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  1. Hey, there! Very new here. Refusing to go quietly into that great goodnight. Turning 69 this summer. I'm 5'8". Have gotten weight down from 200 to about 185 recently. Having difficulty reducing more. Tried running, walking. Working on diet and other activities now. Reading/studying everything I can get my eyes on. My biggest frustration is that this health/fitness industry has largely ignored a huge revenue source. That's the boomer generation. The magazines and the website have little that is helpful for my generation. Body goals would be to get weight to below 170, lose belly fat. Performance goals might be to complete 5k run/walk in 40 minutes. (Best is about 42 right now.) I have been tinkering with dumbbell training to maintain or slightly improve strength. Also working with flexibility exercises. Also continuing walking for maintenance. No running of late. Positives: No serious injuries or ailments. Legs good. Some flexibility for my age. Blood pressure and cholesterol both good. Good control of time to work on things. Negatives: Lose wind easily. Short of breath with not a lot of exertion. Some plantar fasciitis, but managing it at the moment. Would like to find like-minded people here at NF. Perhaps we need a new tribe/type called The Sages or something.
  2. Hi All! I started here last fall and did pretty well on my first challenge but fell off the wagon immediately in the 2nd challenge. When I started challenge 1 I was unemployed and had a TON of time on my hands. Quickly I got a job but was able to keep up the challenge ok. Then my new job started kicking my ass and winter hit. I continued to lose some weight because I was stressed out LOL But I totally stopped exercising. Now I am gaining some weight back. Then about 2 months ago my SAHP husband got a full time job. This has been wonderful financially but our daily lives, housework, routines have all been thrown off. Definitely a big a change. I am hoping as a family we can set some new habits. But I also realized that life is always changing and bit stressful…. I need to keep to my goals no matter what. MAIN QUEST: Get in shape for Scotland! My bestie and I are planning a trip to Scotland in summer 2018. I am using the trip as motivation and a milestone marker to meet my other goals. Cause clearly everyday motivators seem to do nothing for me. I need the thought of small airline seats and hiking in a foreign country to put the fear in me. I also have a weight goal of 170 pounds but not a time line to meet it. Hopefully well before the trip! With my Smart Quests I am doing baby steps to build some better habits and not get overwhelmed. Below are the basic quests but each week I am going to set individual goals. And as the weeks go forward build on them. SMART QUEST: Eat better/Lose weight. Week 1: Eat more veggies, less simple carbs. SMART QUEST: Exercise. Week 1: Walk 1 mile 2 times this week. SMART QUEST: Stretch. Week 1: Stretch 2 times this week. LIFE QUEST: Learn Gaelic - This is the website I’ve been using: http://learngaelic.net/lg-beginners/index.jsp Week 1: Go through Lesson 1, take quiz and practice words. LIFE QUEST: Adulting. Week 1: Cook dinner when I get home from work. Not sit on my ass in front of the TV/Computer and snack.... Then make dinner 2 hours later. This is causing serious weight gain and sucks for the whole family to have dinner that late. Thanks for reading! Looking forward to reading your threads and supporting each other!!
  3. Hi all, first challenge with the Rangers. Excited to be here! Had a bit of a mixed bag last month (link in my signature if you're interested) so doing some more of the same, and a couple of new bits as well. My Quest To be fitter, stonger, healthier and to look better naked. Challenges Swim More, Swim Better (15XP) - Did exactly this in the last challenge and failed miserably. Also haven't been swimming since the last challenge. So I'm upping the XP and trying again. Swim at least 3 mornings per week before work, with at least one drill day (bonus 5XP for 5 times a week on at least two weeks). Get Hiking (10XP) Going for a hike across Dartmoor on the last weekend of the month so I want to get back in hiking practice. Two long walks over the course of the challenge (10 miles plus) Parle plus en français (15XP) - Didn't do badly on this last month, but I want to get it perfect this month. Switching to a weekly goal rather than a daily goal to give myself some leeway in case fate intercedes with my progress. 350XP on Duolingo each week. Take care of your teeth! (10XP) - It seems ridiculous as a 27 year old man that I can't do this reliably, but for some reason I avoid brushing my teeth all too often. Simply brush teeth twice per day every day for this challenge. Does not have to be morning and night; can be any time (but must be a meal or sleep between each time). Keep track (10XP) - I ran into a few problems with the last challenge in not remembering if I had completed things, so this challenge is to complete my battle log every day for the duration of the challenge. Exception allowed for end of month hike if I can't get on the internet. No compromises (10XP) - I have the above challenges, the ranger mini-challenge and a PVP to do this month. These must be done in addition to my normal Gym routine (at least 2x per week) and badminton routine (as often as it can be booked in with my partner), and not at expense of them. The hike at the end of the month will be day 1 of this: http://www.carfreewalks.org/walks/75/dartmoor_north_to_south, and then we're thinking of heading east to Haytor and getting picked up from there as we're staying in that area afterwards. Also, Haytor is awesome, and I want to climb it again: Still quite new to this, so comments, criticisms and advice always welcome.
