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  1. HELLO THERE and WELCOME to what is probably take 38 of Shaar Actually Posting Enough to Finish an Actual Challenge......... WILL IT HAPPEN??? Ahahahahaha yeah hmm we’ll see about that~ >:3 Hi friends, I missed you! ❤️ Brief Intro: Hello I am shaar!! I’ve been here on and off for almost a decade now (!!!) and it’s no joke when I say that Nerd Fitness changed my life. I’ve lived up and down the east coast but am currently (and very happily) settled in a comfy little town in central Massachusetts not far from where I grew up. I live with my boyfriend of almost a year now, he is the absolute best and I love him x 4980358740. ❤️ We are both very much health and fitness nuts (he is extremely fit and is an actual himbo) and both of us being on the same page helps so much when making healthy food and lifestyle choices. I play a LOT OF VIDEO GAMES maaaan I really love video games, I’m still playing XIV but not so much, kinda burned out there, but I’m also into Genshin Impact and the new FF7R DLC with Yuffie AND I played the Swords of Legends Online beta last week and man I cannot wait to lose myself in that flashy xianxia bullshit when it comes out for real wowow ❤️ I love cooking and being outside and horror movies and video games (duh) and reading and well pretty much everything. My life is unbelievably amazing and I’m grateful for it every day, I’m certain I’ve gotten to where I am with 50% hard-ass work and 50% luck, somehow I rolled a nat 20 in LUCK, it is a very high stat, also CHARISMA, I am max CHA and am an actual bard, my dump stat is INT and I’m not even sorry about it. BRIEF HUH SHAAR JEEZ Anyways hmm ok. SO on the real I hemmed and hawed about even making this challenge 500 times ‘cause my biggest enemy really is - finding the time to post. I work a 40 hour week in the office (and I adore my job), aside from that I’m at the gym or watching movies with Ao or having dinner with my mom or just being out and about, I’m very out and about lately, so I’m worried I’ll kinda fall off the log or whatever with keeping up here. The new forum format STILL OVERWHELMS ME A LITTLE but I’m gonna do my bessssssssssssst. (also an excuse to use a bunch of wei wuxian gifs HA) SHAAR GOALS! - THE GYM! GUYS. After nearly 4 years (since I left North Carolina wow) I have found a killer local gym with LOTS of racks and actual DEADLIFT PLATROFMS and shit! !!!!!!!!!!!!! Nothing fitness-wise has hooked me as much as lifting, ever, and I’m SO STOKED to be back at it. Like I don’t even have words for how happy I am. I’ve gone twice and yesterday was my first leg day that I blew out of the water and am feeling the DOMS BAAAAAD today. But I DON’T GIVE A HECK. This goal will be easy; lift three times a week. My plan is to go one morning (they open at 5 am) before work, one day after work, and one weekend. (Side goal for this - don’t break your ass) I’m so ready to get back to a good routine and see my stupid little noob gains and rebuild my muscles and get STRONG AND FRESH TO DEATHHHHHHHH. - Eat smart. In the past I’ve struggled with fueling myself properly for lifting heavy - I may or may not have been a victim of the ol’ carb flu MORE THAN ONCE OK int dump stat there it is pals - honestly my diet is pretty neat and clean overall BUT I know I’m going to need to add more protein and good carbs overall. My Fitbit is going to be a huge help with this so I know exactly what I’m expending energy-wise and I may track my food on their app ‘cause it’s SUPER SLICK but long story short - don’t eat like a shitface. - POST HERE. THIS IS MY HARDEST GOAL. HONESTLY. I will do my best, I love my friends here SO MUCH and I always feel guilty when I can’t be as present as I want to. Posting used to be so easy for me ‘cause honestly I’d do a lot of it at my old job in NC or when I worked from home here but all of that is gone now and honestly, covid really made me REALLY jangly being “online” all the time, so I’m really on the go a lot more than I ever have been just being able to be OUTSIDE. But I will try my hardest to strike a good balance here. ❤️ I wouldn’t be where I am without the support of my friends here and I really mean that 50048095%. Ho-kay that's all I've got for nowwwww, I'LL FINISH THIS CHALLENGE JUST WATCH ME~
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