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Found 2 results

  1. So, I don't really have a choice for my challenge theme this time. As those of you who hung out on my last challenge thread might know, I'm taking a Lightsaber Dueling class with my Hung Gar Sifu... and it starts tomorrow! While part of me wishes that I could be a good Jedi and follow the path of peace and harmony, the truth is, I know myself too well for that. There is no strength in chaos, but strength can be found in both peace and passion, wisdom in both ignorance and knowledge--for who is wiser, he who claims knowledge where none is found, or he who admits to himself and others that he simply does not know? Attachment may help or hinder--when one is attached to trivial things, the truth is clouded, but when one reserves attachment for the things which truly matter, the purest light is found. Perhaps it is arrogant of me to believe that I can find a better way, but in my eyes, the Sith are selfish and the Jedi blind to the harshness of reality. I shall walk the Third Way: balance, combined with good judgment, to achieve true harmony. So, past the philosophy and on to the challenge! Goal 1: Spirit Meditate daily to gain insight into self and the world. Minimum meditation will increase week-over-week to drive improvement. Meditation at kung fu and/or lightsaber class DOES NOT COUNT--this should be quiet morning or evening introspection. Week 1: 5 minutes Week 2: 6 minutes Week 3: 7 minutes Week 4: 8 minutes Week 5: 9 minutes Week 6: 10 minutes A: 42 meditation sessions (WIS +3); B: 40 meditation sessions (WIS +2); C: 38 meditation sessions (WIS +1) BONUS: Extra +1 WIS if 50 meditation sessions (meeting minimum requirements) is reached. ---------------- Goal 2: Skill I am already committed to twice-weekly Kung Fu sessions, and for January, I am also committing to once-weekly Lightsaber Dueling sessions. This means that I have three classes per week to attend to increase my strength, speed and skill. I am doing the lightsaber class with my wife--if she decides not to continue into February, I may not be able to continue that, so I am not going to count that as part of the challenge. If I end up going into Feb with lightsaber, I will consider it a bonus. A: 3 classes/week (Jan), 2 classes/week (Feb) [16 total] -- (+2 STR, +2 DEX) B: 2 classes/week (Jan), 1 class/week (Feb) -- [10 total] (+1 STR, +1 DEX) C: 1 class/week (Jan), 1 class/week (Feb) -- [6 total] (+0.5 STR, +0.5 DEX) ---------------- Goal 3: Discipline Returning to a goal from my very first challenge. My body feels better when I fast regularly. I do better without breakfast, but sometimes I find that it's easier to slide into eating something than it is to wait until lunchtime, and I want to break this habit. Going straight from where I am to fasting every day is likely asking too much of myself, but I will do more than the three times a week that I accomplished in my first challenge. I am aiming for five per week for the duration of the challenge. A: 30 16-hour fasts (+3 CON) B: 24 16-hour fasts (+2 CON) C: 18 16-hour fasts (+1 CON) ----------------- Life Goal: Judgment, Strategy, Knowledge I've started to learn the game of Go with a fellow Hung Gar student. I don't really want to quantify this goal, but I'd like to make this a reminder to keep playing games against my phone and iPad. I may also use this space to sort of journal my learning process with the game. ------------------ I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's progress with this new challenge!
  2. Dear NF Monks, I am looking for a good Kung Fu school. I really wished to learn Wing Chun Kung Fu but there's apparently no school anymore in Edinburgh. However, I have found a Hung Gar school and a White Crane school. Both seem well organised, welcoming places and I would be more attracted to the Hung Gar, but I really dont know much about either. Anyone has advice/experience in these Kung Fu styles??? Many thanks! PS: I'm a 25 year old woman, didn't like Judo at all, quite enjoyed my little experiences with Karate and Kick Boxing, if that helps you advise me on which style could be best.
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