  4. Lessons learned last time around, here we go again! Build Arms - Weighted chin ups 1x/wk (or more), 500 push-ups/wk (+Dex, +Str) I love chin ups. Currently I'm at 5-5-3 for chin-ups with an #18 KB on a belt. I'd like to add one rep every week. The push-ups are a continuation of what I did in that challenge earlier this year. Yeah, I know they're more of a chest thing... but I'll do some handstand holds/lowers to make up for it. Some day, I'll be busting them out like this girl Get running - at least one run a week, aiming for 3 miles. (+Sta, +Dex for trail runs) I'm going to need to really work on my PT to make this feasible. I was just up to 3-ish mi last time I went... but I think this will be a good foundation for building distance. Build off what I learned from the last challenge about what I should be eating. (+Wis, +Cons) At some level, it's all "IIIFYM." Truth is, I'm a carboholic. Not a Carbivore, like I thought. I don't need sugar, but I crave it. When I get a little bit in my system, I spiral out of control. I need to continue to build up my toolbox for figuring out how to deal with that, especially in social situations. I'm going to target 50g carbs/day, max 100g. That's what I found to be good the last time around. It's also consistent with the stuff on Mark's Daily Apple website. Avoid sugars (light on the fruit, occasional dark chocolate), avoid bread and super-starches, eat hordes of protein, and fill in the rest with yummy fats (butter, coconut butter, almond butter... bacon!). Log DAILY on MFP! The Checklist Schedule the "girl's weekend" for my little sister's bachelorette party Hit ketosis for a day (or two) Have a Solomo sandwich Hike a new trail Get the gun Go Shooting. Visit my grandparents (Oh, Canada!) I was successful in posting on NF more than 40x during the last challenge. I'm over 1000 posts lifetime! Goal: hit 1100 posts by the end of April.
  5. The Queen of Blades and her Zerg swarm must be stopped! This 4WC I will be battling the Queen of Blades every week. I will be summoning the combined forces of my Protoss units in order to defeat her. The following goals will each carry Attack or Defense points for completion. If I do not complete all of the Attack goals for the week then my combined Attack will be weakend. If I am unable to complete my Defense goals then I can take Damage from the Queen of Blades at the end of the week. Volki My HP: 600 max Attack a/w: 450 max defense a/w: 375 Queen of Blades HP: 1500 Attack points a/w: 300 Max Attack a/w: 450 Max Defense a/w: 375 Lifting 2X a week UNIT: Zealot ATTACK POINTS: 200 A strong brute-force unit, in terms of health and damage this unit is second to none DB deadlift 3x10 Alt DB curl 3x10 Skull crusher 3x12 1 arm rows 3x10 DB bench 3x10 Turbulence 500(bodyweight program) 1X a week but can sub one lifting day for 1 BW day UNIT: Dark Templar ATTACK POINTS: 100 Dark Templars deal huge burst damage - enough to kill any worker in one hit 50 Prisoner Squats 50 Pushups 25 Jumps 25 Stability Ball Leg Curls 50 Stability Ball Jackknifes 50 Step-ups (25 reps per side) 25 Pull-ups (NO substitutions) 50 Forward Lunges (25 reps per side) 50 Close-grip Pushups 50 Inverted Rows 50 Squats 25 Chin-ups (NO substitutions) Rucking\Bouldering 1x a week UNIT: Dragoon ATTACK POINTS: 100 The quadrupedal walker moves efficiently over unstable terrain. Yoga 5X a/w at least 10 mins UNIT:Photo cannon ATTACK/Defense POINTS:A\D 50\150 Although the Protoss revel in the glory of personal combat, they also recognize the need for defenses. Grip Exercises 5X a week UNIT:Pylon Defense POINTS: 75 Protoss structures and units draw their energy from a great psionic energy matrix that emanates from the Pylons Walking with fam 5x a week Unit: Nexus Defense POINTS: 150 The nexus serves as the hub of any Protoss base. Also I am going to throw in the lifeline bonus mini challenges to save me from botching the week: I can only use each one, one time. Bonus: 30 mins of sprint drills = 100pts Record poem in sign language or 30 seconds of conversation and post to NF = 100pts Don't give up on beard and post status pic at end of 4WC = 100pts Complete a new drawing and post to NF = 100pts
  6. Am I an assassin? I dunno! *quietly has identity crisis in corner* Okay, that was fun! So, I live, or at least pay rent regularly, in Toronto, but for pretty much all of April I will be working in Thunder Bay, staying with three different friends at different times for the month except when I have to go back to Toronto for a few days in the middle, aurrggh. So this challenge is not going to be particularly strict. Basically I'm posting this so that I have somewhere to write about stuff and/or link to in my sig. Things I would like to do in April: -Continue using 750words.com! Neverthatbored inspired me to re-start with this journaling site, and although I only managed a total of six days on it last Challenge... that's six days I wouldn't have written there otherwise? Hahaha. -Go to gymnastics whenever I can. Yep, "whenever I can" is a lame goal, but seeing as I really WANT to go to gymnastics, it's not like procrastination or laziness is the reason that I haven't been for a while. With my traveling schedule, work schedule and the combination of adult open gym sessions I have found in Thunder Bay and Toronto, it looks like I will be able to attend 6 times in April if nothing else comes up. Which is pretty good! Also, I invited a friend from work in Thunder Bay to come with me, who was talking a while ago about how he used to do gymnastics and wants to start again now that his kids are in it, so I may have a gym buddy! -Figure out my summer employment. I'm a freelance musician and stuff tends to slow down in the summer, so I plan on using the handy-dandy gymnastics coaching certification which I just got last weekend to plug the gaps. I still haven't decided which city I even want to work in, but there are a few options of gyms doing summer camps that I could apply to. One actually already casually offered me a job before I even did the course, so. -Continue lifting. I put my membership at my tiny oddball gym in Toronto on hold for April, and bought a membership for the month for the local tiny oddball gym here. I had been going 3x a week, but I might replace one of my lifting days with a bodyweight day in which I work on: -Pistol squats (my legs are uneven! I can do on unassisted with my left but not my right!) -Handstand push-ups -Chinups/pullups -Leg raises -Pike-ups -HIKING! Purely in terms of driving time from downtown metropolis to world-class hiking spots, Thunder Bay is probably one of the greatest cities in North America. I went hiking today with some friends despite there having been a resurgence of winter this week and it is now hovering consistently between -5 and -15c. By the end of the month enough snow should have melted to do some more challenging hikes. I've never been to Mount McKay, which is one of the more common hiking spots, so I want to go there. Also, last year around this time I did the "head trail" of the Sleeping Giant, which is 17 km the last km of which is really steep. If the trails are good enough I want to do the knees this year. Aaaaaand those are all the things I think I can reasonably do this month!
