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Found 8 results

  1. This is going to sound a bit odd...but... Anybody else getting an odd increase in facial hair since starting? I'm not on hormones or anything, I do take vitamin supplements (especially vitamin D because I'm in the Arctic) but I've noticed that everytime I respawn and clean up my diet and exercise...I get whiskers. Not a terrible amount, but enough to be annoying. Thoughts? (Because beards are cool, but mainly on men and dwarf women.)
  2. I seem to have an on again, off again relationship with this website. I've never used it very actively, but I am at a point that I am fed up with everything about myself physically. I am in poor shape, I am overweight, and this needs to change. I had a hysterectomy due to endometriosis in 2016 where they left one ovary in. I decided this past Jan I was going to start working out and had managed to lose 15# just by calorie counting. Well, the first day I worked out, with just light cardio, I was in excruciating abdominal pain. Turns out, that ovary is revolting against my body and it needs removed. I put the gym membership on hold, and since the providers wouldn't give me anything to manage pain, I've been eating my stress and pain. That 15# is back. I have the surgery scheduled for 4/25 to have the ovary removed, it will be laproscopic, and a 2 week recovery time. I plan on easing back into the gym at that point. I decided I am going to start meal planning again starting next week (already have plans for the weekend.) I need to get back on track. My husband and I like to hike, but the shape I am in right now is not very good for that. We also want to start backpacking and I need to get in better shape before then, too. I don't have great endurance, I have back pain from the weight (and endo.) I just don't even know what to do after I have all my hormones ripped from me. I won't be able to go on hormone replacement, so it'll be handle it as best as I can. I assume losing weight will be a lot harder, but can anyone shed light on what to expect post op when I start exercising? FYI: Stats weight: 215 lb height: 5'1"
  3. Hi everyone, I have never done anything like this before so bear with me. I joined NF a little over a month ago and I truly love the way it brings so many of us odd balls together, to help us achieve a healthier stronger lifestyle. I must confess though, at times I still very much feel like the odd man(or woman I guess if you want to be technical lol) out. You see I am a farmer. I was raised on a farm and continue to leave on one with the hopes of one day increasing its size substantially. I also have a degree in animal science and my world revolves around those under my care. I see a lot of post and articles about organic, grain fed, and other big scary terms like GMO's and antibiotic use, so I thought I would take this opportunity to share the view points of those on the inside. There has become a huge disconnect between the consumer and the farming life style, and what we do has be reduced down to the tilte of an article that gets shared on facebook. I would be more then happy to discuses any concern you might have, and if I don't know the answer I will find the people that do. I love hearing peoples concerns about the state of agriculture today, and helping anyway I can to address those concerns. Thank you and have a blessed day.
  4. I have missed a few challenges this summer and I am coming late to this one, but I am doing a diet change anyway so I might as well do it with some support from NF. I have been gaining weight especially around my waist. Along with the skin issues and other indicators it seems I am having menopausal issues. So I am working on balancing my hormones and optimizing my health. I am using the Hormone Reset diet to guide my through this. It is a 21 day program of elimination of red meat, sugar, alcohol, fruit, grains, caffeine, and dairy from your diet. Basically you eat veggies, eggs and fish. For this challenge: I will follow the hormone reset diet Write a daily gratitude statements Journaling about food choices and diet progress Try at least four new recipes from the book 30 minutes of mediation Daily diet requirements: eat one pound of veggies per day Starting measurements Height: 65" Weight:153.5 (I went back to the scale the next day it read 160.5) Waist: 34" (this is the one that scares me because I was 29" a year or so ago) Hips: 42"
  5. Oh 2014.... I am quite happy you are over. It was a long year for me, marked by a finished grad degree, a new job, best friend's wedding, summer and winter house guests, and getting settled into Alaskan life. And Meg, can't forget her! But because I was so busy, lifting got put on the back burner and has completely stalled ever since. At the same time, I really fell off the paleo wagon, and while I still pay attention to quality, I let myself slide on a lot of things that experience tells me don't work for my body. I'm sure long time readers of my threads are sick of hearing about lady cycles, but I'm having a excessively long cycle and I am not pregnant, which is frustrating because I'd like to be. SO. No more excuses. I am getting my diet, exercise, sleep/stress in line. Goal #1 GOT BREAKFAST FOR YOU ! I am starting a Whole30 on January 9th. I have already mostly cut everything down to Whole30, except for wanting to use up some heavy cream and cheese I had in my fridge. My brother flies back home Thursday, so Friday is a much nicer clear start date for me. So this will mean NO GLUTEN, GRAINS, DAIRY, LEGUMES, SOY, ADDED SWEETeNER. I am hopeful that this will be enough to kick start my cycles again and regulate hormones. I've been taking a specific set of supplements for helping with that, but I haven't been supporting that process nutritionally so that's no bueno. Bonus goal: Cook 1 meal with beef heart... its been in my freezer and I need to quit being scared! Goal #2 LET'S GET DOWN TO BUSINESS I am thinking of doing Starting Strength, since I really feel like I am back to square one at this point. Regardless of program, I am doing weights twice a week. This is going to take priority over any other type of training, but I will likely do some yoga and hiking as well on warmer days. Goal #3: GO TO YOUR TENT ! In other words, go the hell to sleep already. Another goal better