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Found 3 results

  1. I seem to have an on again, off again relationship with this website. I've never used it very actively, but I am at a point that I am fed up with everything about myself physically. I am in poor shape, I am overweight, and this needs to change. I had a hysterectomy due to endometriosis in 2016 where they left one ovary in. I decided this past Jan I was going to start working out and had managed to lose 15# just by calorie counting. Well, the first day I worked out, with just light cardio, I was in excruciating abdominal pain. Turns out, that ovary is revolting against my body and it needs removed. I put the gym membership on hold, and since the providers wouldn't give me anything to manage pain, I've been eating my stress and pain. That 15# is back. I have the surgery scheduled for 4/25 to have the ovary removed, it will be laproscopic, and a 2 week recovery time. I plan on easing back into the gym at that point. I decided I am going to start meal planning again starting next week (already have plans for the weekend.) I need to get back on track. My husband and I like to hike, but the shape I am in right now is not very good for that. We also want to start backpacking and I need to get in better shape before then, too. I don't have great endurance, I have back pain from the weight (and endo.) I just don't even know what to do after I have all my hormones ripped from me. I won't be able to go on hormone replacement, so it'll be handle it as best as I can. I assume losing weight will be a lot harder, but can anyone shed light on what to expect post op when I start exercising? FYI: Stats weight: 215 lb height: 5'1"
  2. THE BOSS: I've been doing battle with endometriosis for YEARS. I tried everything: ablation, hormones, and simulated menopause (which worked, but wore off, and then it was back to pain and suffering). THE IDEA: Since nothing else worked, at least not for more than three months at a time, I asked my doctor for a hysterectomy and oophorectomy. "Hey Doc, can I please have major surgery that will remove some body parts and probably shorten my lifespan?" Since the pain went away with simulated menopause, and was limited to my uterus and ovaries, he agreed to do it. He tried to talk me out of it; it's not a good idea to remove ovaries from women younger than about fifty, but he went for it. Living extra years won't matter if I'm in pain all the damn time! THE FIGHT: Surgery on December 17th, 2015. THE RESPAWN: I woke up with NOTHING. No strength. No endurance. But, hey, no endometriosis pain! The first two weeks were nothing but drugs and TV. Slowly, I recovered. I started walking. Two weeks after surgery, I walked one whole block! NOW: I can walk for 30 minutes straight. That's almost two miles! I walk at least four times per week. I have the doctor's okay to start running on February 8th, and I can start lifting on February 22nd. I am going through menopause, which is slightly obnoxious, but WAY better than being in constant pain. NEXT: Couch to 5K (running) and Beginner Bodyweight Circuit (lifting).
  3. Hiya ladies! As my first post for NF, I wanted to briefly get a little support and recommendations (beyond what the doctor orders) from the community. The background: At the age of 30 and as a mom of 3, I wasn't liking what I saw in the mirror. While I'm not overweight, that doesn't mean I'm healthy or in shape. It was time for a change. To the internet! So, I found Nerd Fitness a bit ago and was all excited to get up and moving! Then WHAM! I was diagnosed with cervical cancer a couple of weeks after signing up and purchasing the strength training guide. (Let's face it... Staci is awesome and super inspiring!) So I felt a bit defeated before I even made it out the door. But I did continue my Paleo transition and I was determined to make the best of my situation. Fast forward a bit to today... I'm now cancer-free thanks to a full hysterectomy. My strength and energy is slowly returning since the surgery. My doctor says I'm free to move about the fitness world again beginning October 23rd. But now the path doesn't seem quite as clear. I know I still want to give strength training a go. I know I still want to remain Paleo. But... eh... I don't feel like me much anymore. Has anyone else gone through anything like this as well? Needless to say, life has changed. I wasn't struggling with weight before, but I'm now 15 pounds lighter (Yikes) since surgery and I've lost my appetite. I've also found myself struggling with a touch of depression. I'll address this with my doctor at my next appointment, but still relevant. Any recommendations or confirmation would be fantastic!
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