  7. Main mission: To get back into a positive and healthy lifestyle Life has been busy with two puppies and a new job. I am spending less time on my mental well-being and physical health. I want to use this challenge be a catalyst of a healthier mind and body. I have finally found two forms of exercise that I really love. I have been indoor bouldering and doing yoga a couple times a week, as well as some strength training. My ultimate goal weight is 115-120 and I want to decrease body fat, so here's to hoping! Goal 1: Fitness: Workout at least 180 minutes per week Make it to the climbing gym at least twice per week and at least one yoga sessions per week. I would like to do one day of strength training per week and work on the doodlies body weight stuff. A - 180+ minutes B - 150 - 179 minutes C - 120 - 149 minutes D - 90 - 119 minutes F - <89 minutes Goal 2: Clean eating No dairy, no processed foods, limited grains. Mostly paleo A - 6 + days B - 5 days C - 4 days D - 3 days F - 2 or fewer days per week May come up with a third goal related to Fitbit. Life Quest: Post in this thread at least three times per week Life gets busy and I stop posting (though I continue to do the challenges). I want to keep everyone updated and post gifs and all that fun stuff. A - 3 posts per week B - 2 posts per week C - 1 post per week D - no posts
  8. I'm looking for an online buddy for encouragement exchange and general acountability-buddy. I like hiking, yoga, meditation, walking dogs, and kung fu. I've lost a bit of weight over the last year and am looking to take it to the next level. Must have sense of humor and love science fiction...
  9. For those who may not know me, I'm tinkerer. I love to make things for our house, fix cars, and weld. I can figure out how most things work and enjoy trying to fix broken items. Over the last five years, I've been drawn in to mountaineering. In an odd cycle, fitness is what got me into mountaineering and now mountaineering is what motivates me to work out. I enjoy all of the individual elements of mountaineering separately as well: hiking, rock climbing, backpacking, snowshoeing, etc. Intro It's time to get into the hills! For the last few challenges (links in signature), I embarked on a mountaineering training program based on the book "Training for the New Alpinism". My overall goals are to improve my aerobic fitness and strength for climbing in a rock climbing sense. During this period, I'm starting to focus on developing muscular endurance. This translates into carrying heavy things for long distances. I need to put in a good deal of time at a low aerobic output (<75% of my max HR) as well as continue some higher exertion hill training and strength training. As a side note, I have no idea what class to join anymore. I decided to stick with the scouts because I enjoy the company. Also, what I'm shooting for is really endurance - which is a scout-like quality! Week 4 will be a rest week. There will be no hill climb or strength training, and other work will be decreased. Outside of my training, I'm also assisting with an introduction to mountaineering class put on by our local club. This means some extra time commitments and some opportunities to meet new climbing friends. Goal 1: Complete 1 Max Strength / Core Workout each WeekThis is made up of 10 different core exercises and then four individual exercises for strength training. Those are weighted pullups, pistol squats, weighted dips, and shrimp squats. Goal 2: Go Rock Climbing each WeekThis can either be accomplished indoors at our climbing gym or, if the weather improves, outside at the local crag. I don't have a specific goal for difficulty or duration of the climbing because the main thing is to focus on actually going. Goal 3: One Zone 3 Hill Climb each WeekThis is something I've been doing for a couple of months now. The goal is to climb at a speed which correlates to 80-90% of my max HR (Zone 3). For scheduling purposes, a Zone 3 run is an acceptable substitute but is not preferred. Goal 4: One Hike each WeekendThis will be done in Zone 1 (<75% max HR) with a weighted pack. This is a key part of the muscular endurance training in which the legs get a good workout. Goal 5: Accumulate Zone 1 TimeThis will be a combination of descending from the hill climb, running, hiking, and any other aerobic activities. I have a 30 minute run each Thursday morning with my co-workers that will play into this.Week 1: 250 MinutesWeek 2: 275 MinutesWeek 3: 300 MinutesWeek 4: 210 Minutes Bonus Points:As part of the mountaineering class, I'm encouraged to schedule training hikes, runs, etc. for the other instructors and students. I would like to do at least two of these this month.
