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Found 23 results

  1. Not sure what this challenge holds for me, so I'm coming in with an open heart. Stay tuned, because this is the mindset that usually means the doors get blown off. ❤️
  2. I had a plan. I really did. And then during my devotional/prayer time, this verse came up: "For He rescued us from the domain of darkness, and transferred us to the kingdom of His beloved Son," -- Colossians 1:13 Message received. I have been in some emotionally dark places this year, instigated mostly by current events and being too much in my own head. If you've been following me for a little while, you know that some old bad habits have crept back up, and I have been fighting some demons, slaying some dragons, and bouncing between feeling like a failure as a husband
  3. Now that my health seems to have stabilised and I've been back on the forum a reasonable length of time, I want to start a log of sorts to track my (any?) progress and hopefully my recovery. Of course what I really want to do is turn back the clock. I want to get back to where I was in 2014 before things all started going pear shaped. I saw some pictures of myself last night on Colin's (my bf) phone from 2014 and it was a bit of a shock to the system. I saw a young woman, full of life, smiling, and dare I say it - pretty. Now - I feel like an old woman, I look haggard, unkempt. I don't s
  4. Welcome back for another episode of The Exciting Adventures of JediNickD! It was a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away that I joined this site and started my first challenge.. World 1 was my first extended stay through 22 challenges. I took a hiatus from NF and came back with a new direction for my goals where I warped to World 2, which I defeated in a Boss Fight slaying some mighty big goals. In World 3, I continue to develop my fitness, getting my body in the best shape of my life, even with the Degenerative Disc Disease, Arthritis, Disc Fissures, and more. Through physical thera
  5. This is the beginning of my journey, and I need your help. My name is Lindley. I am an ICU nurse with a really shitty night schedule. I am 5'1" and the heaviest I have ever been at 163 pounds. I was in a very unhealthy five year relationship, had two sons with the individual, and am now a single mom. I struggle with Borderline Personality Disorder, depression, anxiety, binge/purge, and PTSD. Now for the thing that sent me over the edge... June 12, 2016, I woke up and discovered my 5 week old son (Ronin August) had died from SIDS during a nap. Ne
  6. ____________________________________________________________________________ "Fatigued with life, but loathe to part, yet on Hope, the soul relies, and every pang that rends the heart bids expectations r i s e. Hope, like the gleaming, tapered light, adorns and clears the way; and still, as darker grows the night, emits a brighter ray." The above is a somewhat modified version of a song that I discovered during research for a story. It...struck a major chord, and so is now saved to my book of favorite words. <3 There were several variations, so the modif
  7. As I sit at the bus stop, with the growing heat of the morning sun on my shoulder and a welcome breeze lifting my hair and swirling around my feet, a familiar melancholy accompanies my experiences, beautiful and haunting. Dreaded because it comes and goes as it wills, unbidden, it is yet a misunderstood visitor, mysterious and multifaceted. Closer even than breath, it permeates my being, inviting me to feel, deeply and poignantly. Dare I listen to its call, let my armor fall away, and stand; open, feeling, and vulnerable?
  8. I feel kinda burned out on the 6WCs. I slip up because of the gap between them, and the goals seem to be mostly the same. Not real drive behind some of them, either. Next year is also forming a major hurdle, too. I will not act upon my suicidal thoughts, no matter how tempting. 1) A plan for the remaining schoolwork. 2) 1 drawing a day. Small everyday objects, tackling bigger things as I develop skill. I wasn't comfortable with putting pictures I've drawn this far on a public album quite yet, so it's friends only. Can share them, if you ask. Open for articulated critique, of course. "I li
  9. Great Creator, I see my enemy, but they're cunning and fierce. I plan to attack on the dawn of the second sunrise. I know I cannot face them in battle alone, and you have provided the allies I need to succeed. It will all end with them or me, and if it's war to my dying day, so be it. These spirits of the Shadow do not oppress me alone, but every living creature in this land. It was you who saved me from the Shadow's deadly grasp. It was you who appointed me with the sight to see beyond this physical realm into where the spirits deal, your realm and the enemies'. You gifted me with great ski
  10. "Pick up the pieces and keep going, one painfully slow step at a time." -Hiraedd, The Conqueress (Bare bones, to be elaborated later. It's certainly quite blunt as it is now. But it's written, and I'll work from there.) 1) A task a day A distance net-course due 30th of June, and another 30th of July. Marketing law and Strategic marketing. Soft deadline aimed at 21st of each month to give some space to maneuver. 2) Honorable Order of Rebellious Appraising Yeomen and Gratitude statements Positive, honest self-appraisal. Once a day. --> HOoRAY Things outside yourself that I am gratef
  11. I just copy-pasted my tags from last challenge. This challenge I think should be about end result and reporting my progress every day. The future keeps changing... one week, we're not going to be here next xmas, the next we're stuck in this area for life.
