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Found 2 results

  1. When the stockings are hung by the fireplace, and the snow is falling, and the mince pies and sherry have been left out for the Hogfather, and everyone is settled in for the end of the year, there is only one question left: have you been naughty or nice? That's it. That's the challenge. Along the way, I'm going to lean into hibernation. A week of meditation retreat, a week of extra sleep, a week of intermittent fasting (and feasting). I'm going to lean into all the martial arts/meditation "soft is better than hard" and "do less" mottos, and treat every under-performance or attention failure as a reason to rest more. I'm going to try to solidify my evening workout and metta meditation before bed. What I'd like to add is consistency with a daily walk, preferably first thing in the morning, and for mindfulness meditation. And I'm going to aim for a lot of holiday cheer. As close to a fatal dose of winter hygge as I can manage. Mandatory hot cocoa. table { --palette-red: #7b0a0a; --palette-cream: #e5d5bb; --palette-tan: #b2a288; --palette-lgreen: #668c6f; --palette-dgreen: #213c18;} table.plan { border: 2px var(--palette-dgreen); Border-top: 50px; Border-bottpm: 50px; background-color: var(--palette-lgreen); Width: 100%; Color: var(--palette-dgreen); } .plan tr:nth-child(even) { Background-color: var(--palette-cream); } .plan tr:nth-child(8n+1) { background: var(--palette-dgreen); color: var(--palette-cream); font-weight: bold; text-align: center; } .plan td:nth-child(4n+1) { Background-color: var(--palette-dgreen); color: var(--palette-cream); font-weight: bold; text-align: right; } .plan td:nth-child(4n-0) { font-weight: bold; text-align: center;background:var(--palette-dgreen); } table.tally { border: 1px solid var(--palette-red); Background-color: var(--palette-tan); Width: 100%; Color: var(--palette-dgreen); } .tally tr:nth-child(even) { Background-color: var(--palette-cream); } .tally tr:nth-child(9n+0) { background: var(--palette-red); color: var(--palette-cream); font-weight: bold; text-align: center; } .tally tr:nth-child(9n+1) { background: var(--palette-red); color: var(--palette-cream); font-weight: bold; text-align: center; } .tally td { } .tally td:nth-child(4n+1) { Background-color: var(--palette-red); color: var(--palette-lgreen); font-weight: bold; text-align: right; } .tally td:nth-child(4n-0) { font-weight: bold; text-align: center;background:#7b0a0a; } Day Plans Hogswatch Cheer 🎄 M28 Winter clothes Digital job Fix Christmas lights Xmas movie Warm socks next to the bed T29 Wrap early gifts Schedule Doctor Who Xmas specials Xmas movie W30 Online zendo hours Get dates for events Redo work schedule Xmas movie Th1 Winter clothes Start all the yule logs Xmas movie F2 Find winter boots Get out lights Xmas movie S3 Garden task 12/5 prep Xmas movie Su4 Seasonal baking Find a timer Restock the hot cocoa stash Xmas movie Plans Hogswatch Cheer 🎁 M5 Date to watch Xmas movie Batch of eggnog week T6 Start meditation week Time scarcity week Xmas movie W7 Th8 F9 Finish project A S10 Su11 Seasonal baking Plans Hogswatch Cheer ⛄ M12 IF week Test morning routines T13 W14 Th15 Date to watch F16 S17 Su18 Seasonal baking Plans Hogswatch Cheer 🎄 M19 T20 W21 Th22 F23 S24 Su25 Hogswatch #1 Plans Hogswatch Cheer 🕯️ M26 Day off T27 Annual review Annual plan W28 Th29 F30 S31 Hogswatch #2 Su1 Tracking template:
  2. The background: Welcome to my challenge! I am Sylvaa, one of the Adventurer GL's. If you a new here, a few quick facts about me. I'm a mother of 4 children, 2 cats, and 1 dog, but a grandmother to 1. I work as a medical consultant, which usually requires me to travel 4 days a week, but this year has obviously resulted in me working from home full-time. I'm a casual WoW and D3 player. I like puzzles (word, number, and jigsaw), cooking, baking, and reading. I like any activities that require me to be outdoors, not limited to hiking, OCR's, and running. The year so far: My husband and I sold our house this summer. We will be closing on a little over 2 acres by the end of the month and are working with a drafter to finalize home plans for a build to start in the spring. We are currently renting a split level that is smaller than our old house. Along with not traveling, I've been really struggling with social interaction. I cannot stress how introverted I am and even the social interactions with family are enough to send me into a downward spiral. We've also spent this year dealing with the mental decline of my husband's grandmother. She is currently living in Georgia (the state, not the country) with my husband's aunt and uncle, although she wants to be back where we live (in PA) for Christmas. This is problematic as she requires round the clock care and it's not yet set up. My in-laws are supposed to be going down to get her next week, so more to follow. I've also been dealing with some food intolerance issues that have gotten consistently worse as I've gotten older. I'm pretty sure beer is out of the picture for me, along with a significant number of processed foods. I've started following a Mediterranean diet, which seems to have a positive impact, but has also required separate meal planning for myself compared to the rest of the family (we have a deal that if the rest of the family can agree on weekly meals, I will continue to cook for them, if they can't, they are responsible for their own food). The holiday challenge: I love Christmas. I love the holiday spirit that entices so many people to be just a little nicer through this time of year. For me, this year won't be too different as almost everyone I would celebrate it with already lives with me (and the few people that don't, we interact with regularly - my brother and my in-laws). I originally wasn't going to post a challenge, but I'm jumping in with both feet, because it's kind of what I do. However, I'm keeping it light. Christmas Tasks Finish ordering Christmas presents Finish wrapping Christmas presents Figure out Christmas Eve meal (when we celebrate as an extended family) Figure out Christmas breakfast (when we do our small - lol - family celebration) Put the fall decorations into their bin and take them out to the garage Get the rest of my husband's gift put together Buy food and snacks for TSO concert night House Tasks Clean one space in the house daily Get caught up on laundry Stick to meal plan (this is under house tasks since I meal plan and grocery shop weekly - I need to eat what I buy and only buy what I can eat) Return my library books Other Tasks Follow current workout plan with my daughter Figure out my 2021 roadmap Meet up with @NeverThatBored
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