  10. Mega Quest: My 2016 theme is "Opportunity favors the prepared." I'm in a better position to pursue a career opportunity when I maintain my network and resume and take time to build my skills. I'm in a better position to go on an amazing last-minute hiking trip if I'm already active and working on being fit. Sure, it's nice to dream about moving to Germany, but it's a lot more likely if I speak the language (classes started in January). And in general, luck seems more likely to come my way when I'm keeping myself happy, healthy, and fulfilled via self care and pursuing my interests. I want the abilities behind me to say yes when I want. And if the last few years are anything to go on, fortune does not seem to favor the person that spends hours everyday staring at her phone or the TV. I am planning on short monthly goals with overarching fitness/career/self-improvement and self care themes throughout the year. March is going to be all about incorporating activity in my daily routine. This was part of January's 'Back to Basics' goals and then February's 'Shore up on January's Weaknesses' goals, and I'm still blowing it, so that's all March is going to focus on. 1. Daily anything active. A jog, a walk, lifting, body weight circuit, foam rolling, yoga, 5 minutes of burpees in a conference room, sex that isn't missionary, I don't care. The point is to be intentional with it and be aware of how active/inactive I am in my normal daily life. 2. Weekly slight effort. Make it to the gym at least twice a week. This should be easy- I was going about 4x a week in January, but February brought a lot of travel, events, work busyness, and house guests. I think I'll be back at it 4x a week once my dad heads back home this Thursday and my sewing class takes a break after this week, but I'm changing around my work schedule this week and we'll see how that works. 3. Practically trying. Go on at least 2 hikes/active adventures this month. My last chance before Phoenix turns into an inferno hellscape until November. Actually, it was 87 today so I may have already missed my window. Northward I may go, Flagstaff Ho. Life Quests: Work is going to be busy so I'm reserving most of my energy for that. Keep studying German. Read the book club book (The Circle by Dave Eggers). Design a pattern for and make a messenger bag for sewing class. Other considerations: Anniversary this week so possible planned diet chaos. Probably at least one weekend trip. Eating habits remain decent, but tracking calories has been a total bust so I'm thinking of getting really boring and putting together a 'perfect day' menu and then eating it 5x a week. That leaves 2 days to give myself a break from the monotony and they can be my zag days in a zig-zag eating pattern. My work schedule is tentatively 6:30-14:30 now, so we'll see how that goes. Theoretically, it means I'm not going to work during peak traffic times and should give me back 5 hours a week I'm not sitting in my car contemplating hari kari. But I meet people at the gym at 19:00 most days, which cuts close to bedtime if I want 8 hours, and in another month I'll be doing the dog park that late too because it'll be too hot to do it earlier. So I'm toying with the idea of coming home, getting a full REM nap 1-2 hours, doing my evening stuff, then skating by on 6 hours or so sleep at night. I wonder if that'll keep me from sleep debt, as long as I'm not messing with REMs. Let the experiment begin. If you read this whole thing, you're an impressive beast.
  11. No theme, just... 1. Track everything. Actually track in this challenge and again eat 300kcal less than the estimated burned calories of my FitBit. Also, drink 2500 (±500) ml of water every day. (Although, the water part was not a challenge.) I can have dinner out with friends once a week but it's going to be grilled chicken with vegetables and maybe carbs depending on what I had the rest of the day. I'm not going to eat less than 1700-1800kcal in a day though so if I don't burn enough calories for a 300kcal deficit so be it. 2. Don't spend the days sitting. As before, I'll keep lifting according to my program. I will do yoga on Mondays (the only other time I could do yoga according to the gym schedule and my schedule is Friday evening but that never works). I will keep hiking/walking on Sundays. I'll see if I can add one dreadmill day. I need to find a way to replace my daily coffee walks since I now have an espresso machine. 3. Either write about something nice/funny that happened during the day or write about something I like. I got the idea at some point and couldn't come up with something better/easier. I'm cynical so it should be fun... LYUL goal: Read! I always complain about how I never have time to read or that I have to travel light and can't carry books with me whenever I live abroad. So now it's the time to take advantage of being at home! So, unless I have to prepare a lecture or read a paper (work conflict) or I'm out and come back home late (social life conflict) I'm going to leave the laptop on my desk and read instead.
  12. Fitness-wise, January was about recovering from injury. February was about starting to get active again, and it wasn't until the third week that I stopped spending most of my time sore. Now it's March, I'm recovering from my workouts after 1 day instead of 3, and I'm going to start adding in more activity. My diet goals are very similar to the last two months, but last month, I was indulging my sweet tooth too much. This month I need to get that back under control, but it's mostly a continuation of last time. My professional/work goals remain very similar, and are still going to be my biggest challenge to achieve. I haven't succeeded yet, but what I want hasn't changed, and my main reason for failing is social anxiety. That's not acceptable to me, so I'm going to keep hacking away at it. Progress is way slower than it could be, but since I'm making progress, I'm not changing it. I separated life and work this time, because the work related goals are very specifically about my professional life, while the life-goals are more day to day quality of life related. As usual, I'll be tracking with smiley faces on a calendar. Fully meeting a goal gets a smile, coming close gets a neutral face, and outright failure gets a frown. Cleaning and bedtimes are going to be check boxes. Food and Diet: I've been doing pretty well since January, but I've noticed more sweets creeping in. Goal is to overall eat well, and limit myself to 1 sweet per day or less. My biggest weakness is a 3PM slump at work every day. I'm going to try to shut my eyes for 10 minutes then instead of going for a sugar boost. Also weekends are a problem, since there is less structure to those days, but I think that's a challenge for another time. 1) No more than one sweet per day (small cookie, piece of candy, etc) 2) If I get a sugar craving when I'm tired, close my eyes for 10 minutes instead of eating sugar. 