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  1. Hey all, I thought I'd just check in before I head off on my next adventure. At the end of last year I booked airfares and transport to a hike I've been planning on doing in Tasmania called 'Walls of Jerusalem" . While it's been on my 'to do' list for a while it was a late night black friday sales impromptu booking and the plan was to do it as a solo 4 day hike. Then I was talking to a colleague on the last day of work before the Christmas shutdown and I found a kindred spirit who has now booked flights and transport and is doing the backpacking trip with me! Well this trip starts this Thursday and of course I'm feeling not quite as prepared as I thought I'd be at this stage. Physically I feel fine (could always do with a little more fitness and a little less weight) but I've got a new pack (yeah) and don't have it sorted as well as I'd like, but still a few days to go. Just keeping an eye out for any bushfire activity in central Tasmania, but I know they had quite bad fires a few years ago so fingers crossed on that front.
  2. Walk to Mordor and Back Again (2019) Whether you have been trekking to Mordor for years or just looking to get started, you are welcome to join us at anytime. All miles/kilometers count. You decide how you want to accumulate distance. This is your adventure! (ex. my journey has included walking/steps, hiking, running, biking (distance/3), and swimming (distance*3)) Begin Your Journey Now! SPREADSHEET Open the spreadsheet, click on the 'Sign Up' tab at the bottom of the page, fill in all fields labeled in yellow, and begin tracking and logging your distance in the appropriate monthly tab. “It's a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don't keep your feet, there's no knowing where you might be swept off to.” - Bilbo Baggins
  3. Looks like I’m back again! A big shout out to whoever posted to the Texas rebel Facebook group about the challenge. I’m wanting to catch up with the community here and share shenanigans that happened while I was away. For those of you who don’t know me… Hi I’m Korranation and my life is kinda crazy [video]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5PhiYI5GGZA[/video] Sorry for those of you on tapatalk. The hidden feature doesn’t work and yall are subjugated to a wall of text that is my life. I’ll sprinkle in some pics and illustrations for some pizazz. The last challenge I was writing about had something to do with creating a and maintaining fictitious animal crossing village seen only via text-based story. And honestly, I was using that as a means of escapism to distract myself from my job at the time. A few weeks after my last post I went to the doctor’s office for a checkup. I was diagnosed with a chronic disease. And a few days after my diagnosis I was let go from my job. I wallowed around in my apartment for a few months. After a time of locking myself away in my apartment in self-isolation I decided to get a grave yard shift job so I could get out of the house, have to physically move around, and do something while I listened to audio books. After some more time there, I decided to bust my bum and network my way into a desk job again. Now I have a job with less of a commute time and a great working environment. My life has hit a good plateau right now and I feel like I have enough time to be posting regularly here. I’ve finally healed my body and gotten rid of my toxic head space. I want to focus on healing up and prepping my body for the onslaught that is the holiday festive foods. I want to make sure my tummy is all good this challenge, then start reintroducing foods into my diet next challenge. I know you’re thinking “But Korranation, haven’t you been on AIP so your symptoms wouldn’t come back?” And my answer is why yes of course I did. But then just like everything else, I fell off the bandwagon. I did start small with things like rice, then potatoes, then dairy which I can do in small doses. You can’t keep this rebel away from her prized sea salt and vinegar chips! RAID ALL THE KITCHENS CHALLENGE Water – drink X amount of water I usually don’t drink much water at work and don’t until towards the end of day where I end up chugging +32oz in one go either because my legs are cramping, my saliva is getting foamy (which means dehydration), or I’m feeling hungry after I’ve eaten but I only want bad foods. Food – try new AIP recipes and post them here I meal prep all the time. I have morning smoothies every day. Which is kale, coconut water, avocado, banana, and collagen peptide protein. I don’t want to give myself a certain number to do each week or challenge since I can make enough food to last me the entire challenge in one meal prep session. Tracking – log in all food into MFP I need to start logging things into the app anyways. I know if I don’t hit a certain calorie amount at lunch or have a snack buffer to fill that deficient, I’ll end up binging when I get home or go to the snack shack at work and get either caramel popcorn or gummies which has no nutritional value and causes a later crash. I want to use this time to find more nutrient dense foods and snacks that I can always go to. I may invest in the MFP premium since I’ve been wanting a more in-depth look into nutrients other than the macros (protein/carbs/fats) Lifestyle – Stoic evening routine I found a video going in-depth about stoic methods important people in history tried. Plus I found a free pdf copy of Marcus Aurelius’ journal called Meditations. It was his private journal that was never meant to be read. But I want to see what the most powerful person in that time period worried about. From the summaries I’ve read it seems to be no different that the morning pages I do. I’d love to do other things like: doing a morning stoic routine so I can clear out the flotsam and jetsam in my mind to be ready to have a focused and more productive day writing every day so I can be done in time for the end of NaNoWriMo maintaining my L.inked.In everyday in hopes of finding a recruiter to move me to a full time employee position so I can get some healthcare having an overall evening apartment clean up routine so I have less mess to walk through and deal with And start a garden on my patio so I can have home grown veggies I can enjoy But all this is less interesting to discuss on here, it’s mainly maintenance that will not lead to a big reward at the end of this challenge (excluding the professional social media one). Anyways...
  4. Hi everyone, I'm newish to the area and I'm looking to set up a group hike in the Phoenix area. If anyone is interested let me know so we can find good times/dates/etc.
