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  1. Hei der, friends! As you might be able to tell, I am trying to learn Norsk (Norwegian)! I signed up for this 4-week course: https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/norwegian It's free, but I only have 6 weeks to complete it before I lose access to it. So, I need to be diligent about doing 2 lessons per week until I finish. In addition to this goal, I want to do my usual "Outdoor Adventure" goal. That is going to an outdoors setting and doing something I normally don't. Past adventures have been exploring a nearby park and going to the beach. This time, I'd like to try a very short/gentle hike in the nearby hills. For the daily stuff, I have variations on my usual day-to-day goals. These are: Improve Sleep: Steady bed time (11pm) I noticed in the last challenge that getting up at a certain time isn't necessarily a problem for me, as long as I have a reason to get up at that time. But getting to bed at a reasonable hour... that's where I struggle the most. My work situation is a little uncertain right now, which means my getting up time might fluctuate. But if I can get myself into bed and trying to sleep by 11pm every night, maybe the wake-up time won't matter too much. Mostly, I need to retrain myself to think of "11pm" as "late at night"! Do a 'warm up' routine 3 times per week (Steve's or Stacie's) Inspired by Tobbe, I'm going to make a goal to learn it by heart. I haven't decided which routine to do (may end up combining them into my own). This goal is a prerequisite to doing actual work outs. I think one of the problems I'm having with starting a work out habit is that I'm intimidated by the concept of a work out. So this is not a work out! It's a warm up! So therefore it's trivial to do it thrice a week... The goal is to trick myself into building a habit of moving at a specific time three times per week, and then eventually building that into a full work out habit. But remember! This isn't a work out!! Walk every day No length or distance requirement, but it should be more than just walking from my car to the office. Could just be a slight detour on that walk, though. I just need intention that I am 'going for a walk'. This is a continuation of the walking goal I've had for a while. Previously, the "trigger" for this was to walk after lunch. That will still be the case most of the time, but not necessarily all of the time. Especially because, this time around, "every day" means weekends, too! Count my calories This time, I will be using the LoseIt app. No specific requirements on how much to eat, just track it all. I'm sure I'll be playing with the amount that I eat and when I eat it during the challenge... but I'm not setting any specific goals about that. My plan for when I don't feel like tracking (such as on weekends) is to take a picture and estimate later. This time, the tracking includes weekends! Drink a lot of water (start at 1 liter per day) I have a big water 0.5 liter bottle, and I want to try to finish it twice over each day. I learned in the last challenge that I don't actually like diet soda that much. It makes me feel kinda crappy, to be honest! (After cutting it out for almost a month, I can definitely notice the effects now.) I still drink it sometimes, but if I have my own water to drink instead, hopefully I won't rely on it as much. Anyway, I'm tired of being dehydrated! Since this is a new goal, I'm not counting on weekends for this one. But, I will count other water (including LaCroix). Make (at least) 1 meal per week This is a new goal! I've been eating out way too much lately. Sometimes making good decisions on what to eat, sometimes not... but either way, it's hard on my wallet! Usually, we eat out when my wife doesn't feel like cooking. She also doesn't really like making many of the more healthy recipes that I suggest. So, I want to take over making dinner for one of the days of the week. Most likely it will be a weekend day. --- Did you notice that three of the goals above are gold? Golden Goals are slightly prioritized for this challenge. All the goals are important to me, but I have a lot of goals right now... some would say an overwhelming amount... this is a way of organizing them! Golden Goals are worth a bit more in my reward scheme. I haven't figured out exactly how I want to reward myself yet, but that will come soon. I thought about making "walk every day" a Golden Goal, because it's so close to becoming a true habit, and I don't want to slack on it now! But for the moment, I'm slipping more on calorie tracking than on walking, so we'll see how things go.
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