3) Continue eating moderate carb, high fruits and veggies diet, as I have been since the year started. Exercise: I'm getting over plantar fasciitis, and am mostly over a low back injury. So I'm ramping up activity now that I'm (almost) healthy again. I added strength training last challenge, and it worked out great. This challenge, I'm adding in running and stretching. Tangentially related: I need to get a new battery for my watch so that I can time my runs more precisely. I'm currently counting steps, but I can't keep that up over 300-400, or about 2 minutes. 1) Continue with strength training classes/personal training on Monday/Thursday (or whatever two days fit into my schedule). The classes mostly use kettlebells, so I'm going to keep working on kettlebell stuff there. 2) Slowly build up my running. Run 3-4 days per week, starting at 1 minute per run, and adding 30 sec-1 min each week (or twice a week, if it seems reasonable). 3) Significant exercise on a third day of the week. This will probably be a bodyweight workout at home, but could also be a yoga class or a third strength class. 4) Stretch 10 min per day. Focus on shoulder and sciatic, which have been problematic lately, but are improving. Minimum: 4 days a week: the day of and the day after the strength classes. Stretching in the class counts. Life: 1) Get more sleep. The details: Lights out by 10 pm, 10:30 at the latest. No screen time past 9PM, because that keeps me up. Better to read a book or draw instead. If I absolutely must be online, the desktop monitor has less effect than my tablet. Books must be either non-fiction, or not very engaging fiction. If I'm reading a good fiction book, I won't stop until I'm done. I read fast, but that's still several hours for most novels. Luckily, I just bought an exercise physiology textbook that's reasonably interesting. 2) Housekeeping. Clean 10 minutes per day. This started as a mini challenge halfway through the month, but I've kept it up and really like it. The minimum acceptable is doing all my dishes, clearing the kitchen counter, and hanging up my clothes or putting them in the laundry so they don't accumululate on my bedroom chair. Ideally, I'm also putting away a few other things around the house. The place already looks better than it did at the start of February, so I want to keep that up. Work: Write or edit for 30 minutes per day (or more). Week 1: Put up a blog and post my first article. Weeks 2-4: Post 1 blog article per week. All weeks: Send out e-mails to people whose websites could do with editing. At least 1 per week, ideally 3-4. Optional: Start applying for environmental related jobs, especially with idealistic organizations and non-profits. I'm not happy where I am now, and that's a big part of it. Optional: Offer to write a front page for my gym. It currently has nothing but a link to their schedule.
  13. Hello rebels and WELCOME to the 3rd challenge of 2016! I am RIDONKULOUSLY excited for this one because I’ve been doing a lot of work behind the scenes to start crafting a challenge setup that works for me on a larger scale and keeps me motivated. Before I get into the nitty gritty of this challenge (pull up a chair, because it’s a big’un), it’s CROW MOON MONTH!!!!! “The Native American full moon names for March are largely based on these being considered the last full moons of winter: the crow caws its farewell to the season and worms start to surface at this time, signaling the retreat of winter and the marching in of springtime.†Hell yes my friends. I’m ready to say FLIPPIN’ FAREWELL to this winter season, and move on to warmer and brighter times. I’m really happy crow falls on this challenge, it’s one of my favorite animals, and the symbolism really jives with what I’ve got going on - ready to try something new and change it up a bit. So the 4 weeks don’t really do it for me for multiple reasons, a big one being that they’re too short for me to really get thoughtful and creative with them. One of my favorite parts of a challenge, aside from meeting more goals and evolving my progress, was being able to sit down and really cobble out a theme that would bring me through from start to finish and keep things FUN. While this 4 week challenge format (and lack of zero week) will likely change in the future, I decided to take it upon myself to adapt to whatever’s coming and make a challenge setup that could work for me, anytime, no matter how many weeks long or rest weeks in between. Welcome to Eorzea, nerds. <3 I’ve pulled huge inspiration from the MMO that’s slowly invaded my spare time - Final Fantasy XIV. I’ve played a decent amount of MMO’s in my day and right now it’s barely behind World of Warcraft for my all time favorite, and may likely surpass it if the content continues to be amazing. The storyline is fantastic, the characters and NPC’s are written and voiced just awesome. The game quality is A++++ and it’s just a giant blast to play. My character is a BIG DRAGON MAN. Here are some sassy screenshots: One of the big pulls for FFXIV is their job class system. No need to create a different character every time you want to play a new class - just learn it from the trainer and level at your leisure. One character could get every single job class to 60 in this game! IT’S GREAT. Wanna be a tank? Healer? DPS? Does a party need a sick-ass BARD to play motivating tunes in the background while they kick some primal ass?! You got this - switch jobs instantly and JAM ON, FRIENDS. (Disclaimer: my main class is bard. I play some sick-ass songs.) Anyroad (see what I did there?), I’ve taken HUGE inspiration and pulled every base level job class from this game to craft my long-term quests. I don’t need to complete them in any order, or at any given time - I have the ability to mix and match them as I please, and do as much or as little as I want during any given challenge time frame. So without further adieu, Shaarawy’s Quest for Class Mastery! DISCIPLE OF WAR + DISCIPLE OF MAGIC These are the basic DoW and DoM classes. As I complete them, certain pairs are combinable to unlock JOB classes! Example: [ARC] + [LNC] = [bRD]!!!! (Bard) So once I complete some compatible base class quests, they will unlock jobs, so I can quest further and continue to create evolving goals for myself! JOB COMBINATIONS So as you can see there is LOADS of room for progress and unlocking new goals and challenges for me. ^_______^ Awwww yiss. WAIT. You thought I was done?!!? NARP. There’s more to FFXIV than just FIGHTING. I mean. Let’s move on to our crafting and gathering classes, AHA! These will be less fitness-related and more like side quests to keep me exploring and trying new things. (Note that I’m not including ALL crafting classes because it would probably make me go crazy~) DISCIPLE OF THE HAND + DISCIPLE OF THE LAND So yeah, lotsa stuff. I’m still narrowing down what I want to tackle first and will post my choices on my Day 1 update. Which will be in.... only a couple of days yeah?!?!!!? Gosh. At this point I’m just glad that I’m done writing/re-writing/re-tinkering with this giant thing and can get on with my leveling grind!! REBELS, let us join up for battle and sit in a party finder queue until it places us all TOGETHER in the awesome Raid encounter of NERD FITNESS GLORRRYYYY!! I hope your gear is up to par and your DPS meets the enrage timer check, because here - we - goooo~~~!!