  5. I needed a challenge off to get some aspects of my life together and figured out, but while always imperfect, I’m such a better person when I’m doing a challenge. So here I am with the Adventurers once again.... Who am I? (Yes, this image is to show off my awesome new hair.) I am Ann of Vries, aged 40, diarist, LARPer, stitch witch, traveler, walker, and an aspirational forest fairy living in the city. I’m an American living in London, UK; married to my true love and brilliant partner (Mr of Vries) and my main job/labour of love is raising our adorable toddler son (Rowan of Vries). Which is mostly fun, but occasionally harrowing. (You wouldn’t know he had a total tantrum meltdown on this same train a few days before....) I immigrated to the UK from Seattle three and a half years ago. I love it here, although I’m still trying to find my tribe (outside of the House of Vries, of course). I long to live in the English countryside, in a stone house with a large garden that grows most of our herbs, vegetables, and fruit. But that time is out in the future—for now, we are city folk and I aim to make the best of that. Not every person gets a chance to move abroad and live in one of the most famous cities in the world! To that end.... I am the Dream Look at my short summary up there. I am, by many people’s standards, ~living the dream~. But a tendency toward Hedonic Adaption, some much wished for (and worked for) dreams that didn’t come true, and a history of depression (which gets much worse in the darker part of the year) means I often forget this. The Challenge There’s no reason to let these dreams turn into a nightmare. So to help keep the darkness at bay and remain living the dream, I will be: Practicing gratitude/journaling Write and post about something I’m grateful about at least 3 times a week. Many will be about my general status of life, but least one of those per week should be something current. Keep up on my personal journals in between. Meditation and spiritual practices I’ve recently started a course to help motivate me out of being an occasional witch and more of a regularly practicing one. Practice grounding/centering/meditation at least 5 days a week. Every day is better, but every day doesn’t always happen. At least two more lessons completed for the pagan degree course I’m in. At least once a week, work on book study or a branch class assignment. Get outside/stay active RoV is now a walker (although not particularly fast or with a destination in mind), and he doesn’t want to be carried all the time. In fact, he doesn’t much like carriers at all anymore and I’ve had to give and buy a stroller if I want to get him around (I’m not sure why he prefers the stroller to the carrier, but he does). This means my days of hours and hours of walking have become more challenging as has my use of public transport (my nearby stations aren’t step-free accessible), despite that RoV needs to go out 2 or 3 times a day to burn off energy. Go outside at least once a day, even if it’s just the back garden Embrace and enjoy going out. 10k steps a day; more is better. Engage in mind-healthy pursuits (and cut back mindless ones) I’m finding myself wasting a lot of time on mindless Facebook scrolling, news rubber-necking and other such activities. Cut back to only checking a couple of times a day and for no more than 5 minutes a go. Spend that time on reading, appreciating the outdoors, journaling, embroidery, knitting, and playing with RoV. I may resurrect my Instagram account. We’ll see. Don’t (always) eat the croissant I’m at a healthy weight and I’m generally a healthy eater, but the last few weeks has seen me engaging in a lot of indulgent, often junky eating (made worse by a two weeks cold I’m still recovering from) and my weight has crept up just enough to concern me about the beginning of an ongoing trend. My household consists of foodies, and I’m not a calorie counter, but sometimes I just need to resist the croissant. (And I definitely need to resist the junk food!) Sometimes, I’m allowed to have the croissant but it needs to be a conscious choice. There’s a lot going on in this challenge, and you guys know I’m not a huge fan of collecting the metrics. My general intent is that by striving for these things with some accountability, I will do them more often, and I’ll try to update a couple of times a week with how it’s going. Except! I’m going on an adventure during this challenge! We’ll be headed to Wales for 2 weeks shortly into the challenge. I haven’t decided if I’m taking my laptop or if I’m just going to go with a notebook and my phone and have a bit of tech break. Depending on how this goes, I may go silent for a couple of weeks. But I’ll be back. Cheers, AoV
  6. Hey everybody! The day this challenge officially starts, Rabbit season opens in my area! So I'm probably going to aim to try and take a rabbit this year, but it depends on if my buddy is ok with me butchering any over at their place as my family definitely wouldn't be okay with that haha. Starting Stats Age: 29 Height:5'4" Weight:240# The Goals: Exercise daily!! My plan is to do bodyweight training 2x a week and walking at least a mile on my off days. This time I'm in it to build endurance! 7 days- A 6 days - B 5 days - C 4 days - D 3 or less - F Log Foods Daily! I don't really know how many calories I should be eating anymore, but I definitely need to get back in the habit of keeping track! I'm back on MyFitnessPal, my username is RoachRex! 7 days- A 6 days - B 5 days - C 4 days - D 3 or less - F Meal Prep! My goal is, every week, to prep my meals for the entire week. I'm honestly A-ok with eating the same thing every day, I even was into Soylent for a while (but it messed with my gut too much). Honestly the reason I eat junk is out of convenience. So if I can batch-cook and make all my meals in advanced? Ain't nothing more convenient than that! 4 weeks - A 3 weeks - B 2 weeks - C 1 weeks - D 0 weeks - F Ruck/Hike! My main goal this time is to build my endurance for hunting. I've got some gear together and I've got some locations in mind! I'd love to go camping but I'm not sure that's going to happen this time, but I definitely intend to at minimum go on some sort of hike every week, with a pack on my back. 4 times - A 3 times - B 2 times - C 1 times - D 0 times - F
  7. I'm Ann of Vries, aged 39; a diarist, a fiction writer, a fiber artist, a LARPer (also TTRPG, board games), a traveler, a hiker, and mother of a young toddler. I’m madly in love with my partner, Mr of Vries and my son, Rowan of Vries. I live in London, after having emigrated from Seattle three years ago. I love it here, although I’m still trying to find my tribe (outside of the House of Vries, of course). I long to live in the English countryside, in a stone house with a large garden that grows most of our herbs, vegetables, and fruit. But that time is out in the future—for now, we are city folk and I aim to make the best of that. Not every person gets a chance to move abroad and live in one of the most famous cities in the world! To that end.... *** Depending on who you speak to, some claim Keepers of the Flame are a subset of the wizards. Like metamorphmagi or parseltongue, being a Keeper is just an extra talent that wizards can possess. Since I never got my Hogwarts letter, I’m not convinced we Keepers are wizards except when it’s convenient to the Ministry of Magic. Example, a few days ago many of us Keepers were contacted by the MoM asking for our help with a Calamity that has threatened to expose the wizarding world, and I suspect may play a part in the darkness that has been seeping into the local Hearth Flame network. So maybe I’m still a little bitter about that Hogwarts letter, but I need to do what’s right, and it’s time to increase my patrols in and outside of my domain. *** This challenge is loosely tied to the new Harry Potter: Wizards Unite mobile game.* I’m keeping things relatively simple for this challenge—a focus on fitness. My weight loss has plateaued. We have a 12 mile hike planned conveniently on the last weekend of this challenge, and I don’t want to be the one who backs down from this Boss Battle. (It’s a group hike with varying fitness levels, so there is a likelihood of an early turn-around. That’s fine—I just don’t want to be the one who initiates.) Patrol the Area for the SoS Task Force Go out for daily walks, focusing on the “active minutes” stat of my Fitbit. Actions for this goal: Start with 40 active minutes 4 days a week and ramping up as I go on based on progress. Research (and potentially purchase) hiking boots that I will enjoy wearing. The current pair I have feel like I’m wearing lead weights and I really dislike them. Rock that 12 mile (or whatever it ends up being) hike. Examine and Fix My Eating Habits I hate food tracking, and I make no promises to do it. But my weight loss has stalled, and while I’m considered a “healthy” weight on the UK BMI scale, it’s only just barely. I want to increase that margin. My household already eats pretty clean. The challenge for me is to get back to eating on a sensible schedule instead of “whenever I can cram something into my mouth.” This is most problematic on weekday mornings, as Rowan has breakfast with Mr while I shower and then I have a toddler on the loose while I’m trying to fix and eat something for myself. This usually ends in me eating whatever I can find, and snacking later as it often wasn’t enough. Even healthy foods can be misused. Actions for this goal: Note when I eat (and possibly what I eat). Find and fix unhealthy patterns— particularly regarding breakfast. Stick to these solutions for the remainder of the challenge and check results. ***
  8. Figured I might as well start a log. I do a little bodyweight, some barbell and some running. Currently starting 5/3/1 and doing a bit of trail running. I log some stuff on Fitbit and Myfitnesspal for my calorie and macro counting. So now eights today but a 4.33 mile hilly train run in about 50 minutes.
