responsible for the food I am putting in my mouth Mindfulness - Log food on MFP (StormSkywalker) Goal Two: Self motivated fitness sessions My twice a week PT session has just finished up so I no longer have the peer pressure training to fall back on. I have plenty of opportunity to exercise with a gym at work, a bike and two feet so I am taking control of my own fitness. Participate in some fitness goal each day Goal Three: Personal Reflection Take charge of what I can control and don't stress about what I can't. (I know there is a good quote for this but you get what I'm saying). I have let stress hold the upper hand this year so I need to use my Self-reliance and mindfulness to take back that power. One tool I have successfully used before is to create a to do list - because it is often something sitting on this list that I could deal with but haven't causing issues with stress. So I will create a to do list and a what stresses me out list and then deal with any of them that are within my control. Still a bit vague and not overly SMART so it might get a tweak.
  14. AIM: To be considered to Future Skywalker - who will be hiking and cycling and camping in New Zealand after the end of this challenge. I generally don't like to think - eat well now because I'm going on holiday in six weeks - but I'm going on holidays in six weeks! I want to consider being nice to Future Me as an incentive to not be side tracked by stressful days or sweets. Goals: Exercise - keep moving. Five exercise sessions per week. This is pretty much dialled in - I have three sessions booked in with work colleagues and a weekend ride or hike so I should manage to hit 5 per week. Food - Hit the metrics 1. log food 2. try and keep 1/3 metrics for protein, fat and carbs 3. menu plan/log in advance to minimise unplanned food Mindfulness - accountability 1. Declare food goals with 2 real people 2. Post regularly and don't go missing Super Goal - Sugar free Something I've been challenged with in the past - not looking for perfection - just counting the sugar free days
  15. I don't know how many are in a similar situation as I am, so let me explain. I live in NYC but grew up in the country and crave some good hiking every weekend or every other weekend. I've already looked up some parks and trails not too far from the city. The problem is transportation. I don't own a car, and while I can try borrowing my parent's - I'd rather not depend on it. I can't go to parks accessible by various public forms of transportation (trains, etc) because I'm going with my dog. Any suggestions for one day car rentals, or maybe some other options I am not considering? Thanks!
  16. alienjenn - TMNTs So last challenge I tried to center myself and get back to who I am… get back to the basics of life… and I am getting there… but I wanna get back to what I love… and I LOVE the turtles!! Teenage -Tough them turtles are some tough dudes… and I think they go to the gym 2xweek or more! I will go to the gym twice weekly… ALTHOUGH I reserve the right to substitute a big hike for a gym visit Mutant Money Makeover - Interestingly enough I am making the most money I have ever made in my entire life and I am more broke than I have ever been. I bought the book (Dave Ramsey) Total money makeover. My friend (not sure who she is going to be when she joins NF so I am gonna call her D… until I know her name here) and I are going to read this book… 1 chapter in the week between challenges and then 2 chapters per week for 6 weeks… there are also worksheets to work though… I intend to get my finances in order!! I am taking 6 months off in 3 years and I have to have a significant amount of money set aside… also I am not getting any younger here!! I have to prepare for a fabulous retirement!! http://rebellion.ner...money-makeover/ Ninja Play ninjas know how to have a good time… especially THESE ninjas!! I haven’t entirely decided how to define this goal… other than I want to practice nonstandard movement… jumping on things (especially flatfoot jumps up the stairs and such)... the forest floor is lava… maybe rolling down hills… just playing and being a kid… we don’t get OLD until we stop playing!!!~ Turtle - slow steady turtle miles!! last challenge my goal was to walk at least 2 miles a day… with 2 of my days including runs… i am needing to run through the zombie run 5k trainer program again… i had gotten to where i was able to run 5k consecutively… and i lost it… so i am working on it again… I am training for a spartan in august! i have to be able to run! and be fast… and so my goal this time is 3 miles per day… and at least one 10 mile day per week S - spiritual I feel MUCH better when I spend time with God every day… I am not going to quantify this because I HATE the idea of “punching the clock†not gonna say I will pray x minutes a day or I will read y pages in my bible or I will do whatever… but I have been seriously slacking here and I need to remedy this!!! grading will be based on effort and not achievement – achievement will come with sufficient effort TL:DR teenage tough = gym 2xweek mutant money makeover = read the book do the stuff ninja play = PLAY! turtle miles = 3 miles per day/ 10 miles one day per week s- spirital = time with God daily