  14. Eating drink 90 oz of water a day eat 1600 calories a day Training strength training x3 per week hiking x2 per week Studying 8 pomodoros a day? (minus weekends) 40 pomodoros a week? Rewards: 80% 70% some socks 60% Tea
  15. Greetings, Starfighters. I'm Trilli, a born Druid who dreams of becoming a Ranger Assassin. I like hiking, yoga, kung fu, and meditation. I adore Farscape, Star Trek, and Assassin's Creed and want to install tenants of leveling-up in my life. I've lost a bit of weight already, but want to take it to the next level. If you're in the Tacoma area and want to go hiking, please let me know!
  16. Field season has started again which means I'm living in hotels most of the week. This log will chronicle my attempts to be somewhat healthy despite that: at -DATE: 3-14-2016 -Food: Breakfast: 2 Kwik Trip eggwhite, ham and cheese sandwiches. Horrible, yes but when you get up at 4 am on the day of the time change, sometimes you make poor decisions. Lunch: Turkey and Finlandia swiss sandwich Dinner: Undressed chicken and black bean salad, one wheel of gouda cheese, and a banana As you can see, my diet deteriorates when I'm working 5 am - 7 pm and living in a motel. I eat so well at home! - Walking: Clocked 8.9 miles on pedometer, 20,389 steps. - Workout: 30 minutes of bodyweight strength training combined with some relaxation/breathing.
  17. So, last challenge I finished the Couch to 5k program. I may be getting a little ahead of myself, but after talking with one of my coworkers who is planning on this and doing some planning myself, I want to run the LA Marathon next year. The 2017 race will be on March 19. My plan right now is to spend a few weeks doing some speed work and getting really comfortable with running 5k, then doing the Bridge to 10k program, spending a few weeks doing speed work and increasing my weekly mileage and getting really comfortable at that distance, then starting a marathon training program. Something very beginner based and focused on just finishing rather than speed. It'll be my second one, I did the Marine Corps Marathon a few years ago (2013 I think?). It seems appropriate that my first marathon was on the East Coast, very close to where I grew up, and now my second one will be in my new city. I actually want to do the Conquer LA challenge, which would be running the Santa Monica Classic in September, than the Pasadena Half Marathon in January, and finally the LA Marathon in March. Barring an injury or some unforeseen difficulty, I feel confident that if I just pace myself and listen to my body and don't push myself too far too fast, I can do it. I've always preferred long distance running and am itching to get back into it. So, that's my long-term goal right now. For this challenge, I want to get really comfortable with 5k before moving on, work on my speed, do more cross-training, and work on my diet a bit more. So...... Goal one: Run four days a week. The runs will be a mix of long, slower runs and shorter speed workouts. I haven't quite worked out a training plan yet. I want to say I'll just wing it, but I do much better with a set schedule for my training. I'll figure out a structured plan in the next couple days. Goal two: One non-running based cross-training exercise per week. This was one of my goals last challenge, and I did it two out of the four weeks, so I'm including it again this time. I just went on my first hike last week and loved it, so I will definitely be doing more of those. I'd also like to do some strength training, especially core-strengthening workouts to supplement all the running. Goal three: Cut candy and sweets down to one day a week. Last challenge I actually went the whole four weeks without eating french fries, which is still kind of blowing my mind. I have noticed a real issue I have with chocolate though, and that issue is that I always want it. I work at a Walgreens, so those of you who live near them know that in addition to medicine, housewares, and makeup, I am constantly surrounded by candy. Luckily we've finally gotten rid of all the clearance Valentine's candy, so I won't be tempted by giant boxes of chocolate marked down to 30 cents. I may potentially change this goal to sweets only twice a week if I feel myself really going crazy, but I want to at least try for once a week first. I surprised myself with the fries last time, maybe I'll surprise myself with chocolate this time. And while chocolate is my main vice, I don't want to end up replacing chocolate with Starburst or whatever, so it's all candy and ice cream and super sugary desserts in general. Healthier actual fruit-based treats are okay. Life goal: Daily Spanish practice! Thanks to 18ck's Portuguese goal last time, I've been getting back into my Spanish practice, but I'm still not doing as much as I should. So at least once I day I'll do some kind of Spanish language lesson. I live and work in neighborhoods with large Spanish-speaking populations, so I hear it and get opportunities to use what I know all the time. There's no excuse to not keep up with learning more. No lie, as soon as I finished typing that sentence I got an alert on my phone from Duolingo that says "These reminders don't seem to be working. We'll stop sending them for now." No, Duolingo, keep reminding me to practice! I'm sorry I've been neglecting you! So, that's what I've got planned. In personal life news, my dad starts chemo for his colon cancer tomorrow. It's a low-dose treatment, and supposed to be easier to tolerate than more rigorous treatments, but still. It's going to be rough for him and rough for me because I live on the opposite side of the country and can't be there to help take care of him when he's sick. He and my mom both said they'll keep me updated but I am 100% sure they're not going to be totally honest with me about how he's feeling all the time. It'll be either five or six weeks, Dad told me five and Mom told me six so I'm not actually sure which. The plus side is he may not need surgery or any additional treatment after this. Fingers crossed! I don't want to end this post on that downer note, so I'll just say I'm excited for this new challenge! Yay for healthy lifestyle changes! And eventual long distance running! And learning foreign languages! Let's do it!