  9. (With apologies to @oromendur) I'm Ann of Vries, aged 39; a diarist, a fiction writer, a fiber artist, a LARPer (also TTRPG, board games), a traveler, a hiker, and a first time mother. I’m madly in love with my partner, Mr of Vries and my son, Rowan of Vries. I live in London, after having emigrated from Seattle three years ago. I love it here, although I’m still trying to find my tribe (outside of the House of Vries, of course). I've been spending a lot of time with the Rangers Guild of late, but as @Sciread77 says--once an Adventurer, always an Adventurer. Although in many ways my adventuring goal of late feels more like "coming home" (or maybe it's "finding home") that is still part of that pesky heroic journey. (Also, I love you Rangers, but I cannot keep up with your forum.) I blinked, and suddenly I went from having a sleepy newborn baby to an energetic toddler! Being a curmudgeonly wizard who wants to sit cosy in my tower with a book and maybe I’ll go out tomorrow or next week or next year, I’m finding it a stretch to keep up with this little creature of chaos that wants to eat five times a day, frolic out of the house, get into mischief, and generally enjoy every moment of life… right now! I feel like I’m living with Merry and Pippin rolled into one cute package. Or maybe, I should see it as the pair of us being Merry and Pippin. I could fight that, but it’s not a very fun way to live, so if you can’t beat them, join them. As such, I’m heading back into the Shire for this challenge, except.... This Challenge Starts with a Proper Adventure! Part way into Zero Week into most of Week One, we’ll be taking Rowan on his first trip to America. And his first plane flight. 10 hours each way. Yikes! We’re on our way to Austin TX to spend a week with my paternal family. Talk about an adventure! I don't have specific goals for this trip except enjoy the time with my family. Once we’re back from that, the rest of the Challenge kicks into full swing. Frolic and get into Mischief Today Summer is coming, the weather is great, so lets get out, get active, and have some fun! Enjoy playing with my little hobbit. Get out at least once a day—to soft play, the story centre, park playgrounds, playgroup, etc. (Usual free pass for illness or particularly inclement weather.) Play with him at home, too! Clock in 10k+ steps a day. Eat Well Today Much like the hobbits, the House of Vries enjoys gathering around the table and eating good food. Cook healthy, diverse meals for the family on the weekdays (Mr cooks on the weekends). There may be food writing. I’ve been going through one of my “rely on sugary coffee drinks in the morning because I’m tired” phases. (This is the only way I like coffee.) I want to cut down to one sugary coffee drink in the morning, ideally eliminating it entirely, except on the worst of days. I can drink all the tea (as I don’t add sugar or milk to my tea) and fizzy water I want. Live Well Today Gratitude lists don’t really help me much, but I still need to remind myself I’m living a charmed life. I haven’t always. There’s been some really difficult times in my life. But right now? This chapter? A bit challenging, but absolutely charmed. So love it and live it to its utmost. At the minimum, mentally note things that are going well each day. Ideally, write them down. Going out all the time for toddler activities cuts heavily into getting any housework done, though, and we like having a tidy space to live in. So I want to utilize 5 minute tidies to try to keep up so everyone can get to the fire exits in case of emergency! 2-3 short tidies a day. Love Well Today The first year with a baby had our marriage functioning in basic survival mode most of the time. Now that Rowan is getting older, I want to spend more time with my husband and work on higher level aspects of our relationship. Make better use of the time after Rowan goes to sleep. Play games together, at least once a week. Make time to talk, at least once a week. Try to get some walks in green places in, at least once this challenge. (Ideally, more.) Be a Wizard, Sometimes We’re currently negotiating with a childminder, which should start in early June and will afford a few hours of “me time” a week. (Final schedule TBD.) I want to make good use of that time—working on my writing, my knitting, other enriching activities, and also on some family projects that fall by the wayside chasing my little Merry!Pippin around. At least 20 minutes of “Wizard” activities during a nap time during the week. At least 1 hour on childminder days (once he’s in full attendance). Now, let's get on this adventure!
  10. I’ve been away for a couple of challenges. The holidays and new year left me evaluating my online haunts—I’ve let some go, but here I return. NF is a place for good. Who am I? I'm Ann of Vries, aged 39; a diarist, a fiber artist, a gamer, a traveler, a hiker, and a new mother. I’m madly in love with my partner, Mr of Vries, and my 11(!) month old son, Rowan of Vries. Warning: There will be baby pics and talk on this thread. I live in London, after having emigrated from Seattle three years ago. I love it here, although I’m still trying to find my tribe (outside of the House of Vries, of course). Where are we now? The days are as long as sleepless nights, and the months move as fast a thought. Mr of Vries has a new job after a four month break (bringing dinosaurs and robots to life!), and although I cannot yet see the sunset of this new chaos, Rowan and I are getting back into the routine of it just being the two of us during the day. Here's a photo montage of the last few months: The Challenge: Carry On My theme of my challenge will be to carry on not let the frantic pace and demands of daily life tear me away from key rituals and routines I know are good for my mental/emotional/physical health. After a long plateau, the rest of my pregnancy weight has began to (slowly, but progressively) slide off. I’d like to keep that in forward motion. I suspect that moving to 3 small meals and a “tea" a day (coinciding with RoV’s eating routine), helped in this. I also want to expand my cooking repertoire as I’m getting bored. Keep moving my weight down through good eating choices. As a guideline, but not absolute rule, I follow the philosophy-if you wouldn’t feed it to your son, why are you eating it? With the dark season came a return of the shadows in my mind. Getting out has helped. I’m now trying to go out daily, even if it’s only for a few minutes of walking around the block, pushing Rowan on the swings at a nearby park, picking up food at the grocery. Sometimes it’s such a bother—ask anyone trying to go anywhere with a small child! But sometimes I just need to put him in a carrier and go out for a little while, close to home. Mr and I are trying to use our weekends more wisely to get out, walk, spend time together and as a family. We’re still hoping to get back to hiking regularly. We’ve also hired a babysitter a couple of times a week so I can go out on my own for a couple of hours. I can do most things with Rowan along, but sometimes the company I need is my own. Keep my mood up and my weight down with daily adventures big or small. (I will not penalize myself in situations of poor physical health or inclement weather.) Over and over again, I learn that my personal journal is something I cannot neglect for long without my psychic landscape turning into a black, fell wasteland. I’ve spent a lot of time writing in fictional worlds, but the truth is that while I love making up worlds, I really want to have that “life worth writing about” in my own. (Even if I’m the only who is reading it.) Make time to explore my psychic landscape in my journal when I need it. I need to create things. Over the years, I’ve often vacillated between writing fiction and fiber arts (knitting, sewing, etc.) . Lately, I’ve increased my attentions to my fiber arts. At the moment I’m knitting and learning embroidery. I can’t do it with the single-minded focus I did before I was a mother, but if that was a reason to not do something… well, I wouldn’t be doing much of anything right now. And that never goes well for long. Make time to explore my fiber arts creations, simple or complicated. I’m an introvert, hands down. But I still need people in my life. The problem is that sometimes I feel like between Rowan and Mr I’m always “on.” Yet, I still need to be part of the wider world. One of the things I always think about when I’m about to do another challenge for NF is that I can’t keep up with threads half as much as I want to and it makes me feel guilty. Locally, I’m still trying to find “my people” on this side of the Atlantic. Honour my introvert nature, but push myself a little more to reach out to people and make connections (both online and offline). I’m an introvert, not an island. I tend to forego the metrics, as when I try to devise them I get more focused on the numbers than I do on living my best life (which is really the goal). So… I’ll update a couple of times a week and let you know how I’m doing. I can watch the scale—and I will be—but ultimately, whether I’m doing well or not is based on my overall mood and emotional state. Carry on!