  17. Ok that may be an overstatement...but really it would be awesome. Anyway, my main quest is actually for this weekend (can I do that?). Here it is: Main Quest: Under 3 hours in olympic distance triathlon on June 14. (if that is too soon, I'm planning on signing up for another in July or August as well). How? Run 1x per week. There is a team workout on Tuesday mornings at 6am that I'd like to get to every week. However, that has not happened yet this summer. Also refer to life quest.Bike 1x per week. Biking to work is separate and does not count as bike workout. Bike workout may be road or mountain as I have just discovered my love of mountain biking.Hike 1x per week. Refer to previous challenge "Freddyfly's Grand Quest". But why is there no swim goal? Well, swimming is my strongest leg and I REALLY need to work on the other 2 so swimming improvement does not count towards being athlete extraordinaire. Life Quest: Wake up with alarm. As in less snoozing and coming into work later than I'd like. This should help me get to that running workout on Tuesday mornings. Hopefully. I used to be SO GOOD at waking up with my alarm and I'm not sure how this happened. Any tips?
  18. Goals for this challenge are the following, in no particular order: Put 100mi on my new bike Climb at least one mountain Finish reading The Zone and Practical Programming for Strength Training Start reading Anatomy Without A Scalpel Hold a handstand for 30s Increase my 1-rep max for overhead squat to 225# Fix my front rack so that I can front squat without re-injuring my chest Re-attain my previous strict pull-up PR of 20 I know, my challenge posts are boring wish me luck!
  19. Hi folks, Texas Toast here, and I'm in need of some help. I have some hiking experience (one thing we did for sure in the USMC Infantry, it was WALK) but what I'm gettin ready for is a hike of epic proportions. Next spring, to raise money for cancer survivors to go to college, I will be hiking the Appalachian Trail from start to finish. I won't be goin at it alone, I will be accompanied by a fellow Veteran who deployed with me to Afghanistan. But this kind of endeavour is fairly new to me. I have some prep time, but would like to get some input from some Rebellion members who have some experience in this aspect. What kind of physical preperations should I be doing in the mean time? Expectations for the trail (will be starting in Georgia in April)? What type of gear should I expect to be humping in? http://www.crowdrise.com/HikeforCFC/fundraiser/cancerforcollege1 This is the link to the fundraising site for our hike if anyone would like to read a little bit about our backround and what our cause is about. And here is a picture of me in all my insane glory. Thanks in advance yall!
  20. ok, so i'm sure we've all wanted pokemon to become real at some point in our childhoods. how we all have tried to capture a fly to have it being or pokemon, or a spider just for the sake of it. To be honest, I still wish for pokemon to become real one day. just think about how fun it would be to go on a proper adventure with your friends, your pokemon and as well as getting in shape sanctimoniously? Thinking of this, i got an idea. Why can't we make it real? not like we "tried" to back in elementary school, but by making an app, that would let us catch, train and battle our pokemon with others? We could use quite a lot of code and visual design from the original pokemon games, as well as developing it ourselves. IRL, this means that once a year we would go out for a certain period of time with our pokemon and friends, and we would challenge each other, along hiking trials, as we travel from town to town (cabin to cabin for some of us). We could also have gyms and leagues set up for each region, and maybe even an international leauge at the end of each season? However, this is easier said than done. it takes lots of organizing, and a precise, down to ground, small crew working closely connected, to get it done. That's why I came here. You guys are the perfect audience for such an idea, so i'm wondering... Who wants to catch them all with me?