served after my brother leaves, but the goal will be to wind down at 9 by turning off the tv etc and drink my magnesium and read a book and lights out at 10. This would help me get up at 6am so I can walk Meg and/or hit the weights with enough time for some breakfast and a shower before work. Goal #4 WHO'S THE SMARTEST DOGGY IN THE WORLD? Same goal as last time, some dedicated training time each day. Thankfully, Meg is a breed that is smart, and she seems to enjoy the challenge of training. I have 4 more weeks of puppy class and then another class I'm planning to add, so I'll have plenty of homework to work on with her. She's doing really well already, but of course training will never really end if we want her to be a good dog. And this is better for exercise inside, since it is now minus 2 degrees in my part of Alaska. TL;DR #1 Complete a Whole30 #2 Lift Twice Weekly #3 Implement Sleep Schedule #4 Continue Meg's Training That's it. I will try not to bring dishonor by not sticking to them! Starting Stats Weight 143 lbs Natural Waist 33 inches Waist at belly button 33 Hips 41 Neck 15 Bust 37 Calves 15 Biceps 13
  6. *Obligatory Disney Theme* I'm PrincessHeather, and I am a bad nerd.... or at least I have been since about January, or possibly as far back as October. I moved up to Alaska about 8 months ago, and since then I have been preoccupied with things like: searching for a new job, starting a new job, setting up our new home, completing final year of graduate school including a research project, and being maid of honor in a wedding back home in California. A little more background, particularly of things I've been wrestling through in my head for a while now. I have been underweight, and I'm currently "overweight" (according to BMI anyway). I've had some disordered eating patterns and very critical opinions of my body. But something I've been trying to get through my head for the past year or so, is that I am awesome anyway. I've become so much stronger phsycially and mentally, and whether I'm fit/lean/skinny/fat/purple, I am a "real woman" and I matter. I was distinctly pleased to read this in my inbox this morning (from Summer Innaman): Treat her with love, respect and never feel the need to justify or change your ways to please anyone else. You are extraordinary. Believe that and any changes you want will flow easily. And if you decide not to do that, you are still a Real Woman. So, that's enough of a rant about body image and all that. But its important because being in a good place mentally always really influences how well I treat myself. And treating myself well, combined with being free of my old stressful job and free from the stress of grad school, is going to help me prepare for my next big life goal. Oh and hey, I'm going to start actually grading and awarding points again GOAL #1: Improve Overall Fitness (Strenght +2, Stamina +2, Dexterity +1) So like, I mentioned, BMI thinks I weigh too much. However, I'm trying really hard not to let that get me down, and remember that is doesn't take into account all of my muscle and its just another number. BMI can kiss my (modest) squat booty!! However, I do get more winded than I would like while hiking and bicycling, and I lost a lot of strength and endurance during the last crazy semester. But I now have more time and renewed dedication, so my goals are to simply get into a lifting routine and do SOMETHING every day, whether its hiking, yoga, zumba, or yard work. I've been doing this the past two weeks, so I just want to seal in those habits over the course of this challenge. Lift Twice WeeklyBe Active Everday GOAL #2: Heal My Hormones (Constitution +5) My next big life milestone is to have a kid. It's always been in our plans to have kids after finishing school, and we're in a good financial setup to do so as well. We've enjoyed 5 years of marriage, being just us and travelling a ton, and we feel ready to take on baby making and raising! BUT, I've had hormone issues for a long long time, and while I've started to see some improvements just over the past 2 months as I changed to a less stressful job and finished school, I want to be doing everything I can to be prepping my hormones and body for a new adventure. Schedule a Dr appointment for full blood panel to get current vitamin/mineral/etc levelsSleep at least 8 hours a nightLimit caffieneEat Paleo (PrincessHeather Style)Track hormone symptoms GOAL #3: Enjoy My Freedom (Wisdom +3, ) I'm free! I finished school and my job doesn't destroy me every day, so I need to be enjoying my extra time and doing things I love. Plant my veggie garden (Bonus: build greenhouse structure for fall use)Finish 4 halfway-read books TL;DR I'm free from the strings of grad school and crappy job! I love me, and I'm awesome! Goals: Fitness: Lift 2x/week, be active everydayHormone Health: Sleep, Eat WellEnjoy Life: Plant a garden, read some books Starting Stats Weight: 143 Neck: 13 in Natural Waist: 30 Hips (at hip bones): 38 Hips/Glutes: 41 Thighs (each): 23.5 Calf: 14 Bicep: 10.5
  7. Hi am new to the forums...but no to the Nerd Fitness. Here is my question...I am 49yrs old. I am entering into the new season of a women's life, better known as menopause. I have not had a cycle in three months (normally i am regular) my moods are huge barn doors swinging. I have been on vacation and upped my time at the gym....in the mornings I do weights then go back in the afternoon for cardio just to get my metabolism to budge. I am normally a 80/20 Paleo but tweaked that even more to be 100%. I still very tired in the mornings. After my workouts I feel energized but I return to work next week and those two x's a day gym visits will be down to one. Any suggestions for the menopausal women? feeling frustrated.
  8. I'm feeling awful this week - my muscles are stooopid heavy, they hurt, and I'm STARVING for junk food...or any food, but a salty sausage pizza, gum drops, and a nap would be heaven. My workouts aren't great and I'm forcing that hard hat on to make it downstairs for a pathetic 25 mins before I flop down like a fish and whine some more. Not surprisingly I'm PMSing and no doubt in a few days I'll be visited by Aunt Flo. Any advice? I've been paleo for a few weeks and I'm really loving it...so I'd hate to deviate/cheat for any reason.
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