  11. Ivysley begins her journey toward Glacier This September I am going to be vacationing in Glacier National Park for a week. There will be A LOT of hiking involved. My goal is to lose at least 30 pounds before vacation. Springtime is a messy time in Minnesota, so I will be focusing more on indoor activities. I haven't been working out all winter so will be easing into it. I enjoy yoga, so figured that would be a good respawn point. I'm usually more of an adventurer, however, I thought this challenge reflected the druids characteristics. 1) Intermittent fasting 16/8 fast. Eventually I would like to work up to 24, maybe even an occassional-36 hour fast. I will begin with not eating a morning meal. 2) Yoga 3x/ per week My yoga of choice is DirtyYoga.co It's a straight forward vinyasa style. 3) NF bodyweight workout 2x/per week last summer I won a year's membership to a kick boxing gym. Unfortunately this fall my work got insanely busy and I did not go for two months and was sick most of December. Since then I've been held back in returning. It's an intense workout and I don't feel like I'm anyway prepared to try it. The plan is the workout 2x per week, so I have a chance at making through the warm-up. 4) Headspace 2x per week. I've tried Headspace in the past and found very relaxing and clearing.
  12. Last challenge–while the Empress and I were strategizing our path to world domination over tea and crumpets– we decided that I needed to focus on some very specific things to be my truest self in 2019. Definition: (1) (adjective) ruthless in competition; ( 2) (adjective) violently agitated and turbulent; (3) (adjective) marked by extreme and violent energy; (4) (adjective) marked by extreme intensity of emotions or convictions; inclined to react violently; fervid; "FIERCE" is the acronym designed to support this quest, which I am intensely committed to achieving, in ruthless competition with myself, through the following means: FOCUS - Attend to one thing at a time, the most important thing. IMPACT - Choose the most important thing on the basis of its impact, and where its effects will accumulate and compound over time. ENERGY - Trust the Universe and my intuition. Follow the path of positive energy. Invite feedback. RESILIENCE - Proactively seek to become stronger and more resilient by regularly going outside my comfort zone. Balance stretching my limits with adequate rest, recovery and social support. CREATIVITY - Fuel the fire. Nurture my creative spirit. Make cool stuff that energizes me and helps others. EXECUTION - The time for planning and strategizing is done. Execute the plan! 12/31/2018 - My accountability partner and I are meeting later today, New Year's Eve, to wrap up our respective end of year retreats and have a focused work session on our plans for the coming year. I'll report back here with the results and my challenge goals, on New Year's day. The results of the New Year's Eve Accountability Buddy session: We didn't get as far on concrete goal setting as we had planned. We realized in our initial checkin that we were both still a bit scattered and conflicted on some of our goals. We shifted gears after discussing possible solutions, and ended up doing a "Draw Your Future" exercise. and worked with our respective Tarot cards for the day. Mine, of course, was the Empress. I used this particular version, chosen intuitively from a page image search results: Once we had more clarity on our "whys", we adjourned to do some individual work on goal setting and prioritizing during the week, with the agreement to have a followup accountability session next Saturday after our hike. We had planned a hike as part of our session, but it was cold (46 degrees Fahrenheit! ) and rainy yesterday in Phoenix and we were wimps. (Had not prepared adequately.) We made a pact that there would be no more bailing for weather in the future–beyond adapting time or location based on actual hazards like lightning or flash flooding–as we are going to be FIERCE in our training. To be continued. I am getting ready to go back to work tomorrow, so I'm interspersing writing this update with household chores.
  13. Walk to Mordor and Back Again (2018) Whether you have been trekking to Mordor for years or just looking to get started, you are welcome to join us at anytime. All miles/kilometers count. You decide how you want to accumulate distance. This is your adventure! (ex. my journey has included walking/steps, hiking, running, biking (distance/3), and swimming (distance*3)) Begin Your Journey Now! SPREADSHEET Open the spreadsheet, click on the 'Sign Up' tab at the bottom of the page, fill in all fields labeled in yellow, and begin tracking and logging your distance in the appropriate monthly tab. “It's a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don't keep your feet, there's no knowing where you might be swept off to.” - Bilbo Baggins
  14. Attention all Vancouverites! How many local rebels do we have? Let's go for a hike or 2 or 20. I live in Surrey but usually travel to TriCities, Valley, or North Shore for hiking. Open to any suggestions I also love swimming and plan to swim lengthways across Buntzen Lake sometime in August.
  15. Shadowlion haS TEA and CruMpetS with the Empress Yes, it is another Shadowlion ACRONYM Challenge… Tarot challenge... and a Fire Fit challenge... with Truck Porn, Tai Chi, Tuxedo Cats, a little alliteration, and all lot of other stuff I threw into my tags As per usual, I am a little bit late getting my challenge together. It was a bit of a hectic zero week that included much craziness at work, stitches to my left index finger, and a cold. Typing is still a bit slow, so in lieu of a lot of words, so I will leave you with several pictures that I will weave together into a challenge over the next few days. https://www.wired.com/story/sanfrancisco-smaller-firetrucks/
  16. Yesterday I ran my second half marathon (YAY!). I enjoyed it and may a third some time, but it meant that I had to dedicate most of my summer to being a Scout. I like running, but I am not a Scout. I am most definitely a Ranger and having to stay focused on one discipline to that extent made me antsy. So for this challenge, I'm going to catch up again on some of my other preferred methods of exercise that have been getting neglected lately: Adventure If I were to leave the guild (which isn't going to happen) I would probably be an Adventurer. There is nothing I like as much as spending a few hours in the woods. I haven't been doing much of this lately, which has not escaped the notice of my four-footed trail buddy. We've been walking around the neighborhood, but for this challenge we're going to get back out in the wilderness. I want to get in 25 hiking miles this challenge, for 1 point per mile. for the purposes of this challenge, a hike must involve driving to a trailhead and following a marked trail. Assassin At some point I think I'd like to get a gym membership and try some weightlifting, but for now I'm enjoying the Academy bodyweight workouts, so I'm going to be an assassin for a little while longer and stick with my pullup bar and resistance bands. I took a break from the Academy for a while because I couldn't get past level 5, but I just figured out how to do wall walks without hurting my elbows, so I'm excited to get back to it. I don't want to overload myself so I'm going to shoot for 2 workouts a week, which works out to 3.125 points per workout. Druid I'm not great at meditation, and while I'll file that away in my Things to Work On Someday box, my inner druid will be working on yoga this challenge. I have a NF yoga account, so I'll use that for one yoga session a week. 6.25 points per session. Monk I don't really have any interest in sparring, but I do enjoy a good heavy bag workout. It's a ridiculous cardio workout and it's fun. I'm going to shoot for one of these a week as well so another 6.25 per workout. Loot It's hockey season again! 80 points nets me a ticket to watch the Penguins!