  21. On November 22, Nerd Fitness' Texas Toast ended his battle with PTSD/TBI. He was a loving older brother, son, nephew, and friend and is remembered fondly by all who knew him. Before his untimely departure, Christopher Harlan started his first challenge: to get in shape to hike all 2,180 miles of the Appalachian trail on April 26th 2014 in support of Cancer for College. http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/40312-texastoast-begins-preparing-for-the-quest-to-help-cure-the-plague/ This Marine, who was blown up by a roadside bomb, who had so many demons in his life, still would only think of others. He would take care of them, always, before he would take care of himself. Christopher's family and friends are still continuing the hike in his memory, and to bring awareness to the seriousness and severity of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injuries in our servicemen and women, as well as bring awareness to the fact that often these injuries are left untreated. Whether it is the culture of machismo in the military that a soldier can't ask for help, or the inability of the VA hospitals to see all of the injured men and women that need help...we have a duty to take care of those who have taken care of us by sacrificing their lives. Christopher's family is looking for volunteers to complete his challenge, even if it means volunteering for a small part. If you are willing and able to take on this epic quest, please let me know and i can get you in touch with his friends and family to arrange it. Sadly, because I am a teacher, I am unable to participate because it is during the school year... But I'd love to say that Nerd Fitness is giving it's love and support to this family still struggling with the loss of such a hero. You can find a link to the fundraiser, and Christopher's bio. http://www.crowdrise.com/hikeforcfc/fundraiser/cancerforcollege1/1/return/success/success?fb_action_ids=10202527089845349&fb_action_types=og.likes&fb_ref=s%3DshowShareBarUI%3Ap%3Dfacebook-like&fb_source=aggregation&fb_aggregation_id=288381481237582
  22. Has anyone done any trekking in Nepal before? I'm doing a two week trip with REI in March in the Himalayas around the Lukla area and I was hoping I could find someone whose done it before! I need training and packing tips! And I also I need someone to talk me off of the ledge about flying into Lukla.....it has been called the "World's Most Dangerous Airport" after all! Yikessssss.
  23. I'mlooking for some advice on a workout plan. I'm hiking the Appalachian trail in April and am currently swimming, running, and llifting. My plan is to swim either .5 miles or 1 hour, whichever comes second. On the treadmill 30 minutes at a time currently with a minimum pace of 15 min\mile, and keep upping that minimum with a goal of 10 min\mile by april. For the weight room, i don't have any set weight goals, but each day working a different body part. I'm thinking the best way to go is supersets with heavyweight and hitting at least 4 sets per exercise, but keep adding sets with heavier weights until I can't do more than 4 reps. Any suggestions? I need to be able to sustain my hikes 10 hours a day carrying a max of 45 pounds.
