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Found 8 results

  1. Project Asthma 2#: Asthma Harder "The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday" Hello, It's me. So, how are you guys? I'm actually pretty fine. As usual, all my plans are in vain, things go wrong and I manage to use the opportunity to my favor. But, again, my plans do fail a lot. I guess I must fight harder. Challenge 2#: Get In Shape Starting on 17/04/2016 Duration: 6 Weeks. Goals: Running (3000m, 15:33 or less); Rear Pull-Ups (10+). I beat the pull-up challenge much much much earlier than I thought (on day 1). So, I'm going to train for fun. Seems pretty simple to me, And much easier than that grandiose program I did last time. Wish me luck.
  2. Approaching Thick Darkness "The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday" Who Am I My nickname here is King (22). I love RPG (I stopped playing for a long time. More on this later); Sports; Extreme Sports (But I haven't done dangerous things for years now); I love watching playthroughs (SSHOPKC MLG!); But mostly I feel very connected to the arts of war (the ideologies behind them, the philosophy of combat, modern battles, etc.); I also like hiking, camping, and I understand issues related to survival (field knives, firestarting, and other primitive skills). I work as a soldier in the army headquarters, I do not have much time even though I'm coming back home almost every day. I'm intelligent, not so sporty (in recent years), tall (1.86), thin (70kg), and slightly clumsy. I was diagnosed with autism (Asperger's syndrome), but the diagnosis could be wrong, and I should check it out. My girlfriend and I broke up a week ago (we were together for 4 months: a fact which slightly undermines any previous conclusions about my social skills). I suffer from asthma (both the exercise-induced type and the "regular" one), not something that endangers my life, but prevents me from fulfilling my desires. My Goals I came here because I want to change. I want to be an infantry soldier. And I want to be a good combat soldier. I want to do what I'm talking about all the time, meet the goals and objectives that I set for myself, and engage in extreme sports and parkour (not just being nostalgic for the past). I want to learn martial arts seriously, with all the background behind them, and become a professional fighter and prudent. further more I want to harden my morals and to be a person less vulnerable to those around him, who can demonstrate his indifference to the environment, and at the same time being able to buy the attention of his listeners. I think the way to my goals requires me to strength my faith in God, so I'm going to do so through study and focus. I want to be an independent and stronger than I am now. My Time Limit I need to finish this job 'til May 2016. Achieving My Goals (1) I'm going to get back in shape, focus on running and body weight exercising. There are only two things that bother me (calves and shoulders) and I'm going to inflate them with weights, just for looking good. (2) I'm going to go back to the martial arts business. I want to start Kung-Fu from the beginning, study it thoroughly and spare more time to improve myself. Then (if God help me), I'll try to learn other arts to develop more aggressiveness along with the discretion required by a professional fighter. (3) I'm going to learn Parkour. I used to do a few simple tricks, but now I want to become a professional runner, who knows how to do wall-runs, cat-leaps and vaults easily. I want to develop a better internal balance and a lot of endurance. (4) I'm going to fight asthma with a very strict diet, that slowly becomes the full AP (the full autoimmune-protocol paleo diet). Diet already showing results but they're not enough. I went down from 3-2 doses to 0-1 a day. That's a significant change, and I want to leverage it. I'll also use homeopathy and chinese medicine. (5) I'll find out how to change my job in the army, which authorizations I have to accept, which tests must be performed, and so on, and I'll stand in all of them. (6) I want to start traveling more professionally, with a minimum of equipment and focus on developing my primitive skills ("A knife & lighter" style). I want to learn rappelling and issue a driver's license to travel alone to remote places. (7) Morally, I want to become more durable. I'm going to learn faith in God. If there is a way to do it, I'll find it inside of me. The Challenges In The Way (-a-) I'm asthmatic, and this is a serious problem that stands in the way of someone who wants to be a professional combat soldier in a large modern army. I have to overcome my as asthma, to test it (or even to cheat some levels), and somehow to "slip" into the ranks of the infantry. (-b-) I feel I'm not determined enough, not holding my decisions all the way. I want to change it. (-c-) I have to fight the autism diagnosis. In addition, I have to bring my commanders recommendation's regarding recent events in my performance. As if that wasn't enough - I have to really ask myself if I have enough to get in a tough team of such people. Other Posts By Me Infantry Interesting Things I Want To Accomplish Wall-RunCar License10K Run