  12. ***This thread may slip to dark areas, like depression or suicidal thinking, so as a warning, it may shake things. And though I may sound harsh and judgemental, please remember, it's not towards you at all, but my inner things. I wouldn't think such things about anyone else <3*** I let things slip even more, to the point it starts to look really hopeless. Before, if I had did my best, and started crunching things, I would've been able to pull through the studies. Now, with another major paper not getting done, and two other assignments being due this week of the challenge, I'm nearly don
  13. I was going to sit this challenge out because we were supposed to be on a space-a flight to England by now, and my internet access was spotty last time I went. Instead, in another shining example of my husband's command's abusively neglectful disregard for his welfare, they told him that he didn't need any paperwork to leave the country, then at the last minute they tell him that it takes a month to go through all the paperwork. They told him it was his fault, and they washed their hands of him because he's not at the school anymore (vacationing between commands.) We're loosing a very expen
  14. Battle With a Demon Vs. Prologue: The Battle Begins Tigera stumbled into Div's office, clumsily shutting the door as she dropped her bag on the floor. "I think I'm losing," Tigera said without preamble. "It's getting stronger, I can tell." Ed the Demon smiled sadly at the sorceress-in-training. It, of course, had smoothly slid through the door before Tigera managed to close it. "Of course you're losing. I mean, look at you. How could you ever think you had a chance?" Div rose from behind her desk, glaring at Ed. "OUT," she said, waving her hand. The demon scowl
  15. Coping through Hoping “What do you want out of life? That is your hope.†I've been stressing over my actions and decisions without bothering to take the time to pin down exactly what ends I hope to accomplish in life. This... is madness... and also exhausting! Time to slow down, calm down, and find my inner peace. Enter my new challenge: MAIN QUEST: Discover Hope. Goals: 1. Awaken to Hope I've scheduled a date every morning at 6:00 am for the next six weeks with God. This is where I connect with Hope and awaken to possibilities. It's time to see myself through God's eyes and ask
  16. "The winter is coming" -The words of house Stark (George R.R Martins seires A song of ice and fire) In the realm of Westeros seasons last many years, and I have taken the saying to mean that it's easy in good times forget caution. The year 2015 will be a hard one: I have left over assignments from many courses, which I now must do, I have the new courses pushing in, there's the thesis which I have no idea for... I've let things slip, like a child of summer, and must now pay for it. I'm in a bad shape, don't eat well, take the easy way out a lot more than I'd like, and come to regret those
  17. Looking at how my life has been lately, I may bring up dark topics, like depression, suicide, sadness, vulnerability... Spending so my time with these thoughts, I've gotten very used to them. 1) To do the right thing Last 2-3 months I have spent about 50-75 % of my time at work on webcomics, and non-work related websites, like Tvtropes.org and Cracked.com. But I have still gotten my salary. That is same as I had stolen the money, and I need to talk to my boss about this. But I might get fired, and/or need to return the money. But it's not mine, so the talk must be had. Continuing the
  18. Looking at how my life has been lately, I may bring up dark topics, like depression, suicide, sadness, vulnerability... 1) I will commit to one Random Act of Kindness every week Jitters suggested it'd be helpful to look for opportunities to help other people. Not just opening a door for someone, or a compliment, but something they will remember, and smile about. 2) Zenhabits 1000 cuts "Over the previous challenges, I have several times tried working out as a solid set of bodyweight exercises with a warm up, exercises and streching. It has felt intimidating and pressing to obsess over
  19. The topic turned out maybe too honest. A fair warning: I personally think you should read this as an adult, and then decide if it is okay for your kid to think of such. Concerns dark and sad emotions and suicidal feelings. -Thank you My motivation: See to that all the true and beautiful things what I learned from my clear moment after the really dark patch in the middle of 2014 does not become one of those times I’ve had many before, where I see clearly, and then I let it all drop because of the struggles of day-to-day living, and they never get a chance to become reality from thoughts.
  20. This turned out maybe too honest. A fair warning: I personally think you should read this as an adult, and then decide if it is okay for your kid to think of such. Concerns dark and sad emotions and suicidal feelings. -Thank you Lately, that mental bullsh*t started giving me trouble again. After one extremely bad "not-any-kind-of-beautiful-thoughts" day, I am seeing professional help. On a rational level I mostly know what is causing it (depression, addiction, loneliness, low self-esteem like glass and a general "why the **** bother?" with life), but it is a royal mess to start making
  21. After years of yo-yoing and letting myself go, and letting myself pig out on sweets at any time of the day, I am ready to treat myself right! It's time to grow up and realize that just how much I let sugar and pleasure control me. I've become lazy and complacent and when I look in the mirror I'm not happy with what I see. So I'm determined to start putting in some effort. Drink water, eat healthy but delicious meals, and treat my body well. I look forward to having energy, to not jiggling when I move, and smiling when I look at photographs. I have 40 lbs to go, and I know I can do i
  22. First and foremost, thank you in advance for all your help and support. I look forward to repaying you all with a little entertainment in the future (see Life Quest). Disclaimer: This may be a tad depressing, but it has a happy ending : ) Background Story: (The Beginning) When I was in high school I was a nationally competitive gymnast. Needless to say I was in fantastic shape. However, I lived in a home that had a healthy food regiment and didn't really eat out. Leaving for college, however, did a number on me. Junk food, soft drinks, and alcohol. It was a hard time balancing a small budget
  23. Hi All! I know I'm joining late so I'll really only be here to watch your challenge and then officially join in on the next 6 weeks. I have selected (if I can) both Druid and Scout classes because that is my focus for my 3 most prominent goals. So here's what my stats would be currently: Level 1 Druid/Scout Race: Half-Orc (Wants to look or feel like a Half-Elf at least) Strength: 1 Dexterity: 1 Stamina: 1 Constitution: 2 Wisdom: 5 Charisma: 5 I currently lead a very sedentary life and work in the marketing and development agency for a nonprofit organization focused on HIV/AIDS
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