  24. Name: Hammlin Race: Wood Elf Class: Scout Attributes: Strength (STR): 15 Dexterity (DEX): 16.75 Stamina (STA): 17.5 Constitution (CON): 15 Wisdom (WIS): 18.5 Charisma (CHA): 16.75 Total: 99.5 Level 9 Goals (June 3 to July 14): Fitness/Diet Quests: 1. Hike all the things. For this challenge I am getting in shape to hike Long’s Peak with some friends at the end of summer. The only way that I can make this possible is by getting out and hiking some practice trails. I will try to vary which ones I do by mixing up duration, difficulty, elevation, etc. I have got to keep practicing if I am going to make Long’s a reality. 6 hikes= A 5 hikes= B 4 hikes= C 3 hikes= D 2 hikes= F Reward: (+2 STA +2 STR) 2. Speed Demon. I was selected to be a blog ambassador for the Esprit de She series of events. In exchange for writing about my training I was given a free entry to the Esprit de She 10k in Cherry Creek. Up to this point my PR for a 10k is 59:09. I am going to spend the next 5 weeks trying to best that. I will also be writing about my training. My scoring will be in relation to my write ups of my training. A PR of 58:50 or less will be equal to 2 Blogs. 6 Blogs= A 5 Blogs= B 4 Blogs= C 3 Blogs= D 2 Blogs= F Reward: (+2 CON, +2 STA) 3. Back on the Bike. I haven't ridden my bike but one time since I moved to Colorado, and that was an epic fail (I blacked out in an intersection- very embarrassing…) So, I aim to get back on my bike! Maybe someday I'll even have a go at a duathlon??? Who knows? 6 rides = A 5 rides = B 4 rides = C 3 rides = D 2 rides = F Reward: (+2 STR, +1 DEX) Life Quest: 4. Step it Up. For my life goal I am going to work through a step study to help address my food addiction. In my job we encourage people to use the 12 steps to address all sorts of hurts, habits, and hang-ups, and I think it’s time I work on this one for myself. I will do the whole study over the course of the 6 weeks, using the book “Power of Brokenness”. The hardest part of any step study is inventory, so that will carry the most weight. Steps 1-3 (Admission/Submission) = 15% Steps 4-5 (Inventory) = 50% Steps 6-9 (Amends) = 25% Steps 10-12 (Maintenance) = 10% Reward: (+2 WIS, +2 CON) TRACKING My Story (challenge history): 1. Wandering across the mountain ranges of the west, I came upon another wood elf, who was running through the tree lined forest. I tried to keep up, because I knew he was waiting for me, but nothing I did would keep me at pace with him. Eventually I slowed, to catch my breath and I lost him. Dejected and worn out, I decided to dedicate my life to keeping up with this other elf... 2. Sneaking through the woods I can feel my senses getting sharper and I begin to wonder if the elf that I'm following, is actually following me... 3. Catching my breath I slow my run as I approach a clearing. Did I get lost? I don't know where I am and the elf I had been following has picked up the pace. My mind... it's jumbled up... my thoughts are foggy... I need to focus. I'll stay here for a while, find my center, and then continue on... 4. After pausing in the clearing to refocus, I see what looks like a beaten down path off to my right. Have I been here before? Walking up to the path, it looks familiar, but overgrown. I take out my sword and slowly start hacking away the brush that seems to have grown in over the years. Yes. THIS is my path. 5. Following the path for what seems like a lifetime I suddenly find myself at the tree lined edge of a beautiful meadow. The sun in the sky that is glaring down on me makes me realize something glorious- I have made it through the woods! Over the hill I see the elf that I have been tracking this whole time. He is napping… This is my chance!!! 6. Running up to the elf that I have been following for what seems like forever, I find myself out of breath. As I slow down and approach him, I see him slow down and turn to me. I don't know if he knows that I have been following him, but I can tell by the look in his eye that he's ok with this. As we start to wander the forest together we notice that things aren't quite as bright and cheery as they were months ago... something is wrong... 7. As we continue to approach the edge of the forest we can feel something bearing down on us. Picking up the pace we stay laser focused on getting out of here. The night has grown darker and the forest is eerily quiet. The wood elf and I look at each other and begin to run. I can tell that the time where we have to battle is near and we really need to stay focused... 8. Standing on the front line, victorious, I wonder "Now what?" I ponder with wise words of a foreigner who taught my people to stay motivated when they feel like they have arrived. The skills I have learned in the past keep me pushing forward. I move confidently north, to find new lands. And that other pesky elf can come with me… 9. On the north side of the valley I see something far away that I can’t take my eyes off of. It almost looks like the mountain side is glistening and the sun is dancing with the peaks. I fall into a trance, staring off into the distance, as if I'm under a spell. A few minutes later I am able to snap out of it, but the lingering desire to see who, or what, had a hold on me begins to push me forward. Is some powerful mage up in the hills, drawing people to him? Or is someone sending out a distress signal, begging for help. All I know is the allure of finding out what is in those hills is forcing me onward. We have mountains like these back home, but I am far from that place, and out of practice. It will take some time to traverse these mighty giants, but I have no choice but to start…
