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Found 3 results

  1. Howdy all, I am a newbie, and have no idea if I am posting this in the right place. I have a 10k race on May 3rd that I am prepping for. I ran my first marathon on the March 15th, but have to retrain myself for shorter hill runs. The race is up a fire road to the top of a small hill, and back with an average incline of 10%. Here is the race I am running: http://www.runtheverdugos.com/ My training schedule is attached. When I trained for the marathon, I mostly did flat running on the treadmill, or would do long runs on the beach which was easy breezy flat. All of the training runs are goi
  2. First time going down to 1rep (I stick with 3reps per set usually). I hit 120kg on the Squat in my 11th set (30 minutes squatting, yeah) and 220 pounds on the bench. The dude I asked to spot said it was all me, haha. Anyways I'm happy with those numbers for now and didn't want to push it since I did those lifts yesterday already =D and I'm not looking to injure my shoulders. Next max is going to be the deadlift on sunday most likely (For the record @82kg bw, Squat with belt)
  3. Remaining Pushups: 2490 SIX WEEKS BACK, ALRIGHT!!! Perfect opportunity for a little experiment. The goal is to attain a recognizable sixpack through WALKING. I will not be altering or restricting my diet as I am already conscious about what goes into my body. On a routine day I do not eat until 11:30. Most of the fluid I consume is water. I do not make any bones about having milk, alcohol, or sugary beverages. The fact is I typically DO NOT crave these things. Goals By challenge end, have walked a total of 10 hours on a 10% incline or higher at 2.5-3.0 speed.Spend at least 30 minutes a d
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