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Found 11 results

  1. Morning y’all! For anyone who doesn’t know me I am Rookie. A 31 year old who refuses to grow up and is constantly trying to live her best life 😂 My ultimate goal is to create a functional body that can last for a long time. Part of that puzzle would be dropping 60lbs. I love my 3 dogs, my horse Daisy and painting. So naturally my challenges usually turn into a show and tell. I hope you guys like pictures 😋 Goal: Lose 5lbs > Eat 1800 calories daily > Walk up and down the hill 2 times / week > Work through my “Riding Fear Fre
  2. Big mood right here. With health, with finances, with everything. Quest: Lose 50lbs by Dec 31, 2021 [46 weeks] Progress: 0lbs Sub Quests: - Aim for 1700 calories / day Track calories daily Veggie or fruit with lunch + dinner 1 starch per meal (2 slices of toast, 1 cup rice, 1 cup pasta, 1 medium potato, 1 serving cereal) - 2 extra movements / week Good Morning Workout weekday mornings Cozy Up Sofa Workout once during work day Walks on Saturday + Sunday - Do something creative every day (paint, doodle, digita
  3. A almost accurate picture of a classical Roman feast Everyday I get to pick from my menu of things to do. Some days I'll just want appetizers, and some days it'll be a multi-course extravaganza. It'll depend on what I'm up for and how "hungry" I am. Tasks are organized into categories based on time involved, location, and level of concentration needed. Bread Basket Just like some restaurants bring bread, there are some things that I'll get for "free" regardless of if I really want them or not. These are non-negotiables. Dance: Sunday and Wednesday
  4. Building Habits 2.0 It's time for refinement Quest: Lose 5lbs (SW: 282, GW: 277) Subquest 1: Food tracking: Track calories and 3 days not exceeding calorie goal - 1 point / day tracked - 1 point / day for hitting calorie goal Subquest 2: Water: Drink 2L - Drink 1L [ 1 point ] - Drink 1.5L [ 2 point ] - Drink 2L [ 3 point ] Subquest 3: Physio: Complete at least 5 assigned physio exercises 2 times a day - 1 point / day this is completed Shoulder stretch [1
  5. a lot of hard work on my part T_T I tried to go all gung-ho on my last challenge to only sizzle out right away and have to keep changing my goals lol So clearly it is time to get the basics down again. What I did do well in my last challenge is start to get my sleeping habits back on track. I will continue working on these. Ultimate goal.... lose 85lbs This challenge goal.... lose 2lbs lose 5lbs SubQuest 1: Track my food stuffs on MFP (@Plaidponcho) - 3 days / week [1 point] - 5 days / week [2 point] - 7 days / week [3 point
  6. Last Challenge was a whirlwind, and I definitely struggled to keep up on my NF 4WC postings. Now that I'm officially graduated and a member of B Troop, I will [theoretically] have a more open schedule, and therefore more time to devote to working out (and posting on NF). My home computer crapped out completely yesterday, so my online presence will be limited until I get that fixed... no ETA ATT. Goal: Continue to unburden myself [and my horse!] of my extra weight Plan: Dominate Blitz Week (0) - Eat healthy 100% Mon-Fri; participate in some form of exercise
  7. Rangers, meet Charlie (and me) For those who aren't caught up yet, here's a quick insight into my current life: And here's a quick "What had happened was..." for last challenge: So! Goals for this challenge: 1. Unburden mah hoss (Lose 5lbs) - Main focus Log all my food in Cronometer, and share it with you fine folk. Run / Workout on days I don't ride, and share those logs here as well. 2. Look ta thuh horizon (Set up a routine for the next challenge) Once graduated, my schedule with B Troop will change significantly. Musters will take
  8. Become the Wolf Here we go again (Again again again). Last time I attempted this I tried my hand at Keto and although it worked really well in the beginning it wasn't for me. Near the end I was mentally exhausted, bitter, frustrated and found myself cheating and eating worse than I did while off the diet. Which of course brought on the feelings of guilt and failure. So here I am again, ready to push forward and become the wolf. Fierce, wild and determined. Let's see how far I get this time. The plan - Drink at least 2L of water daily - Meal plan ahead of
  9. Hey, Newbie here. I recently broke my leg (full spiral fracture of the tibia, comminuted fracture of the fibula), and ended up losing some weight as a surprising silver lining. I would like to lose a couple more pounds, which should be fine to do, just to get my waist all svelte again as of old. But I definitely lost muscle in my right leg, and the bone hasn't healed yet, so exercising will have to be carefully planned and gingerly done. I"ll start physical therapy soon, so I expect to get exercises to return to general functionality, but: My goal is to be more fit than I was before t
  10. Ahoy ye mateys! Omg he has a little hat! The names Rookie and I am finding myself back at the Adventurers door step I hope you will have me back! Last challenge I joined the Scouts to help me focus on my upcoming 5k Color Run (July 26). During that challenge I focused on doing my C25K, eating clean without counting calories and doing exercises/stretches to help with my horseback riding. During that challenge another challenge popped up between my future SIL, Mum and my friend... If I lose 55lbs by August 2015.. I get a free trip to Positano, Italy! So my focus is back on losing those po
  11. Ahoy ye mateys! It is I... Rookie! This challenge I want to focus on training for my marathon on July 26 and getting some stamina and strength for my horseback riding. For those familiar with me you know my last month was a bit ... dirty, sore and on the ground Pretty much looked like this: So yes... Lets get to the details. Main Quest Run in my first marathon July 26. Subquests 1. Do C25K. A: 2 times a week B: 1 time a week C: Swapped in a different cardio instead of doing C25K. F: 0 times a week / no effort 2. Do some stretch/exercise that will help with
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