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Found 5 results

  1. This month my gift to myself is to take care of me! My weight has crept up over the last few stressful months, making my right knee is angry at me . My right hip is still trying to finish healing and my left shoulder has a potential tear. All of these issues need my my attention, so attention they will get!!! I will focus on three things with a bonus fourth goal. Overall I need to take the time to care of both my mental and physical health. These goals are simple and perhaps need a bit more rigor/scheduling. I'm going to think about these for the next 24 hours and assess the plan to accomplish them tomorrow. First - eating to lose weight is a must (how am I going to accomplish this? paleo, keto, low carb, portion sizes?) Second - Physical therapy and stretching (how often, when and where?) Third - Take time for my mental health (what does this look like?) Bonus Fourth - other exercise for both physical and mental health. BJJ, Core classes, hiking, stationary biking (bonus schedule?) That feels like it should be simple but I know it is not. Especially not during the holiday month of December. I have promised myself that I will not overdo thing this month. Decorating is done, gifts are simpler that usual and almost done, cooking will be limited and when we leave on the 24th for Florida, I will let it all go and enjoy our vacation. My husband is home from radiation treatments. His tumor moved away from the optic nerve in the last few weeks and that is GREAT news. He returns on Dec 20th for his first follow-up MRI and appointments. My daughter is struggling. Her digestive and swallowing issues are worse and there is not much we can do this month. She has all the appropriate appointments scheduled for early January. So this month we are fighting to keep her nutrition levels where they need to be, and improve her energy levels and focus. She is very limited by what solid food she can eat and we are finding her new dairy free nutrition shakes because she needs new flavors. This is impacting her school work. I have appointments with her teachers and the counselor to discuss options. Dysautonomia and EDS suck! Long term goal is to get myself back into some form of weight training. I have not been successful in getting there for a long time. I will talk to some friends to see about making it a group thing which often works well for me! I'm researching ways to get me back into some lifting routine. Possibilities include: gym membership at Anytime Fitness, KB workouts at home, or...? I'm grateful for everyone who has read through my plans and goals!
  2. I know where I am at. I know where I want to be. I know what I need to do to get there. So why don't I make the choices I need to make to get to where I want to be? I have been learning about decision fatigue. I make great choices earlier in the day but by the evening, I'm tired and mentally exhausted. I don't make the best choices in the evenings. I think that I need more encouragement to make better choices and build those habits that I want to have. Can you send me your favorite quotes, memes or other motivation media to help me through this challenge?!?! Thank you in advance. This challenge will be another simple one. Keep tracking using Noom I want to see my weight go down. I want to keep tracking food on a regular basis Keep up with the Noom lessons - they help! Eat better veggies and fruit filling foods with lower calorie density less added sugars Do physical therapy as much as possible. I have 4 months to get back into shape before I get released to do BJJ again. Build strength and flexibility back Increase stamina by walking or riding the stationary bike Here are some initial motivation thoughts from me:
  3. Grandkai Going Hybrid Assassin: Part I In 2017 i used mostly bodyweight exercises and i mostly used the Start Bodyweight Program. Great program, i've seen great progress but doing only bodyweight has become a bit boring to me. So for 2018 i'm going to become a Hybrid Assassin. Goal 1: 6-Week Hybrid "Athlete" program; I'm going to use two 6-week Hybrid "Athlete" programs which have Kettlebell training, running & bodyweight training. So i'm set for the next 3 challenges Goal 2: Run faster Upcoming Sunday (December 31st) i have my first 10K race and i'm aiming for a time under 1 hour. After that i want to train to be able to run a faster 10K, so that i can have a faster time for my next race that's in April. My goal is to run the 10K in 50 minutes in April. Goal 3: Handstand Last challenge i got some good progress on a handstand and i want to continue that progress in this new year. So i'm going to train everyday switching between handstand & headstand. Side-Goal: 100% Gaming Spiderman Shattered Dimensions I still like playing games and trying to get them to 100%. This time its going to be Spiderman Shattered Dimensions
  4. So I have been training for a few years now, I am 20 years old and weigh 94kg. I'm not too strong, last time I tested my strength I was able to do following: 1. Squat: 120kg x3 2. Bench: 100kg x2 3. Deadlift: 120 x2 . I used to train mainly bodybuilding style with a 5 day split. Lately (last 4 months) I tried to incorporate a bit more strength work, powerlifting style, and really got to like it quite much, But I do miss the bodybuilding style. I don't want to train purely for one "type". I want to be strong, athletic and look good at the same time (duh... like almost everyone...). So I researched a bit and stumbled upon this webpage: http://swolefit.com/swolefit-v2-cycle/ He mixes it up a bit, Day 1 & Day 4 is Strength and Conditioning (Metcon style), Day 2 & 5 is Power/Speed & Hypertrophy. What do you guys think?
  5. Why, hello there. My name is Adam and this is my first post on the NF forums. I am 18 years of age, currently finishing up my last year of high school, and love sports, playing piano, video games, and nature. I would currently classify myself as an ogre/warrior, as I am 5'11", 210 lbs., and around 16% body fat, with a heavy genetic predisposition for gaining weight (whether that be fat or muscle). I have decent muscular development, and definitely need to drop some body fat and maybe gain some lean muscle mass. I am excited to begin my first challenge, as it marks the inception of a great, life-long adventure. I shall therefore call this challenge, Adventure Time!!! This is my challenge. There are many like it, but this one is mine. Main Quest My primary goal l is to drop down to 175 lbs. and sub-10% body fat. This is definitely a long term goal, which I hope to accomplish within 6 months of today. Incredibly and Awesomely Specific Missions ​Eat within macro nutrient profile each day. 65 g fat, 230 g carbs, and 160 g protein, eating the majority of carbs at dinner. Perform 30 minute bodyweight strength training routine 4 days a week. Bio-energetic exercises for 10 minutes every morning along with foam rolling for 20 minutes. Life Quest Continue playing the piano, practicing Hanon exercises for 15 minutes each day, and working on pieces for 30 each day. My goal is to have mastered the first 10 Hanon exercises at the end of 6 weeks, and perfected the songs Waltz in A Minor by Chopin, and One Summer's Day by Joe Hisaishi. Motivation In one of his videos, Elliott Hulse quoted Ralph Waldo Emerson, saying something along the lines of "life is a culmination of all your experiences". It is my dream in life to experience as many things as possible, whether that be related to self improvement, travel, relationships, appreciation of those and what is around me, or giving back. I truly am fearful going into this challenge, as I do not know if I will succeed or fail. This goal I have set is not so much about improving my looks and health, upping my confidence around other people. It is more about improving my inner confidence and focus, not just confidence that is situationally based. I hope not to just reach my goal, but change myself fundamentally as a person. My goal is to become a person who is willing to take on fear of the unknown, and fear of success. I will beat my inner resistance and the resistance found in those around me. This is simply a step towards becoming the strongest version of myself. ---- This challenge will hopefully be the first of many for me, and I am excited to connect with other members of the Nerd Fitness community. (image credit goes to Cartoon Network)
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