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Found 2 results

  1. Shaking the snow from your cloak, you step into a warm pub and look around. A few other travellers are grouped together at tables in the serving area, and a woman stands behind the bar. On one wall, a large bulletin board lists local jobs and bounties. You head over and take a look, and one bill jumps out at you immediately. Hmm. Looks like you’ll need a high Negotiate skill to manage this one, along with some serious mission prep before heading up into the unforgiving mountains at this time of year. You pay the barkeep for the information to make sure no one else steals your bounty and get to work. First things first: a list of things you must acquire to see you safely through the mission! Welcome to the last Rebel Mini of the calendar year! This one is going to be focused on holiday season planning and preparation, but if that’s not applicable to you for whatever reason feel free to follow along anyway and alter the challenges to be more relevant to your needs. For your first challenge, make a list of all the people you usually gift during the holidays. If your culture does not include a gift exchange, make a list of all the people in your life you wish you kept up with -- people you would like to contact and check in on, but for one reason or another, haven’t. That’s it! You do not need to brainstorm gifts or examine why you’re not better at keeping in touch. When you think you’re done, post something here about your experience making your list: how many people ended up on it, how difficult or easy it was, what tricks you employed to make sure you didn’t forget anyone, etc. You don’t have to share anything you’re uncomfortable sharing, but tell us something to let us know you did it.
  2. Let's face it. I still pretty much identify as Brogo on the forums. But, I'm renouncing the title of Khal/Curl because of its association with Dothraki/douchebag toxic masculinity. Also, I'm basically an elf. Most of you know I work at Amazon. Jeff Bezos is essentially Santa Claus, and we warehouse minions are the elves. We're ramping up for the holiday peak season and I'm gonna be working 60 hours a week again. This challenge is going to focus on surviving that battle. Goal 1: Food prep on my (one) day off each week. I get to eat well and save money. Goal 2: Zazen, 10 min/day. Goal 3: Stretch, mornings and evenings. I have a couple other things going on. I'm submitting a piece of my artwork to a group exhibition at a gallery down the street. LUYL Goal 1: Finish a work of art. Something small, but finished. I've been dragging my feet on several paintings. I need to sign and varnish a work, and write a description and artist statement. LUYL Goal 2: Prepare apartment for roomie. I am (99% likely) to get a roommate in January. We just have to work out the lease signing. Clear out junk from extra bedroom, get more organized, etc.
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