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Found 3 results

  1. This challenge is going to be a bit weird. I have a parkour rank testing in a week, so I'll be a little bit deload-y the first week. I'm on vacation the last week. And I still kind of have whiplash from doing so many short challenges back to back. I also tend to have a full schedule with all of the parkour, climbing, and yoga, so any specific exercises have to be kind of opportunistic rather than scheduled for me. Thanks to all of this, I'm going to embrace and love the pirate code this challenge: Main Quest: Parkour all of the things!!! Climb all of the things!!! Balance in mind-bending ways! Play with weapons! Look like someone who could compete on ANW. 2016 goals Goal 1 - Raise the Black Flag Last challenge, I played around with Human Flag progressions, and now I'm hooked. I can do the first progression, which is a quasi one-armed lever, pretty well I'm okay-ish with the second one, which is an armpit tucked flag lever. I have started working through the third, which is dragon flags. Goal: Take advantage of any reasonable opportunities to work through these progressions. Goal 2: Hang on the rigging - I've neglected my dead hang pull ups, and I haven't really made progress in the last many months. Goal: take advantage of any reasonable opportunities to focus on the pull ups. For both goals 1 and 2, if I'm not completely sore and destroyed after parkour class or a climbing session, I need to do these progressions. If I'm already pretty spent, I can skip. If I have something major the next day and don't want to risk DOMS, I need to just do a minor GTG approach. I'm just grading these on vague, mushy feelings of whether I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing. Goal 3 - Get rid of the rum. (diet) I'm going on vacation in 3 weeks to a resort with free booze. So, in the meantime, I'm giving my liver a bit of a rest and reset period. I've played around with going dry in the past, but I generally have ended up just cutting back because I enjoy booze and don't truly care enough about being dry. The difference this time is that my husband is going dry with me, rather than taunting me with tasty drinks. Goal - Dry until vacation. On vacation, don't overdo it too much (which I won't, since the kids will be there too) Goal 4: Swab the deck (domestic Rangering) Domestic Rangering went okay last time. This time, I'm going to keep up with daily chores as well as doing a Flylady (or substitute) cleaning mission every day. Goal 5 - Learn the Language of the Land (Duolingo spanish) I don't want to be an asshole American tourist, so the goal is to amass 1000 xp in Duolingo Spanish before my vacation. On vacation, the goal is to at least make some attempt to read or speak spanish. Bonus goals: Bonus 1: Swim like a pirate captain Before vacation, brush up on swimming and get the kids ready to swim a lot. On vacation, swim a ton. We are planning on swimming in a cenote, and there's the beach, hotel pools, and some other great swimming sites. Bonus 2: Stop culling the herd (videos and media) Yeah, I totally need a goal to encourage myself to post more media... Really, though, the goal is to post pictures or videos that are technically sound, even if I think I look flabby, my hair is messy, or I'm otherwise nitpicking the way I look. And after I post those pictures or videos, I'm not allowed to say anything negative about my appearance. I also have kind of promised piano video for ages, but I tend to overly nitpick any recordings and then just don't post them. So, the goal is to post something, even if it sounds (to me) like a steaming pile of cat vomit. Bonus 3 - make my own adventure guide (travel) I need more excitement and adventure in my life. And now that springtime is approaching, it's the perfect time to look into day trips and long weekend trips. My goal is to research all of the best attractions in all of the major cities, the national parks, and the climbing sites in about a 6 hour driving radius (which is A LOT), and then come up with a bunch of 1-day, weekend, and 3-5 day trip options. The goal is to add 6 little trips to my list (which currently sits at 2). So. um.. yeah. This is a lot of stuff for a kind of burned out challenge. But I have no doubt I can prevail, because of this: And this:
  2. Hello Everyone! My name is Wolf and welcome to the Masters of the Universe thread to achieving advanced bodyweight moves! This thread will be ongoing and anyone can join. This sanctum is for those callisthenic enthusiasts out there that want to get their first muscle-up, human flag or even freestanding HSPU. Lifting heavy and throwing around iron is great, almost nostalgic in nature-but to me, there's something special about manipulating your body weight and maintaining absolute control that just gets me all warm inside! I want to achieve my 1st muscle up, human flag, freestanding HSPU and both front and back levers one day soon. Realistically, some of these moves, like the levers, can take up to 2 years of training-but it doesn't hurt to post progress on the advancement for these epic moves. The muscle-up and HSPU are the first advanced moves I will be working towards. There's something sexy about the muscle-up. It's fluid and shows great power and manipulation over the body. The freestanding HSPU... well, that's just beastmode right there. Signs of a hardcore core! Both exemplify control and immense strength. Plus, advanced moves like this directly relate to functional fitness. If you're a parkour/freerunning enthusiast like me, moves like the muscle up help develop the necessary strength and power to get up and over walls that are of great height. Plus, it just looks cool. So come on in and enjoy yourself, stay a while, introduce yourself and your goals and lets get after it! Any Masters of the Universe references are always appreciated! I HAVE THE POOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRR! Wolf
  3. Hi all, first post, im looking into starting calisthenics/bodyweight strength training, ive read every piece of literature I can find, all al kavadlos books as well as overcoming gravity, convict conditioning, you are your own gym etc. Im thinking of using either a full body (m/w/f) or a upper/lower (m/tu/th/f) split, one issue I am having is when to train "skills"? Im thinking full body workout (m/w/f) skill days (tu/th) and weekends resting? This seem like a good idea? "Skill days" would include progressions for: Front lever Back lever Elbow lever L-Sit Planche Human flag Handstand Im torn between having 2 "skill days" per week or splitting the skills up and performing them on workout days? Any input is greatly appreciated!
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