  3. I am currently training to a 10K race at the end of February. I have asthma, and it's bothering me during the run. Sometimes it drops my FEV so low that I must stop after a few minutes. Do you have any idea how to handle these attacks better, aside from using an inhaler? The inhaler usually works, but can't always prevent upcoming attacks. To prevent attacks at any time and in any situation, I have to use a very strong steroid inhaler in dosages I think my body won't like at all... I made an appointment to a pulmonologist, but he doesn't have too much to tell me, he'll probably just tell me to exercise less and take more and stronger dosages. I can't live my whole life in a bubble! It's frustrating >< I'm experiencing attacks on a daily basis. These attacks never endangers my life, but they DO reduce my life quality. I am sensitive to so many different factors, and it's very difficult to isolate the factors that really harm me. The simplest solution is probably to jump off the roof, or just give up all my plans for the future. Any ideas? Thanks ><
  4. Project Asthma "The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday" Goals Who I Am: I BELIEVE (a link to my battle log). Hi, I'm King, and I'm new here. After almost a year of writing my battle log, I'm finally ready for my first challenge. Wish me luck. Main Goal: Run 10K in less than 55 minutes without getting an asthma attack below 600 FEV (pass the millitary EIA test, beat asthma), until February 27, 2015. Touchstones (SMART Quests): Under Construction Motivation: I AM WAR (a link to my about-me page). I'm doing it not because I want to get healthy or buffed or successful. I'm doing it because it's in my veins. I'm a warrior. Circles: An experienced guide with the ability to see beyond a person's physical being; My men, true friends that will go through hell for me as I'll do for them. Rating: Will be graded in an A-F scale. Each letter has a different meaning. “Aâ€: total success. “Bâ€: almost perfect. “Câ€: success. “Dâ€: barely enough. “Eâ€: insufficient. “Fâ€: total failure. If during the execution of the task I gain something else, I’ll add "+" to the rating. If during the execution of the mission I’ve lose something else, I will add “-†mark. Appendix "Infantry" Topics Cardio Test (EIA): Exercising on a jogging track or exercise bike for 8-6 minutes. The target heart rate is 90-80% of the maximum heart rate expected. Spirometry performed before and after the test. In my opinion, 10K of running without an inhaler will be a measure of my cardio, if all that isn’t enough, I'll measure myself by backpacking with heavy equipment for long miles. Training Programs: Right now I'm running twice a week (2K Intervals + 1.5K easy pace) and more time (700M Intervals). I use the same method (2X>4X>X). I continue to strength train. The program was written by an army brigade training officer, who was my former sports instructor. I promise to bring here a more organized training program within a week from today. Other Challenges: At the same time, while combating asthma, I'm fighting on other fronts. I would like to challenge the clause stating that I am autistic, and I need to find out how to do it. In addition, I am starting to learn martial arts, interested in learning Parkour accommodations, and wants to surpass myself on the diet.
  5. Hey guys! Q: Is it okay to run and swim a day after that? (After a few years I wasn't in shape, I decided to start training again. I am considering to start swimming. I have asthma and was told that it's very healthy. Trouble is, I'm running about three times a week. My friends told me not to swim day after day) Thanks, King.
  6. Hello guys, I'm king. I have a question: Can you lift weights a day after day, without a day of rest in between? Even if this is the same exercise? Thanks More information: I currently do dumbells. Bicep (10kg, 20X2) and Side lateral (15X3). It's not much, but it's a start for me. I'm more into the scout-thing (long-term running, backpacking and hiking), but I want to shape my upper body a little bit, so I do weightlifting. my stats:
  7. Hellluu, I'm king and my english is terrible I'm going paleo, but I think I've found a problem: I'm skinny and little built. I'm 6'1" (184 CM), and weights 152 lbs (69 Kilograms). I was even more skinnier, but I started to eat a lot of grains and go to gyms, and it helped me a lot. on the other side, I have asthma, which means that grains makes my symptoms worse. My diet principles: with time, I'll cut out all grains, legumes, diary, starchy-vegetables (aka POTATOES), and processed foods. It already eased my asthma attacks. I want to start with a steady gym routine ('been training in gyms before), and gain more weight. My final goal is to be an infantry man, and for that I need to get rid of my asthma, while keeping a good pace in the gym. How can I get enough calories with this diet? Is this diet going to make me lose a lot of weight (I don't want to)? Can fats and proteins replace carbohydrates? Which of the paleo foods contains more carbs? Is it possible to gain weight while going paleo? Hopes for good news, K.R.
  8. Hello, I'm new here I run from time to time. This year I decided to build a serious running program - but there's a big problem: I'm running in the city, on sidewalks and roads. I understand that it's not healthy for your feet over time. + Is there a shoe type that is better for urban places? + Are there rules and tips to help reduce the damage to my legs? Thanks, King
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