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Found 14 results

  1. So There is no better hockey theme in the world than Goon.... Which also happens to be the SO's and my favorite date night movie next to Deadpool. Meet Doug, The Thug... Glatt Fire under my ass time. I have been lazy, and un-motivated for quite a while. So I said F'it, I am going to (hopefully, which I managed but just) fit my ass back into my Hockey gear I bought years ago and finally learn how to play properly. I had set up my first personal lesson, and the lady training me said I would be fine going to the team clinic that her and her hus
  2. Well, life has been interesting. Got into a good grove working out with a coworker, start playing hockey in a local beer league, started playing with software defined radio, wrenching on a beater suburban, lots of goodness. Then I slowed down on working out with my co-workers, had excuses not to play hockey (Sunday night), and put on more weight than I needed. Oh, and let my housekeeping go to entropy. Goals and metrics are easy. Every day - one action against entropy to clean/improve the house. Sunday night - hockey - starting tonight.
  3. "Your doubts will become your failure. Your failure will lead to anger. Soon, the dark side shall have power over you, and you will welcome it's embrace." It has been some time since I have truly run a challenge with focus, sincerity and commitment. I need to get on game here. I don't need to aim for perfect execution; though that would certainly be welcome- but aim for perfect effort. While the goals are getting monotonous, I need to keep them where they're at until it's my routine life, and not something that must be reached for and tallied. I want to continue to
  4. THROUGH PASSION, I GAIN STRENGTH "It is our goal to be stronger, to achieve our potential and not rest upon our laurels. We are the seekers, not the shepherds." ―Yuthura Ban Only recently attuned to the Force and beginning to understand her powers, Starpuck begins to see the potential that comes with them. Having found freedom as she starts to break the chains that hold her, our young Force user now looks to delve deeper into the codes that direct the use of this great energy. For this challenge, the goals and schedules are going to have to
  5. "Through strength, my chains are broken..." Goal #1 - Train the Body "Through Passion I Gain Strength" - Continue training for functional strength and general fitness and performance. Strength Train 3X / Week Move 3X / Week Hockey 1-2 / Week Goal #2 - Fuel the Body "Through Strength I Gain Power" - Continue data gathering to dial in my specific dietary needs. Fuss with numbers less; stop worrying about how many calories I am burning with every walk, run, hockey, session. Eat a predetermined amount of calories per day
  6. mar·vel ˈmärvəl/ verb 1. be filled with wonder or astonishment. ◄ Also, this girl! So another challenge is on the horizon, and after the last few, I have to admit I am feeling a bit down on things! So I got to thinking about what I am doing right... and explore what I might be doing wrong. I'm active. I consistently do something intentionally activ
  7. â–² This is me trying to come up with a challenge format on a weekend!! Hello my peeps! It's been a while eh! Nevermind the assassin title there on my signature, I assure you, we are totally here as bonafide, genuine rangers. Yus. Absolutely. Did I say we? I meant I... We would suggest a small infiltration group, and I of course, am here, all alone... yes. As a ranger. Ok enough with the jokes! (Or maybe they're not jokes...) I ran my first 2 years here as a ranger. I can't believe I've been here since 2013! And as my training is really taking a shift back to a combi
  8. I have a tendency to want to restart everything once I screw up, fall behind, or space out on it. I've certainly done that over the summer this year in regard to my challenges and overall health and fitness goals. It's about this point that I would usually want to pull the plug, find new gadgets and gizmos and start over. Not this time my friends. This time I am going to continue with the characters I have, at the level they are, and keep playing. The great thing about NF (okay one of the many great things about it) is that I can look back at past challenges to see where I had my
  9. I believe, after some hard thinking the last few days, that I have discovered one of my biggest hurdles to this whole ... sort of... mission... quest... thing. I always take the negatives and hold on to them for dear life. Example? I don't look forward to what I'll be able to achieve when I start something. I look back and get angry at myself that I've "let something slip" or I'm "no longer as practiced/skilled at this thing as I used to be". If every time I embark on a path, I look back to something I consider an 'accomplishment', and get all pissed off and defeated that I'm not
  10. Without an end, there can be no peace. It gets no easier. Your struggles have only just begun. ~ Flemeth For over a year I have worked toward some undefined goal and sought a path that demanded flawless execution. I've met many obstacles on this journey; sometimes overcoming them and sometimes falling victim to their assaults. Still my eyes never left that path. But now? Now my stamina is flagging and I look far beyond to see what prize lies at the end of this path ... and I see nothing. This cannot be! What is it then? What is my end and where will I find my peace? We sta
  11. I am a brand new NF Rebel and I want to use my first challenge to establish healthy habits to build on. I am an accountant and every January through April I go through Tax Season. During that time I generally work 10-12 hours days 7 days a week. I want to improve my fitness and lifestyle habits to make it through that grueling time of year with less stress and better job performance. When I’m not bean-counting, I am a goalie for a recreational women’s ice hockey team. Having played college hockey I consider myself to be a fairly accomplished athlete but I know there is much more I can d
  12. It's that wonderful time of the year again! So far, my teams (Montreal, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Calgary) are either eliminated or didn't make it in the first place. I'm not very good at picking teams to root for. I'm still picking Chicago to win the West, but I think the winner of the Kings/Sharks series will make them work for it. The East is still a toss-up, but I think the winner of Toronto/Boston won't have much left in the tank to go much further. I'll have a better prediction for the East after tonight's Game 7's.
  13. Is anybody else here a hockey fan? Playoffs start tomorrow (4/30) and I'm getting pumped for it. My excuse for not getting enough sleep for the next 2 months? . Let me hear who you're rooting for. Go Wings!
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