  25. In general I'm still working at a number of the same goals that I was in my first two challenges. The details are evolving, and some items have been discarded, but for the most part I'm not taking off in any radically new directions. 1. Body Weight Exercises: I slacked off in this area last challenge so I'm making it the center of this one. For the most part I can do this routine without error. The key here will be consistency. I started doing this a few years ago to train up for the APFT (Army Physical Readiness Test) and it worked really well. The BS Squats are new, and somewhere down the line, it could be another challenge, I'll get them to Shrimps and then Pistols. Maybe I'll do Waldos, but not this time. Run 3+ miles 50 Push Ups x 3 sets 50 Front Crunches x 3 sets 50 Right Crunches x 3 sets 50 Left Crunches x 3 sets 50 Four Count Flutter Kicks x 3 sets 10 Right Leg BS Squats x 3 sets 10 Right Leg BS Squats x 3 sets My intent is to add squats over time to bring them up to 3 sets of 50. I do one set of each and then hit another round. If I need recovery time I can throw in an extra mobility drill between sets or rounds. If I need to up the intensity I can add more rounds and/or switch to more difficult variants. I took a video of this routine last night and was pleased with my form. I tried to upload it but the file didn't take. I figure I will do this again near the end of the challenge for comparison. Do this routine M/W/F. 2. Run: For the most part the footing is reliable again (snow and ice are pretty much gone) so running is back in the program. I don't really like running but it's pretty central to fitness in general and short distances are easy enough. Like the Body Weight Exercises, consistency is what I'm looking for. I'm not really interested in pushing any time cuts except those that happen naturally along the way. Right now I'm right around 8.5 minute miles when I'm running 3.6 miles. I had been toying with the idea of running stupidly long distances, but I think I'll put that one on the shelf. I did a test run today and hit muscle failure at 20 miles. I was sort of ok with that because it was twice as long as I had ever run before, but I still had to walk 2 miles to get home. The sweat and the temperature (27 degrees F) added a whole new dimension to that experience. Even that was relatively ok, but the six flights of stairs to get up to my apartment showed me the error of my ways. From here on out I will think twice, and twice again, before I do anymore suicide runs:) 3. Mobility: Every day. 4. Hike: Last challenge I started road marching to train up for the Nijmegen March in July. I'm going to be continuing this but backing off on the frequency to make room for the runs. I will do about an hour on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and I might add some longer ones on Saturdays. 5. Movement: This last week I tried some "dance" workouts with my Kinect. I discovered that I'm really clumsy. I figure I'll do at least an hour of this kind of stuff on Sundays. Timing and coordination aren't a central part of my goals right now, but I figure this kind of stuff will pay off over time in other areas. 6. Diet: Generally Paleo, but I'm thinking of trying to add back some grains on occasion now that I'll be doing more cardio. I've started a daily tracker just to see what's really going on. Wolverine's influence there:0 Also going to do a 7 day fast with Happienumber from 10-16 March for moral support and waist reduction. 7. Alcohol: Only on Fridays and Saturdays. Too many calories racing for my abs to drink daily. 8. German: I'll still be doing my daily lesson of German. I like to think of this as self inflicted torture:) Might not be doing it when the family is here because I'll be getting lots of real world practice. 9. Family: Regular calling, at least every weekend, but likely mid week too. Will have family here for a couple of weeks starting on the 18th, so I'm expecting to be reduced to the mobility and body weight exercises during most of that piece. Also the diet will probably be hit and miss as well. Knowing this in advance I'm not going to penalize myself for not running/hiking/dieting unless I completely descend into really evil food choices. I don't usually assign numbers in advance. Last time, at the end, I put a grade on each goal, figured my GPA, divided that into 15 and arrived at my total earned points. Then I assigned them based off of where they seemed to belong. The goals that are direct carry-overs from last time will receive the fewest points. Or not. Depends on what I end up struggling the most with this time around.
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