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Found 3 results

  1. ...to defeat the huns bad habits and low self-esteem. While my quests aren't as epic as almost single-handedly defeating an invading army, I love me some Mulan gifs and memes so *shrug*. Main Quest: Reach low-normal BMI (about 90 more pounds) I've gotten weekly meal prep pretty much down (thank you, Instant Pot!), but actually consistently eating that meal prep without adding in side trips, meals out, snacks at work, etc. has been difficult. So for the next logical step: Goal: 6/7 days of eating meal prepped food and 5/7 days of eating under 1500 calorie goal I also want to do a bit of training to prepare for.... a vacation. No seriously! My husband and I are taking a trip to Vancouver at the end of this challenge and have a lot of hiking, biking, and walking planned. I'm comfortable walking and hiking, but it's been a looooong time since I've been on a bike, and I don't want to get left behind on biking tours or feel anxious about riding a bike in a city. Goal: 5 workouts per week, with at least 1 bike ride, and an additional active rest day of yoga. Side quest: Build Confidence I've had an increase in anxious and repetitive/vicious cycle thoughts in the last couple years, and had a hard time with low self esteem. CBT has been a huge help in changing the most intrusive thoughts, but I still have a hard time feeling confident and handling not being good at things. So for this challenge, I'm doing a bit of exposure therapy - purposefully putting myself in low-stakes situations where I'm going to have a hard time so I can get used to laughing it off and dealing with it rather than being upset at myself for not being perfect. Goal: practice either of my new hobbies (sewing clothes and painting) for 15 minutes a day. I'd like to finish making 2 undershirts by the end of this challenge, but I'm not fully sure how long that's actually going to take, so I'm focusing on the daily practice rather than the end product (so I also can't try to rush through and do it all in the last couple days of the challenge) I'll be tracking all of these in my bullet journal along with some of my past challenges (to make sure I keep up on them ) but I also want to post in the forums (either my own thread or others') at least every other day to stay encouraged and active. Now let's do it!
  2. Intro to come... Snuggles has been improving her physical therapy and (with great hope) this will be the last time it will be listed as a challenge. She has adjusted her physical therapy time to fit in during her morning break. This will open time up at lunch for other activities. For this challenge she will aim for weekdays/ 3 full sets, weekend days/ 1+ full sets. Squat 10 times Quadriceps Stretch, Hold for 15 seconds 3 times both sides Shoulder Rolls, forward and backward, 10 count each Trunk Rotation 10 times Dog to Camel pose 15 time (2 sets instead of 3) Spinal rock 10 times Bridge 10 times Spinal stretch, Hold for 15 seconds 3 times both sides Week #1 of my challenge = .75(STR) & .75(DEX) Week #2 of my challenge = .75(STR) & .75(DEX) Week #3 of my challenge = .75(STR) & .75(DEX) Week #4 of my challenge = .75(STR) & .75(DEX) Snuggles is also going to begin exploring a less processed food in her diet. She will eat what she has on hand, but will start looking for alternative. The true challenge with this is that meat and dairy will also be kept to a minimum. The first week will be spent researching both foods that can be added, but also different cultures and seeking new spices and flavorings to enhance her food. Week #1 of my challenge = .5(CON) Week #2 of my challenge = .5(CON) Week #3 of my challenge = .5(CON) Week #4 of my challenge = .5(CON) Finally Snuggles needs to start incorporating her many interests into her daily routine. A schedule is in the process of being set up, but for a brief review… Saturday- French practice w/ breakfast, general shopping and cleaning, knitting practice, 30 minutes lock picking practice Sunday- French practice w/ breakfast, 30 minutes knitting practice, 30 minutes lock picking practice, social activity Monday- French practice w/ breakfast, knife practice in the evening, 30 minutes knitting practice Tuesday- Weight training in the evening (If weights still haven't arrived, 30 mins at the park), 30 minutes lock picking practice Wed.- French practice w/ breakfast, knife practice in the evening, 30 minutes knitting practice Thursday- Knitting Lunch, Weight training in the evening (If weights still haven't arrived, 30 mins at the park), 30 minutes lock picking practice Friday- French practice w/ breakfast, Knife fighting class “If the supplies haven’t arrived for necessary activity, substitute with doable one” Week #1 of my challenge = 1(CHA) Week #2 of my challenge = 1(CHA) Week #3 of my challenge = 1(CHA) Week #4 of my challenge = 1(CHA) Builder Goals- Continue to track healthy all habits Take time to write 2 times a week Take 5 minutes, 2 times a week to meditate Walk every morning to work (plan alternate activities for evening) Follow healthy eating from past goals Pass- Gain 1 (WIS) Fail- Lose 1 (WIS)
  3. When I was little, I had this misguided idea of what a Scribe was. I essentially thought they were fiction writers from the middle ages, but I now know that more often than not they were essentially secretaries whose sole function was to copy papers. Scribe is still a cool name. I'm going to try and form this into some kind of repetitive daily function that is easy and fun to write and hopefully to read as well. So, to start out I'm going to start tracking my day-to-day nonsense, goals and challenges: Mostly Vegetarian, Mostly Paleo - A maximum of one food-item that isn't paleo, if anything (exceptions: Dairy and rice) --------------------------------------- Worth: 0.5% (CON +1) Walk to Mordor - Walk 5 minutes. BONUS 135 Miles to Bree (217.3 km) if reached before/by the end of challenge treat oneself to some brie and a pint - Worth: 0.5% (STA +1) Bat Cave - Clean or maintain some part of living space. Minimum 1/2 hour ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Worth: 0.5% (WIS +1) Shameless - Complete 1 hour bodyweight training of some kind, can be intense or relaxed ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Worth: 0.5% (DEX +1) TODAY Today. Today I had coffee, scrambled eggs /w onion, and lemon yogurt. My one exception to the paleo diet was some crisps. I'm hungry now, but currently unwilling to make eat anything. Going to keep drinking my water~ I DIDN'T WALK BLOODY ANYWHERE BECAUSE I'M NOT A WHITE-WALKER GDI IT'S TOO COLD FOR HOBBITS I did a lot concerning my bat-cave today, fairly proud of myself for that. I can see part of the floor again d*w*b Doing laundry currently and trying to figure out where to temporarily relocate my stuff while I clean/reorganize my closet. Where's Alfred when I need him? I didn't work out today either, and the reason is TMI. If you're curiosity is blinding you, click the spoiler. I'm giving myself this as a good excuse, so not too worried. And for FUN Today I played "The Last of Us", got to a certain point and gave it a rest because I was starting to get irritated. Spent A LOT of time looking up possible workouts because I was upset I didn't have a good enough range of motion for it today. Going to watch 1 or 2 episodes of Gotham later today (almost caught up!) "We aren't entitled to sh!t. You were born with a silver spoon in your mouth, so you don't yet understand that as a living creature you have to bloody-well earn what you want"
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