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Found 8 results

  1. Hello visitor. For those who don't know me, mandatory background info: Here are my goals this challenge. I'm doing a bare minimum because I've just been "done/tired" with everything lately. My mental health is not quite up there, so I take it easy for a bit. #1 No Snacking - No snacking on weekdays - A snack is anything not part of a meal (max 3 meals a day) - Fruit and nuts are not counted - A deep fried cafeteria snack is still a snack, even if it's eaten with lunch #2 Intermittent Fasting - Every day for at least
  2. Hello Scouts! I thought I give this guild a try My name is Siferiax, or Sif, or Siffy, or... be creative! I'm a female and 30 years old. I have a boyfriend and two cats. I'm working within the limitations of autism & hypermobility (the moment flexibility SUCKS) I love road cycling and spinning. I also love walking. I unfortunately have quite a road cycling trauma I have to get over at the start of every season. I made a false start with a walking goal last year. The idea was to walk every single weekend for the entire year. Hyper
  3. Second challenge since returning to NF! Last challenge went quite well (if you happen to know my challenge track record XD) I have some goals I wish to work on... far too many! I wish to deal with some things related to autism as well. Hopefully I will manage! Going to be a real challenge though. I gave my goals a priority :3 hopefully that helps! Goals Diet #1 Don't buy snacks to and from work #2 Only eat planned breakfast - Try to not eat lunch as extra breakfast. Lunch = 12:30 - Experiment with drinking water instead #3 D
  4. Hi, I'm posting this in the Women's Specific forum because my research has led me to learn that women have a lot more of this problem than men do. I went to my physical therapist for the first time this past week, and he informed me that while my ankles are tight (old injuries), my knees, hips and elbows are hypermobile, extending pretty far past the normal range of motion. I don't think I quite have hypermobility syndrome, as I only pass 2 of the 9-points they use for scoring that. He basically said that I have to stop stretching (bye bye, yoga) and work on strengthening muscles to protec
  5. So, I'm back to trying to get into shape (for what feels like the millionth time), but this time doing it DIFFERENTLY. Not trying to restrict per se, but having my main goal to be stronger, like, waaaaay stronger. Strong enough to bench press a bear. Maybe a small bear. And also joining here, so it feels like I'm not in this alone, and can get inspiration and support. I'm 38 (39 on Friday!) and have a good chunk of weight to lose - my first goal is 50, and I know that will take about a year or so. But I want to focus on strength training. I'm right now working on solidifying and sp
  6. This is technically my 3rd challenge, I think. But I didn't finish any of the previous ones and I forgot about this website for 2 years. Depression makes goal upkeep hard. I've recently been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, hypermobility, and I may have IBS, but I'm kind of sick of doctors, so I haven't gotten a diagnosis. All this on top of my depression, anxiety, and crippling body image issues. BUT being in better physical health is supposed to help with all this, so I want to break my "barely scraping by" inertia, and actually do something with my life. I've been meaning to start Whole30 to ad
  7. I'm jj. If you don't know me, I'm an amateur aerialist and a mom. <insert continuing adventure story of acrobat/performer/treedwelling assassin here> Don't quite have the creative fortitude to deal with writing my continuing story today, sorry, it's one of those days that has required a lot of me on the parenting front, so I'm just getting my goals down for right now. MAIN QUEST: To execute a really amazing aerial performance! This may take a year or so to do with my current apparatus focus (straps and/or straps moves on an aerial hammock), but that's OK, since I'm in it for the
  8. Greetings Members of the Rebellion! I'm Anna, an almost 30-something from Texas, with a few health challenges that I'm hoping I can overcome in my quest to "level up" my life. I've already participated in one challenge (as a Druid - the challenge in June/July) and I was quite successful, but I never really became part of the bigger community, so I thought I would introduce myself. I have EDS-III (Hypermobility ) in a fairly mild presentation. Basically, I am SUPER BENDY. I am extremely flexible in almost all of my joints, and several of my joints sublux fairly frequently - which is to say
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