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Found 2 results

  1. Field season has started again which means I'm living in hotels most of the week. This log will chronicle my attempts to be somewhat healthy despite that: at -DATE: 3-14-2016 -Food: Breakfast: 2 Kwik Trip eggwhite, ham and cheese sandwiches. Horrible, yes but when you get up at 4 am on the day of the time change, sometimes you make poor decisions. Lunch: Turkey and Finlandia swiss sandwich Dinner: Undressed chicken and black bean salad, one wheel of gouda cheese, and a banana As you can see, my diet deteriorates when I'm working 5 am - 7 pm and living in a motel. I eat so well at home! - Walking: Clocked 8.9 miles on pedometer, 20,389 steps. - Workout: 30 minutes of bodyweight strength training combined with some relaxation/breathing.
  2. Where to start, what to say. So here is the dealio, yo. There have been some major changes to my life in the recent months. Some things at work changed for me, and I am traveling quite a bit. This overall is a good thing, but there are a bunch of issues i am having to work myself through, most of it being mental. Let me explain, so when i travel i have very little choice as to what i eat. I am limited to hotel breakfast in the morning, lunch is what ever is provided (typically pizz) or something really fast and so my only choice is dinner. Overall, not horrible, just very difficult to maintain any sort of regularity. Working out is very similar. While i am out traveling i typically work 10-15hr days, so between dinner and sleep, i have very little to no time to work out. My challenge goals will explain it all further. Challenge 1. Eat how much i need not what i want So, i can only partially control as to what I eat, so I think really the name of the game this time will be controlling how much I eat. Lets face it, I can eat a large pizza and a gallon of ice cream in a sitting, and if its there, in front of my nose, i may actually do so. This is a huge struggle for me, portion control has always been a big problem. This will be my goal. Instead of half a pizza, eat a slice, instead of 4 double cheese burgers, have one or two etc. Tracking calories will be hard, as i am not making it, so really i will have to go strictly based of portion. Challenge 2. Just do something If i work insane hours and only get like 4 hrs of sleep, i can't sit there and hope to workout 1hr as well. I just need to wrap my mind around the fact that doing anything is better than nothing. A few minutes early to do some pushups and squats etc, will be better than nothing at all. At the same time though, i need to make sure if i do have the time that i do go to the gym and use the time effectively. There is no plan here, just do what i can Challenge 3. Make the right choices, when i am able to make a choice Doing a lot of traveling make it very easy to excuse horrible eating. Hotel breakfasts have mainly breads, and other carbs sitting out. Lunch is typically something fast and my dinners are company expensed, so why not eat a giant steak with a fully loaded potato right? Well, I am starting to realize this is horrible thinking. Fast doesn't mean horrible, a wrap from MCd's is better than a double cheese burger for example. A smaller steak with veggie sides is better than a 20oz porterhouse with a loaded baked white potato. I can't have a perfect nutrition, but i can make the best choices possible. Side quest Ever wonder what it would be like if our Food was teleported straight from the plate into our stomache? Watch me eat sometime, you may understand. The comments are always there "damn you ate that already?" "No way you could've enjoyed that food" "Did you even breath while you ate that?" I do not know if it will help, but people seem to think if i slow down, i may actually stop eating so damn much. So i will try it out. Though I have no clue how, i have eaten the same way i do, ever since HS. Count every time i chew? Don't load up the fork till i swallow? Hell I don't know, i will try though. Hey, if you guys have suggestions, please let me know. Luckily i start the challenge off being at home, but week 2 will have me in charlotte, NC. And i am anticipating 18hr days because of the work load there, after i don't know where or when yet.
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