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Found 3 results

  1. Hello! I’m StealthNinjaWarrior...NOT! just joining NF to mostly find a fun and supportive community and this game theme seems so fun! I don’t know much of that world, but so far it seems fun! So, I’m turning 49 in a week and am the heaviest...and in the worst shape of my life! As a female, getting older and my hypothyroidism has my metabolism beyond slow! It’s a battle, even on thyroid meds. That said, not watching what I eat has been my downfall this past 6 months, so here I am to tackle the damage and then some. My big quest is to lose 15-20 lbs. ideally 20! My 2-3 smaller goals are: * Keep my carbs, protein and fats within my personal goal limits * stick to intermittent fasting and work up to 1-2 days of 24-hour fast. * workout or walk at least 4 days a week. * drink 60 oz of water a day * make time for me at least 3x/week So that’s me!
  2. Good day and welcome! I'm Andrea, science nerd at heart (astrophysics, as you probably read) and I'm on a journey to getting into real good shape! The cliché says theoretical scientists are not at all sporty or active and I'm here to disprove that! Using the scientific method! And bringing out a paper on it! Kidding. I'm just gonna work out and kick some ass. My ultimate goal is to be in damn good shape by the time I graduate (June 2015). I'm currently 138 lbs, 5"2. It's on the edge of ''official overweight'', when relying on BMI, but we all know that's a bit biased, as I work out 4-5 times a week (sometimes more, depending on whether I feel like it) and I'm on a paleo-inspired diet. I still eat dairy for example, but only from goats and sheep as I can't tolerate cow milk D: (I love mozzarella though, damn shame). I have a few minor conditions that make my progress slower, but I'm not going to let those keep me from reaching my goal. To sum them up: hypoglycemia, hypotension, hypothyroidism. You see, everything is 'hypo', except for my weight I slowly try to lose weight, but even a 1200 kcal diet (+ low-carb, high protein) and 4 days of exercise doesn't make me lose any weight, so I might see a doctor for my thyroid again, as this deeply frustrates me. I just want to lose betwee, 7-12 lbs (of fat, I'd love some nice, big round glutes), is that really too much to ask? Anyway, here I'll post what I ate/did daily and how I felt! If you have tips and tricks or know how to handle hypothyroidism, don't hesitate to post it here!! Astronomical kisses PS: Don't forget to kick ass today!
  3. I have a low thyroid (hypothyroidism). I was hoping I could find some others that have the same issue, or even hyperthyroidism to learn about how others deal with fluctuating energy levels and/or hormone changes. How have you changed to stay healthy and what is the hardest part about dealing with your health problems?
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