  17. During the last challenge, I had a lot going on to distract me from my goals, because my wife was going through a health crisis. This time around, she's doing much better, but I know I have a big ol' work deadline coming up in late September, and it's likely that crunch time will impact my goals. I need to plan ahead to minimize the damage from that week. One thing I really want to focus on is living in the moment and enjoying the day to day business of life. I noticed, during the last challenge and during the stress of trying to take care of my wife, the house, and everything else, that my focus can really narrow down into "did I check off the item from my to do list?" That's a survival method when there's a lot going on, but I don't want to fall into a pattern of that. It's happened to me before, especially during periods of high work stress. Weeks can pass, and I hardly notice any of them because I'm too much in my head. In the end, all I have to show for it is some checked boxes on a piece of paper. I want to combat this by being mindful and seeking out the small enjoyable moments throughout the day. Drinking a coffee, having a conversation with a friend, petting my cats... even just enjoying the view of the sunset while I'm driving home. (It was just that which put this thought into my head a few nights ago.) With that in mind, here's my goals for the mid-term: I want to lose weight, and build an exercise habit that will eventually translate into gaining strength and muscle. I want to get outside more, and gain the functional endurance and flexibility to do pretty much whatever activity I desire. I want to have more time to do things I enjoy. I want to have a consistent sleep schedule that leaves me well-rested. The specific challenge goals that are steps towards these results: Fixing my sleep schedule: I seriously need to improve my sleep schedule. It's gotten very out of whack during my wife's recovery. Due to a weird quirk of my circadian rhythm, it's extremely easy for me to lose a consistent bedtime. (My rhythm is set to about 24 hrs and 45 minutes, as near as I can tell. No idea why. I have to work to reset it every day with light therapy and melatonin, or my natural sleepiness and wakefulness cues quickly shift to nearly nocturnal. It can effect when I get hungry, too, but that's usually easier to correct.) I know from past experience that setting a strict bedtime and wake up time and forcing myself to stick to it is the best way to create a schedule that fits with my job and other goals. For this challenge, my getting-ready-for-bed time is 10pm, and my must-be-in-bed time is 11pm. My wake up time is 8:30am. This should allow me to be at work by 10am, which means I can leave at 6pm most days. So that should give me more time for working out, and other enjoyable evening activities. If I stick to this 5 days out of 7, I will award myself 1 prize token. 3-4 days out of 7 gets 1/2 a token. I will have looser tolerances (about half an hour) towards the beginning of the challenge, but as it progresses I need to be more precise about when I get to bed and when I get up. The ideal is to follow this schedule every day of the week, always. Walking daily after lunch: The trigger for this action is returning from eating out with coworkers, or finishing my lunch and throwing away any trash. The walk doesn't need to be longer than 2 laps around the building, but I want to make it a habit that I do every weekday. For now, I'm not going to worry about the weekends - though I can make up a missed day on the weekend if I want. Each week that I do this, I earn 1 prize token. If I only do 3 or 4 walks that week, I can still earn 1/2 of a token. Working out 2x per week: Three times a week turned out to be too much to start out. This time, I just want to do the 1A and 1B work outs once each during the week. I'm going to target Monday as the first day, and Thursday as the second, but other days are acceptable as necessary. Each week that I do this, I earn 1 prize token. If I only do 1 workout that week, I can still earn 1/2 of a token. No diet soda: I should not drink any diet soda during the challenge month (9/17 - 10/14). If I succeed in this, I get two "prize tokens". I am allowed 2 "slip-ups", and after that I lose 1/2 of a token per diet soda ingested. Which means that if I were to drink 6 sodas total, I would get nothing. I'm also going to check my progress on this half way through, and get the first prize token at that point if I haven't messed it up. EDIT: So far, I have used one of my two "freebies". I got 1 token for the first 2 weeks. Track Food and Water intake: Although this is a pretty good habit for me at this point, I obviously need to keep doing it. And I would like to reward myself for being consistent. So if I track both for the whole challenge, I get a bonus prize of 2 tokens. Much like with the diet soda, I'll let myself miss 2 total days without penalty, then start detracting 1/2 token for each missed food or water record. Like with the soda challenge, I'm checking in at the 2 week mark and getting the first prize then. EDIT: So far, I have used both of my two "free misses". I got 1/2 a token for the first 2 weeks. Outdoor Adventure: As usual, I want to go somewhere I normally don't and explore around. EDIT: Went to the beach on Sept 23. It was a little chilly, but very nice! My prize for doing this is 2 prize tokens. Bonus challenge: Organize and put away important papers! This has literally been on my to do list for two years, and my desk has been unusable for that long due to the mountain of papers on it! If I do this during the challenge, I get 1 prize token. It looks like a lot, but only the first 3 things are things I'm really struggling with. In keeping with my over-arching mindfulness goal, I'm hoping to find the joy in each of these goals. It's not just a checkbox to tic, but something to enrich my life. For example, I'm inspired by Tobbe to log food by taking pictures of it (and making it look appealing in the pics). Walking can be pleasant now that it's not boiling hot outside. Hopefully even working out can end up being an enjoyable experience. My intention is not to add to my stress by upping my expectations around each goal. Instead, it's a mindset I'm trying to cultivate.
