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  1. Last year I decided I was going to pick up and move north to live next door to two of my favorite nerds, which meant picking up my life and moving to Madison. I moved at the very end of last year, and then 3 weeks later went on vacation to Australia and New Zealand, just getting back a few weeks ago. Thus, I have been pretty absent on the forum and challenges, and since I have #warriorgoals and #scoutgoals, here I am! I have a tendency of petering out after week two, so this challenge is going to be super simple. Epic Goal #1: Run the Hot Chocolate 15k in October with @Haikoo If there's one example of my going MAD, it's this. I'm really a warrior; I hate cardio. But, I somehow managed to sign up for this quest because the medal is SO COOL. But first, I need to be able to run a 5k. Challenge goal #1: Do couch to 5k program 2 days a week. (Ideally this would be 3, but life happens, so I'm going to make this achievable.) Epic Goal #2: Snatch 30kg and/or Clean & Jerk 40 kg I have found the most amazing gym in Crossfit MADtown. They have a 3 class a week Oly program, and despite being a Crossfit gym, ALL the plates are in kg. Their site even says they are a weightlifting gym with a crossfit problem. YAY. Challenge goal #2: Go to Oly class 2 hours a week. (Ideally this would be 4, but life happens, so I'm going to make this achievable as well) Food Goal: Get the adult to run the show, and not the inner 9 year old child Let's be honest. Running a 15K (or even wogging it) will be so much easier if I drop the fluff. Hitting a BW clean & jerk will also be easier if I have less fluff. However, my inner child doesn't think that far ahead; she thinks OMG GIRL SCOUT COOKIES MUST EAT ALL OF THEM. Challenge goal #3a: Eat Primal for 14 meals out of the week (again, let's keep it simple) Challenge goal #3b: Whenever I have a craving, ask myself: "If one of the nerdlets asked for this, what would I say?" and then DO THAT THING. Or, "Is this really going to be me to my goals? Do we want to end up like mom? What do you REALLY want?" And then do those things. Life Goal: Adulting. There's a lot of other things I need to do, so I'm just going to make a short list: Excavate my basement so I can have the girls over for my birthdayGet WI license and license plateResume bullet journalingmore to come...And thus my CRAZY MAD WHAT THIS MIGHT BE ACHIEVABLE challenge has begun. If you are intrigued and wish to follow this thread, please respond with a GIF below! I love GIFs!
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