  18. I am an adventuring ranger. Crossfit is usually most of my workouts, but the last 7 months have been off due to my work schedule including a lot of late night work. I have a big trek coming up in September. And just agreed to my first backpacking trip in March. Due to various reasons I have lost strength and cardiovascular endurance. My goal in this challenge is to continue making progress on my weight loss goal. I got a BodPod test last week and it said I am 44% fat so I need to whittle that down. It will certainly help my knees when hiking. And to train toward my trekking and backpacking trips. I have purchased the book The Outdoor Athlete and am reviewing its recommendation for backpacking training. I plan on doing the core workout from Training for the New Alpinism though. Eat at least 1800. The calories are a minimum goal as I have a tendency to undereat alternated by less common overeating days. Eat no more than 105g carbs. I can go over on carbs on physically demanding days to replenish my body. But only adding in another 20-30g tops. I am putting together a training program. 4 days of cardio work or walking. 1 hike a week. Core workout twice a week. 2 strength training days a week to focus on leg imbalances. It might be a bit much with my work schedule. We shall see. Work will be pretty busy for a little while, possibly for the whole of this challenge. So my life goal is to get rest when I can. And get through my to do list of things I need to do this month to prepare for my trips. There is about 10 items on that list right now and it will likely grow.
  19. I've been leveling up slowly for years, quicker for the last 3 years, and quicker still in 2016. I've read the books, I've tried the things, and now it's time for my first official NF challenge. Main Quest: To be fit. To be fit enough to hike the Rocky Mountains with my son this summer. To be fit enough to run the Dallas Marathon injury-free, and something UNDER my previous, stunningly slow times of 6:01 and 6:02. I suppose the true quest behind the quest is discipline...that's what gets me fit, gets my company moving forward, and gets me to the really fun stuff. (Half finished scuba lessons, anyone?) The quests: Strength workouts 3x per week, improving incrementally each time. I've completed 7 weeks so far, and each time it's another rep or two, another bit of weight, another set of something.2x weekly run and 1x weekly hike with my son. We've got to get conditioned for hiking, after all! And it gives us an excuse for the occasional foray into the semi-wilderness around north Texas.Three servings of veggies a day. It shouldn't be that hard, as I love them. I just forget.Life quest: 20 hours a week working on the bones of my company. I'm co owner of a software startup, and so much of my time is spent planning travel, marketing, messing with social media, and so on. I haven't made enough time for the code, the testing, the documentation. That's going to change.Motivation: To get to the fun stuff! I want to hike, to travel, to get the really fun stuff! Worked out Monday and Today, ran yesterday. We're on track for starters. Onward...
  20. So I was going through the classes the other night, as I am kinda new, and thought.. hmm.. I'm kind of a warrior, but strength training won't be my only focus.. I'm kind of a Ranger, but also kind of a Scout.. Somewhere in between is where I really fit.. I hate running, but everything else? Love it... Here's my idea: A class that focuses on other outdoor sports but not running.. maybe sprinkle a little in there occasionally for those that do like it, but skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, cycling, rollerblading, hiking (backpacking too) We could be called Juggernauts. We are hardcore and we use sophisticated tools to help us kill it, whether it is a wheeled steed of steel to aid our treacherous path across the lands, or we travel silently like a rogue, shredding new paths in the back-country snow. But then when we can't get outdoors to continue our epic adventure, we maintain top form in the weight room... Yay, nay? I had a whole post written out and it was awesome... then my laptop died....LOL Rebecca
  21. EDIT: Here is my challenge plan. tinkerer continues base building Goal 1: Don't waste my week: Do something active every day I'm traveling for work and Post goals for the challenge I'm writing this slightly after the fact but my goal was to actually use the running shoes I always bring traveling and to keep up my routine despite being in a hotel for most of a week. Goal 2: Aerobic Training Run or hike at a Zone 1 Pace for the following time each week: Week 1: 2:20 or 3:15 - depending on sniffles* Week 2: 3:15 Week 3: 4:10 Week 2: 2:05 Climb a steep hill for 45 or more minutes every week. (first week optional*) This is the core of my training routine - lots of semi-easy running. The runs should be at 75% or less of my max HR and the hill climb should be at 80% or more of my max HR. The hill climb can be subbed out for a run as long as the HR range is correct. *These are optional the first week because I've come down sick after traveling. If I feel better on the weekend then I need to do these but if not I need to rest and recover. Goal 3: Strength Training Do core and max strength routine twice per week (once 1st week) This consists of once through a set of ten different core exercises and then 2-4 sets of: Pullups, Pistol Squats, Dips, and Shrimp Squats. Squats can be subbed out for hill sprints. ORIGINAL POST HERE: I'm traveling for work this week and don't have time to figure out all of the details, so here's what I have for now. I will update this with more details eventually. Do something active (run or strength training) each day while traveling. Get goals posted by the end of the week. Generally I'll be continuing the same plan as last challenge but some of the goals might be modified for fun purposes. Week 1 Day 1: 40 minute run in San Antonio. Fun! The river walk is cool.