  18. Spring has Sprung! Dis heerlike lente, die winter is verby weer vrolik die velde, vir jou en vir my. (It's wonderful spring time, winter has gone) (happy the fields, for you and for me) loosely translated Die Ystervark I realised that some of the funny in the name is lost because of translation, but hubby (Brandt) called this weight plate storage stand he built, "Die Ystervark". Direct translation is "Iron Pig", and we found it appropriate because it is not just made of iron, but holds our iron weight plates and training paraphernalia. There is also a saying in Afrikaans "gooi die ysters rond" (throw around the irons - directly translated) for someone training with weights. And of course the normal comparison with a porcupine - little squat body with all those quills sticking out. Just going on with the normal routine that I've been trying to establish since... for ever. This is the first year where I did manage to train relatively frequently throughout winter. Other years I stopped my morning training for two, three challenges at a time. Bible study: every weekday morning; Strength training: 2x a week (Monday and Thursday mornings); Joint circles (warm up) Jumping jacks 20x (warm up) Plank2Pullups 10x Abs roll out 10x Front lunges 10kg 10x Deadlifts 30kg 10x Flys: front, lateral, bent over lateral (back shoulders) 10x each Bridge & Pinch 20sec Sit-twist stretch 1x Shoulder and Chest stretches 1x each Walking: 2-3x a week (Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons); Tue: with Brandt and the boys +-3-3.5km (up and downhill) Wed: alone +-5km (flat farm road) Fri: with boys +-3-5km (nat.reserve or neighbourhood) Dry fire: 1x a week (Wednesday morning), and 1x a month at club; Food: focusing on what I'm eating: loosing weight by cutting down on carbs/starches; drink 1x bottle water a day; BUT if I really crave something, then I allow myself to eat that as long as I don't overdo it. This goes hand in hand with a lot of brain things going on upstairs about WHY; measurements beginning and end of challenge. Sleep: be in bed by 21h30 every week night. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We had a hiking/rucking weekend planned for 22-24 Sept. which might not happen because all accommodation in the area are fully booked because of the long weekend, private school holidays, and some trail races planned for that long weekend. So we'll have to play that one by ear. In the meantime we are trying to spend more time together as a family.
  19. 2018 Goals: 1) Fitness Honesty (food, tracking, workouts) 2) Develop work leadership skills (read books, listen to podcasts, implement ideas) 2018 Battle Log: January | February | March I have an instagram for NF stuff, and if you message me, I will more than likely add you. May 2017 PRs: Squat: 135, Bench: 82, Deadlift: 195, Trap Bar Deadlift: 225 Sept 6 2017 PRs: Squat: 140, Bench: 80, Deadlift: 196, Trap Bar: 205 (different trap bar) Oct 23 2017 PRs: Squat: 155, Bench: 85, Deadlift: 205, Trap Bar Deadlift: 220 June 2018: Bench 90 Lifting Notes: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2017 Goals: 1. Be more on top of my game at work - be the person that people say gets her shit done 2. Body re-composition, get to 183# and stay there while building strength (do the program) January 1 2017 | February 1 2017 | March 1 2017 | April 1 2017 | May - surgery/ illness break | June 1 2017 | July 2017 - medical break | September 2017 | October 2017 | Nov/Dec Get Comfortable with the Uncomfortable 2017 Challenges: { 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12 / 13 / 14 / 15 / 16 / 17}
  20. I switched to Adventurer class primarily because I want to get more 'outdoorsy' activities into my life. Therefore, the highlight/climax of my challenge will be either a short "hike" (might be more of a walk around the park) or a trip to the beach. It's difficult for me to find time to make a special trip for this kind of purpose, so that's why there's only one for this 4-week challenge. I suppose you could say, "it's not a priority", but it's a lot easier to do a bunch of small stuff than carve out a one- to six-hour chunk of my life for the purpose of doing something special. Hopefully, if I make it more of a priority, it will eventually become just part of my schedule and require less effort. My other goals are all quite basic: 1. Food tracking. (Every day, and AS I GO, so I can self-correct if I start to go over my calories.) I'll probably continue to put this on my Daily Battle Log. 2. Track water. Every time I stop tracking it, I find that I'm not drinking enough. So I need to add this to my food log. 3. Walk 5 out of 7 days each week. Just something short, like a 5-minute walk around the block. The idea is to build a habit of going out and doing something every day. 4. Two weeks (out of the 4) where I do the Nerd Fitness beginner's bodyweight training. Again, this is more about building a habit than anything else. 5. Edit: Get ready for bed by 9:30pm! And try to be asleep by 11. And that's it! Back to basics, since it's been over 2 years since I last did a challenge. I will reward myself each week depending on goals met. One prize is available each week for the walking, and one for the bodyweight. No prizes for food and water tracking; I don't think I need the extra incentive. I have an Amazon list of fairly cheap little items that I want, but can't buy until I earn them. There's also a slightly more significant prize for doing the outdoors activity.
  21. Hullo there, fellow hobbits and adventurers! As a warning to some who might not be comfortable with this, my challenge will be dealing with a lot of spiritual challenges in my Catholic faith life. If you don't wish to read about such topics, I suggest that you move on to other threads. At the same time, I do value and welcome support from any who wish to join me on my journey! My name is Hollybell Took, and I live in the rolling hills of the Shire, also known as southern Minnesota. I have had a rather tough time during the past few months as I have battled depression, a binge-eating disorder, horrendous school politics in my teaching job, and a break-up with the man I love most in all the world. Most of all, I have been realizing how out-of-balance my life has become. My goal has always been to keep my faith at the very center of my life, but I feel as though I have neglected my faith for far too long, which feeds into my mental health challenges. A sick spiritual life and mental illness easily contribute to an unhealthy physical life as well. Lol, as I was typing this, my roommate's cat stretched her paw onto my keyboard and opened an incognito tab. Perhaps the movie Cats and Dogs was onto something? Because of my incredibly hectic teaching schedule (even more hectic than normal teachers) for 9 months of the year, I decided that trying to make a challenge fit into the usual four-week slot just isn't helpful for me at this time. This is my first actual week of summer break, and I want my challenge to stretch out for the next 12 weeks until I return to work. That sounds pretty ambitious, but I have goals set out with several checkpoints to help me keep track of my progress along the way. I am also requiring myself to seek assistance from others who can help me reach my goals. After all, Frodo couldn't take the Ring to Mordor on his own. He needed help from a variety of different people with unique knowledge and skills. I intend to follow his example by using the friends and guides I have met over the years to help me make this summer the final hurdle I need to overcome in order to achieve a stable life and get back on the path towards sainthood. I am targeting five specific areas to work on throughout the summer, and I made sure that the action steps I take will help with multiple target areas at once. Rather than make a specific plan like "I want to lose 30 pounds by doing x, y, and z", my goals are designed to help me look at the bigger picture, to regain my perspective on life, and to gain the skills needed to improve my life in the long-term. Mental Health Take daily antidepressants and begin taking medication for eating disorder. I only just started treating my depression about two months ago. Wow, I never realized how helpful anti-depressants would be! My new doctor specializes in mental health and eating disorders, and she is really