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Found 2 results

  1. "Pick up the pieces and keep going, one painfully slow step at a time." -Hiraedd, The Conqueress (Bare bones, to be elaborated later. It's certainly quite blunt as it is now. But it's written, and I'll work from there.) 1) A task a day A distance net-course due 30th of June, and another 30th of July. Marketing law and Strategic marketing. Soft deadline aimed at 21st of each month to give some space to maneuver. 2) Honorable Order of Rebellious Appraising Yeomen and Gratitude statements Positive, honest self-appraisal. Once a day. --> HOoRAY Things outside yourself that I am grateful for. Three times a day. In the challenge thread and cross-posted there rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/26507-3-things/ 3) ZenHabits1000 cuts 1) The Zen Habits 1000 cuts Plainly from the previous challenge. 200 points, 3-4 things a day. Adding that 5 min of streching, or every 5000 steps over the daily 10k I usually get, are worth one point. 4) Something from Brene Browns work, a single step towards recognizing shame and the symptoms, but I dont know how. I will think this a bit more.
  2. She felt watched. She felt trapped. A vast, endless forest surrounded her. It was quiet. Unnaturally so. So quiet she could hear her own heart pounding like a Shaman's drum inside her head. The sweet song had died down. Her hunger tore at her and the dark, gloomy forest stretching out in front of her promised nothing. She had to keep going. She had to keep moving. Stopping was not an option. She had followed the sound of beautiful, enchanting song through the forest. At first the song was a faint hum, but it grew stronger as she reached deeper into the forest. Being unaware of the alluring powers hidden in the soft, promising song, she was lost. Trapped so deep inside the forest that ever finding her way out seemed like an impossible task. I've been going through some rough stuff, and still am. This challenge is about breaking free. Daring to dream and find my way. I will be doing pole dance as often as I can in addition to this. #1 - Be able to do front splits This is something I've always wanted to do, and since starting pole, flexibility is really something that I need to work on. I found our dear guild leaders old challenge with a 6 week program. It contains many of the same stretches as this video, which is basically what we do in pole too. I will stretch 4-7 days a week. #2 - Obtaining a strong squat Pole dance is immense amounts of fun, but it doesn't work the rear and thighs as much. Therefore I will complete 3000 full body weight squats. Starting with 20 squats a day in week one, and hopefully ending at 120 squats a day in the last week. Now.. this progression doesn't fully add up to 3k. Because I like even numbers I will add 10 bonus squats every week. Reaching the total number at the end of the challenge is more important than meeting each weeks total. Week 1: 20aDay - 140+10 Week 2: 40aDay - 280+10 Week 3: 60aDay - 420+10 Week 4: 80aDay - 560+10 Week 5: 100aDay - 700+10 Week 6: 120aDay - 840+10 #3 - HOoRAY The last year or so have been difficult. A lot has changed and I need to try and feel better about myself, especially since I, right now, think I'm a terrible person. Being a Scandinavian, I am severely afflicted by the Law of Jante, and at this point in my life I really need to embrace who I am and dare to let that person out. #4 - Accepting my fears, work through them and dare to dream. I can't say much about this (because of fear of judgement, even in here..), other than I want to follow my dreams. I feel like this is something that's not impossible to achieve, but I need to try to overcome or accept some of the fears listed below before I attempt. I fear the loss of love. I fear losing financial security. I fear ridicule. I fear rejection. I fear the loss of respect. Stretches: 0/4(7) - 0/4(7) - 0/4(7) - 0/4(7) - 0/4(7) - 0/4(7) Squats: 0+0/140+10 - 0+0/280+10 - 0+0/420+10 - 0+0/560+10 - 0+0/700+10 - 0+0/840+10
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