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  1. At the end of last challenge, @Manarelle pointed out that if maintenance is a challenge, it's a challenge! So not many changes here: Quest #1: Three workouts per week, at least two with full cool down. I know I've been moaning about how this is going to be hard with my sister here and today just proved it. Tuesday, when she was sleeping, I felt a-ok about working out, even after she woke up. Today she was up before me and I was like, 'OMG EXCUSESSSSS'. WHY AM I SO WEIRD ABOUT WORKING OUT IN FRONT OF PEOPLE. I tried to let myself feel the full measure of disappointment that I missed this, so I can remember that and have more motivation not to miss again. In any case, I got over this with my partner and I'll get over it with her. I am going to share my workout schedule with her so she knows so I have even a bit more accountability and maybe even a buddy sometimes. Quest #2: Lights out by 10:15 pm every night plus get out of bed by 7:25 am. Yup, same as before. I'm trying to sort out what my ideal get-out-of-bed time is. I think it's 7:10, for Reasons that are opaque to me. Today I messed up on these, which contributed to my "omg I am going to skip my workout" issue this morning. Quest #3: Go for a 10 minute walk four days a week. I am groot. I am groot. I am groot. Quest #4: 20 mins on kickstarter, five days a week. The kickstarter ended, it was an amazing success, and...now I have fucktons of work to do! I want to get this done ASAP and keep up the momentum here. BONUS: 10 minutes of writing a day. This is what I wanted for my quest, but it also felt like piling stuff on since I know I'm going to be really focused on the KS reward production. I feel like my mental state is a bit unsteady at the moment; I feel really full of fear and anxiety and questions and hopes and dreams and self-doubt. The only thing that reliably keeps me feeling good about life (other than sleep and exercise and getting outdoors, see above!) is writing, whether it's creative or journaling. So I will get bonus points every day I do 10 minutes of writing. Goals check-in for end of 2017: NEED ACTIVE SUPPORT: WRITING: Finish my poetry kickstarter. DANCE: Finish my dance kickstarter reward. CAREER: Finish the sports card project I've been putting off. AUTO-PILOT/SUPPORTED: HEALTH: Do 104 workouts this year. (79/104, behind by 3) FINANCE: Establish $5k of planned savings. ($1650/$5000) LIFESTYLE/ENVIRONMENT: Read 16 books. (14/16) RELATIONSHIPS/SOCIETY: Finish She Should Run incubator.
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