awesome. She and I set up a plan to start taking medication for my binge eating disorder during the summer, once my body has gotten used to the anti-depressants. See a therapist regularly. This is a bit of a headache since my insurance is changing slightly in July. Once it changes over, I intend to start services with a therapist in my town. Follow the other goals! I kept the mental health section short because most of the other goals will also be really great for my mental health. Spiritual Health (Many of these items will only make sense to other Catholics. For non-Catholics, please see my glossary below.) Ask favorite priest to be my spiritual director; meet at least 3 times during summer. This is sort of like counseling, but only about spiritual things. I have finally come to realize that mental health ≠ spiritual health. Even though they do often go hand-in-hand, I need to address each area separately. I hope to meet at least three times with this priest during the next 12 weeks. In the past, he has always had great advice and resources for me, and I know he will help me stay accountable to the other areas of my prayer life I intend to work on. Pray a rosary at least five times per week. My summer job involves watering plants at a nursery. It is pretty easy and boring work, so it is easy (and very relaxing) to pray while I work. I want to start with praying the rosary during each of the days that I work and eventually expand to praying it 7 days each week. It only takes about 20 minutes to pray, but I often have trouble motivating myself to get started. Pray Liturgy of the Hours once per day. LotH is a really awesome form of prayer using Scripture to reflect on God's relationship with humanity. It has been incredibly helpful for my prayer life in the past, and I intend to return to it. It has different prayers for different parts of the day. If I had a LOT of ambition, I could pray it five times each day (for prayers at the morning, day, evening, or night, as well as additional readings). Right now, however, I just want to commit to praying one part of it each day, whether it is the morning, evening, or night prayers. Spend at least one hour per week with the Eucharist. Yes, this involves physically leaving my apartment to go pray in a chapel. But this is also the best way to reorient my prayer life. Attend weekly Sunday Mass at new parish and offer to help with music ministry. My roommate and I recently decided to join a different church because our current one doesn't really have an active community, and we felt a little like outsiders there. I have a difficult time going to Church if I don't know people there, so I need to meet people. And music (specifically playing clarinet) is one of the best ways I can serve in the parish and meet the other musicians, at the very least. Creativity Read at least 5 great books this summer. (Currently reading The Well of Ascension by Brandon Sanderson. This is seriously an amazing series!) I love reading, but I get VERY easily distracted by Netflix and video games. I want to get back to reading once again. Any fantasy book recommendations are appreciated! Make Paper Mache decorations for classroom. Pinterest is horrible. It gives me too many ideas of fun things to do for my classroom. Last year, some of my students made these huge, fluffy clouds that now hang from the ceiling in my classroom. I plan to make a paper mache Haku (dragon from Spirited Away) to fly above the clouds. That will be pretty ambitious, so I have some smaller paper mache projects to help me practice. Right now, the plan is to make a bunch of masks to hang on the wall (Majora's Mask, Blue Spirit mask from Avatar, Princess Mononoke's mask, and No-Face from Spirited Away. I welcome any other nerdy mask suggestions!) If I finish the masks and Haku without too much trouble, then I will consider making the floating city of Laputa as well. I don't think it will actually be as hard as it sounds, but it will certainly take a good deal of time. This sounds like I am adding work to my schedule, but it is really relaxing! Write for at least 5 hours per week. I really want to get into writing. I have a great idea for a fantasy novel, but I get bogged down with world-building and with planning out the plot and characters. I may continue working on the novel this summer, or I might take a break from the novel and work on some short stories. Either way, I want to work on writing in some form throughout the summer. I struggle a lot with accountability for writing. If there are any other writers out there, I would love some advice! Play music! I used to play clarinet and piano all the time. I still play piano sometimes, but not as often as I would like. I don't have a particular goal for this area. This is just here to remind me that music exists and that I should look to music anytime I am in a rut. Exercise Go canoeing/kayaking 3 times. This is something I have always wanted to get into. I recently found out that a state park nearby rents canoes, and my roommate and I plan to visit her family's cabin to go kayaking sometime soon. I wish I could go more frequently than 3 times, but I need to make sure to go with a buddy since I really don't have a lot of experience with watercraft of any kind. I grew up in one of the only counties in Minnesota without any natural lakes... Walk to Amon Sul! I absolutely despise going to a gym for exercise. I don't mind the bodyweight exercises on NF, but really I need to spend the summer doing my favorite form of exercise: hiking. I am taking on the "Walk to Mordor" challenge, and by summer's end, I will reach Weathertop, which is 240 miles away. I am using an Android app to help me track my progress. Year 2018 Trifles: I want to add some fun challenges throughout my travels (similar to the Anniversary Event Trifles, as any other LOTRO players may be familiar with).While I spend the next 12 weeks hiking 240 miles, I will be checking off as many of these items as I can: Wave to a beaver Take a picture of a fox See at least 30 deer Identify at least 15 different wildflowers Find a good walking stick Quack at a duck Chase a goose (mostly out of revenge for all the times I have been chased by geese) Find 5 secret writing nooks in the wilderness (nice, lovely places to pull up a chair and start writing) Take 10 sunset pictures Take 10 sunrise pictures Stand under a waterfall See at least 3 rainbows Sing "A Elbereth Gilthoniel" to the Evening Star Visit 5 different state parks Walk 10 miles in one day Take a selfie with a squirrel (easier said than done) Take a picture of an owl Go stargazing Find an eagle nest Eat wild raspberries Hike beneath a full moon (Any other ideas are welcome! I will happily add any challenges you guys come up with, as long as they are feasible for my geographic area.) Nutrition See a dietitian. My doctor recommended that, in addition to treating my binge eating disorder with medication, I also see a dietician to learn some strategies for portion control and healthier eating habits in general. I just need to set up that appointment, and then I can check this off my list and possibly set up a more structured nutritional plan for the summer. Limit eating out to once per week. Fast food is a really big temptation for me, and I need to stop picking it up. One way I plan to help avoid that temptation is to leave my money at home when I go to work. I only live about 10 minutes from work, so if I do actually need to go buy something, I can stop home and pick up my money. This will keep me from stopping at Culver's or McDonald's on the way home from work. Cook at least one new recipe each week. I need to get back to looking up fun recipes on NF, Pinterest, and other websites. Generally when I do cook, I eat healthy food. But when I fall into a rut, I eat mostly junk food. It also helps that I really enjoy gardening and currently have a healthy patio garden of herbs and veggies growing. By the end of the summer, I want to have a recipe book so that I can look for inspiration even when I am busy. Checkpoints: I have a couple of different ways I am going to keep myself accountable throughout the summer. I have a habit tracker in my bullet journal which will help me keep track of daily habits such as medication, writing, and eating out, etc. Some of the other goals also involve setting up appointments. I can't really plan a