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Found 3 results

  1. I'm not sure how much I'll be able to keep up with NF this round, but I'm sure going to try! Nothing flashy here, I'll just be doing my best to meet these goals and post updates. Feel free to post funny things and keep us all entertained! Background: I was just hired (three weeks into the school year) to teach a 5th/6th combined class in a very small rural school. This was unplanned (I started a few days after I received a text asking if I had a teaching license) and my husband and I are trying to adjust from me being a housewife to me working full-time. The first week of this challenge I will be shadowing the current teacher, the second week I will be teaching while she observes, and by the third week I'll be on my own. Goals: Eat Breakfast Since having to be up at 5:30am this past week , I stopped eating breakfast. I grab a banana and eat it in the car. I’m just not hungry that early and my usual breakfast of eggs makes me feel queasy. So, I need to cook ahead and have some healthy things ready that I can take and eat in the car or at school in the mornings. Love my Dog My poor baby gets left home all day now so I need to make more of an effort to care for him when I get home - a walk as soon as I get home and at least a few minutes of playtime. Run Complete the Platform 9 3/4 walk/run (virtual) by then end of September. Sign up for another Hogwarts run for October. Plus, run at least 1 mile twice a week. (This can be “running” up and down the bottom stair inside if needed, in which case 1/2 mile counts.) Prep Ahead Before I leave my classroom at the end of the day, everything for the next day will be prepped, copied, and set out ready for the morning. Bonus Goal: Preserve the Weekend! Grades for the week will be done and entered into the electronic grade book by Friday at 3pm. (writing projects or other special projects excepted)
  2. I did well last challenge at maintaining a calm mind, but my physical fitness fell off. I will continue to be mindful throughout my day, but I really need to focus on fitness this challenge. If I am successful at getting my body in shape while maintaining my mindfulness, I will advance to Apprentice Druid. Meetings with the Novice Master will only occur as needed and at the end of this challenge if I feel ready to request an Apprenticeship. To keep me focused, I will earn points for each activity I complete. As soon as I hit a point goal, I get a reward. Quests: A druid elf can quickly disappear up into the trees - 1. Pull-ups: 3 times per week I haven’t done any pull-up work in a few weeks. I tried a test session the other day and I’ve lost some ground. So, I’m backed up a couple sessions, but not too much. (I use the zenlabs pull-up app, but doing negatives.) 2. Yoga: class on Wednesdays This one should be fairly easy as I’ve been going for a long time and I love my class. A druid can travel far distances to reach other camps and to experience the wilderness - 3. Cardio: 30 minutes 2 times per week I’ve been really struggling with this and have zero motivation. It doesn’t help that it’s 100 degrees out. So, I joined the Hogwarts Running Club in an attempt to get myself moving. It looks fun. (#hrcravenclawesome16) A druid freely expresses themselves through art and keeps a record of their days - 4. Art: art daily (minimum of 15 minutes, 5/7 days) I am clearing out my art space so I can easily sit down and create without a hassle. I checked out a few library books on daily art journaling. And I signed up for the birthday card exchange through my house (Ravenclaw!) at the HRC. So, at the beginning of the month I will get a list of people to send cards to and I want to send handmade cards. A druid is also a member of the greater community - 5. Complete the Rebel Run (first week of September) *Go sign up and help us make this event awesome! You can walk, run, do multiple sprints, you can even swim it - link below! Bonus points - 1 point for each thing: 15 minute home yoga session, extra 20 minute cardio session, additional days of art, swimming, 15 minute meditation, and possibly for something great I do that was challenging (following/making a weekly meal plan, being brave, working on a house project for 1 hour, getting a job) Each activity is worth 1 point. A reward every 10 points. No computer use until I have earned at least one point for the day. completed something. I’m struggling right now so I tried to build in lots of things to keep me going.
  3. A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away... Episode II ESCAPE FROM JAKKU Learning basic survival skills was a good start, but Starstuff knows there's more to this galaxy than she can find scavenging on Jakku. With the help of her new friends, the mysterious ASSASSINS, Starstuff plans her escape... Main Quest: Build fundamental fitness habits My partner in crime and I have recently gotten serious about having kids, so I want to build healthy habits that will be beneficial to me when I get pregnant and that I can pass on to our kids. That means cleaning up my diet (working toward NFA Diet Level 6), establishing regular workout habits, and making sure I have fun doing it! Quest 1: Fend off your enemies Whether it's thugs trying to abduct your friend or more insidious villains like poor muscle tone, klutziness, and generally feeling unfit and crummy, it takes strength and agility to defeat your enemies. And, of course, competence with your weapons (or flow tools) of choice. To complete this goal, I must complete 2 Academy workouts and 1 Darebee staff workout every week. I'm only allowed to count workouts if I warm up before and cool down after. 11/12 92%92% Quest 2: Run like hell Sometimes you're outgunned, and when that happens, running is your best course of action. I'm usually pretty good about running regularly when I'm training for a race, but when I'm not actively prepping for a race, and even more so when I've just completed one (like, say, right now), I start to let other things get in the way of my running schedule. Not only does this slow my progress toward my running goals, but it makes everyday life much harder, since running is one of the most effective ways I've found to deal with my anxiety. Not this time. To complete this goal, I must run 5 days a week. I have a base-building schedule I plan to keep to, but I'm more concerned with just making sure I get my sessions in, since getting my butt out the door is always my biggest stumbling block. 16/18 89%89% Quest 3: Prime the fuel pump If you don't prime your ship's fuel pump, you're not going anywhere. Human bodies are thankfully a little more resilient than a jury-rigged Corellian freighter, but they still work best if you start out your day with a good fuel source, so to complete this goal, I need to eat a healthy breakfast every day. For the purposes of this challenge, I'm defining a healthy breakfast as one that contains a good source of protein and at least one serving of fruits or veggies. Six days a week, it also needs to be grain-free, but I want to be sure to include some complex carbs on long run day, which can (but do not have to) be grain-based. 25/26 96%96% Life Quest: Stretch those musical muscles Last challenge, I got back into practicing my flute regularly. Now that my fingers and chops have built up some endurance, it's time to get in a little more practice. To complete this goal, I must practice my flute for at least 45 minutes, 6 days a week. 16/22 73%73%
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