  22. In the past year, Elastigirl and Mr Incredible have destroyed 4 Omnidroids, saved the city from certain destruction 5 times, captured 4 villains, all while still maintaining their normal jobs. They have earned a rest, and have decided to take a vacation. Are you wondering what superheroes do for vacation? They go exploring for treasure! Several years ago, the Incredibles had found a treasure map, but had been to busy saving the world to follow it.For now, the world seems safe from Omnidroids, so the Incredible couple are going treasure hunting. The map leads them to an exotic volcanic island. While searching for treasure, they will have to be careful to avoid the lava flow. But, hey, they are super heroes, so a little lava won't stop them from their quest. This challenge my husband and I will be celebrating our 30th anniversary by going to Hawaii. Part of our trip will be hiking at the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. This is part of my Epic Quest, and we have been saving money for this, and am super excited about it. Beside the Volcano National park, I hope to also get some time in hiking, geocaching, snorkeling, reading, eating, drinking, and generally having a good time. Since I'm gone for half the challenge, I'm separating it into two parts, one for when I'm home, the other for while I'm away. Part 1 :Treasure Hunting Being a super hero I will boldly explore the island in search of treasure, and like any good explorer does, will document my findings Goal 1: Treasure: Unlock some of my adventure quests from my Epic Quest : ideas include kayaking, snorkeling, paddle-boarding Goal 2: Be Bold: Superheroes and treasure hunters are bold. Do something on the trip that takes me out of my comfort zone. Goal 3: Journal Take pictures and share them here Part 2:Adventure preparing Whether she needs to take care of her family, save the world, or search for buried treasure, a superhero needs to be strong. While at home, I will Goal : 1 Log food on Myfitnesspal (note this may not happen the day I return, but soon after) Goal 2: Continue Focused Flexibility and kettlebell workouts ( not putting how many days here, giving some leeway for getting back into the swing of it after the trip)
  23. Checking in for my first challenge in a very long time! Last time I participated they were doing 6 week challenges! I have a tendency to overdo these so I think I will like the 4 week time frame better. I am currently working on the following Epic Quests: complete 10 full push ups, travel to far off locations to hike, complete a half marathon in October 2016. I am also hoping to dress in costume for comic con in March, and to help me feel confident, I am doing the 6 week get fit quick plan from the NF Academy. Since I have not had any trouble so far completing the circuit workouts, in fact I really really enjoy them, I am not including them as part of this 4 week challenge. I'm keeping this challenge focused on the things that I feel I need more help with. Fitness Quest: Increase morning walks to at least 30 minutes each time and increase frequency to 6 days/week (right now I am managing 5 days/week, between 15-45 minutes but mostly 15-25)Diet Quests: NO fast food. Period.Only have one dessert/sweet per week. Life Quest: Study world geography for 15 minutes per day. (I am working towards taking more exciting vacations to places I can explore and hike, and I feel that this will help me make decisions about where to visit.)
  24. Hi. I keep doing this over and over, hoping to finish this time. I will finish this time, though. Last month I stuck to a regular training schedule, and if I can do that, I can do this. So here are my goals: Diet 1. At least one day a week - breakfast, lunch and dinner - I will stick to a vegan diet. Not so easy when my family isn't interested, but I'll do this anyway. 2. Drink at least 3 "glasses" of water daily. "Glasses" = my trusty skull mug, which holds 18 oz of liquid. Exercise Walk outside for 30 min. at least twice a week. I have been doing more, but the weather is becoming less cooperative this week. I know I can get out at least two days. Life Goals To get one skein ready to put up to sell online. Just one.
  25. With the new challenge and guild guidelines, I'm shouldering my backpack and heading to the Adventurers for this challenge. For those whom I haven't met, here is a bit of an introduction. I'm tinkerer. I love to make things for our house, fix cars, and weld. I can figure out how most things work and enjoy trying to fix broken items. Over the last five years, I've been drawn in to mountaineering. In an odd cycle, fitness is what got me into mountaineering and now mountaineering is what motivates me to work out. I enjoy all of the individual elements of mountaineering separately as well: hiking, rock climbing, backpacking, snowshoeing, etc. I posted an Epic Quest on my last birthday for the next year. That quest is here. Some of my goals include climbing certain mountains, spending time with Dad, and getting outdoors more. For the last six week challenge, I embarked on a mountaineering training program based on the book "Training for the New Alpinism". My overall goals are to improve my aerobic fitness and strength for climbing in a rock climbing sense. This week (the week of December 27) is the first week of my "Base Building" section of the training plan which involves working on building max strength while continuing aerobic training. For this rotation of my workout plan, I've selected four exercises. I'll add weight as needed to keep reps below 5 per set. Those exercises are Pullups, Shrimp Squats, Dips, and Pistol Squats. In addition to strength training, I need to carve out about 4 hours for aerobic training. Some of this training should be on "steep terrain" which probably means going to our local mountain after work. I've patterned my goals around hitting these achievements for the next four weeks. Quest 1: Strength Training Twice per WeekI will do two training sessions each week. Each session will consist of a core workout (literally, workout targeting core muscles) and strength training for each of my four exercises. I'll be using a weight belt to keep the reps I can do below 5 per set. Quest 2: Outdoor Training once per WeekOnce per week, I will seek out a steep trail to climb. The climb should last around an hour and be as sustained as possible. My target heartrrate for this goal is 80% of my max or 151 BPM. If I'm going with friends, this may mean I need to include weight in my pack. Quest 3: Aerobic WorkThrough other runs (also outside), I will make up the needed bulk of aerobic training. The time goal varies from week to week. For this goal my target HR is <145 BPM. Week 1 - 2:45Week 2 - 3:00Week 3 - 3:15Week 4 - 2:15 Quest 4: Bathroom RemodelThis one is pretty straightforward - I will finish all of the little things on our bathroom remodel to where the project can be called "complete". My side goal will me to punctuate the updates on this challenge with fun pictures from adventures. Progress will be tracked in my google spreadsheet for such things. Here is a picture from my New Year's Day solo hike.
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