deadline for each meeting without knowing the schedule of the priest, therapist, and dietitian, but I can make a deadline for scheduling an appointment. And I do need to set deadlines, or else I will fall into my usual summer trap of "Oh, but I have all summer to do that. I'll do it later." By June 24th: Visit with Gildor and the other elves near Woodhall (41mi) Finish three paper mache masks Have the appointment with dietitian Send email to priest to request spiritual direction Check off at least 5 trifles Ask about music ministry at new church and sign up if schedule allows By July 8: Rest at Tom Bombadil's House (98mi) Begin seeing therapist Go canoeing/kayaking at least once Check off at least 10 more trifles Begin paper mache Haku By July 22: Reach Bree (135mi) Finish paper mache Haku, start Laputa if time allows Check off at least 10 more trifles By August 5: Finish the trek through the Midgewater Marshes (198mi) Check off at least 10 more trifles Create recipe book (either physical or digital) to track favorite recipes By August 19: Reach Weathertop (240mi) Possibly finish Laputa if time allows Check off entire list of trifles Glossary (for Catholic terms many probably don't know): Eucharist: Lembas bread for humans. Spiritual waybread for the journey. God: Dungeon Master. Liturgy of the Hours: Ancient tomes filled with chants, songs, and wisdom of the ancestors. Music Ministry: A group of bards who support the party (congregation) in battles (Church service). Priest: Party leader who is actually competent because of the large amount of time spent collaborating with the Dungeon Master. Rosary: A beaded chain with multiple purposes: whipping roommates in the face, cat toy, devotions to Elbereth (Mary)
  22. So, let's get out into the woods! I have been doing challenges with the assassins for over a year, and my fitness goals are still more assassin-y than anything else, but with the weather warming up (please?) I am increasingly fixated on hiking/camping. I live in a relatively rural area in central Massachusetts, in a sort-of communal-ish house (a poly/queer extended family), on 18 acres of mostly wild land. I am self-employed and work from home when not travelling, so I get to spend a lot of time wandering around in the woods behind my house with my dog. I've gone on occasional day-hikes at the nearby mountain (well, barely a mountain) but I've gotten the urge to do some more long-distance hiking. My life won't presently accomodate more than a few days, but that is a good place to start. First adventure is the Midstate Trail, because there is a trailhead right down the road from my house. No dog on the longer hikes, unfortunately. She loves running around in the woods, but she punks out after a few hours. THE PLAN Conditioning! Wear a ~35lb pack on my daily dog walks, total of ~4hr/week. I've been doing this for a few days, with no trouble, but it is only about a half hour walk. Get my camping gear sorted! I've got a cheap camp hammock and tarp, which I like very much. Backyard testing last night shows my current insulation is comfortable to around 30F, but needs some modification for comfort and ease of setup. (I make/modify most of my gear. I am cheap.) Overall, I have a fair idea of what I'd need to pack for the trip, but I need to actually get stuff together. Test run! What kind of miles can I reasonably do on a trail? I have no idea. So I plan to start with a 2-day trip, just go as far as seems reasonable, camp wherever I end up, and then come home. Calibration! This should happen next Tuesday/Wednesday, depending on weather and life. Do this thing! Plan and execute a 4-5 day hike along the Midstate trail, out and back. I'm aiming for something around May 7, but we'll see. ALSO, I will be maintaining baseline healthy habits: Yoga every morning. About 20 minutes of Ashtanga. Take my vitamins/etc morning and night. Strength training three times a week. I'd been doing the "Starting Strength" barbell program, but I may do abbreviated home workouts for a while. It isn't my #1 priority right now. "Healthy adult meals" - 3/day. For a while now I've been making these sort of standardized meals, with roughly 1c veggies, 1/2c meat/egg, and 1/2c starch/legume/fruit. Often pre-packed into little 2c containers, but sometimes ad hoc. Sometimes just one is enough, sometimes I'll have two. Three portions like this is only about half my total food intake. The rest is just "eat when hungry". On a longer hike, however, I'll eat whatever is convenient, tasty, and full of calories.
  23. My goals are geared toward preparing for my introvert hiking adventure in June! I am super stoked for the trip. I'm hoping it will be rejuvenating and that I might learn a thing or two about myself. Last challenge my physical goals were: Move your feet, Endurance, and Strength. I did great on moving daily, pretty good on endurance, and pretty lack luster on strength. I feel that everything needs a bit more work to really settle into habit. Because they went well last time I combined daily movement and endurance into one maintenance task. Strength got it's own task because I really struggled with it. Physical Health: 1. Maintain progress made in last challenge Move your feet - get up an move daily (walk, hike, ruck, run, etc). Endurance 2 times a week - run/walk or ruck 2. Strength train 2 times a week - weights, body weight, core, or ruck. 3. Make it out for a hike at least twice during the challenge. Somewhere other than the little local nature preserve. Life Goal: A Cleaner House - do a 5 minute clean up daily before bed. Set a timer for five minutes and clean/tidy up. If I'm traveling I can clean/tidy up my luggage, hotel room, or car. If I'm sick in bed I can throw my pile of tissues away or something. I'm considering making this a 100 day project. On Going Projects not part of this challenge: Daily Fiddle Practice: This is a 100 day project - the goal is 100 straight days. Read 24 books in 2018: Only two completed so far Introvert Adventure Planning
  24. Hi friends! I'm new here and really excited to join a community of fitness-obsessed nerds like myself It was like a light switched on in my brain when I realized I could actually train myself to do the things my favorite movie/television/video game characters do instead of just sitting on my couch wishing I were that cool. It's been a long and ongoing journey of constant change and self-improvement, and I'm really proud of how far I've come. I feel like parts of me belong in each of the guilds but I picked the adventurer guild because I lost my first 50 lbs when I discovered my love of hiking, and adventuring outdoors is still one of the most peaceful and inspiring parts of my life. My current workout regime looks something like this... 5 days/week : lifting heavy ~40 min (I'm on week 2 of Ashley Horner's Charlie Mike program right now) 2 days/week : 1 hour bootcamp classes or other cardio conditioning 3 days/week : 45 min cardio (run or elliptical) *or* trail run I really enjoy working out - it has been more effective than any anti-depressant or talk therapy My main struggle is with nutrition (I am a sucker for sweets) so I've been working on maintaining a diet at 1400 cal and 50-60% protein. It's going well so far and the nutritional guidelines I'm following don't make me feel hungry, deprived or lacking energy. I just started eating meat again to help meet my protein goals. I really liked being a veg but it's hard to meet my goals that way, so I'm just trying to get responsibly sourced meat/eggs. STRENGTHS: - Healing/Herbal Lore - Lifting heavy things - Hiking/outdoor sports - Endurance WEAKNESSES: - Cookies, Doughnuts - Running - Charisma - Agility (mediocre, looking to improve) GOALS: - Improve my 1RMs by at least 10 lbs in 6 weeks (I picked this kind of arbitrarily but I think it's doable?) - Weight loss 2lbs/week (I don't usually condone numeric weight loss goals for anyone but I'm giving it a shot because I already have a substantial base of lean muscle mass and I'm trying to cut fat) - Meditate 3x/week for 7 minutes - Stretch every day - Foam roll at least once/week - Trail run or hike once a week (5+ miles) - All-around badassery I'm also a beginner climber so if any assassin friends have tips for n00bs, please share TIA my lovelies, looking forward to meeting everyone!
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