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  1. OK, ok, not man bear pig cereal. Haha. This challenge, I need to get my stuff together. Last challenge I did in fact survive the family vacation. I just never came back to report on it. So far this new year, I am still struggling to even complete a challenge. So this challenge is going to be the one. At least the last few challenges, I have been learning a few things. Some things, just were not working out for me. Other things were fine, but I just stopped doing them for whatever reason. This challenge I want to have a couple of habit building type goals. I've not been happy with my progress so far, so I really need to nail down things that are going to benefit me. Goal 1: Sleep So I have always struggled with my sleep times. I always gravitate back to that night owl. I originally wanted to get up before my wife left for work. Then I could exercise, or run/walk before she left for work. Someone would still be home with my kids. It just doesn't seem like I have been able to make the goals to get there. Plus it means going to bed much, much earlier. For now though, I am just going to work on getting to bed earlier. Week 1 - Midnight, Week 2 - 11:40pm, Week 3 - 11:20pm, Week 4 - 11:00pm. Not only do I need to make sure I get to bed earlier, I need to start building a routine to help get me to sleep faster. So I am thinking I need to be off my computer at least 15 minutes before bed time. If I can start getting some books to read, then maybe I setup some reading before bed. Scoring will be 1 point a day. Goal 2: Food Tracking I've been logged into MyFitnessPal, but I haven't been updating all the time. So, I want to get back to tracing everything I eat. Staying under the calorie limit is a bonus Tracking everyday. 1 point per day. Goal 3: Exercise This challenge, I am going to attempt to start running again. I don't know if I am ready, or if my body will let me. I am going to try anyway. I'm not worried about speed, just getting it done. I am going to redo the RunDouble C25k app. I won't be able to do a simple run M, W, F type schedule. It looks more like my 1st run for the week will be Tuesday after I drop my son off at daycare. Run 2 will be Friday night. Run 3 will end up being Sunday. Along with C25k, I want to get in some other form of exercise at least twice a week. I think I will incorporate my Shadow Bowling practice, in with some body weight workouts. Going to shoot for Monday and Thursday. That way it is done on the days I bowl in my leagues. I'll add walking in when I can. Bowling nights are usually hard to get in walking at night. It is late, and my feet usually hurt from standing in the bowling shoes. 5 points total for teh week. 1 point per event (not counting extra walking) Goal 4: Finish up the to do list Last challenge, I did start some of these tasks, but I did not finish. My list: Clean up my computer area. Consolidate/ewaste/sell Computer components. Organize the area.Bowling Balls - Go through my bowling balls. Figure out ones to keep, and try to sell the others.Garage needs to be cleaned up. We still have boxes down from Christmas. So just need to get things back in their homes.Backyard cleanup. Had some recycle (cans and bottles) out on the side of the house in back. Now they are all over the place. Time to finish picking them all up.Clean the grill. We were going to grill last night, but then I found out water had gotten in the grill. So I need to give it a major cleaning, and re seasoning so we can use it again.1 point for each of them. So 5 points total for the challenge. Grading: Week 1 (Feb29th - Mar6th): 0/19 Week 2 (Mar7th - Mar13th): 0/19 Week 3 (Mar14th - Mar20th): 0/19 Week 4 (Mar21st - Mar25): 0/14 Goal 4 points: 0/5 Challenge points total: 0/76 Measurements: Location - Before/After = Difference Neck - in / Chest - in / Waist - in / Bicep (L) - in / Bicep ® - in / Forearm (L) - in / Forearm ® - in / Thigh (L) - in / Thigh ® - in / Weight - 372 lbs / Didn't take day 1 measurements, so day 2 will have to do
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