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Found 5 results

  1. SITUATION: So a week ago (to the day, so Wednesday) I pushed myself a little too hard on my deadlift. I was lifting around 6am. My back was sore hours afterwards and continued getting worse throughout the day. I thought to myself that Wednesday night that "If my back is worse Thursday morning than it was Wed night that I would not be able to get out of bed to go to work". So that Wednesday night I did some soft yoga targeting the lower back (followed a video I found online). That Thursday I felt a little better, but not fully. That Thursday night I played racquetball and that really helped l
  2. I will clean this post up as the days go on, but I am squeezing it in at lunch, and wanted to get in on the fun before this 6-week challenge got to far along! I was a Scout at the beginning of last year, trained all summer long and left the 6-week challenge Nerd-Crew due to time and changes in my training focus... Ran my first half-marathon in September and it was solid! SUCCESS!! Then I took a break, recovered and relaxed... Winter started up and disaster struck! I tore the ligaments in my big toe on my left foot while running in the ice and snow... Everything has been reset to zer
  3. This is my first challenge as an actual assassin-type-gargoyle-thing, and the first challenge I am starting with injuries! Yay!... and not-so-yay! Backstory: I was silly and failed to fall properly from kind of really high while bouldering so went and injured my ankle 5 weeks ago. It still bothers me every now and then but is definitely improving. I also seem to have injured my shoulder....some...how 3 or 4 weeks ago. Over-use? SILLY ME. Both are nearly at 100%, though the ankle is lagging behind since... it's kind of hard to not use it. I have not gone climbing since. I shall return
  4. Our story begins a long time ago, in a turn-based, text-based, role playing game called Vagabond's quest... TL;DR And ends, 12 years later, with me married to another gamer and expecting our first child together. When I joined The Rebellion, I was looking to lose weight, but the reality is that I'm 28 years old, the proverbial 'clock' scares the dickens out of me, and I told The Hubster that I'd either be at my goal weight or be a mother within a year. In my first challenge with The Rebellion, I actually lost about 8 pounds! I had busted through my first goal of 6 pounds and came out on
  5. I am an injured, level one, dwarf rebel/adventurer (warrior aspirant). My exuberance nearly pulled a muscle out of my back. So I will mine coal, and tinker until I can reclaim my fortress body! Main Quest Line = Diet and 20 min. daily activity. Diet A - track all calories, make a meal plan. B - track most calories, eat a salad a day. C - track most calories, eat an apple a day. D - half heartedly track, eat pre arranged snacks. F - Z fail. Exercise A - 20 minutes per day average, and go for a walk with the GF once a week. B - 10 minutes per day average, and concerted effort to ease into uppe
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